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Appendix 1


Branch/ Dept: Prepared by: Review Date:
Section / Activity: Reviewed by: Revision No:
Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (before)

Control (C)/ Influence (I)

Significant Aspect?
Abnormal Scenario
Emergency Scenario
Normal Scenario


Total Risk

Ref Env Aspects/ Hazard Event Negative Impacts / Effects Impacts /
Activity Current Risk Control
No (Unsafe act/ condition) Effects

Ride the motorised recreational * Serious Injury *

devices Hit by a vehicle A 4 A4 H10

* the rider hitting another pedestrian Body Injury * A 3 A3 M6

* Crash Body Injury/property damage * A 4 A4 H10
* Overheated Fire & Explosions * A 4 A4 H10
* Using hover board without Safety gears/ personal protective Body Injury *
A 4 A4 H10
device (PPE)
* Uneven road surfaces/Pot holes Body Injury * A 4 A4 H10
* slippery patches Body Injury * A 4 A4 H10
* Out of focus -need Continual attention to balance Body Injury * A 4 A4 H10
* Over speed Body Injury/property damage * A 4 A4 H10
* No warning Device ( Signal/Bell/ Horn/lights and reflectors) Body Injury/property damage * A 4 A4 H10
* Accuracy and responsiveness of the speed control Body Injury/property damage * A 4 A4 H10
* Over weight or the rider Body Injury/property damage * A 4 A4 H10
Charging the motorised recreational * Fire & Explosions *
devices Overcharging of the cells/Batteries A 4 A4 H10

* Low qualities of compenent/ Uncertified Battery Fire & Explosions * A 4 A4 H10

* Overheated Fire & Explosions * A 4 A4 H10

RISK = Likelihood of Occurence x Severity of Harm

Severity of Harm (Consequences)
Insignificant (1) Minor (2) Moderate (3) Major (4) Extreme (5)

Rare (A) L1 L3 M6 H10 H15

Likelihood of Occurrence

Unlikely (B) L2 L5 M9 H14 E19

Possible (C) L4 M8 H13 E18 E22

Likely (D) M7 H12 H17 E21 E24

Almost Certain (E) H11 H16 E20 E23 E25

ESH Likelihood of Occurrence Criteria: OSH Severity Criteria:

Likelihood of Occurrence
Occupational Safety - Severity of Occupational Health - Severity
Incident is not expected to occur, Harm Criteria of Harm Criteria
but may under exceptional
Rare (A)
circumstances. No record of
incident in the operating unit
Insignificant (1) First Aid Treated Injury First Aid Treatment

Incident could occur at some

Unlikely time, or has happened before in
(B) the operating unit (recorded once
in more than 5 years and above )
Minor (2) Medical Treatment Injury Medical Treatment Case
Incident could probably occur, or
has occurred, under some
conditions before in theoperating
unit (recorded once in more than Minor effect (curable within
3 - 5 years operating unit ) Moderate (3) Single Lost Time Injury
short term)

Incident is expected to , or has

been known to occur in most
Likely (D) circumstances in the operating Major effect (chronic - long
Multiple Lost Time Injuries (cases)/
unit (recorded once in more than Major (4) term to develop) and curable
Intensive Care or Equivalent
1-3 years operating unit ) on long term basis

Incident event is a common

Almost frequent occurrence in the
Certain (E) operating unit(recorded once 1 Fatality/ Permanent disability/
Extreme (5) Fatality/ Permanent disability
year or less operating unit ) Acute effect

Environmental Severity Criteria:

Regulatory Compliance (I) Corporate/ customer International Issues & Environment (IV) Reputation (V)
standards do not exist (II) Concerns (III)

Corporate/ customer No receptor Would not be noticed

Insignificant (
Not under regulatory control standards do not exist No international issues concerns
Comply fully/ ahead of Minor impact on receptor Isolated complaint from local
Minor (2) corporate/ customer Subject of debate by community
Comply with legal limits standards NGOs/international concern
Short term impact (hours to days) on Likely to result in repeated
Moderate (3) Subject of debate by industry receptor complaints from local community
Not applicable Not applicable concern
Partially comply with Medium term (weeks to months) major Likely to result in local media
Major (4) corporate/ customer impact on receptor coverage
Not applicable standards Action taken at Government Level
Not comply with corporate/ Issue could prevent or limit Ireversible or long term impact (years) on Potential in international media
Extreme (5)
Not comply with legal requirements customer standards access to overseas markets receptor coverage
Note: The highest severity ranking will be taken as the environmental severity rating


Levels of Risk Rank Action Plan for OHS Action Plan for Significant
Environmental Issues
Intolerable Very High (Red) Stop Work - Immediate Significant actions required to
Risk actions required to control control the hazards (Short Term
hazard actions - within 6 months)

Substantial High (Orange) Significant actions required If significant due to legal

to control the hazards requirements, regular audits
(Short Term actions - and monitoring required. If not
within 6 months) due to legal requirements,
medium term actions (within 1
year) is required

Moderate Medium (Yellow) Some Action required to Some Action required to

control the hazards (Long control the hazards (Long Term
Term actions - more than 6 actions - more than 1 year)
Tolerable Low (Green) Proceed with current Proceed with current controls
controls manage and manage and monitor