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1. I usually_______ (go) to school by bus.
2. Yesterday morning I ________ (get) up at 6.30.
3. We needed some money so we _________ (sell) our car.
4. " ________ she ever _________ (be) to Spain?"
5. "What _________ Peter _________ (do) now?"
6. Please don't make so much noise. I ____________ (study).
7. Water __________ (boil) at 100 degrees Celsius.
8. Carol often ___________ (learn) with her father.
9. Now Ron ___________ (phone) Jill again. It __________ (be) the third time he _________ (phone) her this evening.
10. It ________ (rain) now. It ___________ (begin) raining two hours ago. So it ____________ (rain) for two hours.
11 _________ you ___________ (hear) anything from Tom since Christmas?
12. " _________ it ____________ (rain)?" she always ___________ (ask) me.
13. " ___________ you _____________ (go) out last night?"
14. New York ______________ (be) one of the largest cities of the world.
15. This house _____________ (cost) 35.000 pounds in 1980.
1. My friend Barbara lives in Seattle. This letter is from ___________
2. I have got a problem with my Maths homework. Can you help ____________ ?
3. This book is for Peter. Give it to _____________ .
4. Here are the books. Read _____________ in the holidays?
5. Would you like some more cake? No, I don't like the taste of ________________ .

Fill in the personal and possessive pronouns.

1 I have got a tortoise. __________ is my tortoise. I can see __________ in the cage.
2 Nick is in the garden. You can see ___________ . ____________ is playing with ___________ dog.
3 Debbie is 11. __________ is English. We can talk to ___________ in English.
4 We are German. But __________ English teacher can talk to __________ in English.
5 Jenny and Sally are in the house. I cannot see___________. __________ CD-player is playing. __________ are listening to a
1. Tom saw __________in the mirror.
2. Rita thought about hurting___________, but she realized it was wrong. Later that day, she asked her parents for help.
3. I will do it by_________.
4. The man in the news accidentally shot__________in the foot.
5. We enjoyed______________ at the seaside.
1. This is the bank__________ was robbed yesterday.
2. A boy ____________ sister is in my class was in the bank at that time.
3. The man ____________ robbed the bank had two pistols.
4. He wore a mask _____________ made him look like Mickey Mouse.
5. He came with a friend ____________ waited outside in the car.
Anna: Could you give me ________ pencil on the table over there?
Li: Do you mean _______ pencil here?
Anna: Yes,_______ pencil.
Li: Here you are. Oh, could you give me _______ pens on the table over there?
Anna: _________ ? Sure, here you are.
Felix: Is there a hammer on ________ table?
Marco: Yes, ________ is. Here it is.
Felix: Great, are _______ any nails?
Marco: No, _______ aren't.
Felix: Oh, here they are, next to me on ________ table.