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Preparation for computer

General information for IT students

This pdf create by Ashok kumar rajbhar

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1. What is computer and how many type computers

2. What is full from of computer
3. All computer generation name
4. Who is Inventor of computer
5. What is bit in computer
6. Computer component name in external and internal
7. What is hardware and software with example
8. What is motherboard and type of motherboard
9. What is SMPS and type of SMPS or which SMPS mostly used ?
10. What is memory and type of memory
11. What is RAM and ROM and full from of RAM ,ROM Type of RAM ,ROM
12. Difference between SRAM and DRAM
13. What is active window
14. What is networking operating System and client operating sysytem
15. What is ms office and feature of ms office
16. What is partition and type of partition
17. What is firewall and window defender in computer
18. Which one is the computers own language
19. What is computer networking
20. What is computer virus
21. What is number of generation computer
22. What is name of first computer network
23. What is electricity and electronic or current and voltage
24. What is active component and passive component
25. What is capacitor ,diode and inductor, LED
26. What is output voltage of SMPS
27. What is signal and how many type of signal
28. What is micro processor and type of processor and how to identify of processor
29. What is ASCII code and stand for ASCII
30. What is turbo bost technology and virtualization technology, and QPI
31. What is packing and type of packing
32. What is chipset and type of chipset
33. All component name of motherboard
34. Port pins name
Ps/2 port, serial port, parallel port, videos port, USB port, RJ 45, PATA ,SATA
HDMI port, CPU fan, ATX power,

35. What is hard disk and type of hard disk

36. What is bios and main work of bios
37. Remote desktop and requirement of remote desktop
38. What is keyboard type of keyboard
39. What is operating System and type of operating system
40. What is software and type of software
41. Feature of dos
42. What is window how many edition in window 7
43. What is NTFS compression and Encryption file
44. What is users in computer and how many type of users
45. What is network and type of network
46. What is IP address and type of IP address
47. Range of IPv4 classes A,B,C,D,E
48. What is DHCP and what main work of DHCP
49. What is protocol
50. What is special ip address
51. What is subnet mask and APIPA
52. What is DNS
53. What is smart screen filter and pop-up blocker in internet explorer
54. What is bit locker and TPM
55. What is internet and extranet and intranet
56. What is e-mail and stand for e-mail
57. What is e-mail client and SMTP and POP IMAP and port number
58. What is OSI model and layer of OSI model
59. What is transmission media and properties of transmission media.
60. What is topology and type of topology
61. What is Ethernet and working Ethernet
62. What is Hub ,switch, router and difference between HUB,SWITCH,ROUTER
63. Type of cables and coding of wire
64. What is public and private network
65. What is loopback IP address
66. Stand for