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VMware vSphere 6
Total Videos: 58 Time: 13 hrs
VMware Certified Professional 6 Exam Details
Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV) As noted above, to qualify for the VCP6-DCV exam, learners must complete an

The VMware Certified Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV) official and approved VMware course.

certification is designed to ensure that learners have the skills required to

successfully install, deploy, scale, and manage VMware vSphere 6 environments. The VCP6-DCV (exam number 2V0-621)

VCP6-DCV is made up of two exams: vSphere 6 Foundations exam (2V0-620) and Time allotted for exam: 100 minutes
Number of questions: 85
the VMware Certified Professional 6 Data Center Virtualization exam (VCP6-DCV).
Passing score: 300
CBT Nuggets training currently covers just the professional-level exam (VCP6-DCV).
Question types: Single and multiple choice
Exam registration: Request Exam Authorization through VMware*
The VCP6-DCV certification is a professional-level certification, which is considered Or Pearson VUE
intermediate level. Therefore, it is recommended that learners have a basic *Learners must create an account with VMware in order to request exam authorization.

understanding of virtualization concepts, experience working with VMware Exam cost: $225 (USD)

Workstation, familiarity with Windows Server 2012 and IP networking, and six Exam topics: VMware Certified Professional 6 Data Center Virtualization (exam
number 2V0-621) (free resource)
months of experience working with vSphere 6.

Exam Eligibility
It is important to note that the VCP6-DCV is a VMware Certified Professional-level

certification, and as such, learners must pass the vSphere 6 Foundations exam.

In addition, learners must attend an official VMware course in order to be

authorized to sit for an exam.

Roadmap to Success: VMware VCP6-DCV

Learn more about the VMware VCP6-DCV certification from the CBT Nuggets blog. The Roadmap to Success is a series of blog posts designed to help
learners better understand certification pathways, career opportunities associated with those certifications, and next steps beyond certification. The above
content is an excerpt from the Roadmap to Success: VCP6-DCV to help you conquer your VCP6-DCV study plan!

Learners use a great variety of strategies to attack their CBT Nuggets offers practice exams as part of your
training. Here are some options you can choose from to subscription. You can take the practice exams as many
get the most out of your training experience: times and as often as you like! Here are some tips to
help you take full advantage of this excellent resource:

Proceed through all CBT Nuggets video training on double-

speed to develop a strong overview of the material; Then
proceed through all the training for a second time, taking good PLAN TO TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM 3 TIMES
notes and focusing on deeper learning.
Proceed through all CBT Nuggets video training, taking good Create a baseline against Identify areas of weakness in
notes and focusing on deep learning on the first pass; Then which you can measure your order to direct your training
progress with future exams. as you move forward.
proceed back through all training a second time, using double-
speed when appropriate.
Supplement all video training with book study and practical Measure your progress since your first The results from your
application of knowledge. practice exam! Ask yourself: Are you second practice exam
retaining the information and material experience should help you
you learned at the beginning of your identify areas where you
Develop a test environment where new skills can be practiced. training? Are there areas to which may need to spend extra
you should return now to ensure effort and energy in the
your understanding before moving training ahead.

Measure your progress Allow the results from your
against your first two practice exam to direct

Learn more about how to get all you can

practice exams! Ask your review ahead of your
yourself: Are you certification exam. Ask

out of your practice exam experience scoring 90% by now? If

so, you might be ready
yourself: Are you retaining
all the material? And are you
from a quick video by Keith Barker for the real thing! understanding it well?

18. Snapshots EXTRA
MILE The Extra Mile section of your study plan challenges you
The number and title for each to dig a little deeper with your training. The Extra Mile
video corresponds to the num- might be a textbook recommendation, supplemental
ber and title you will find on the materials downloads, or other resources to help you
VMware vSphere 6 VCP-DCV take your training to the next level. Nothing in the Extra
course page online (and on your

14 min. Mile is required, but it is here to help you learn.

mobile device).

The duration of the video.

VMware vSphere 6 (VCP-DCV)

1. Welcome 2. What is 3. What is 4. Lab Design 5. ESXi as a 6. ESXi Initial 7. AD, DNS, and

to VMware Hypervisor? vSphere? and Preparation Lab VM Configuration Other Services

vSphere 6

3 min. 9 min. 14 min. 16 min. 16 min. 12 min. 13 min.

MILE Explore the VMware website to learn more Consider purchasing a textbook to supplement your training!
about the VCP6-DCV exam, its requirements, Here are a couple of options:
and available resources.
VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide (Exam #2V0-261)
Download the NuggetLab files/materials that VCP6-DCV: VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization on
supplement your video training. vSphere 6 Study Guide: 2V0-261

8. vSphere 9. vCenter 10. Deploying 11. vCSA 12. Add EXSi 13. Datastores 14. Deploying

Windows Options the vCSA Hacked to Run Hosts to vCSA a VM in

Client on Workstation vSphere

14 min. 9 min. 16 min. 16 min. 16 min. 14 min. 17 min.

MILE Review the exam blueprint for Start creating flashcards to help
the VCP6-DCV exam. (Consider you study throughout your training I learned the value of hard
printing out the exam objectives to experience. Or, consider using online work by working hard.
help guide your future study.) study resources such as
Margaret Mead

15. Install 16. Using VM 17. OVA and 18. Snapshots 19. Introduction 20. Create a 21. Freesco

VMware Tools Templates OVF to vSphere Virtual Switch Router VM


12 min. 10 min. 16 min. 14 min. 12 min. 13 min. 16 min.

MILE Review Daniel Mizrahis How to Join the CBT Nuggets Learner Community on Slack! Join other
Prepare for Your VCP6 Exam post CBT Nuggets learners in a community where you can post
on the VMware Blog. questions, share study resources, and connect with IT experts
from all over the world.
*Please allow 48 hours for your request to join the community to be processed.

22. iSCSI 23. iSCSI 24. Add an 25. iSCSI 26. Create NFS 27. vMotion 28. Using DRS

Concepts Target Using iSCSI Datastore Multipath Datastores


10 min. 6 min. 14 min. 14 min. 13 min. 16 min. 15 min.

MILE Consider using Veeams free
Take the Practice Exams! CBT Nuggets partners with Kaplan to use Transcender Practice
Exams, but since Kaplan has not yet released practice exams for the VCP6-DCV, consider
VCP6-DCV Study Guide to
using other practice exam resources until Transcender is available:
assist in your training.
Elastic Sky Practice Questions
*Keep in mind that youve not completed the training yet so you probably wont ace the exam.
This helps you assess how well you are retaining the material youve learned so far!

29. Distributed 30. Implement 31. Networking 32. Using 33. Migrate 34. Distributed 35. Increasing a

Switch a Distributed Policy Concepts Standard VMK Port to Switch Features Datastore
Concepts Switch (Standard vSwitch Policies VDS

4 min. 18 min. 17 min. 18 min. 14 min. 11 min. 6 min.

MILE Explore VMwares Product Walkthroughs for Start labbing it up! Explore VMwares Hands On Labs (HOL).
step-by step overviews of various features to help Spend as much time as you can getting real experience with
ensure your understanding of VMwares products. VMware products to practice what you learn.

36. Using 37. CPU and 38. Implement 39. Resource 40. Using 41. Using 42. High

vAPPS Memory Control Reservations Pool Concepts Resource Pools Storage DRS Availability
Concepts and Limits (HA)

16 min. 16 min. 16 min. 15 min. 14 min. 15 min. 14 min.

Explore Rob Schmidts VMware Book your official VMware VCP6-DCV training
VCP Study Questions on the experience! Choose either a classroom
Petri IT Knowledgebase Forum. experience or live online training to qualify to
take the VCP6-DCV certification exam.

43. VM Fault 44. Storage 45. Applying VM 46. Virtual SAN 47. Add LDAP 48. vSphere 49. vSphere

Tolerance (FT) Policy Concepts Storage Policies (VSAN) to SSO Authorization Alarms and

13 min. 11 min. 9 min. 17 min. 10 min. 12 min. 11 min.

MILE Retake the Practice Exams! Use the results to drive your review and practice*.
Explore the VMware Community Elastic Sky Practice Questions
Forum for relevant information and
news for your certification.
*Keep in mind that you still havent completed your training! Taking the exam at this stage is to help you
measure your progress and identify topics you may need to revisit in order to master them.

50. Affinity 51. Using 52. Customization 53. Content 54. Additional 55. Additional

Concepts Affinity Rules Specifications Libraries Products and Fishing Tools


5 min. 14 min. 11 min. 9 min. 16 min. 9 min.

MILE No one succeeds without
Explore the VMware blogs Practice, practice, practice! Get effort. Those who succeed
for materials that may aid back into your Hands On Labs from owe their success to
your learning. VMware to ensure your success!
Ramana Maharshi

56. ESXi Host 57. Managing 58. The Parka CRAM


Security Conflicts Principle SESSIONS!

Review training Nuggets
where you might need to
brush up! (6-8 hours)

21 min. 17 min. 5 min.

MILE Retake the Practice Exams! Use the results to drive your review and practice*.
Revisit your flashcards and Elastic Sky Practice Questions
get some good practice
ahead of your exam.
*Keep in mind that you still havent completed your training! Taking the exam at this stage is to help you
measure your progress and identify topics you may need to revisit in order to master them.


SESSIONS! Take the exam.

Review training Nuggets where you

might need to brush up! (6-8 hours) Brag about it! Tweet us or let us know
Be sure to get a good nights sleep how your exam went and what youre
before your exam!
doing to celebrate your success!