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Keyboard shortcuts

Map Documents
Create a new map CTRL+N
Open a map CTRL+O
Save the current map CTRL+S
Save as F12
Close current map CTRL+W

Print Preview CTRL + F2
Print the current map CTRL+P

Select topic above, below, left or Arrow keys
Select next topic / previous topic TAB/ SHIFT+TAB
Move to next bookmark CTRL+. (period)

Move to previous bookmark CTRL+, (comma)

Move to top sibling topic HOME

Move to bottom sibling topic END


Map Window

Zoom in CTRL + =
Zoom out CTRL + -
Scroll the map by small steps CTRL+Arrow keys
Scroll map by large steps

(up and down) PGUP, PGDN ,

(right and left) CTRL+PGUP, CTRL+PGDN

Fit map to screen CTRL+F5
Center map and collapse all topics CTRL+F3
Center object ALT+F3
Split map horizontally CTRL+ALT+S
Split map vertically CTRL+ALT+V
Remove split CTRL+ALT+C
View next map CTRL+F6
View previous map CTRL+SHIFT+F6


Map Detail and Filtering

Focus topic F3
Show next level of detail CTRL+D
Show 1 level SHIFT+ALT+1
Show 2 levels SHIFT+ALT+2
Show levels 3 through 9 SHIFT+ALT+3 ...etc (up to level 9)
Show all levels SHIFT+ALT+A
Collapse topic SHIFT+ALT+0
Collapse map CTRL+F3
Remove filter CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+A
Show branch alone F4
Show others


Show or hide the Topic Notes CTRL+T, F11

View next topic note CTRL+SHIFT+PGUP

View previous topic note CTRL+SHIFT+PGDN

Show or hide the task panes CTRL+SHIFT+F1
Expand or collapse Ribbon CTRL + F1
Show ALT keys F10 or ALT
Show context menu SHIFT+F10

Adding objects


Add subtopic INSERT

Add sibling topic ENTER
Add sibling topic (as previous SHIFT+ENTER
Add parent topic CTRL+SHIFT +INS
Add callout topic CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

Add hyperlink CTRL+K

Add label CTRL+SHIFT+F5
Add bookmark CTRL+SHIFT+K
Add comments CTRL+F11
Add notes CTRL+T
Add boundary CTRL+SHIFT+B
Add icon CTRL+1, CTRL+2 etc.
Note: Shortcut keys are defined in the
Library pane
Remove all icons CTRL+0
Add priority icon (Priority 1,2,etc.) CTRL+SHIFT+1; CTRL;+SHIFT+2; etc.
Remove all priorities CTRL+SHIFT+0
Refresh Map Part F5
Refresh all Map Parts SHIFT+F5

Undo the last action CTRL+Z, ALT+Backspace
Redo the last action CTRL+Y


Select all topics and elements CTRL+A

Select all topic notes text

Select all ink

Select additional topics SHIFT+arrow keys
Select all siblings CTRL+SHIFT+A
(below only) SHIFT+END
(above only) SHIFT+HOME
Select all siblings and parents CTRL+SHIFT+left arrow
Select topic, descendents, and SHIFT + F3
associated elements
Select next level of subtopics CTRL+SHIFT+right arrow

Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete

Copy to the Clipboard CTRL+C, CTRL+INS

Cut to the Clipboard CTRL+X, SHIFT+DELETE
Paste contents of the Clipboard CTRL+V, SHIFT+INS
Paste as callout CTRL+SHIFT+V
Delete topic or object DELETE
Remove selected topic (but keep CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE

Topic Text

Edit topic text F2

ENTER line break in topic CTRL+ENTER, SHIFT+ENTER
Move to beginning of line HOME
Move to beginning of topic text CTRL+HOME
Move to end of topic text CTRL+ END
Split topic to create new sibling SHIFT+ALT+Down arrow
Split topic to create new subtopic SHIFT+ALT+Right arrow
Find CTRL + F
Replace CTRL+H
Spelling F7

Move Topics

Up one place CTRL+ALT+Up arrow

Down one place CTRL+ALT+Down arrow
To bottom CTRL+ALT+END
Reset all topic positions CTRL+ALT+SPACE
Balance map CTRL+ALT+B

Toggle to bold and back CTRL+B
Toggle to italics and back CTRL+I
Toggle to underline and back CTRL+U
Increase font size CTRL+SHIFT+>
Decrease font size CTRL+SHIFT+<
Strikethrough text CTRL+SHIFT+S
Clear formatting CTRL+SPACE
Fill color CTRL+SHIFT+C
Font / ink color CTRL+SHIFT+F

Using Help
Show Help F1

General Windows Commands

Close a menu or dialog box ESC
Cancel an operation ESC
Exit MindManager ALT+F4
Display Windows Task List CTRL+SHIFT+ESC