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In the frame work of the World Forum on Physical Education as well as the II
Iberoamerican Summit on Physical Education and School Sports, organized by
AIEFDE in cooperation with the International Council of Sport Sciences and
Physical Education (ICSSPE), the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education
and Recreation of Cuba (INDER) and with the support of prestigious International
Organizations, all gathered in Havana; delegates from 52 countries have been
able to exchange experiences through diverse topics dealt with in Masterly
Lectures, Workshops, Panel of Experts, Oral Free Topics and Posters.

The teaching of the Physical Education remains as center of discussion in the

Forum since, despite our countries’ geographical and socioeconomic conditions,
its current situation is still severe.

It’s an agreement among participants to ratify the immediate need to stop the
worsening and devaluation of the activity, as shown by the experience of those
present, backed up by the results of the studies carried out. Likewise we endorse
the importance to urge governments to draw a policy and adopt strategies leading
to raise physical education to levels of development boys, girls, teenagers and
youngsters deserve, in correspondence to what it was expressed in the
Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Considering that:
 Physical Education in schools shall be a comprehensive component of a
high quality education.
 As expressed at the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the game is not
a privilege but a right for every boy and girl, playing such an important role
in their formation and their physical and psycho-social development.
 That the systematic practice of physical activity and sports contribute
values formation and strengthening,
 That the school is a promoting center in community and the ideal
framework to carry out physical-recreational activities.

We also urge Non- Governmental Organizations and Foundations to prioritize and

continue supporting those projects promoting the practice of Physical Activities
and Sports as a contribution to the improvement of the population’s life quality and
as a healthy and educated way of recreation.

The need to keep on raising the technical methodological qualification of teachers

has been identified, including those paying attention to people with special
educational needs.

Delegates according to the fructiferous exchange of experiences not only held in

conference halls but also in each place of the event, we consider adequate to
propose the following recommendations:

To ratify due to its validity and importance agreements referred to

Development Goals of the Millennium.

To keep on moving forward in the hierarchy of Physical Education,

specifically in curricular proposals, class schedules and other activities
leading to boost the real role played by this practice in the development of
the boy, the girl and the youngster.

To reiterate that Physical Education can not be a secondary activity. The

value of the human being is supported by his comprehensive formation.
To acknowledge the role of Physical Education and Sport in the formation
of homeland and citizens’ values through its practice

To increase the scientific level of the student, as a way towards the

solution of the problems, related to Physical Education and the School
Sport, contributing to her/his professional and personal performance.

To confront shortages and misunderstanding in order to make of the

practice of physical activity and the sport, a mainstay on health and
welfare matters.

To contextualize, from our realities, the notable experiences acquired in

the working sessions.

To encourage the implementation of social policies which enable the

participation of all and prevent the Sport becomes an elitist and exclusive

To ratify the strategic alliance between the International Federation of

School Sport (ISF) and the Iberoamerican Association of Physical
Education and School Sport (AIEFDE, for its acronyms in Spanish), with
the aim to:

- To make an appeal among Governments and the responsible

organizations on School Sport to favor the participation of the girls and
boys in the world sport and cultural meetings of the ISF

- To promote the membership of American countries in the ISF

- To make an appeal among the ministries in charge in order to include

on the activities calendar the Olympic School Cycle of the ISF

- To request the School Sport to be included on the educational

compulsory syllabus during the teaching schedule.
- To reiterate the need of all organizations in charge of School Sport for
fostering and supporting the participation of the teams which
represent them (men and women) in the World School Events and the
Multiple Sport Events (Gimnasiada, in Spanish) of the ISF

To bear in mind the Agreements at the World Summits held in Berlin and Havana
in order to achieve our policy to be the best and the most effective one.

To multiply the noble ideas which have been present in this meeting and have
exceeded all the expectations, leaving a deep influence on each participant.

Issued in Havana, Cuba, on July 10th, 2010