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Tool Name Website


Spidr 1 winscp
Guest wif
Service now
Genex \\genexnas01\token$
Cisco Cisco
ultimtax-866700-March @14
sybase putty


SPE User id ----


spe support password --- BRa9ucus

Techline no----791243265
india domain


*111# siemns
310244-default PIN for cisco
7878-ricoh support
user wants to check her VM on her mobile, from her extension.
rsa authentication manager- acc status
rsa token i.d fle-.sdtid
rsa secure i.d software(red color)
to deleted the token-virt app-administration tool

to create PIN frst time copy current token code from-rsa secure i.d(red color) and paste in
frst time pin set up-token code copy & paste - spidr1

Deborah Dudley

Kbell3 - Password Expiration 11/03/14 23:59:59 PST

Acatacutan - Password Expiration 12/07/14 23:59:59 PST

MCho - Password Expiration 10/08/14 23:59:59 PDT
IGustaitis - Password Expiration 10/13/13 11:13:36 PDT
DMonks - Password Expiration 10/15/14 23:59:59 PDT
JRosales2 - Password Expiration 12/08/14 23:59:59 PST
ATantikul - password Expiration 09/30/14 23:59:59 PDT
fne CWoodrick - Chad Woodrick - Password Expiration 11/23/14 23:59:59 PST
GSD dash Borad

this the phone number for that user - voice mail reset
have her contact her local vendor to reset the voice mail pin
and close the incident
CrewMgr, Crew Manager, or Crew Portal....these are just different terms for specifc

INC1081798 Enabled addin "C/Program Files/SAP BusinessObjects/SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0/LiveOffice" fo

user i.d: Password
rloganathan smile@26 s-caps

rloganathan laugh@26
rlogan laugh@26
rgcsrlo welcome5
spidrtogsd Ar@chn!d parking office
rloganathan smile@25
rloganathan smile@25
rloganathan spe12345

rloganathan change_me

rloganathan sweety@25

RLoganathan sony1234

Blue book to update pinnacle s weety@25
866700 Divya@26 D-caps
spe\rloganathan smile@25
india\866700 Divya@26 D-caps


IDM - QA - like@25
310 244-1400

d(red color) and paste in

3:59:59 PST


L - Caps.
e just different terms for specifc modules within the ShowMgr application.

ssObjects Enterprise XI 4.0/LiveOffice" folder.

ITPS (IT Production Services) - 56151 contact informations
3106656151 791256151
ITLG (IT Learning Group) - 44854 or call the Expense Management H

Media Services - 46646 Facilitie ment.
Security/Parking Office - 45506 Payroll Central via email at or 310.665.647

Office Max Hotline (for Ariba orders of products from the catalogue) - 877-846-3035

Payroll - 56470 sony DADC:

Telecomm - 44242

Ricoh (previously Xerox) - 47878

RPM user request to install MS excel 2010. He is not in

ah. unfortunately, due to the newest policies that came out, a C
if it MS office 2010 then we can go with CRF, but even f
yeah. it's
We currently have a priority still 2010.
X (0-2) theyescalated
incident need to keep
to XXtrack of it team as users a

IMEI number *#06#

Hi <User Name> This is Radha with the Global Service Desk. I am calling in regards to incident <INC#>. Can you please provide me the foll
You can simply respond to this email with the information requested or you can call me at your earliest convenience by calling 3
Hi ,
The GSD has attempted to contact you three times on three different days to assist with trying to help resolve your incident,INC1081257.Aft
Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,
delete cookies on I phone.

Launch a new web page and enter user name as spe\XXXXXX and AD Password(mySPE Password
ll the Expense Management Hotline @ (310) 244-2639. or 310.665.6470.****

S excel 2010. He is not in the list shared long back

est policies that came out, a CRF will have to be submitted. it should be approved, but they need the form to keep track of who has 2010
an go with CRF, but even for just MS excel 2010 too require CRF?
eep track of it

an you please provide me the following information in order to speed up the process for resolving your incident?

rliest convenience by calling 310-244-2188. If you require a callback, please let us know the time you would like us to give you a call. Thank
lve your incident,INC1081257.After our third attempt, we regret to inform you that we are cancelling your incident. If you are still having a problem, plea

D Password(mySPE Password) and Launch the RSA Secure ID Software enter the 6 Digit PIN and push the arrow and it Gives a Passcode cop
o keep track of who has 2010

d like us to give you a call. Thanks and have a great day!

f you are still having a problem, please contact the GSD at 310-244-2188 or at your earliest convenience. We will be more than happ

arrow and it Gives a Passcode copy the Passcode and paste it in Two Factor Authentication Field and Click Log in and it should take us in to E
nience. We will be more than happy to open a new incident and assist you then. We apologize for the inconvenience.

og in and it should take us in to Emails.

if user getting prompt to enter the password ask for the resent change & check the status in IDM if it is locked.
MAC computer will handle only password related issues & other enquiry IT production services
if the user says he is not able to go online, check with the other browser,I.E,frefox,google.check for the all th
check for the cmd prompt for i.p address.right click on macafee update status ,click on check new plocies & enforce policies.
cmd prompt:ipconfg----reboot
if the user says he is getting a red flag - cmd:confgupdate /force
ipconfg /release gpupdate /force.
ipconfg ipconfg /flushdns archived emails issue.
ipconfg /renew ipconfg /registerdns
user want to have access to her boss folder.informed the user to give permission by right clicking on her boss folder.then on us
go to fle-open-with other forder


Vendor VPN Update

If GSD receives incident from GAA for approved VPN request for SPE employee.
We can help customer to confgure VPN on SPE laptop.
If GSD receives incident from GAA with approved SDA request for Non SPE Computer
Isolate based on customer location

If Vendor is located onsite (i.e. SPE Office), please inform customer that he\she should request for SPE Laptop and the

If Vendor is located in offshore (i.e. Remote Location), please send the incident to Tier 2 (as of now) and initiate the a

Post approval we GSD will help user to confgure Cisco VPN.

If Vendor already has VPN installed\confgured cisco VPN in vendor provided computer and reach out to GSD for supp

If Vendor not is SPE office, please consider him as remote user. Restricted VPN process applies.

Autodiscover Connectivity in Outlook 2007

You can use Outlook 2007 to troubleshoot problems with the Autodiscover service. To determine whether the Autodiscover se

1. In Outlook 2007, on the Tools menu, click Options, click the Other tab, and then click Advanced Options.

2. On the Advanced Options page, select Enable logging (troubleshooting), and then click OK.

3. Restart Outlook 2007, and then try to view free/busy information for another user.
4. In MicrosoftWindows, click Start, click Run, and then type %temp%.

5. In Windows Explorer, open the olkdisc.log file and locate the files in the olkas directory.

6. The information that is contained in this directory can frequently provide information about which service is not func

You can also use Outlook 2007 to test the AutoConfiguration information that is provided by the Autodiscover service. To use

1. While Outlook 2007 is running, hold down the CTRL key, right-click the Outlook icon in the notification area, and the

2. Verify that the correct e-mail address is in the box next to E-mail Address.

3. Clear the check boxes next to Use Guessmart and Secure Guessmart Authentication.

4. On the Test E-mail AutoConfiguration page, verify that the check box next to Use AutoDiscover is selected, an

INC101 3677

This site requires JavaScript to be enabled

granted COsslund admin rights to SPE-CR-USA-L.A. Sony Pictures Plaza 7001 (PRIVATE) Calendar- as per Anne A

How to Add a Shared Mailbox / Calendar or Distribution List in Microsoft Outlook 2007
1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007
2. Click Tools in the Toolbar
3. Click Account Settings
4. Select the E-Mail tab
5. Highlight your mailbox, click the Change button
6. Click the More Settings button
7. Select the Advance tab
8. Click the Add button
9. Type the Shared E-Mail Address
10. Click the Apply and Ok buttons
11. Click Next, Finish, and Close buttons
The shared mailbox should populate under your main mailbox (left panel).

How to send as shared mailbox in Microsoft Office 2007:

1. Open a new Mail Message
2. Click on the Options tab
3. Click the Show From button
4. Type in the Shared E-Mail Address in the From field
5. Send message

Java 1.8.0_20 roll out on 20th Oct

Java 1.8.0_20 will be rolled out for LatAm, NA & APAC but not EMEA.

If any AGSD applications are not working because of this, route the incident to application team to investi
Firefox 31.1 Update - For all SPE users NA And LA / EMEA and APAC takes care of it by them self
DM if it is locked.

k for the all the fles and reeboot the computer.
ew plocies & enforce policies.

ng on her boss folder.then on user computer go to tools-acc settings-email-advanced-more setting-add the name.

uld request for SPE Laptop and then use VPN.

Tier 2 (as of now) and initiate the approval process for Cisco VPN.

uter and reach out to GSD for support, please continue to support them.

ne whether the Autodiscover service is unable to provide information to clients by using Outlook 2007, log on to the mailbox of the user

ck Advanced Options.

hen click OK.

about which service is not functioning correctly.

he Autodiscover service. To use the Outlook 2007 client to test AutoConfiguration by using Outlook 2007, log on to the mailbox of the us

n the notification area, and then select Test E-mail AutoConfiguration.

e AutoDiscover is selected, and then click the Test button.

IVATE) Calendar- as per Anne Alfredo's request. This will take effect tomorrow morning.
ident to application team to investigate further on this issue.
it by them self
og on to the mailbox of the user for whom you want to troubleshoot Autodiscover connectivity, and then follow these steps:
log on to the mailbox of the user for whom you want to test the AutoConfiguration, and then do the following:
follow these steps: