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A Divine Appointment

John 4.4-10

Does Jesus have a message for an amoral world? REACH OUT . . . But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only,
deceiving yourselves.


For whom does He seek? James 1.22

Contrast Nicodemus (John 3) with the Samaritan woman (John 4).

They represent both ends of the spectrum.

He is a she is a .

He is a leader (self-righteous) she is an . STAFF CHURCH STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST

PULPIT MINISTER 305 W. Church Street, Lewisburg, TN 37091
He is she is . Kyle Bolton 993-3520 ORDER OF WORSHIP October 8, 2017
He represents the class of people she represents the . FAMILY MINISTER
Bill Tankersley 993-8977
He is she is .
9:00 AM Service 6:00 PM Service

He Jesus as a teacher from God she has who He is.

YOUTH MINISTER Welcome Caleb Taylor Kyle Bolton
Caleb Taylor 993-2151 Song Leader Ray Wakefield Greg Hardison
These two people could hardly be more ! HISPANIC MINISTER Preacher Kyle Bolton Kyle Bolton
Hector Cruz 993-0009 Reading Will Smith
What does He want for us?
Scripture John 4:4-10
Talitha Liggett 359-3597 Prayer Tom Sawyer Wayne Cozart
Encounter with a Samaritan woman (John 4) Sermon A Divine Appointment OT - Am I My Brothers Keeper?
NT - Focused on Worship
Jesus offers to this outcast like a drink of water. ELDERS Closing Prayer Clifford Whitaker Britt Wiles
Wayne Cozart 224-2818
She must recognize her . (4-18)
She must confront her . David Jent 270-6631
She then must find a of water. (19, 28-29) Don Ledford 615-714-3213 PARENTS: We need your college peoples addresses! ASAP.
She must her Savior. Lee Morrison 703-4044 No W.O.W. in October
Finally, she must her bucket. (20-26) There is a Youth Committee meeting today at 5:00 in Rm 13.

DEACONS Oct. 12 Bloodmobile in the annex 1 til 5.

Yet, is still needed Oct. 15 All ages bowling after evening service at Fun Time Bowl.
Steve Allen 359-4616
Kenneth Bailey 993-2159
She must the water and . On October 15th a new class for our veterans will begin. They will be
Grover Collins 359-5386
Matt Ervin 637-1830 meeting in Room 201 of the annex. All veterans & spouses are invited.
She must her salvation. Greg Hardison 703-4231
Joel Hargrove 652-7143
Finally, she must the water with others who are still Robert Hopkins 364-3927 Our Fall Festival will be on October 28th at
Gary Lancaster 359-5215 the Morrison Farm. We will also have our
thirsty. (28-30, 39-42)
Kelly Lane 359-5986
Joe Liggett 359-4929
Trunk or Treat that night.
Ray Wakefield 359-2328 Sign up on Calebs door if you plan to participate in the
What about us? Clifford Whitaker 637-3507 Trunk or Treat and sign-ups for food will be passed around
Britt Wiles 359-7702
Mike Wiles 359-4165 in Bible classes this morning.
How should we respond to Jesus offer of salvation to all?
Will Wilson 293-6814
Remember in Prayer Birthdays and Anniversaries
Ruth Hargrove, Joie Burgess, & Nancy Davis are all
at home.

Continue to Remember ...

Are You a Leader? BY CALEB Bobbye Lou Adcock, Artie Allen, Tommy Bledsoe, Luke
Oct. 9
Oct. 11
Andy Collins
Joie Burgess
Brewer, Zach & Lora Darnell, Linda Fulghum, Billy & Jo
Ellen Haislip, Ruth Hargrove, James Jordan, Gary Eliot Cook
Consider Joshua, who was a powerful leader. He stepped up when Moses died and led the children Lancaster, Ryan Lancaster, Jack Miller, Jack Milligan, Oct. 12 Trenton Wiles
Lewis Simmons, Oct. 13 Pam Allen
of Israel into the Promised Land. God has always looked for leaders who will help declare his truth
Joe & Emma Lancaster (parents of B J Holt), Lyla Kate Macie Street - 1
and teach others about him. Consider individuals like Daniel, Moses, David, Nehemiah, Paul, Lydia, Johnson (granddaughter of Amy Fuller), Barbara Mike Wiles
Deborah, and Peter. All of these people had flaws, but they all stepped up and served as leaders Chunn, (aunt of Kim Anderson & Keith Childers), Oct. 14 Ebbett Giles
Holland Townes, (granddaughter of Steve & Pam
when the time came. Allen), Mike McCollum, (son of Shirley McCollum),
Jennifer Miller, (daughter of Tony & Diane White), Oct. 12 Herb & Linda Miller - 43 yrs
What about you? Are you simply a follower? Or will you step up and be a leader? Consider how Dawson Smith (brother of Barbara Simmons), Keith
Green (son of Patsy Derryberry), Regina Erdly, Donna
God could use you as a leader to help him declare his Word to your friends and family. What are Pinkston, Billy Cozart (brother of Wayne Cozart and
some attributes of great leaders? What can cause leaders to fail? Faye Collins), Willa Wilson, (great-granddaughter of
Ralph & Sue Wilson)
As you continue to grow in the knowledge of God, ask yourself what are some realistic ways you IN HOME SHUT-INS We have received a thank you note from:
Rosemary Stacey & the Musgrave family.
can become a leader? What can you do, starting today, that will glorify God and help others learn Ross Beckham, Emmaline Bless, Theola Blue, Wynona Please stop and read.
Clark, Betty Daniels, Ruth Hargrove, Margaret Morton,
about him? Roslyn Sutherland. *******************
Hebrews 13:7 says: Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider Anna Bailey, Joetta Bigham, Ruby Higdon, Elise Little change up on our Trunk or
the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Murphy, Margaret Tyree, James Whitsett, Billy & Alice Treat this year. We will be
Willis, Elizabeth Wood having it at the Fall Festival at the
Morrisons Farm. We will begin
Will you lead? NHC OAKWOOD
gathering around 4:30 and the
Sarah Brown, Betty Carter, Roslyn Collins, Dorothy Trunk or Treat will begin at 6:00.
Phillips, Madalyn Shelton Please see Caleb for instructions on parking your car.
With love, Also there is a sign up on Calebs door if you plan to
Caleb Taylor decorate your car.
James Allen, Roy & Anna Bolton, Nancy Derryberry,
Elizabeth Hardison, Lucy Tate, Laquita Weaver *********************
There is a new class on Wednesday night led by our elders.
Pat Blackmore
They are meeting in Room 206 of the annex. It is a class on
OUR MILITARY church leadership.
Donnie Allen, Mark Allen, Luke Anderson, Todd

October 15 Bowling (all ages) OUR MISSION POINTS FOR THE RECORD
Colonet, Mexico; City of Children (Ensenada, Mexico); October 1, 2017
October 17 T.O.T (grades 7-12) World Bible School; Ghana preachers; Zambia jail
October 22 Sonic after services (all ages) ministry; Eastern European Missions; Inner City AM 333*
Ministry; AGAPE; Heritage Christian; Fishers of Men;
October 27 Camp Out! (Morrison farm) Hispanic 26
Tennessee Childrens Home; World Christian
Broadcasting, Disaster Relief, local Hispanic Ministry PM 168*
October 28 Trunk or Treat and Fall Festival (Morrison farm) Bible Class 269*
October 29 Youth Afternoon Service Summit 2
*********************** Wed. Night 188
Our love and sympathy are extended to Contribution $11,820.00
247 days until summer camp!!! Wayne & Vickie Johnson, on the death
of their son, Mark. His service was on * includes Hispanic, R.U.S.H.
Saturday. They are our bus drivers for
& Guntersville groups
camp and advance.