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Kirigakure No Sato
Table Of Contents Equipment
Primary Attributes
Derived Attributes Advancement
Uniques Rank Benefits
Creation Uniques Infamy
Two Point Uniques
Three Point Uniques The Gates
Combat Summoning Contracts
Actions (Advanced)
Pursuit Basics
Weather Conditions
Physical Abiltiies:
Subtlety Abilities
Sensory Abilities
Chakra Abilities
Equipment Abilities
OTHER Abilties
Combo Jutsu
Grappling Jutsu
Weapon Jutsu
General Ninjutsu
Doton Ninjutsu
Fuuton Ninjutsu
Raiton Jutsu
Suiton Ninjutsu
Medical Jutsu
Sealing Ninjutsu
Konohagakure no Sato
Sunakagure No Sato

==================== ====================

1. Explanation 5. Starting Skills

This is a bare-bones walkthrough for character creation. It's Unless modified by one of your uniques, you have (total
best if you're at least partly familiar with the PHB before XP)/25 Skill Points (which should come out to 4), which you
making your character, but you can get by without that. can spend on any of the game's 10 skills. Now would be a
The first step of making a character should be settling on a good time to spend them, though don't stress about it too
concept: if you're familiar with the series, you may already much.
know which village or clan you want to be from. If you already If you're clanless, you have XP/20 Skill Points instead.
have a concept (who your character is, where they're from, That's 5, if you were wondering.
what their personality's like, what they're good at) then most ====================
of creation should be easy for you.
If you don't, feel free to just make it up as you go along. You
might find inspiration along the way, especially if it's your first 6. Spend Starting XP
time making a character. Don't be afraid to ask for help! You have three options for a character.
Please note that when rolling your attributes, you need to a. 100 XP, but you get a bonus talent at 500xp.
find a Roll Watcher (RW), Storyteller (ST), or Gamemaster b. 1000 XP, but gain the Chuunin rank to begin.
(GM) can be recorded in the game's roster. You will also need c. 1500 XP, Start as a genin.
to inform the RW of your chosen clan and Creation Uniques As a starting character you'll probably want to purchase a
(see below). rank of the Elemental Aptitude ability (in the Chakra
==================== category), and the E-rank Ninjutsu techniques Kawarimi,
Henge, and Bunshin. These are by no means mandatory, but
2. Village and Clan they're very useful to have. Some ranks in the Money:
Requisition ability are also a good idea, if you want to be able
First, choose which of the three playable Hidden Villages to carry equipment with you.
your character is from. This is where your character was Beyond that, take whatever you think makes the most
trained, who they're loyal to, and ultimately who they work sense for your character.
for. The culture between villages does vary, and you may want
to read the Village Information nodes, but for the most part
it's okay if you don't fit the mold of your home village--ninja
are expected to be a little... odd.
Every village is home to several ninja clans. Clans have
special techniques dependent on their bloodline or closely-
guarded secrets, which you won't be able to learn otherwise.
If you want, you may choose a single clan from your village to
be from.
Choosing a clan is not mandatory, and clanless characters
receive a 10% XP bonus--something that's discussed in detail
in the Advancement chapter--and slightly more skill points.
==================== The important thing is to do your homework; read the rules,
socialize with your peers; bounce off ideas for your character,
3. Choose Uniques and respect your teacher; feel free to ask the gms questions.
As a starting character, you have 4 Unique Points (UP) to
spend, unless your clan specifies you have less. You may
spend these all at creation, or save some (or even all) of them
for later use if you prefer. You'll get more UP later, but they're
few and far between, and the Creation uniques may only be
purchased with your starting UP.

4. Pick Attributes
The next step is to determine your five core attributes:
Strength (STR), Resilience (RES), Chakra (CHA), Dexterity
(DEX), and Agility (AGI).
You start with 20 in all stats.
After that, you have 25 points to distribute among the
attributes, with no more than ten in a single stat.

1. Primary Attributes 2.Derived Attributes
Attributes (also commonly referred to as statistics, or 'stats' Vitality
for short) are numerical representations of your character's Vitality measures your character's ability to shrug off damage,
overall physical condition: how strong they are, how fast they to turn a dangerous blow into a glancing one, and to take a
are, and so forth. They are the baseline for determining beating without being seriously injured. You have a current
performance. and maximum vitality; whenever you take damage, you
The five primary attributes make up, in game terms, the reduce your current vitality by that amount, though your
core of a character's capabilities. maximum Vitality is unaffected. Your vitality equals your
Baseline 'normal human' stats are around 20. Ninja (RES 8 + STR 4).
characters will quickly exceed these numbers. This is a result
of them learning to harness the chakra in their body, and Hit Points (HP)
benefiting from the symbiotic relationship that chakra has Hit points are like your 'life force', representing injuries that
with their body. have significantly harmed you and caused serious damage to
your body. After your Vitality reaches 0, you take damage to
Strength (STR) your Hit Points; an attack which depletes your Vitality has the
Strength is a measurement of your ability to exert physical rest of its damage carry over into your HP. You have (RES *3
force on the world around you. Exceptionally strong people + CHA) Hit Points.
may be correspondingly muscular, though ninja have
developed many training methods which leave them Damage Bonus, Physical
deceptively lean. As the name would suggest, this increases the damage you do
with physical attacks. Full details on how can be found in the
Your physical damage bonus is STR/15. Combat chapter. Your damage bonus is STR/15. Damage
Your Vitality is (RES multiplies 8 + STR multiplies 4) bonus is unique in that it is calculated to a single decimal
Resilience (RES)
place. For example, with STR of 25, you'd have a damage
This is your body's ability to endure hardship without bonus of 25/15.0 = 1.666 = 1.6
suffering from debilitating injuries. Many ninja believe that Damage Bonus, Ninjutsu
it's best to avoid being hit entirely... but nobody will say that This functions identically to physical damage bonus, with two
not being able to take a blow is a good thing. differences. The first, it is determined by your CHA/15; the
RES/10 is your bonus to Stamina rolls. second, it applies to attacks based on their potency of your
Your Vitality is (RES multiplies 8 + STR multiplies 4) chakra rather than your physical strength, which generally
Your HP is (RES multiplies 3 + CHA) means ninjutsu.
Chakra (CHA) Willpower
Every ninja is fueled by chakra, a mystical force that suffuses Your overall strength of will. This is both your raw
the world and fills the bodies of all living things, much like 'ki' determination, and your confidence in your body's ability to
in certain belief systems. This stat measures both your keep going, and perform at a higher level, even when it, well,
reserves of raw chakra and your ability to harness them. can't. Your Willpower is calculated as (STR + RES + CHA +
Your ninjutsu damage bonus is CHA/15. DEX + AGI)/100, with a minimum of 1.
You add CHA/10 to your Chakra Exhaustion rolls.
Dexterity (DEX)
Representing your deftness, precision, and ability to quickly
respond to changes in your environment, dexterity is very
important in combat, as it is what enables you to actually hit
things that are moving (such as other ninja).
Your base Accuracy bonus is DEX/10.
Seal Speed of jutsu you perform is reduced by DEX/10.
Agility (AGI)
The sister attribute to dexterity, agility is how quickly you can
react to danger, how fast you can move, and, as the name
suggests, how agile you are overall.
You add AGI/10 to your Dodge rolls.
You add AGI/10 to your Initiative rolls.

Uniques Berserker
Uniques are one of the many ways in which you can A beast of a ninja you are, and you act like one too! You get
customize your character, giving you effects and capabilities angry easily, and often make rash, terrible decisions out of
that typically cannot be acquired otherwise. You gain four being bull-headed. At least you're hard to take down when
Unique Points to spend at character creation. Uniques are things come to combat (as they often do).
grouped by cost, with Creation Uniques all costing 1 point You add an extra STR*2 to your Vitality, can fight until
each. -25% HP, and can opt to not take a defensive action in
response to an enemy's attack. If their attack Wounds you,
you can choose which location it hits (unless the attack is a
Creation uniques called shot). Assuming you're still standing, you can then
Uniques which may only be taken when you first make your immediately counteract, using any physical attack at your
character, and you may only have two of them. However, you disposal, even though it's not your action. This attack is made
may save your unique points for later, if you want. at half its normal Speed, cannot have its Speed reduced
As your character advances in rank, they'll gain more further, and has a +3 Accuracy bonus.
unique points. You can either save these for later, spend them This attack must be directed at the person who attacked
to acquire new uniques, or use them to upgrade existing you. Its base Speed cannot be greater than the base Speed of
ones. Regardless, you may only take a single unique once; you the attack which provoked it.
cannot, for example, take Endless Energy twice to get double When you fall below 20% Vitality in combat, you can
its bonuses. choose to immediately surrender or keep fighting. If you keep
Some uniques have, below their descriptions, entries such fighting, you won't stop until you're unconscious, or all your
as "Upgrades Into" and "Upgrades From." To upgrade a opponents have surrendered or been incapacitated
unique, you need to pay the difference between the cost of
your current unique and the cost of the unique you will be Competitive
upgrading it to. When you do this, you remove the old unique You always want to win every race, hit the bull's-eye first, and
and replace it with the new one. This does mean that you beat everyone in every game you play. In fights, winning is
might lose some effects entirely in the process. your everything; that can be good, since losing a fight as a
For example, say you had the 1-point Expansive Chakra. ninja may have fatal consequences.
You later become a Chuunin, and gain your fifth and sixth You gain 3 bonus XP for winning a sparring match or fight,
unique point. You spend one of them to upgrade your unique all your attacks do an extra 5% damage, and you gain a +2 to
to the 2-point Boundless Chakra; you gain the new unique's all d20 rolls. Whenever you miss with an attack, you become
benefits, but lose Expansive Chakra's cost reduction. Finally, increasingly frustrated and driven to land a solid blow on
you become a Jounin and use one of the unique points you get your enemy. This gives you a -1 penalty to all your d20 rolls,
then to finish by upgrading Boundless Chakra into either one but also a +1 bonus to Accuracy, up to a maximum of -5 and
of its 3-point versions, Regenerative Chakra or Surging +5 respectively (attacks with accuracy rolls use the accuracy
Power. bonus, not the d20 roll penalty). These both reset to 0 when
you hit someone.
You like to study everything you can about people, their
actions, their routines, as well as everything around you. This
can be distracting at times, but usually it'll give you a good
grasp of the situation and your surroundings.
You have a +3 bonus to Awareness, and whenever you take
a Rest action you gain 5 AP. You begin combat with 10 AP
and if someone uses the same type of attack (Katon, Weapon
Taijutsu, etc.) in succession you get a +2 to your defenses.
This does not stack.
You have a -5 penalty to your choice of either Espionage,
Stealth, or Survival (your choice). Your observational powers
come at a price!

Defender Juggernaut
Throwing solid blocks, you've honed your reflexes and You are a solid, hulking brute. You aren't necessarily tall, but
worked your bones and tendons hard so that your twitch you condition yourself hard and have always had a natural gift
reflex is all you need to keep yourself safe. at receiving pain! Massive, solid forearm muscles and
You can use the Block defense as a Speed 5 Interrupt. This tendons, strong shins, you are a rough opponent to face.
does have one downside: If you're Stunned when you do this, You reduce all damage you take by RES/4, and treat
your Block reduces the incoming attack's damage by 25% damage as being 20% less for the purpose of receiving
less than it normally would. When you don't block, you reduce wounds. You ignore the effects of one wound you are
the damage you take by RES/5 and treat the damage as if it suffering from; any time you're wounded you may continue to
was 20% lower when determining what Wounds you receive. ignore the current wound, or change to the newly-inflicted
Finally, anyone who makes an unarmed attack against you one.
takes your STR/2 damage, whether or not you block-- All your movement is reduced by 10%. This applies to your
punching you hurts! normal movement speed based on AGI, jutsu which allow you
The focus on self-preservation, however, has left you more to travel (such as Vaulting Leap or Exploding Water
cautious than most even when attacking. The damage of all Shockwave), and even knockback effects from your enemies.
your attacks is considered 10% lower for determining what
wounds they cause. This doesn't apply to Jutsu which Killer
explicitly increase the damage for wounding purposes. You were born to do this. As a ninja, you know all about how
the body works. It's a frail bag made of skin, surrounding
Energetic squishy parts that are easily penetrable. You have either
Running, jumping, swimming, fighting; none of it seems to learned the workings of the body, or perhaps you're just a bit
tire you out. Eventually you'll wear down, but not until long more brutal, disregarding the fact that your opponents are
after your friends are left staggering around and panting for living creatures. Whatever way it works out, you are a natural
breath. On the other hand, it's hard to sit still and focus, let born killer, though sometimes you get a bit caught up in all of
alone study, when you're more or less hyperactive. it.
You have 6 levels of Fatigue instead of the usual 5, and Your attacks count as doing 25% more damage for the
suffer Fatigue penalties (-1 Accuracy, -2 defenses, and so on) purposes of wounds, but you may choose to lower the severity
as if you were one Fatigue category lower, while retaining the of any wounds you inflict by one category. Whenever you roll
regular benefits. However, your maximum ranks in all skills for the location of a wound you inflict, you may raise or lower
are reduced by 3. the result by DEX/5, after determining what its normal effect
would be.
Genius Aside from all that, you start with 5 ranks in the Medicine
skill, and also have its maximum ranks increased by 4;
The term 'genius' has a different meaning to ninja than knowing how to maim people requires knowing at least a bit
ordinary people. It's not a measure of intelligence, but rather about how they work.
how easily one can understand the concepts behind ninja You have a -1 penalty to all your defenses.
techniques. The smartest shinobi alive might not be called a
genius, but a Genin using advanced jutsu certainly would.
Ninja are just kind of like that.
Your natural talent may allow you to be lazy and smug, or it
could motivate you on to further greatness. The cost to learn
jutsu is halved! Round up, if necessary. Additionally you get
your first three Talents at 750, 2000, and 3750 XP (instead of
1000, 2500, and 4500), and another 1 Talent Point every
1250 XP thereafter (instead of 1500 XP, normally). Finally,
you become able to learn D-rank jutsu at 100 XP, C-rank jutsu
at 300 XP, B-ranks at 2000, and A-ranks at 4000, without
needing to meet any skill or rank requirements.
Unfortunately, you're not without your limitations. This
doesn't allow you to ignore other requirements, such as
Abilities or Talents. Additionally, it doesn't allow you to ignore
requirements specific to individual techniques (such as the
Poison Cloud or Telescope Tecniques). Furthermore,
reaching beyond your grasp has a cost. Any jutsu you couldn't
use without Genius' effects has its damage treated as being
20% lower for the purposes of causing wounds.

Your body is muscular, taller, wider, or otherwise... bigger,
than other people's. Perhaps you're broad-shouldered and
muscular but within the realm of plausibility, or maybe you're
a seven foot tall brute; ninja can be downright abnormal.
You use STR/12, rather than STR/15, to calculate your
physical damage bonus, and your physical attacks all have +1
range. In addition to hitting hard, you're tough to take down:
you add (STR+RES) to your maximum Vitality, and (RES) to
your maximum HP, on top of their normal values. Finally, you
have a +3 bonus to Stamina rolls.
All attacks that benefit from this unique have their base
Speed increased by 2.
Most things seem to go your way, be it from natural talent or
you just happen to pray to the right luck gods! Finding money
on the ground or seeing the footprints of an enemy ninja, it all
comes to you naturally, and easily, as if you didn't have to
work for it at all!
On any non-combat roll, you roll {2d20.takeHighest(1)}
instead of 1d20, and 2+EXP/1000 times per day you can
reroll any roll, or allow a (willing) ally to reroll any roll. You
can force an enemy to reroll, which takes two of your rerolls,
and may only be done to a single person once per battle.
When you have no rerolls left, you take a -2 penalty to
Accuracy and d20 rolls.
Naturalist In russia we say it is not crime to be big and beautiful like me!
You are at one with nature! Animals like you more, you
understand nature like one of them, and your energy is
naturally powerful. You also can forage well, notice slight
differences in the environment to follow footprints, or even
see the handwork ninja leave with their traps! Perhaps it's
because of your attunement, or that you are tempted by your
primal urges, either way you are still a great asset.
Your maximum ranks in Survival are increased by 3, and
you gain a +3 bonus to detect, disarm, or avoid any part of a
trap. Your ninjutsu damage bonus is CHA/12, rather than
CHA/15. You have a +1 bonus to your Chakra Exhaustion
rolls per rank of the jutsu you're using (+1 for E-rank, +2 for
D-rank, etc.)
However, your maximum Research ranks are reduced by 3.

Nimble Warder
You are very fast, but more importantly you know how to shift You've trained hard to become adept at brushing aside
your weight to make it easy to bound walls, scamper up to incoming objects that are liable to hurt you! This is useful for
rooftops, weave through tree branches, and jump kick shinobi-related activities such as not dying.
enemies. Your Parry action becomes a Speed 2 Interrupt, and has a
You have +1 Accuracy and a +3 bonus to Stealth and +2 bonus. This also extends to ninjutsu-based defenses
Athletics rolls. You move 20% faster, and on top of that the reliant upon Accuracy rolls; those jutsu have their base Speed
dodge penalty for not being able to reach the edge of an area- reduced by 2, as well.
of-effect technique is halved for you. However, if you're ever Additionally, you can parry weapons with your bare hands
hit by an AoE attack you take 10% more damage. (catching the blade, striking an opponent's arm to knock their
blow aside, and so on), or unarmed attacks with a weapon. In
Small the case of parrying unarmed attacks with weapons, however,
your normal +2 bonus becomes a -2 instead. (This does not
You are short, spry, and easily toppled over. The last one's not apply to weapons which could parry unarmed attacks without
so good, but your diminutive frame makes it harder for others this unique!)
to keep track of you, while allowing you to squeeze into tight Your reliance on standing your ground while responding to
spaces and narrowly dodge attacks. You have a +2 bonus to attacks, however, results in a -2 dodge penalty.
dodge, and your Dodge interrupt's Speed is changed to 1. If
its Speed is somehow raised (such as due to Paralysis) you
may still always use it. On the other hand, damage from
attacks is considered 10% higher for determining what
wounds you receive.
Skilled Shinobi
While you don't excel in combat, you're able to grasp the
fundamental skills and concepts important to being a ninja.
You have an extra XP/75 Skill Points to spend, and your skill
maximums are increased by 2. However, you have a -1
Accuracy penalty.
You excel in a particular style of ninja combat, and since
noticing that strength you have focused on what you are best
at. Be it extraordinary kicks, incredible lightning bolts, or
masterful illusions, you are a cut above the rest.
Choose either Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, or Genjutsu. Whichever
one you chose has +2 Accuracy, -2 to any necessary Seal
Speeds, and a 10% bonus to its damage moves; if Taijutsu,
you also have a +2 bonus to Stamina rolls. Genjutsu gives +3
to all your Genjutsu rolls. Next, choose one of the two that
you didn't pick. It has -2 Accuracy (or -2 to all Genjutsu rolls),
+3 to any required Seal Speeds, and does 10% less damage;
if Taijutsu, you also have a -2 penalty to all Stamina rolls. It is usually a good idea to have one defensive unique which
Strong-Willed affects damage reduction, dodge, blocking, or parrying. Just
quoth the kakashi "Got to be alive to enjoy your porn"
When the going gets tough, you keep on going. You have a
strong, virtually unbreakable will, and will power through
anything standing in your way.
You have a +2 bonus to your defensive Genjutsu rolls. Once
per battle, you can activate this unique as a Speed 0 action.
When you do so, you lower your Fatigue by 1 level (though
keep your Stamina and Chakra Exhaustion penalties). You
may also choose one Wound you're suffering from, and ignore
all of it's effects. This lasts until the end of combat, at which
point the Fatigue and Wounds return.

1 Point Uniques Full Pockets
Alert You were born into money! Or you stole a lot of it, but through
As far as ninja are concerned, real ninja, you are their worst some means you happen to be a very rich and resourceful
nightmare. You can see beyond the unseen, making you a ninja. Be it tools, traps, or weapons, you are always ready for
feared weapon. Your max ranks in Awareness are increased any situation. When you spend XP on money, you get double
by 3 and your ranks in Blind Fighting are considered 1 higher the normal amount per rank. If you need to make an
(even above the normal maximum). You have a +3 bonus to Espionage roll to bribe someone, it has a +5 bonus. What's
Espionage rolls. more, you may spend Requisition spontaneously, even in the
middle of a mission, representing you having just the right
thing for the task at hand. Done in combat, this is a Speed 2
Blur action.
It's hard to tell where you actually are. Not because they can't
see you, but because you never seem to stay still long enough Hidden Potential
for their eyes to stop trailing you and be able to focus. You You and your peers both have yet to realize the full extent of
never stop to let inertia win out. When you dodge successfully your capabilities. Maybe you just haven't found your niche,
you may move as many yards as if you'd taken a Speed 3 maybe you're a late bloomer, or maybe something's holding
Move action. When you move towards an enemy as part of an you back. Until you find out what it is, you have +1 Willpower.
attack, you may move up to that action's full Speed worth, Upgrades Into: Any 2- or 3-point unique.
rather than half. Upgrades Into: Exceptionally Fast
Close Ties Indefatigable
Your allies are incredibly important to you, each valued as (adj) 1. (of a person or their efforts) Persisting tirelessly
much as a close friend. You form bonds fast, and they can last That's what you are! You have a +1 bonus to Stamina rolls per
for life. Your mere presence raises morale! Your allies get a rank of the jutsu being used (+1 for E-ranks, +2 for D-ranks,
+2 bonus to Stamina and Chakra Exhaustion rolls, raised to etc.); in the case of basic attacks, this becomes a +2 bonus.
+3 if they're from your village. A single person can only Additionally, when you Rest your Stamina penalty is lowered
benefit from one ally with Close Ties at a time. by an additional 1 point. Upgrades Into: Endless Energy
So long as your allies are with you, you excel in the face of Killing Intent
adversity. For every ally present with you in battle you gain a
+1 bonus to your own Stamina and Chakra Exhaustion rolls, You have what it takes to end a person's life. Even if you
up to a maximum of +3. Upgrades Into: Avenger, Protector personally would choose not to, it's not because you lack the
capacity. Something about you gives that away, that killer's
Elementally Gifted instinct having seeped into your very chakra. Whenever you
inflict a wound upon someone, roll 1d20+XP/100 against that
While most shinobi struggle to learn the basics of elemental person's 1d20+XP/100, +1 for every previous wound you've
control, you took to it like a fish to water (or a bird to wind, inflicted in battle. If they fail, they receive a Stun with a
or... you know what, this joke is just bad). Your early aptitude severity of how much you beat their roll by.
is the first sign of a potential that'll leave even many
experienced shinobi envious. You can use an element of your Lightfoot
choice as if you had the Elemental Aptitude ability for it,
without actually having to use one of your ranks of Elemental You've always been talented at sneaking and hiding in almost
Aptitude. Upgrades Into: Elementalist any and all places. Whether a dark shadow or henge'd as a
tissue box in a room, you know how make your presence
Expansive Chakra scarce.
Chakra flows readily through your body and into your jutsu, You have a +3 bonus to Stealth rolls, and the speed of your
allowing you to effortlessly mold it into techniques. The Hide action is reduced by 3. You can move when in Stealth 2
Chakra costs for all your jutsu are reduced by 1 per rank (1 without lowering the level of your stealth. Upgrades Into:
for E-rank, 2 for D-rank), and you ninjutsu damage bonus is Skirmisher
increased by half that amount (0.5 for E-rank, 1 for D-rank,
and so forth). Upgrades Into: Boundless Chakra

Martial Prowess Weapon Master
You're adept at turning a fight into a one-man training You know your weapons. You know how to use them, and
montage with your enemy being a rag doll disoriented by how to change them to suit your style. Your Weapon Focus
every blow. You have no need for weapons: You are the ability applies to all weapons, only needing to be taken once,
weapon. and it only increases Stamina costs by 2 per rank.
Your Combos are not broken from attacking a new target, Additionally, that ability's limit is changed to (DEX -30)/20,
or from taking damage from an attack made by someone maximum 4. If you take this after creation, you may refund
other than your initial target. You gain a +3 bonus to Counter your extra Weapon Focus Upgrades Into: Ranged Specialist
Combo opposed rolls, and your Combos inflict a (Combo
Counter -2) Stun, which is doubled when using a Finisher. Weight Trainer
Additionally, your combos are not broken by a Stun of a You strap yourself down with weights--either from tailoring
severity less than (Combo Counter +2). Upgrades Into: your clothes that way, or from strapping weights to your
Bruiser limbs--and hamper yourself constantly. All in the name of one.
Perfect. Fight.
Nimble Hands Once per two months you can remove the weights as
You have always been able to pick things up, spin them Speed 10 to have your STR, DEX, and AGI improve to 120%
between your fingers, throw things just right, and otherwise of their regular values, for that fight only. These attribute
use your hands well. You may throw up to DEX/8 weapons adjustments do not raise your Vitality or HP.
with a multi-throw, reduce Seal Speeds and the Speed of Due to your hard training your maximum and current
ranged attacks by 2, and may draw weapons without any sort Athletics ranks are increased by 2.
of action. You may sheathe weapons as a Speed 0 action.
Upgrades Into: Ranged Specialist, Single-Handed Seals
You know just how much force you're applying, and how to,
when necessary, apply less. This is good when doing
handiwork, but also when fighting someone who you don't
want to kill or maim.
Any time you inflict damage, after determining what the
wound would be you may activate this unique. The attack's
damage is reduced by 25%, and the wound it inflicted (based
on its original damage) is reduced by one category. When you
use this to lower the severity of a wound you get a +1 bonus
to Chakra Exhaustion and Stamina rolls for the rest of the
battle, to a maximum of +5.
Preventing a wound this way will not stop it from ending
any Genjutsu the victim was suffering from. Can't beat the bloodline genius? Just stack endless stat
When an attack you make would prove lethal, you may bonuses and training! Hard work means hard paunch fist!
instead hold back at the last moment. This leaves your victim
at 0 HP (or, if they were below 0 HP, they aren't reduced any
further), raises the severity of any wounds you inflicted by 1
(and cannot be combined with a normal activation of this
unique), but prevents your attack from being fatal. Upgrades
Into: Avenger, Protector
Seal Master
You're really, really good with handseals. You make them fast,
and mold your chakra just as rapidly. It could be natural
talent... but, honestly, you know what it probably was?
Probably when you were a kid you were incredibly obsessed
with being a super-cool ninja, so you spent all your free time
making fake handseals and pretending to shoot fireballs at
your friends. Anyway, you reduce Seal Speeds by Dex/8
(instead of Dex/10), and any jutsu whose Seal Speed is
reduced to 0 has a 10% bonus to its damage. Upgrades Into:
Jutsu Master, Single-Handed Seals

2 Point Uniques You cannot have this unique as well as Martial Prowess.
Applied Knowledge Upgrades From: Martial Prowess
Where others use talent, you rely on practical application of Chakra Sensitive
your (probably vast) knowledge to guide you. It's all well and You have an almost subconscious ability to detect
good for someone to be able to spot the vague outline of a disturbances in the For--chakra. Disturbances in chakra. It's
hidden opponent; you, on the other hand, notice the way the not particularly refined, and it may never be, but it's still a
bush they're hiding behind has been shifted, as that plant only valuable talent among shinobi.
grows facing west. Your sense range is CHA*2. Any time someone within your
You're probably kind of a nerd, to be honest. You add one sense range advances a Fatigue level due to failing a Chakra
third of your Research skill rank as a bonus to all your non- Exhaustion roll, you know their location and current (after the
Research skill rolls. Ranks in all your skills other than roll) Fatigue level. If they were hiding from you, this means
Research are considered to be (Research ranks)/4 higher for you now know their location.
the purpose of learning Abilities. In combat, this may be used any time someone makes a
Avenger Chakra Exhaustion roll, even if they succeed. In this case, roll
your Chakra Control against theirs; if you succeed, you know
Someone wronged you, or someone you cared about, in a their location. Upgrades Into: Chakra Sensor
way which you cannot forgive. You have an unremitting
hatred for them, and you channel an unhealthy amount of Determined
your free time, thoughts, and energy into finding them and
doing whatever you can to make them suffer. You are actually good at something--you just haven't figured
When you take this unique, choose the group it applies to, out what yet. Some day you'll figure out where your natural
up to the size of a hidden village. You get +2 to Accuracy and talent lies, or everything will just suddenly 'click' for you, and
d20 rolls against that group. If the group is only the size of a you'll go from underdog to legendary ninja in the making,
single clan, the bonuses raises to +3. Against a group of 10 or proving to everyone how great you are.
fewer individuals (who can still be grouped together under a That's what you keep telling yourself, anyway. It gets a little
single category, not just ten different people named off bit harder to believe that every day, but you didn't get where
individually), it becomes +5. And, against a single person, you you are by giving up just because you're no good at whatever
have +5 Accuracy and d20 rolls, with an additional +1 for it is you keep failing to do. Whenever your Fatigue level
every thousand exp they are above you. You can choose to go increases from failing a CE or Stamina roll, you gain 1
into UP-debt to take this unique, though this requires GM temporary Willpower, which is lost (if you haven't spent it yet)
approval. the next time your Fatigue increases. Upgrades From:
Independent of all the above, you also receive the benefits Hidden Potential Upgrades Into: Any 3-point unique.
of the 1-point unique Killing Intent--you've been driven to
darkness, and it shows in more than just your desire for Elementalist
vengeance. Upgrades From: Any 1-Point Unique Most shinobi have a difficult time mastering the usage of
elemental chakra. You do not. It comes naturally to you, and
Boundless Chakra even exceeds the limits of most people's physical capabilities.
You have near-limitless reserves of chakra. Things that You are able to use two elements of your choice as if you had
should tire people out simply don't have that effect on you. the Elemental Aptitude ability for them, though this does not
You have a +3 bonus to your Chakra Exhaustion rolls, and actually count as ranks in that ability. Upgrades From:
whenever you acquire a Chakra Exhaustion penalty from Elementally Gifted Upgrades Into: Elemental Mastery
using a jutsu, that penalty is reduced by 1. Whenever you rest,
your Chakra Exhaustion penalty is lowered by the same Endless Energy
amount as your Stamina penalty. The Upkeeps of all your You don't get tired. It's just not something you do. Whenever
jutsu are reduced by 1. Upgrades From: Expansive Chakra your Stamina penalty increases, it increases by 1 less. The
Upgrades Into: Regenerative Chakra first time in a battle you fail a Stamina roll, you advance one
less Fatigue category. You enjoy a +(RES)/40 bonus to all
Bruiser your Stamina rolls. Every 15 IC, your Stamina penalty
You hit harder than you have any business doing. You may not decreases by 1. Upgrades From: Indefatigable
be bulky and muscular, but you know how to use your weight
and momentum. You add RES/40 to your physical damage
bonus (to one decimal point, as usual), and STR/20 to all
grapple rolls. You reduce any damage you take by STR/10.
Your Combos are not broken from attacking a new target,
or from taking damage from an attack made by someone
other than your initial target. You gain a +3 bonus to Counter
Combo opposed rolls, and your Combos inflict a (Combo
Counter -2) Stun, which is doubled when using a Finisher.
Additionally, your combos are not broken by a Stun of a
severity less than (Combo Counter +2).

Exceptionally Fast Ranged Specialist
You take speed to a new level. You outrun the wind, your You prefer to keep your distance in combat, without resorting
allies, and yes, even the bear chasing you. Everything you do to powerful ninjutsu. Rather, you favor the basics: projectile
is almost too fast for the eye to follow. The base Speed of all weaponry! You may throw up to DEX/8 weapons with a multi-
your actions is reduced by 10%; this reduction is actually throw, reduce Seal Speeds and the Speed of ranged attacks
rounded up, meaning that a Speed 11 technique would be by 4, and may draw weapons without any sort of action. You
reduced by (11*0.1 = 1.1 -> 2) 2, to Speed 9. Even so, it cannot may sheathe weapons as a Speed 0 action.
be used to reduce an action to Speed 0. As long as you As a Speed 4 Interrupt you may perform a ranged parry
partially succeed in a Dodge, you take no secondary effects with a +4 bonus against any thrown weapon attack (including
from the attack (such as status conditions, penalties, or those caused or improved by jutsu). The exact weapons used
wounds) and when you dodge successfully you may move as don't matter, but you must throw as many weapons in this
many yards as if you'd taken a Speed 5 Move action. When parry as your opponent did in their attack.
you move towards an enemy as part of an attack, you may You cannot have this unique as well as Nimble Hands.
move up to that action's full Speed worth, rather than half. Upgrades From: Nimble Hands
You cannot have this unique as well as Blur. Upgrades
From: Blur Single-Handed Seals
Be it rigorous training or just excess talent, you've mastered
Jutsu Master one of the most exceptionally rare talents among shinobi:
You have a knack for mastering new jutsu, and, more being able to perform handseals with only a single hand. You
impressively, not confusing them with one another no matter reduce Seal Speeds by Dex/7 (instead of Dex/10), and any
how many you seem to learn. The cost to learn non-clan jutsu jutsu whose Seal Speed is reduced to 0 has a 10% bonus to
is halved, before any other reductions. This is, in fact, its damage. Your maximum and current Chakra Control
retroactive! You reduce Seal Speeds by Dex/8 (instead of ranks are increased by 2, and you reduce the Seal Speed of
Dex/10), do 5% more damage with all your jutsu (not just any ninjutsu by an additional Chakra Control/10 while using
ninjutsu), and any ninjutsu whose Seal Speed is reduced to 0 both hands.
has an additional 5% damage. You cannot have this unique as well as Seal Master.
You cannot have this unique as well as Seal Master. Upgrades From: Seal Master
Upgrades From: Seal Master
Protector You prefer a very specific style of fighting: engage your
Your friends are your life and you will make sure no harm opponent, seize the advantage while they're confused, then
comes to them. Becoming either a wall in between them and fall back and disengage. While they're trying to recover,
your enemies, or an unstoppable force that ravages the prepare yourself to repeat that again, and do so until your
oncomers, you will always do your best to get everyone else enemies are too demoralized or badly beaten to fight back.
out safely. You add your RES one more time to your Vitality You have a +3 bonus to Stealth rolls, and the speed of your
and HP. Hide action is reduced by 3. You can move when in Stealth 2
You have a secondary pool of Vitality, equal to half your without lowering the level of your stealth and when making
normal maximum, that cannot be wounded and is damaged attacks while in Stealth 2 your damage bonus is increased by
only when Taking the Hit for someone else. DEX/30, or DEX/20 if you break stealth to do so. Your limit
Your Take the Hit action has a +5 bonus, and when you for Stealth skill ranks is increased by 3, and you can hide so
successfully take the hit you may automatically block. It long as your opponents have a visibility penalty of -4 or worse.
automatically succeeds under any of the following conditions: You cannot have this unique as well as Lightfoot. Upgrades
you and your allies are outnumbered; the total XP of you and From: Lightfoot
your allies is less than 75% the total XP of your enemies; you
are protecting someone who has run out of Vitality; you are Tenacious
protecting someone of lower rank; or you are protecting You have learned to delve into the minds of your opponents,
somebody with 75% or less of your total XP. Upgrades From: figured out the way they tick, and keep a constant control
Close Ties, Restrained over their mind. Keeping enemies mesmerized is a simple
feat for you. You have a +3 bonus to Genjutsu rolls, your
maximum and current Research ranks are increased by 2,
and -3 to the Speed of all your genjutsu. Opponents must
successfully use Genjutsu Kai twice to break free from your
illusions; they do realize this after the first success. Skill
focus's scale is now once every third rank (Ranks 1, 2, and 3
cost 2 SP; ranks 4, 5, and 6 cost 3 SP; and so forth).

3 Point Uniques Regenerative Chakra
Chakra Sensor You have a seemingly inexhaustible supply of chakra. You
You possess the coveted ability to sense the chakra in living might push yourself to your limit, but within minutes your
things. Unlike being merely sensitive to chakra, you can tell chakra reserves will have replenished themselves. During
people apart by their chakra alone. combat in particular, it's noticeable that your energy seems to
Your sense range is CHA*5. Whenever someone within have no limit.
your sense range advances a Fatigue level due to failing a You have a +5 bonus to Chakra Exhaustion rolls. Whenever
Chakra Exhaustion roll, you know their location and can you spend a point of Willpower, your Chakra Exhaustion
identify their chakra signature, as well as their current penalty is reset to 0; you can also choose to spend a point of
Fatigue level. In combat, this effect takes places whenever Willpower specifically for this purpose immediately before
they make a Chakra Exhaustion roll. making a Chakra Exhaustion roll.
You can also tell any general traits of their chakra When using one or more techniques with an Upkeep, the
("oppressive", "weak", etc.), if they're fallen into HP, and what total Upkeep is reduced by 1+CHA/30, to a minimum of half
their Elemental Affinity is (only if they have ranks in the its normal value. Additionally, once per battle you may fail a
ability). If you detect somebody who's in Stealth, you know Chakra Exhaustion check and advance one less Fatigue level
their location (i.e. they are no longer hidden from you, just as (though your penalties do not reset).
if you'd found them normally). Your maximum Chakra You have (your max Willpower) chakra points each battle.
Control ranks are increased by 3 and you have a +3 bonus to You may spend these to improve the result of a Chakra
your defensive Genjutsu rolls. Exhaustion roll on a 1:1 basis after seeing the result. As you
You can also use the following action: are worn down progressively, your body tries to compensate
Scan (Speed 10) In combat, make an opposed Chakra by producing even more chakra. As a result, your ninjutsu
Control roll against anyone (or everyone) present; people may damage bonus is increased by your Fatigue level. Upgrades
allow themselves to fail this roll rather than bothering with it. From: Boundless Chakra
People being scanned have a penalty to their Chakra Control
roll equal to the total Upkeep penalty of any jutsu they're Relentless
maintaining. If you succeed, you detect them as described You don't stop, you don't quit, and you absolutely don't give
above. Out of combat, if someone passes a roll against your up. Those would be great, admirable traits, except for you it
Scan they will automatically pass all other rolls against it only really applies when it comes to brutalizing other human
made within the next half hour. Upgrades From: Chakra beings.
Sensitive Every time you hit someone with a taijutsu attack, you get a
+1 bonus to your physical damage bonus, up to a maximum
Elemental Mastery of half its normal value. This bonus resets when you miss,
You have peerless control over elemental chakra, far beyond change targets, or use a non-taijutsu attack. Hyuuga using
the realm of what's considered normal, and to a level that Jyuuken instead receive this bonus to their ninjutsu damage
some would even think is impossible. Choose two elements; bonus. All your unarmed attacks gain Stun 2, or increase
you can use them as if you had taken the Elemental Aptitude their existing Stun by 1.
ability for them. Additionally, your ranks in the Elemental When you miss within any taijutsu attack your next action
Affinity ability apply to all elements you can use. This doesn't comes sooner, as if the Speed of the action you used was half
mean your personal chakra nature corresponds to all five its actual value. For example, if you missed with a Speed 13
elements, only that you're equally skilled with them all. action on IC 30, your next action would come on IC 37, rather
Each rank of Elemental Affinity also gives you a +0.5 bonus than IC 43. Every time you miss, your next action gets a
to your ninjutsu damage bonus with elemental ninjutsu. cumulative +1 Accuracy as long as it's a taijutsu attack, to a
Additionally, all your offensive elemental ninjutsu receive a maximum of +3; hitting someone, or taking a different kind of
bonus depending upon what element your last offensive action, resets this bonus. Upgrades From: Bruiser
elemental ninjutsu technique was, and what rank it was. This
only works if the jutsu you are using is of a different element
than the previous one (using two Raiton in a row will provide
no bonus; if you then switch to a Katon, that Katon would
receive the Lightning bonus listed below).
Earth: Stun of 2 (rank) Fire: Burns of 2 (rank) Lightning:
Paralysis of 1 per rank above E (1 for D, 2 for C, etc.), for 5 *
(severity + 1) IC. Water: -2 Chakra cost per rank Wind:
Blocking's effect is reduced by 5% per rank. Upgrades From:

Super Novice
You're still not good at anything in particular. Everything for
you is two steps forwards and one step back. Even if you
thought you found your niche, it turns out that no, you really
didn't. But you're tired of letting that get in your way! Now,
you're going to just do what you want, your way! Yeah! That'll
show 'em!
You have a 10% XP bonus. When you're Wounded, you get
a temporary 1 point of Willpower. This lasts until the next
time you're Wounded; if you haven't spent it by then, it's
replaced. If you have, you get a new one. Upgrades From: Any
1- or 2-point unique, except Elementally Gifted or
Surging Power
You have a dauntless ability to keep fighting, no matter what
the situation. Even when you should be sprawled in the dirt
unable to move a single muscle, somehow you stand back up
and keep fighting.
You can spend Willpower to reroll your Stamina and
Chakra Exhaustion rolls (with all the normal rules, and
benefits, for spending Willpower on a roll). Additionally, you
can spend a point of Willpower to ignore all effects of a single Lazyness is the mother of all bad habits. But ultimately she is
woudn you're suffering from for the remainder of the battle. mother, so we should respect her, so troublesome.
Finally, you reduce the penalties to Accuracy and defensive
rolls by your current Willpower. So, at 3 Fatigue with 4
Willpower remaining you would go from -3 Accuracy and -6
defensive rolls to no Accuracy penalty and -2 defensive rolls.
Upgrades From: Boundless Chakra, Endless Energy
Beyond raw strength or the biggest fireballs, you focus on a
different aspect of combat: strategy. Through clever decoys,
exploiting weaknesses, and striking at blindspots, you can
take down superior foes.
The first time you use any action in combat, it gains +2
Accuracy or to its relevant d20 roll (such as a dodge). If you
hit with an attack that receives that bonus, you immediately
gain (that action's Speed)/2 AP (though this won't take you
over your maximum).
You may spend 10 AP to replace an action's Accuracy (or
convert its existing accuracy roll) into an accuracy roll using
2d20.takeHighest(1) in place of 1d20.
You can shout advice or instructions, or just pointers about
your enemies and the battlefield, to allies, to give them an
edge. As a Speed 0 action, you can switch your current place
in the initiative order with a willing ally's, allowing them to
act immediately and delaying your next action to the previous
location of theirs. This costs 2 AP per IC away their action is,
and may not be used on a stunned ally. You may spend 1
Willpower to lower the cost to 1 AP per IC for one use.


ombat... happens. Realistically, it's something
ninja know how to do, and as they get more Wounds
experience it becomes something they're able to ============================================= You
do very well. Accordingly, there are rules for should read the Conditions Section before you get into
combat, which you use when trying to beat other combat. The rest you can safely ignore until you actually have
people into submission, or prevent them from to deal with the effects, either due to inflicting them on
doing the same to you. others, or suffering from them yourself.
The combat chapter has 7 sections of varying importance,
which are...!
Initiative =============================================
While it wouldn't hurt to at least peruse the Conditions
============================================= A Section (hint hint), you can basically ignore this entirely until
brief explanation of the core of Naruto World's combat the aftermath of your first battle.
system. It explains the broad concepts of how time, turn
order, and actions are handled. A short but important read!
Pretty much nothing else in the chapter will make sense
without this.

Coming in right behind 'Initiative' in terms of importance,
here is where you'll find all the basic actions which everyone
can perform, along with rules on how to attack and your
bread-and-butter defenses. Other attractions include a crash
course in how to use ninjutsu and genjutsu, and rules for
spending Willpower (you remember Willpower, right? one of
your derived Attributes?).

How to hide, how to find people who are hiding, and what you
can do while hidden. You should probably be at least familiar
with this before you start playing, but you can safely ignore it
your first time through the chapter.

Status and Conditions

============================================= You
may want to skim this section, but it's not vital. You should
have read the Conditions part at least once before you get
into combat, and you can basically ignore Statuses until they
actually come up during battle; same for effects.

============================================= This
is important; Fatigue is one of the key elements of combat, as
it's what regulates how frequently you can use your powerful
jutsu before being worn out. You should probably read it right
after Initiative, or perhaps Actions. Definitely more important
than Stealth or Status/Conditions.

1. Initiative Roll
2. Flow of Time
3. Simultaneous Actions
4. Action Points
4. Action Points One of the things that makes battles dramatic is one or both
5. Example sides pulling out sudden, unpredicted surprises, and among
shinobi that's par for the course. Mechanically, this is
represented by "Action Points"; thematically this can be a
==================== burst of adrenaline, or the result of you carefully luring your
opponent into just the right position for you to counter-attack.
You gain 5 AP every time the Initiative Count reaches a
1. Initiative Roll multiple of 20. You start the battle with zero, and can have up
to a maximum of AGI/2.
Combat begins with all participants making an Initiative roll: You can spend AP whenever you take an action. Each AP
1d20+(AGI)/10. From there, everyone is assigned a number spent reduces the action's Speed by 1.
depending upon how well they did compared to one another. ====================
Everyone subtracts their roll from the person who rolled
the highest; this is the initiative count they will act on.
For example, Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino are all preparing
to fight, and so they roll initiative. Choji scores an 6,
Shikamaru a 16, and Ino a 12. They will act on the following
initiative counts: Choji: 16 - 6 = 10 Shikamaru: 16 - 16 = 0
Ino: 16 - 12 = 4

2. Flow of Time
Combat begins on Initiative Count 0, or "Init 0", or simply "IC
0". Players act whenever their initiative count is reached.
Every action a player can take has a given Speed
associated with it. When they take an action, its effects are
resolved immediately, and its speed is added to their current
initiative count; that is when they will be able to act again.
For example, if you use a Speed 6 action on IC 5, your
action will be resolved then and there. After it finishes,
combat will progress to IC 6, other people will take their
turns, and so on, until IC (5+6 =) 11 is reached, when you will
be able to act again.
Some effects may lower an action's speed. No matter how
many such effects are applied, no action's speed may ever go
below half its original value, rounded up, and no action's
Speed can be reduced below 3. This does mean that an
action with a base Speed of 3 or lower may not have its
Speed decreased at all.

3. Simultaneous Actions
If two people act on the same initiative count, both of their
actions are declared and resolved simultaneously. Thus, you
and your opponent will both fully declare and resolve your
attacks (you can take turns doing so, for the sake of
convenience), but not apply their effects until after you've both
done so, at the very end of the IC.
Blocking is a partial exception. If you were blocking when
your turn came up, and you choose to block against, it takes
priority; that is to say, you may use Block as a defense against
an attack delivered on the same IC, under those

Combat Example
It may help if you read the Actions section of this chapter
before reading this example.
Using the example above, we had Shikamaru acting on IC
0, Ino on 4, and Choji on 10. Shikamaru spends his first
action attacking Choji with a Speed 8 punch, meaning he'll
act next on IC 8.
To defend himself, Choji tries to dodge, though fails to do
so. He's hit, and takes damage, but dodging pushed his next
action back by 2, putting his next action on 12.
Ino goes next, and begins forming handseals for a potent
ninjutsu technique. It has a Seal Speed of 14, meaning she'll
be ready to act on IC (4 + 14 =) 18.
Shikamaru goes again, and uses a simple taijutsu
technique with a speed of 12. Choji tries to dodge again, this
time evading successfully. Shikamaru's next action will be on
IC 20 (8+12), and Choji's on IC 14 (12+2, because he dodged).
Choji's taking a bit of a beating, but Shikamaru's not hitting
hard. He's worried about what Ino might be planning, though
(she only had to declare that she was using a Perform
Handseals action, not what jutsu it was for), so he disengages
and rushes his other teammate, unleashing a powerful
taijutsu technique with a speed of 20. Not wanting to take
that kind of hit, Ino tries to dodge, and fails.
Ino has to make a Chakra Control skill check, against the
damage of Choji's attack divided by 10. She rolls very well,
and manages to succeed; had she failed, she would've
automatically aborted her handseals action, meaning her
next action would be on IC 15 (the attack happened on IC 14,
+1 = 15), and if she wanted to use that technique she'd need
to start over.
Choji's next action won't come until IC 34 (14+20),
whereas Ino's jutsu has been delayed until IC 20 (18+2).
IC 20 comes up, and Shikamaru and Ino are both ready to
go. It's too late for Shikamaru to do anything about Ino's
jutsu; she's already completed the handseals, and this turn
she'll be able to use it. Worse yet, he doesn't know if she'll be
targeting him or Choji.
If he'd had a little more time--for example, if he'd used a
quicker move in place of the taijutsu technique he utilized
last--he could declare a Block of a speed that would expire
some time after Ino's action, allowing him to reliably defend
himself if she chose to target him.
That's not an option, so he goes for a quick punch at her
(not wanting to make the same mistake as last time, that'll
give him plenty of opportunity to prepare before Choji's next
action). Ino uses her technique, a Speed 6 ninjutsu. Both try
to dodge the other's technique.
This means that Shikamaru will act on IC (20+8+2) 30, Ino
on (20+6+2) 28, and Choji on 34.

d. Rest
1. Basic Actions
a. Basic Attack, Unarmed (Speed 5)
b. Basic Attack, Weapon Resting is pausing to cool down and gather your breath.
c. Block Since it doesn't directly lead to incapacitating your enemy,
d. Rest most ninja prefer to do this out of battle; however, sometimes
e. Perform Handseals pacing yourself is the only way to achieve victory. Every Rest
f. Move action you take reduces your Stamina penalty (see the
g. Interrupt 'Fatigue' portion of this chapter) by 1, to a minimum of 0.
2. Ninjutsu and Genjutsu You cannot reduce the speed of your Rest action; 'resting as
a. Performing fast as you can' is, after all, something of an oxymoron.
b. Genjutsu
3. Attacking e. Perform Handseals
a. Accuracy
(Speed Variable, Abort)
b. Accuracy Rolls
Most ninjutsu and genjutsu technique require the use of
c. Damage
handseals, specialized hand signs that direct and mold the
4. Defending
flow of chakra. Representing this, those jutsu have a Seal
a. Dodge
Speed listed in their description. That number, minus your
b. Parry
DEX/10, gives you the modified seal speed, which is the
c. Block
Speed of your Perform Handseals action. However, other
d. Jutsu
Speed-reducing effects do not apply to Perform Handseals. A
e. Partial Success
Seal Speed of 0 means that while handseals are required, you
f. Damage Reduction
can perform them so fast that the time required is negligible.
5. Willpower
Perform Handseals actions are necessary to perform most
Ninjutsu and Genjutsu (see below). You may forego part, or
all, of your DEX/10 reduction of Seal Speed if you wish (for
==================== example, with 40 DEX you could use Perform Handseals
action for a seal speed 10 jutsu at anywhere between Speed 6
and Speed 10, as you pleased).
1. Basic Actions Handseals require the use of both hands, and if they're
These are actions that anyone can do in combat, and the interrupted for any reason you have to start over again.
rules associated with them. Although you don't have to declare what technique you're
performing the handseals for when you start, all techniques
a. Basic Attack: Unarmed have their own, unique combination of seals to perform them;
this means that if you changed your mind partway through a
(Speed 8, Stamina 5) Perform Handseals action, you'd need to start a new one.
The simplest form of attack, this is a catch all for punches,
kicks, headbutts, and any other attack which uses your body f. Move
to cause harm to your enemy's. This deals 2d4 damage.
(Speed Variable)
b. Basic Attack: Weapon For the most part, ninja can move faster than ordinary
people. When you actually devote time to moving in battle,
(Speed Variable) you travel (AGI)*(number of IC spent moving)/50 yards.
This is any ordinary attack with a weapon, from throwing Sometimes you may need to close the distance and attack
shuriken to swinging oversized swords. The speed is listed an opponent all at once. When attacking, you may move
with the individual weapon, as is the base damage. towards your opponent a distance corresponding to half your
attack's Speed, for free. Thus, if you needed to rush an enemy
c. Block and throw a punch at them, and had 25 AGI, as a Speed 8
(Speed Variable)
action you could move up to (25*(8/2)/50 =) 2 yards and then
As an action, you may declare that you are blocking, and state use a basic unarmed attack.
a Speed for the action. Until your next action, you may use Movement is unique, in that you cannot use Action Points
the Block defense (see 'Defending' below) against any to reduce its Speed. Your distance traveled is determined by
incoming attacks. the actual number of IC spent on movement.

g. Interrupt 3. Attacking
(Speed Variable) The simplest and most effective way to resolve a conflict is
Being able to interrupt is a special quality certain abilities often violence. In some cases, it's the only way. Thus, it
and techniques have, which allows them to be performed in behooves any shinobi to be able to, when necessary,
response to another action, generally an attack directed at the incapacitate or kill an opponent.
user; for example, most defensive jutsu have this quality. The first step of attacking is to declare what your attack
You may use an interrupt if the Speed of the interrupt (and will be, its speed, and its accuracy, so that the other player
in the case of ninjutsu, Speed + modified Seal Speed) is half knows what defenses they can use against it.
or less that of the action you're interrupting. This is one
instance where you may use a ninjutsu with handseals a. Accuracy
without having performed the handseals as a prior action. Accuracy is a measurement of how precise your attacks are,
The Speed (not, in the case of ninjutsu, counting Seal Speed) represented by a target number (TN) your opponent has to
of the interrupt is added to your next action on the IC. match or beat on their defense roll. Your attack's Accuracy is
Actions used as Interrupts with base Speeds of 3 or below 10+(DEX)/10, plus any bonuses you may get from abilities,
may still be reduced to half (rounded up) of their base speed uniques, or the technique you're using.
(normally, an action with a base Speed of 3 or lower cannot After you've declared your attack, your opponent will
have its Speed reduced further). declare and (if applicable) roll their defense. If you hit them
==================== successfully, you'll then roll damage.
2. Ninjutsu and Genjutsu b. Accuracy Rolls
a. Performing Sometimes you'll have to make an "accuracy roll". This is
The majority of ninjutsu and genjutsu techniques have an essentially the same as your accuracy, but you replace the
entry for Seal Speed in their description. Those that don't, base 10 with a 1d20 roll. In other words, it's 1d20+(DEX/10)
and those with a Seal Speed of 0, can be used at will, like plus any other Accuracy abilities. When something penalizes
regular actions. both Accuracy and d20 rolls, apply only the penalties to
For the rest, however, they may not be used unless Accuracy; if it penalizes only d20 rolls, however, then those
preceded by a Perform Handseals action (see above). The penalties also apply.
jutsu you're using must be used on your next action, at which c. Damage
point its effects are resolved and you, as normal, will
determine your next action based on the jutsu's speed. Every attack has a "base damage", a number of dice of a
If you take damage while forming handseals (between the certain size you roll. For example, a basic unarmed attack
declaration of your Perform Handseals action and when you does 2d4 of base damage. The actual damage formula is,
actually use the jutsu), you must exceed 10 + (damage dealt / (Base Damage) + (Damage Bonus) * (Speed) + (any other
10) on a Chakra Control skill roll in order to continue. Failure bonuses)
means you automatically Abort your Perform Handseals Your damage bonus is the value determined by your STR
action. (for most attacks) or CHA (for ninjutsu). The damage bonus is
multiplied by speed to represent that slower, more solid
b. Genjutsu attacks are able to better benefit from your raw power. Some
Genjutsu are the mind-affecting, often-illusionary techniques abilities may add bonus damage, but unless they explicitly say
used by ninja. While they can be potent in some situations, so, this does not affect your stat-based "Damage Bonus."
they're difficult to use against experienced ninja. Attempting Damage is done to an opponent's Vitality unless stated
to influence someone with Genjutsu (whether directly, such otherwise, until that reaches 0. Any overflow, and all future
as a mental attack, or indirectly, casting an illusion over an damage, goes straight to their Hit Points.
area and determining if it fools them) is resolved through a Unless otherwise noted, any alterations of an action's
set of opposed Genjutsu rolls. Speed also affect its damage bonus; faster isn't always better.
The 'attacker' rolls 1d20+XP/400, and the 'defender' rolls
1d20+XP/200, both adding any bonuses to genjutsu. Some
bonuses may apply only to offensive or defensive genjutsu
rolls. In these cases, the person using the genjutsu is the
'attacker', and the person trying to avoid being affected is the
'defender'. If the defender rolls lower than their opponent,
they suffer the effects of the technique being used.

==================== e. Partial Success
Just because you failed to evade a shuriken or deflect a sword
4. Defense slash doesn't mean they struck a vital area. When you make a
Inevitably, you will at some point be attacked. Accordingly, defensive roll to avoid an attack, for each point you fail by you
ninja are trained to defend themselves in a variety of ways. take 20% damage. Any status effects that are part of the
Normally, you may only use a single defense against any given technique, however, will apply normally.
attack. That can be confusing, so, it's example time! So you roll a
14 on your dodge, against an Accuracy 15 attack. You failed
a. Dodge (Speed 2, Interrupt) by 1 point, so you take 20% of the attack's normal damage.
Had you rolled a 12, you would take 60% damage. And, if you
The best defense against any attack is simply not being hit. had rolled a 7 (failing by 8 points) you would take the full,
When you dodge an attack you roll 1d20+(AGI)/10, plus any 100% damage.
other bonuses to dodge you may have, such as from abilities With regards to defensive jutsu: Partial success typically
or uniques, against the attack's Accuracy. Success means you applies to any jutsu which works similar to a dodge or parry.
completely avoid the attack and its effects. That is, you make a d20 roll, and if successful the attack you
are defending against does not hit you. However, if the
b. Parry (Speed 3, Interrupt) technique has another effect (such as make a d20 roll, and if
This entails deflecting an opponent's weapon with your own, you succeed you reduce the attack's damage by a set amount),
or stopping their unarmed attacks with your bare hands. partial success does not apply. Exceptions to this will be
Accordingly, weapon attacks may only be parried with noted otherwise in the individual technique's description.
weapons, and unarmed attacks may only be parried if you f. Damage Reduction
have at least one hand free to do so. Parrying works similarly
to dodging, though uses an Accuracy roll to determine its Some effects, such as uniques and clan abilities, provide
success. damage reduction (DR). This reduces incoming damage
When something (such as Fatigue) penalizes both Accuracy directly: if you have 10 DR, and an attack does 100 damage,
and defensive rolls (or rolls in general), Parry only suffers the you would only take 90 damage from it.
penalty to defensive rolls; if something penalizes only Damage reduction is applied before blocking or partial
Accuracy, then Parry does suffer that penalty. Basically, it defense.
doesn't have to deal with 'double jeopardy'. ====================
c. Block 5. Willpower
Blocking is bracing yourself for an attack as effectively as Ninja are capable of incredible feats, and some are truly
possible, and being on guard to do so at a moment's notice. exceptional, performing astonishing deeds in the face of
Blocking is special in that you cannot choose to block at a adversity. While you can be as determined (or not) as you
moment's notice. However, if your last action was to begin please, Willpower represents your ability to use that
blocking (see 'Block' in actions, above), you may automatically determination to push yourself above and beyond your limits.
block any attack made against you. This is an option; you You can spend Willpower any time you attack, or make a
could still choose to dodge instead, if you desired, and then d20 roll, after you've seen the action's normal results. When
block the next attack that came your way. you spend a point of Willpower, reroll whichever roll it was
Blocking reduced the damage of unarmed and ninjutsu used on (or, in the case of an attack, make an Accuracy Roll).
attacks by 50%. However, weapon damage is only reduced by If the d20 result is less than 11, add 10 to it; this is your new
25%; while it's all well and good to keep a punch away from result for that action.
your vitals, a sword cut is nasty business no matter where it Willpower may not, however, be used to reroll Stamina or
lands. Chakra Exhaustion rolls.
d. Jutsu You may also choose to spend Willpower after someone
else has done so to alter the result of their action. However,
Some taijutsu and ninjutsu techniques may provide special any given roll or attack may only have Willpower applied to it
defensive options. Most of these are Interrupts, but the rules one time.
for exactly how they work will be listed within the description
of the actual techniques.

Actions (Advanced)
1. Advanced Actions
2. Multi-Throwing
a. Take the Hit Anyone familiar with fictionalized depictions of ninja has no
b. Delay doubt seen them flinging a handful of shuriken with pinpoint
c. Abort aim. As this game is about fictional ninjas, it stands to reason
2. Multi-Throwing that they can do this! The term, appropriately enough, is
3. Action Chains "Multi-Throwing."
It helps to first be familiar with the two weapons you'll be
throwing the most: They are the shuriken (weighing in at 1d6
==================== damage) and the kunai (beating it out with 2d6).
While you could certainly throw a single shuriken or kunai
(that would be a basic weapon attack, and full stats for doing
1. Advanced Actions so are listed in those weapons' equipment entries), a real
ninja would throw a bunch at once.
a. Take The Hit By default, you may only throw one type of weapon at once;
(Speed 6, Interrupt) you could throw 6 shuriken, but not 4 shuriken and 2 kunai in
Taking the hit is the glorious move the stronger person or the same action. After choosing your weapon, you decide how
sensei uses to protect their weaker ally! You make a dodge many you want to throw. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to
roll with a +5 bonus; if successful, you've leapt in the way of you, the multi-throw action.
an attack aimed at your ally. If you fail, your ally takes 20% of
the damage per point you failed by. (For example: If you fail by a. Multi-Throw
2 points, you'd take 60% damage, and your ally 40% damage). (Speed and Stamina Variable)
If you were blocking when you used this, you make block as You throw at least 2 weapons, up to a maximum of DEX/10.
long as you were successful by 1 point or more. You may also The Speed is 3 + (number of weapons thrown)/2, and the
use interrupts to defend yourself, up to a maximum Speed of Stamina cost is 5, +1 for every 2 weapons (6 for 2-3, 7 for 4-5,
how many points your Take The Hit roll beat the opponent's and so forth). Regardless of how many weapons you throw,
accuracy; you can't dodge, but you could parry, or use a the minimum total Speed of a multi-throw action is 5--this
ninjutsu-based defense that raises a protective wall. applies to both its base Speed, and its final Speed after any
changes (such as spending AP).
b. Delay The rolled damage is the total for all weapons thrown; 6
(Speed N/A) shuriken would roll 6d6. Your damage bonus is increased by
Delay is not, properly speaking, an action in and of itself, but +0.5 for every thrown weapon. So, if you had 60 STR in the
rather a quality certain actions have. For an example of how above multi-throw, your damage bonus would be (60/15 = 4, 4
this might be written, an attack could have "Speed 12, Delay + 0.56 = 4+3 =) 7. The attack would be Speed (3 + 6/2) 6 and
4". This means that while it would be declared normally on Stamina 8, and have a damage formula of: 6d6+76
your turn, its effects would take place 4 initiative counts later. If you are multi-throwing shuriken, their +2 Accuracy is
The action may be aborted any time up to the last IC of the applied only once. You do need to choose between shuriken
delay. or kunai when you multi-throw; you can't mix-and-match,
For example, using the above attack on IC 10, you would tragically.
have until IC 14 to abort; on IC 14 itself, so long as you did Because wounds represent severe damage from a single
not abort the attack's effects would be resolved normally, and powerful attack, and multi-throws are multiple weaker
you would then act again on IC 22. An action's Speed may not injuries delivered at once, the severity of all wounds caused
be reduced below its Delay. by multi-throws is reduced by one category, to a minimum of
c. Abort
(Speed 1, or Speed +1)
Certain actions will say they can be aborted, or just list
"Abort" as one of their qualities along with speed (such as the
Perform Handseals action). Aborting may declared on any
initiative count before your next action, allowing you to act on
the following IC. When you abort an action, you stop
performing it; exactly what this entails will usually be
discussed in the individual actions.
Alternately, you may choose to Abort as part of an
Interrupt--for example, aborting handseals so you can
perform a defensive ninjutsu technique. This adds 1 to the
Speed of that Interrupt.
3. Action Chains
Chains are a special type of action, where multiple How to form an Action Chain
techniques are combined or used at once. Each chain has a for Dummies!
single Core action, and one or more Links. Your core action
can be virtually any action in the PHB, from dodging an
attack to using a high-ranked ninjutsu. What makes an action 1. Choose (Virtually) Any Action from the PHB.
a Chain is, instead, its Links. Links are techniques which,
rather than being used alone (or sometimes as an alternative 2. Select a Link. Speed+(x), Stamina or Chakra +(x)
to that), can be used to supplement or modify another action.
The easiest way to identify a Link is that rather than its own 3. Tally the total Speed and Cost of your Chain.
Speed value (like "Speed: 4"), it will say something like
"Speed: +4". Many of these also have Stamina or Chakra 4. Unleash the Beast!
costs written as a number to be added or subtracted. In the
description of these techniques, they'll specify what they do,
and when they can be used (for example, Kawarimi is linked
to a Dodge action; and the E-rank Water-Gathering Technique
can be linked to many suiton ninjutsu).
Using a chain is fairly simple. Simply sum up the Speeds and
costs of all actions involved; these are the values for the
Chain, which is treated as one single, complete action. For
example, using Water-Gathering with Water Sphere is a
single action with a Chakra cost of 10 and a Seal Speed of 8.
When you apply Kawarimi to a dodge, "Dodge + Kawarimi" is
your new action, with a base Speed of 6.
Go for an Ultra Combo!
Any effects which modify an action's Speed (or other
variables) do so to the Chain itself, not individual links (or the Advanced Action Chain Info
core action).
In the case of Chains where the Core action is a damage- An Action Chain is treated as one action for the
dealing attack, this becomes slightly more complicated. The purposes of Speed modifcation effects.
Speed value used for your (Speed)*(appropriate Damage
Bonus) will be the lower of the Core action's base Speed, or A Damage Dealing Attack Chain uses special
the Chain's final Speed (after all modifications), whichever is rules regarding Speed modification.
lower. The rank of the Core technique determines the rank of
the chain; chains using Shuurai (a D-rank Raiton) would Use the lower of your Action Chain's Final
always be treated as D-rank attacks, even if you added an A- Speed Total or the Core Damage Actions base
rank link to them. Speed.

There is no limit to how many links a chain may have. You The Rank of the Technique is determined by the
could, for example, make a Chain out of Leaping Shadow Core Action. Even if higher ranked techniques
Evasion (Core), Phantom Step (Link), Water Splash (Link) are linked.
and, after that failed, Kawarimi (Link), all for a single dodge.
This action would have a Chakra cost of 10 (5+5, from
Kawarimi and Mizuhane), and a fairly high Stamina cost
(depending on how much effort you put into your Phantom

This action may be performed only while hiding at level 1
1. Hiding stealth. You take the time to make sure you're properly
a. Hide hidden and settle into place, moving you up to level 2 stealth.
b. Improve Hiding In case that wasn't clear, this cannot, by itself, take you from
2. Stealth Levels level 2 to level 3 stealth.
a. Stealth, Level 1
b. Stealth, Level 2
c. Stealth, Level 3
2. Stealth Levels
3. Searching There are three levels of stealth, corresponding to different
a. Search degrees of being hidden. Each level has limitations on what
b. Point Out can be done on it; for example, in Level 2 and Level 3 Stealth,
4. Actions From Stealth you cannot move. Thus, if you were at Stealth 3, and chose to
a. Surprise Attack spend an action moving, you would immediately be dropped
b. Prepare Sneak Attack to Stealth 1.
c. Sneak Attack
d. Genjutsu a. Stealth, Level 1
Stealth 1 is as poorly concealed as you can be while still
being unseen by your enemies. Your Stealth TN has no bonus
==================== at this rank. You may move and perform surprise attacks, as
well as using items.
1. Hiding b. Stealth, Level 2
Ninja hide. It's sort of their... thing. That said, hiding can be Stealth 2 corresponds to being fairly well-hidden, having
accomplished under one of four circumstances: taken the time to adjust yourself and your hiding spot as
1. Nobody is watching you. Well, nobody you're trying to hide necessary--you're not sticking your feet out past the edge of
from. This automatically prevents usage in combat, the rock you're hiding behind, for example. From Stealth 2
though see the other two situations. you may perform surprise attacks, use items, and prepare
2. Everyone you are trying to hide from has a -6 or higher and perform sneak attacks. At this level of stealth, your
visibility penalty. Stealth TN has a +5 bonus.
3. You are already hidden, and taking another Hide action in
hopes of getting a new, higher Stealth TN. c. Stealth, Level 3
4. You use a jutsu which explicitly allows you to hide as one Stealth 3 is as well-hidden as you can be. You are somehow
of its effects. Note that when you hide this way, the Hide camouflaged, blending into your environment excellently. You
action itself is reduced to Speed 0. may not move or attack, but your Stealth TN has a +15
Once you meet one of those requirements, you may hide. bonus.
Hiding is, of course, an action! When hidden, you may not be
targeted by enemy attacks (because they don't know where
you are!). It's possible to be hidden from some people, but not
a. Hide
(Speed 10)
Make a Stealth skill roll; the result becomes your "Stealth
TN" (target number), how hard it is to find you. You are
hidden at level 1 Stealth.
For every time you've hidden in a battle, your future Stealth
rolls to hide have a -5 penalty (the third time you hid yourself,
you'd have a -10 penalty; this applies even if you're hiding
with jutsu or other effects).
Animals are natural masters of stealth.
b. Improve Hiding
(Speed 7)

A sneak attack is an improved surprise attack, and as such,
3. Searching all normal rules for surprise attacks apply. Additionally, any
Understandably, situations arise when ninja want to find Accuracy penalties inherent to the technique or weapon
other, hidden ninja. you're using are removed. Penalties from other sources, such
as visibility or wounds, are not negated.
a. Search A sneak attack may be used as a special type of Interrupt.
You can Interrupt any action, taken by any person, with a
(Speed 6) sneak attack. They may either complete their action, and be
You look for hidden enemies, using your keen ninja senses. automatically hit by your sneak attack, or call off their action
When you make this action, roll your Awareness skill and and defend against your attack normally. If they call their
compare it to the Stealth TNs of all hidden enemies. If you action off they do not pay its cost, but their next action is still
get equal to or greater than someone's Stealth TN, you have determined by their action's normal Speed.
found them. As far as you're concerned, they're no longer in Sneak attacks may interrupt other actions as if their Speed
stealth; they cannot perform surprise or sneak attacks against was 1/4 is actual value. For example, you have been
you, you can attack them, and so forth. preparing a sneak attack for 18 initiative counts, when your
Every time you use a Search action consecutively (without opponent declares a basic unarmed attack (Speed 8) against
taking a non-Interrupt action between them) you get a your ally, on IC 80. You declare a sneak attack interrupt. You
stacking +2 bonus. Thus, your third attempt to find someone use a taijutsu technique which normally has 30 Speed; you
would use your Awareness skill +4. spend 14 action points to lower its Speed to 16 (less than
If you are the one doing the hiding, you do not your 18 ICs of preparation). It now interrupts as if it was
automatically know that someone has discovered yor hiding Speed (16/4 =) 4, which is half of the unarmed attack's 8,
place; until they do something indicating they know where making it a valid interrupt. Your opponent would be wise to
you are (such as attacking you, or running straight at you), you call off their attack; if they do so, they will not roll Stamina for
think you're still hidden from them. their attack, they'll have their next action on IC 88, and they
can defend with any Interrupt of Speed 8 (16/2 = 8) or lower.
b. Point Out
d. Genjutsu
(Speed 3)
You indicate where an enemy is hiding, typically by pointing Genjutsu can be used from level 1 and 2 stealth, and unlike
at them and yelling "There he is!" loudly. This allows anyone other jutsus does not break your concealment. However, it
else present to make a Search action immediately, as a Speed can never be a sneak or surprise attack. Genjutsu techniques
0 Interrupt, with an additional +5 bonus. which require your opponent to be able to perceive you
==================== cannot, for reasons that should be largely self-evident, be
used on somebody who you're hiding from.
4. Actions From Stealth
a. Surprise Attack
Any attack you make while hidden is a surprise attack.
Performing a surprise attack ends your stealth, as you leap
out and attack, or otherwise reveal your location in the
If an opponent chooses to use an Interrupt to defend
against your surprise attack, they may not lower its Speed by
spending Action Points.
Non-jutsu attacks with ranged weapons do not end your
stealth. However, each time you perform one it reduces your
Stealth TN by 5.
b. Prepare Sneak Attack
(Speed Variable, Abort)
You take the time to line up a perfect attack. You may abort
this action at any time, either as a normal abort, or to make
your next action a sneak attack.
To use an action as a sneak attack, the total Speed that you
used your Prepare Sneak Attack action for must be at least
equal to that of the action you're using as a sneak attack. If
you take another action instead (such as moving to a new
hiding spot, via another use of the Hide action), you lose your
opportunity to Sneak Attack.
c. Sneak Attack

Unlike normal combat IC, you each alternate turns, each
1. Pursuit Basics. action listed taking a whole turn. Every turn, you gain 10%
a. How it works. Squad Speed at the start. After both parties have had a turn,
b. Tactics. you both compare Squad Speeds and the higher speed moves
c. Formations. a degree in their favor (Hunted move 1 away, Hunters move 1
2. Actions in a Pursuit closer). Gaining or losing speed cannot cause you to go over
a. General Actions +50% or under -50%, unless otherwise stated. You continue to
b. Hunter Actions take turns this way until one party is caught or gets away.
c. Hunted Actions

The way your team has decided on moving together gives you
Pursuit Basics distinct advantages and disadvantages. The different tactics
effect how you build speed and what you can do during a
If you and all the members of the squad you wish to form pursuit.
together with are out of combat, or 100 Yards away from any
(visible) enemy in combat, you may start a Pursuit. This
either reflects you going somewhere, chasing someone, or Force - Anytime your Squad speed would decrease, it
running away from someone! You can do this with any decreases by half the percentage. This includes when it
number of ninja, but a minimum of 3 is required for a changes to another Formation and/or Tactic. You can use
Formation. the Stop! action from Close, and the Escape! action from
There are three important choices you must make when Far. Your squad cannot be broken.
starting a pursuit. If you are being thrown into a pursuit on
the fly, read the rules below marked with +++, otherwise, you
first pick a Team Captain, a Tactic, and finally a Formation. Stealth - You only gain 5% Squad Speed per turn instead
Team Captain - You nominate one of the ninja in your of the standard 10%, but your speed cannot be reduced
squad to make the decisions for your group, it is important except by changing Formation and/or Tactic. When you
during a pursuit to do things quickly without thinking, so the use a Volley you can choose to hit them from the sides or
Captain delegates commands to others, controlling the center, or with a -5 penalty hit them from the back (or
actions of the squad. front, if you are the Hunter). When you use the Ambush
action, you can do it from one degree further away. You
Once you have chosen your Team Captain, determine your also may use a Stealth -10 in place of any defensive roll.
squad's Squad Speed. This is based on the lowest speed
of any member of your squad. Many things will add or
remove percantages to this. It will come up a lot, so Cunning - When you gain a percentage speed bonus by
remember this number! any means, you can instead apply it as a penalty to the
enemy squad. When targetting a trap, you can choose 2
How it Works locations and roll a 1d2, or with a -5 penalty you can
choose which direction you want it to hit from. As the
The distances squads can be apart are as follows, and are Hunter, this makes your successful volleys knock the
represented in combat by a number of asterisks. They are Hunted one closer and you can use a volley from Far with
also often referred to as degrees: a -10 penalty.
(1) Very Close
(2) Close Speed - Your percentage caps are raised to +100% max
speed and -100% minimum. You gain +20% passively at
the start of each turn instead of the regular +10%, but any
(4) Far penalty to your speed is twice the amount, and anything
(5) Very Far that moves your squad in a way other than what you'd like
moves you that way twice the amount. This includes when
Both Team Captains roll their initiatives, then both teams it changes to another Formation or Tactic.
start Nearby. Any members of either team use techniques to
buff themselves at this moment as long as they are speed 10
or less.
If there was any hidden enemies nearby you start 1 degree
closer as the Hunted (or further, if you are the Hunter).

Formation General Actions:
The actual formation your squad moves in has vulnerabilities Change Tactic / Formation
and strengths of it's own. If a formation is hit from it's (-30% Squad Speed)
vulnerable side, it is Broken until the squad assumes a new Doing this causes you to choose a new Tactic and/or
formation. Any bonus you gain from a formation gains an Formation, but you lose 30% Squad Speed.
additional +1 for every member you have over 3 in your
Press On
Line - Running in a line, one man leading single-file all the (+20% Squad Speed)
way to the end. You get a +5 to any Athletics and You gain a +20% bonus to your Squad Speed.
Resistance roll and you are vulnerable to flanking. (The
Cross - The group is in a short line, with people branching Taijutsu Volley
out from the front to cover the sides. You get +5 Stealth. (Speed 10, -10% Squad Speed)
Vulnerable to an attack from above. (The Back) This is (for the purposes of damage only) a Speed 10 attack
Circular - The group covers a nice area, seeing all around with (Athletics Rank)/5d12, with physical damage bonus.
them equally. You get +5 to any Awareness and Survival Being hit by a volley lowers your Squad Speed by 10%. This
checks your squad makes and you are vulnerable to direct can hit anyone up to Nearby, it's damage being dealt to the
assault. (Center) whole enemy Squad, and it's strike is an Athletics vs. Athletics
V-Shaped - One ninja in the front, then fanning out to both or Resistance. You can choose to do either Slashing, Piercing,
sides. You get +5 to any Espionage checks your squad or Blunt wounds with this. When you attack with this, as the
makes and you are vulnerable to rear assault. (The Front) Hunter you hit the Hunted from the back, and the Hunted use
Broken - This is what your squad counts as if it has less this to hit the Hunter from the front. You can choose to make
than 3 members, or something causes it to break. You no your Athletics check at a -5 penalty to roll [1d4] and hit the
longer gain a passive +10% speed per turn. If for some enemy from a random location. (1=Center, 2=Back, 3=Front,
reason you cannot decide on a squad leader, you are 4=Sides)
similiarly Broken.
+++ If you were forced into a pursuit, either by fleeing from Ninjutsu Volley
an enemy, or from an enemy fleeing from you, there is a (Speed 10, -10% Squad Speed)
special way to handle this! First, both teams get -50% Squad This is (for the purposes of damage only) a Speed 10 attack
Speed for it being so abrupt. After rolling initiatives, starting with Chakra Control Ranks/5d12, with ninjutsu damage
with the Team Captains, the teams take turns voting on a bonus. Being hit by a volley lowers your Squad Speed by
Strategy and Tactic. First the Team Captain from the Squad 10%. This can hit anyone up to Nearby, it's damage is dealt to
that won initiative votes, then the other team's Captain and the whole enemy squad, and it's strike is an Chakra Control
one other member vote, then two from the original team, then vs. Athletics or Resistance. You can choose any element
alternating two members until there are none left. At the end, someone in your squad can use for wounds. When you attack
the Hunter's Team Captain chooses a Strategy and Tactic. with this, as the Hunter you hit the Hunted from the back,
For every vote they had for the ones they end up choosing, and the Hunted use this to hit the Hunter from the front. You
they get +10% Speed. (This means if two members of your can choose to make your Athletics check at a -5 penalty to roll
team voted for Force and V-Shaped, and you voted for some [1d4] and hit the enemy from a random location. (1=Center,
different ones, but chose Force and V-Shaped, you'd get +40% 2=Back, 3=Front, 4=Sides)
Squad Speed! 2 Votes for Force + 2 Votes for V-Shaped) The
Hunted chooses this as well, afterward, then the Pursuit Illusionary Assault
(Requires (3) Nearby)
You can lower the bonus percentage cap a squad can benefit
Actions in a Pursuit: from for their next turn. (A squad that could move +50%
There are two groups in a Pursuit, the Hunted (The ones faster can now only get to +25% faster) If you lose speed from
being chased) and the Hunter (The ones chasing). There are this, you do not gain it back when your cap returns to normal.
some actions they can both take and some actions only the This is a standard Genjutsu roll, using the highest from both
Hunter or Hunted can take. Any action which calls for a skill squads. This can be done from Nearby.
roll uses the highest skill roll in your squad, and only their
roll. Any attack done by the Hunter can target the back of the
Hunted squad, or the center. Any attack done by the Hunted
can target the front of the Hunter squad, or the center.

Ambush Sacrifice!!!
(Requires at least (2) Close) (Special)
As the Hunter, you need to have successfully sent a member One of your members breaks off from your formation and
to Cut-Off the enemy. You can then use this if you're at least leads the enemy team away. They automatically get one
Close range. As Hunted you need to use it while they are degree further away. The member who broke off now counts
Close or further away. Roll a Stealth vs. Awareness (This is at as a seperate squad and their tactic is set to stealth. There
a -10 if you are the Hunted), if you succeed, you get into are three things the Hunter can choose on their next turn: To
Ambush position and you start combat, with each member continue to pursue the main group, to pursue this 'new group'
who was part of the Ambush starting in Level 2 Stealth, with or to let one of their members leave their group to 1v1 the
a +10 bonus to their initiative. If you fail, combat still starts, guy.
but the Ambushers have a -10 to their Initiative and are not in
Stealth. When the Hunted are Ambushing, it's their whole
Squad who get these penalties or bonuses, when it's the
Hunter, it's only the members sent in the cut-off.

Hunter Actions:
You send a member or two of your squad up and around, to
try and position yourself for a nice Ambush. At the end of the
Hunted's next turn, roll an Espionage vs. Survival. If you
succeed, you are in position, and on your next 2 actions can
use Ambush.
(Requires (1) Very Close)
If you are in the Very Close position, the Pursuit is over, the
hunted is stopped, your side begins combat with +5 on each
player on your side's initiative.
Give Up the Chase
(-2 degrees)
You can choose to move two degrees away, if this would move
you further than very far, you give up chasing. Just in case
they wanted to turn back around on you at one point. If you
do this three times but somehow don't leave pursuit they can
choose to start a new pursuit, with you as the Hunted,
starting from the distance you left off.

Hunted Actions: Ashton protecting his lesbian best friend and her waifu.
(-10% Squad Speed)
Put down some traps! You lose 10% Squad Speed to set up
traps. At the end of the Hunter's next turn, roll 1d4, as well as
an Espionage vs. Survival. The 1d4 determines the direction
the traps strike from (1= Front, 2= Sides, 3=Back, 4=Center)
If the Hunters fail their Survival, their squad is moved one
degree away. They also each take (Espionage Ranks)/5d10
damage, with no damage bonus.
(Requires (5) Very Far)
If you are in the Very Far position, the Pursuit is over, you
have gotten away! It will take them a minimum of one hour to
pick up a reliable set of tracks.

One step up from incapacitated, this can result from being
1. Conditions deliberately knocked out, or from severe Fatigue. When
a. Wounded unconscious you are subject to all rules for being
b. Fatigued incapacitated, but cannot even talk or perceive your
c. Incapacitated environment.
d. Unconscious
e. Dead
2. Status Effects
e. Dead
a. Bleed Dying isn't as easy for ninja as normal people. There are two
b. Burns main ways you can die. The first is simple, overwhelming
c. Ignite damage: If you are reduced to -100% HP, you die. The second
d. Immobility is a coup de grace, a blow specifically designed to be lethal.
e. Paralysis You may deliver a Coup de Grace only against an
f. Poison Incapacitated or Unconscious opponent. A Coup de Grace is
g. Sleep a Speed 10, Delay 5 melee-ranged action.
h. Stun ====================
i. Suffocation
j. Visibility
3. Other Effects
2. Status Effects
a. Area-of-Effect Status effects are things that will come and go throughout the
b. Knockback course of battle. They come in many forms, and from many
c. Clones and Conditions different sources.
Some status effects may occur automatically; most of the
time. Others, however, allow you a roll to avoid them.
==================== Typically, this will be called a "status roll", or a "(specific
status, such as burn) roll". Saying that the victim gets a
Resistance roll against the effect is equivalent to saying that it
1. Conditions has a status roll.
These rolls are either Chakra Control (for ninjutsu),
Conditions cover the overall health, well-being, and, well, Athletics (for taijutsu--but this is uncommon, as those effects
condition, of your character. This lists the conditions, what are usually automatic), or Toxicology (for poisons). If anything
they do, and where to find more information about them. For else, that will be noted.
how to remove unwanted conditions, see the 'Recovery' As implied above, the defender makes a Resistance skill
section of this chapter. check; if they equal or exceed the status roll, they avoid its
effects. If not, they suffer them in full. Do keep in mind, if a
a. Wounded technique or effect doesn't say it allows a roll, that probably
Trained ninja can survive things that would kill or maim means any special effects it has occur automatically.
lesser humans, but sometimes a single blow will be so Many of these status effects will be found on damaging
powerful that even their chakra-empowered, well-conditioned attacks--for example, a sword slash that also causes its victim
bodies cannot simply shrug off. These are referred to as to start bleeding profusely. If the damage of such an attack is
Wounds, and are explained in detail in the 'Wounds' section reduced to 0, none of its status effects will take place--with a
of this chapter. The effects, and healing requirements, for few exceptions. Specifically, Immobilize and Paralysis will
each type of wound can be found there. apply even if the attack causing them doesn't deal damage.
Poison sometimes has special rules in this regard, but they
b. Fatigued can be found in the appropriate section of the Equipment
This is the result of (over)exerting oneself in battle. Rules for
Fatigue, including how it's gained and the effects it has, are
found in the 'Fatigue' section.
c. Incapacitated
When your HP reaches 0, you are incapacitated. You're not
necessarily unconscious, and you can still talk, but you're
helpless, completely unable to take any kind of action or
effectively defend yourself. An enemy who wants to can knock
you unconscious with a single blow, or deliver a coup de
grace (A speed 10 attack that cannot be lowered by any
means) to render you dead.
d. Unconscious
a. Bleed e. Paralysis
Profuse bleeding from an injury. Among other things, this can Paralysis differs from immobilization in that paralysis is an
ruin your clothes; bloodstains absolutely refuse to come out internal or mental effect which impedes your ability to move,
of most fabrics. whereas immobilization is generally used for effects which
While bleeding, you lose Vitality (or HP) equal to double somehow physically restrain you.
the severity of the Bleed status every 5 IC, and have a penalty When paralyzed, the base Speed of all your actions is
to your Stamina rolls equal to its severity. Every 20 IC, you increased by the paralysis rating, to a maximum of double
reduce the severity of the status by RES/30 (after taking the their original Speed. At the same time, when determining
damage). damage from your attacks treat their Speed as if it was
Bleeds from the same source do not stack; the higher one (Paralysis severity) lower.
overwrites the lower. Bleeds from different sources, however, For example, at Paralysis 3 your basic unarmed attack
all do their damage separately, though you still use only the would be Speed 11; you could reduce it to a minimum of
highest Bleed to determine your Stamina penalty from the Speed (11/2 = 5.5) 6 with AP, and then it would multiply your
status. damage bonus by (6 - 3) 3. That same Paralysis would change
your dodge to a Speed 4 Interrupt (meaning that some
b. Burns extremely quick, previously-avoidable attacks might become
Generally resulting from exposure to fire or intense heat, Paralysis effects do not combine. If you are afflicted with
such as some katon jutsu, being burnt makes it harder to two paralysis effects at once, the more potent one overwrites
fight effectively. Your Stamina rolls suffer a penalty equal to the less severe one. If they both have the same severity, the
the strength of the burns on you. one with the longer duration overwrites the other.
You can suffer from multiple burn effects at the same time,
though only the strongest penalty is actually applied. Any f. Poison
effects which reduce Stamina penalties reduce the severity of
all your burns by the same amount. Accordingly, when you When affected by a poison, you make a Resistance roll
move to the next Fatigue category you are cleared of all burn against some roll of the opponent's. Success means that you
effects. shrug off the effects of the poison. Failure means that you
have been poisoned.
c. Ignite Actual poisons may carry any number of effects, but the
most prominent is poison damage. For every IC that passes,
You are on fire. Literally, you are burning. This is probably you take damage equal to the poison's rating, for the full
one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences of your duration of the poison. For example, you're affected by a
life. Poison 5 with a duration of 12. You take 5 damage per IC,
Ignite's effects are somewhat complicated. Like most each IC, until 12 counts after when you were first affected, for
statuses, it has a severity. You suffer a -severity/2 penalty to a total of 60 damage.
your Stealth checks, and every 5 IC you take damage equal to You may be affected simultaneously by multiple poisons.
its severity, plus its severity in percent of your current Vitality. However, a single source (a specific jutsu or type of venom)
Thus, an Ignite 10 would give you -5 to your Stealth and may only affect you once; another application of it while
would deal 10 damage, plus 10% of your current Vitality. under its effects simply renews the duration.
Each time it does damage, you subtract (RES/20) from its
If you have no Vitality remaining, it instead does damage
equal to its severity in percent of your maximum HP. The
above Ignite 10 effect would deal 10% of your maximum HP
in damage.
If someone ignites you again while you are already on fire
(seriously, what kind of people are you fighting?), the more
severe effect replaces the less severe one.
d. Immobility
Immobilization effects are ones such as being stuck in mud
or partially bound with ropes. Every point of immobilization
reduces your accuracy and defense rolls by 1, and your AGI
for the purposes of movement by 10%. Immobilization 10 is
"completely immobilized"; you cannot move at all, being
rooted to your location (you could still attack and even
attempt to dodge, just at a severe penalty). No matter how
high your an immobilization penalty gets, its actual applied
penalty can never go beyond -10. Multiple immobilization
penalties do not stack; if you're suffering from a -8 and a -4,
you ignore the -4 until the -8 goes away.

g. Sleep 3. Other Effects
People sleep, generally because it's a necessary bodily a. Area of Effect
function, but sometimes because they've been influenced by
mind-affecting genjutsu. In reality, sleeping people are pretty Certain things apply not to an individual, but to all things
much helpless. However, ninja develop a sixth sense that within a given area--their "area of effect", or AoE. These
warns them of impending danger and functions even when include things like explosions and smoke bombs
not awake. The simpler type of AoEs are ones which are not directly
If someone tries to attack or sneak up on you while asleep offensive, such as a smoke bomb or a jutsu that creates a
you automatically wake up and can still roll initiative and/or thick cloud of mist. These apply certain effects so long as
defend yourself, though do so at a -5 penalty until your first you're in them, and can only be avoided by moving out.
action after waking up. Others, however, are attacks: they cause damage to
everyone within an area. Depending on that area, it may not
h. Stun even be possible to avoid one effectively.
When being subjected to an AoE attack, the first thing to
Actions which stun you delay your actions by the magnitude determine is if you can dodge it effectively. To do this, take the
of the stun. For example, if your next action is on IC 14, and attack's Speed, and determine how far you could move (see
you are affected by a Stun 5 effect, your next action would be 'Actions') in that time. If that distance is greater than the
on IC 19. effect's radius, then congratulations, you can dodge normally.
Multiple stuns do not stack, but a newer one of higher If not, you have a -2 penalty to Dodge per yard you're short by.
magnitude will overwrite the older. Thus, using the above As AoEs are not, strictly speaking, targeting you, they
example, if you were hit by a Stun 7, your next action would generally cannot be parried. Other defenses, such as raising a
be on IC (14+7) 21; if you were then hit by a Stun 3, there ninjutsu-based wall, are typically effective.
would be no change.
b. Knockback
i. Suffocation
Certain jutsu have an effect referred to as "knockback", which
Someone or something is hindering your ability to breathe. does about what it sounds like: pushes you away from its user
Suffocation penalties stack, from different sources or or point of origin. Knockback is measured in yards; a 10 yard
multiple ones. Your suffocation penalty is applied to any knockback means that, if you are hit, you will be moved 10
Stamina and Chakra Exhaustion rolls you make, and every yards away from wherever the jutsu originated from.
time its value increases you have to make a Stamina 15 roll. Some may have more complex rules, such as pushing you
Unlike normal Fatigue-related penalties, suffocation is not to the edge of their area of effect.
reset to 0 when your Fatigue advances. When you stop being When a technique knocks you back a certain number of
suffocated, your suffocation penalty is reduced by 1 every 5 yards, if partial defense applies then you will also reduce the
initiative counts. knockback by that amount.
The exception is area-of-effect knock backs centered on an
j. Visibility individual (such as a Hyuuga's Kaiten and the A-rank jutsu
These are penalties which reduce a person's ability to see Eye of the Storm): partial defense does not reduce the
clearly, impairing the use of their most valuable sense in knockback from these, as they essentially "push" everything
combat. Visibility penalties do not stack; if you have a -6 and a away from them equally.
-2, you ignore the -2 until the -6 is gone. The maximum
visibility penalty you can suffer from (after any increases and c. Clones and Conditions
reductions) is -10. Any clones you summon are subject to the same statuses and
Total blindness is a -10 visibility penalty; one eye closed (or conditions you are suffering from at the time you summon
removed!) is -3. A visibility penalty reduces your Accuracy and them. This includes wounds or any status effect.
Awareness by its value, and your defensive rolls by half Note: It may be a bad idea to make clones while on fire.
(rounded down) of its value; even without their sight, a ninja's
sixth sense often alerts them to danger and allows them to
Many visibility penalties affect areas: clouds of smoke or
mist and the like. In this case, you suffer the penalty when
inside it, or when trying to attack or watch (but not defend
against) someone inside it.
If it ever becomes relevant, closing or opening your eyes is
a Speed 0 action--but not an Interrupt.

Weather Conditions
1. Weather Conditons
Extreme Weather:
a. Basic Weather Warning, being in these conditions can not only be dangerous
b. Extreme Weather to your health, you could very well die.
2. Day and Night
3. Weather By Country Smog This has the effects of Fog and Low Air Pressure.
Every 20 IC you suffer from Suffocation 1 (Oxygen mask
prevents further Suffocation stacks, and removes 1 Stack
every 2 IC you spend wearing the mask). This caps at 5.
Weather Conditions Storm This has the effects of High Winds and Heavy Rain.
You lose Enhanced Hearing and Blind Fighting bonuses,
There are a variety of conditions that happen in the world and Offensive genjutsu have a -3 Penalty. If you wield a
and many of them can interfere with or change what you're metallic weapon during a Storm, you roll a 1d100 every
doing. 10 IC. If you roll a 1-5, you are struck by a bolt of lightning!
If you are safely in the confines of your village, you do not Defend against an Accuracy 80 Tenchu with an NDB of
have to use weather (Though you can), but outside in a scene 30!
you must refer to the bottom of this section. Sandstorm This has the effects of High Winds and Heavy
Fog -6 Visibility Penalty. Beyond 50 yards, the Visibility Heat. Every 20 IC you suffer from Burns 1, which
Penalty is doubled. escalates by 1 every 20 IC. If you have more than DR 10
Heavy Rain -2 Visibility Penalty. Immobilization Penalty 1. this doesn't effect you. -8 Visibility Penalty and every 5 IC
-5 to Survival when Tracking. For any Suiton you use, you suffer from Suffocation 1. This caps at 5. Oxygen
there always counts as being 5 free gallons you can use Mask makes you immune to these effects. Every 10 IC you
per technique. This adds a +3 Chakra cost to each Katon don't move your Immobilization penalty increases by 1.
jutsu. This additional penalty can be lowered by 1 by moving 3
Snow Paralysis 1 Always, unless you have D-rank Suiton yards. If this makes your Immobilization 10 or more, your
Technique Pool of Water or Waterwalking. +5 to Survival Suffocation penalty from Sandstorm is uncapped. Every
when Tracking. 20 IC you've been in combat in the open, you take a Minor
Hail -4 Visibilty Penalty. Every 20 IC you've been in Slashing wound.
combat in the open, you take a Minor Blunt wound. Blizzard Now, you wish you didn't mention that Touu's
Heavy Cold Water tends to freeze quickly, 1 Gallon being mother. This has the effects of High Winds and Heavy
frozen per 20 IC. -3 to All Skills. Every time your Chakra Cold. -6 Visibility Penalty. Paralysis 2 Always, unless you
penalty increases, it increases by one more. have Watershoes or Waterwalking. Then it's Paralysis 1.
Heavy Heat Suiton require double the amount of water. Every 20 IC you've been in combat in the open, you take a
Every time your Stamina penalty increases, it increases by Minor Piercing wound.
one more.
High Winds Immobilization Penalty 2 +3 Speed on
Fuuton for purposes of damage only. On any Ranged
Weapon Taijutsu, roll 1d4, on a 1, it misses. Every 20 IC
the effects of the E-rank Fuuton Technique Cleansing
Wind is used.
High Air Pressure -3 Speed on Fuuton for purposes of
damage only. Breathing isn't as easy as normal. You must
make a Stamina check every 20 IC with a TN of 5+5*Your
current Fatigue level. This CANNOT be combined with
Low Air Pressure. Oxygen Mask makes you not have to
roll this check.
Low Air Pressure Fuuton does -20% damage for the
purposes of Wounding. Low air pressure means air is
much "thinner" than normal. Make a Resistance check
every 20 IC (or 10 minutes out of combat), TN 10,
increased by 5 every time you succeed, to a maximum of
50, or you suffer from a Major Blunt Head wound for the
next 20 IC (or 10 minutes out of combat). Rest action can
reduce TN by 5, to a minimum of 5. This CANNOT be
combined with High Air Pressure. Oxygen Mask makes
you not have to roll this check.
Clear Skies Not a single cloud in sight, or maybe a few
small ones. No penalties or bonuses!

Clear Skies (1-6) Heavy Heat (7-10) Heavy Cold (11-14) Snow
Day and Night (15) Hail (16) High Winds (17) Low Air Pressure (18) Smog
(19) Blizzard (20)
The sun is high in the sky. No penalties or bonuses!
Dusk/Dawn Minor Countries:
Opponents need to have only -5 Visibility penalty for you Any border countries to these that aren't listed use either of
to Hide. the adjacent tables. Roll [1d2] and pick a country, then roll
your [1d20] Example: Taki and Grass will use Stone or Fire
Glaring Sunlight country.
Rain is a special exception which uses Lightning or Fire
Opponents need to have a -7 Visibility for you to Hide. country still, but replaces their clear skies with Heavy Rain,
-3 to Stealth and Espionage Checks, but +3 Survival. and their Storm with Smog.
-6 Visibility penalty. After this, you may roll for Day/Night. Roll [1d2], Day = 1, and
Any other visibility penalties are increased by 2. Night = 2. Then roll [1d6] and consult below. Rolling for
Day/Night is optional in friendly RP/Sparring.
Intense Moonlight
-2 Visibility penalty. Day:
+5 Survival. Daytime (1-4) Dusk/Dawn (5) Glaring Sunlight (6)
New Moon/Cloud Cover
-10 Visibility Penalty. Night:
You cannot perform Called Shots. Anything requiring Night-Time (1-4) Intense Moonlight (5) New Moon/Cloud
Called Shots cannot be used. Cover (6)
Ignite's Stealth Penalty is doubled.

Determining the weather where you live is simple! Just roll
[1d20] and consult below (If sparring in a Hidden Village, you
can ignore results of Extreme Weather):
Clear Skies (1-8) Heavy Rain (9-11) Fog (12-13) Hail (14-15)
High Winds (16-17) High Air Pressure (18-19) Storm (20)

Clear Skies (1-6) High Winds (7-10) High Air Pressure (11-
12) Low Air Pressure (13-14) Snow (15-16) Heavy Cold (17-
18) Storm (19-20)

Heavy Heat (1-10) Clear Skies (11-14) High Winds (15-18)
Sandstorm (19-20)

Heavy Rain (1-6) Fog (7-10) Snow (11-14) Hail (15) Heavy
Cold (16) Low Air Pressure (17) Clear Skies (18) Blizzard


For every 15 points you fail a roll by, you automatically
1. Stamina advance an additional Fatigue category; thus, rolling a 12 on
2. Chakra Exhaustion a Stamina 45 technique would cause you to advance 1+(45-
3. Fatigue 12)/15 = 3 Fatigue categories.
4. Example For each level of Fatigue, you apply the following effects: -1
to your Accuracy, offensive rolls, and skill rolls -2 to your
defensive rolls +5 to your Stamina and Chakra Exhaustion
1. Stamina Fatigue only goes up to 5. If you fail a Chakra Exhaustion
or Stamina roll when at Fatigue 5, you complete your action
People get tired; it just happens, even to supernaturally- and then fall unconscious, your body pushed beyond its
empowered ninja. To represent this, certain attacks have a limits.
stamina cost, listed in a format such as "Stamina: 10." One exception to that last paragraph, though. If you fail a
Whenever you use a move with a listed Stamina cost, you technique badly enough that you would advance a Fatigue
make a stamina roll: 1d20+RES/10. Regardless of the result, level beyond unconsciousness, the technique you were using
your attack is resolved normally. However, if you got less than fails to activate. Thus, say you're at Fatigue 4, and you fail a
the TN for your roll (that is, the move's Stamina rating) your technique by 32 points. Failing it advances you to Fatigue 5;
Fatigue is raised by one category. the first 15 points you fail it by advances you a second Fatigue
Realistically, continued exertion even at the same level will category, placing you unconscious; however, you failed by
tire people out. Every time you make a stamina roll, you incur another 15 points, and so not only are you unconscious, but
a penalty equal to (the Stamina cost)/5, rounded down, on all your technique also fails to activate.
future Stamina rolls you make. ====================
This penalty is reset to 0 every time you advance a Fatigue
category, and at the end of battle. It can also be reduced by
spending your time Resting in combat. 4. Example
==================== Naruto and Sasuke are fighting over who shall be Sakura's
2. Chakra Exhaustion Sasuke starts accosting his nemesis with multiple Shishio
Rendan attacks, a Stamina 15 technique. The first, he rolls a
The counterpart to stamina. Shinobi have the ability to use all plain 1d20+7, with a total of 16, narrowly avoiding failure.
manner of fantastic abilities by drawing on the chakra within Still, he's angry, and he keeps going. The next roll is 1d20+7-
themselves and manipulating the environment. While very 3; and, the next, 1d20+7-6. Both times he passes.
potent, this energy comes from their body, and it's easy for a Not wanting to exhaust himself too quickly, Sasuke
shinobi, especially an inexperienced one, to overtax switches to his ninjutsu, tossing off a Grand Fireball, a
themselves. ninjutsu with a Chakra cost of 16. He rolls his 1d20+6, and
Ninjutsu and genjutsu moves have a chakra cost, listed in a passes the roll. He follows that with a Housenka (Chakra cost
form such as "Chakra: 10." When you use these moves, you 14), rolls 1d20+6-3 for Chakra Exhaustion, and again passes
make a roll against Chakra Exhaustion; to pass, you must get his check.
equal to or greater than the technique's cost on a roll of At this point, Sasuke's next Stamina check will have a -9
1d20+CHA/10. If you fail, your Fatigue is raised one category. penalty, and his next Chakra Exhaustion roll will have a -5
Whether you pass or fail, your jutsu works normally. penalty.
The more chakra a shinobi spends, the more strain they Deciding that he'll probably fail his next roll regardless, he
put on their body. Whenever you make a Chakra Exhaustion attacks with an impressive Chidori: the move has a Chakra
roll, you incur a penalty equal to (the technique's Chakra Cost of 25, meaning there's no way he can pass its Chakra
cost)/5, rounded down, on all future Chakra Exhaustion rolls Exhaustion check. As expected, Sasuke fails, and advances to
you make. Fatigue 1.
This penalty is reset to 0 every time your Fatigue category At this point, his Stamina and Chakra Exhaustion rolls
increases, and at the end of battle. both have their penalty reset to 0, and since he's Fatigued,
==================== those rolls also have a +5 bonus. He considers following
immediately with another Chidori (he'd have a small chance
3. Fatigue of avoiding failure; a roll of 14 or better, 14+6+5=25, would be
sufficient), but instead decides to pace himself.</>
Fatigue represents the effects of weariness on your body.
Shinobi can push themselves well beyond normal human
capabilities, often displaying determination that exceeds their
body's limits.
You begin a battle at Fatigue 0. Whenever you fail a
Stamina or Chakra Exhaustion roll, your Fatigue increments
up one category, and your penalties to both those rolls reset
to 0.

Unarmed attacks are always blunt damage, nice and
1. Explanation simple.
2. Wound Categories Weapons have their damage type, or types, listed in their
3. Damage Types descriptions. If a weapon can do multiple types of damage,
4. Location the attacker declares which type of wound they'll be inflicting
5. Called Shots after the severity is confirmed, but before the location is
determined. Some weapon jutsu require a weapon of a
specific damage type to be used; in this case, damage from
that jutsu is considered to be of that type.
1. Explanation Ninjutsu are simpler than weapons! Katon and Raiton jutsu
inflict energy damage. Doton and Suiton inflict blunt damage.
Shinobi can, and frequently do, endure beatings that would Fuuton inflicts slashing damage. An exception! Some jutsu
leave ordinary people as lifeless, mangled pulps--something augment a weapon strike, or actually create a weapon. In
about the increased flow of chakra and physical conditioning these cases, use the damage type of that weapon, not the
giving them unnatural durability. element it was made from.
Enough of a beating, over a long enough period of time, will
still bring a ninja down, but little things like getting knocked
off a roof or stabbed with a knife are not nearly so fatal as 4. Location
they'd be for normal people. After determining severity and damage type, you roll to
Even so, some blows are too much to just shrug off. These determine location--where you hit, and what you injured. It's
are called wounds, injuries that have some lasting effect on all well and good to say you threw a punch at their face, but
your ability to fight. this is battle, with ninjas! Things rarely go as planned.
You roll a percentile die (1d100) for location, and check the
2. Wound Categories relevant damage type's wound list, under the appropriate
severity, to determine the effect. If it's an arm or leg that's
Wounds are divided into four categories, based on their been wounded, odds on the 1d100 are the right arm, and
severity: Minor, Major, Severe, and Critical. evens the left.
Simply put, you acquire wounds by taking too much This all gets simpler if the defender is blocking; in that
damage at once. When a single source of damage deals more case, they choose the location.
than a certain percent of your maximum Vitality at once, you Multiple wounds, even multiples of the same effect, stack.
suffer a wound of the corresponding severity. Two broken left arms means that your arm is broken twice,
Minor: 10% Major: 25% Severe: 50% Critical: 75% with double the normal penalties.
One exception. If you suffer a critical wound, it overrides all
Damage dealt to your HP wounds you based on your lesser wounds on that location--having an arm reduced to
maximum HP, as should make sense! However, the useless deadweight makes the fact that it's broken in six
percentages are higher, to offset HP being much lower than places kind of, well, irrelevant. Two criticals in the same
Vitality place, however, is oh so very possible.
Minor: 25% Major: 50% Severe: 75%
For the sake of demonstration, we'll say that you have 600 5. Called Shots
Vitality, and 200 HP. An attack hits you for 100 damage. If A called shot is an attack specifically targeting a certain
you take this damage to your vitality (16%), you suffer one location. After checking your attack's damage type, choose
Minor wound. If you take it to your HP (50%), you'd instead any of the locations which can be Wounded by damage of that
suffer a Major wound. type. You declare that when you make your attack, for
On the other hand, if you had 60 Vitality remaining when example, "Hinotama, Called Shot: Arm".
that same attack hit, you'd lose 60 Vitality (10%) and 40 HP The attack has a -4 Accuracy penalty. However, if it hits any
(25%), resulting in two Minor wounds. wounds it inflicts will automatically be dealt to that location.

3. Damage Types
After determining the severity of a wound, the next (fairly
simple!) step is determining what type of wound it is. Being
cut by a sword and being hit by a magical ninja fireball, even if
they do the same amount of damage, have significantly
different effects on the human body.
For the most part this is self-explanatory, with only four
damage types recognized: Blunt, Slashing, Piercing, and

Blunt (Minor) Blunt (Major)
- (1 - 20) Ringing Noise (Head) - (1 - 20) Dazed (Head)
o/~ There's a drumming noise inside my head that starts That one left you reeling. Once you're done seeing stars, you'll
when... o/~ ... uh, right. But, yeah, it's pretty distracting. This be... mostly okay. You lose any AP you currently have, and all
gives a -1 penalty to all d20 rolls, aside from Genjutsu effects with Upkeeps (other than doujutsu) end as you lose
defenses; it's -2 for them. your concentration. If you're standing on water or a wall,
you'll fall, too.
- (21 - 40) Bruised Ribs (Torso) Everything seems just a little bit... off, about the world,
though you can't quite place what. Sounds are muffled, colors
As in the bones, not the skin over them. Truth is, ribs hurt a muted, and things keep moving at the edge of your vision.
lot more than they have any business doing. Breathing hurts This distraction provides a -3 penalty to all skill checks and
in particular, deep breathing especially so. This increases the defensive genjutsu rolls. It lasts for two weeks.
Speed of all your actions by 1, similar to Paralysis. You'll
recover from this at the end of the week. - (21 - 40) Collapsed Lung (Torso)
- (41 - 60) Winded (Abdomen) Your lung quit its day job; unfortuantely, that day job was
letting you breathe. Your Fatigue rolls have a -4 penalty; you
A good shot to the gut hit your solar plexus or compressed can live with both lungs collapsed, though that raises the
your diaphragm, or both, knocking the wind out of you. You'll penalty to -12 (rather than just -8).
be fine, definitely, but this increases your Stamina penalty by It takes only a week of medical treatment to get over this,
4 and applies a Stun 4. but it won't get better without that treatment.
- (61 - 80) Bruised (Arm) - (41 - 60) Groin Shot (Abdomen)
Your arm is bruised. It hurts. This gives a -1 Accuracy penalty If this was a called shot, you should probably having a serious
(because of the pain being distracting, if you're attacking talk with your opponent about what constitutes fair fighting.
without using the arm) and increases your Seal Speeds by 1. Even ninja have standards!
It's a Stun 7, and you probably feel more than a little
- (81 - 100) Bruised (Leg) nauseous. Don't be ashamed about doubling over and
Something hit your leg and now it hurts! You'll feel better whimpering, either! Until it's healed (2 weeks for that, 4
after you walk it off (or just sit down and let the pain fade). without rest) your Agility stat is considered 25% lower for
Until the end of battle this reduces your base movement determining how fast you can move. On top of that, you have
speed by 10% and applies a -1 penalty to dodge rolls. a -3 penalty to Resistance rolls until your recovery's complete.
- (61 - 80) Sprained Arm (Arm)
Your elbow or wrist was forced to bend in a way it's not
meant to by the blow, and sprained in the process. This gives
a -4 penalty to rolls, and Accuracy of attacks, using that arm
(such as grapple checks, and all two handed weapons).
Single-handed weapons held in the other hand, ninjutsu, and
taijutsu jutsu which specify they're only kicks suffer only a -2.
It also increases your Seal Speeds by 5. It takes four weeks
to recover. Weeks in which you use that arm in combat don't
count towards the recovery time.
- (81 - 100) Sprained Leg (Leg)
The muscles and ligaments in your knee or ankle were
stretched beyond their capacity. Any time you move, including
dodging, the pain leaves your Accuracy and d20 rolls at a -4
penalty for the next 15 IC.
It takes a month for the sprain to heal, or twice that long
without rest.

Blunt (Severe) - (81 - 100) Broken Leg (Leg)
Severe damage to your leg has left you with a reduced ability
(1 - 20) Concussion (Head) to locomote around the battlefield! If worst comes to worst,
Somebody turned out the lights. It is very dark, and you are you can still power-hobble on it; it doesn't directly penalize
likely to be eaten by a grue. Thankfully, you get over that your movement, but moving has a Stun 4 added to it (even
before your enemies can capitalize on it (or you're eaten). moving as part of an attack).
This imposes a -5 penalty on all d20 rolls, and halves So long as your leg is broken, you can't use any jutsu or
(round down) the amount of AP you gain. Whenever you abilities that increase your movement speed.
suffer a head wound, you have a 10% chance per level of the Your leg won't get better if you're walking around on it. If
wound to be knocked unconscious. Any time this happens, you walk with crutches (or a cane, or something of the sort)
your recovery time is reset. you can move at only half speed, but it counts as 'rest' for the
It takes six weeks of rest to recover from a concussion, or purpose of recovering from this wound, which takes a total of
twelve weeks without rest. Medical treatment won't help it get two months. Each time you opt to run around unaided on it
better any faster. extends the remaining recovering time by a week.
- (21 - 40) Broken Ribs Blunt (Critical)
You are in horrible, terrible pain. You'd be screaming and/or (1 - 20) Fractured Skull (Head)
mewling, if you weren't a ninja! Breathing feels like you're
being stabbed--and depending on how badly broken those You got hit in the head hard enough that you're lucky you
ribs are, that might be exactly what's happening. don't have (much) brain damage. This will usually be
The effectiveness of blocking is reduced by 25% (from 50% accompanied by nasty lacerations and prolific bleeding, but
to 25% for most attacks, and 25% to ineffective against not always.
weapons), and you have a -4 penalty to Accuracy and d20 Aside from a Stun 15, you suffer a -5 penalty to accuracy
rolls. The Speed of all actions you take is increased by 2. and all d20 rolls, doubled for skill checks.
Blocking's effectiveness is restored by 5% for every two This takes 4 OOC weeks to fully heal. Any time in that
weeks of rest you have. Once you've fully recovered from that period that you suffer a Head Wound, of any type or severity,
penalty, the penalties to Accuracy, rolls, and Speed also roll 1d20. On 1 - 10, you suffer the wound normally. On a roll
disappear. of 11 - 20, you're unconscious and comatose until that wound
fully heals (even if that takes longer than it does for your
- (41 - 60) Crushed Organ Fractured Skull to finish healing). You'll always be comatose
(Abdomen) for a minimum of 24 hours, even for a Minor head wound.
It's not as bad as it sounds, honestly. There's some severe - (21 - 40) Sternal Fracture (Torso)
bleeding and bruising inside the organ itself, and it hurts
horrendously, but it's not bleeding out into other parts of your Your sternum is that rather lengthy, thoroughly sturdy piece
body--meaning it can only possibly get so bad. Your max HP of bone and cartiliage that runs down the middle of your
and Vitality are reduced by 10% (and your current values of chest that all your ribs connect to. They're pretty hard to
both by 10% of your maximum), and you have a -5 penalty to break. Nice job pulling that one off.
Resistance rolls. This in itself isn't terribly bad, but whatever hit you with
The reduction is lowered by 1% per week of rest you have, enough force to do that off also managed to break several ribs
and the Resistance penalty by 1 per 2 weeks of rest. and cause some significant internal damage. It's pretty easy
to tell your chest is just about ruined: there's a grinding nose
- (61 - 80) Broken Arm (Arm) of bone on bone whenever you breathe or try to move too
much, for one thing; the agonizing pain's a pretty good hint,
Your arm can't be used in grapples, and you have a -5 penalty too.
to all grapple rolls. It can't be used to hold two-handed This imposes a -15 penalty on all Stamina checks, and
weapons, and attempting to use it for any other sort of reduces your damage bonuses by half. It also imposes a -5
taijutsu (unarmed or weapon) incurs a -5 Accuracy penalty penalty on all defensive rolls.
and denies you your damage bonus for that action. Every two weeks of rest reduces the Stamina penalty by 1.
You can still form handseals, though when you finish doing Once that penalty reaches -10, your damage bonuses return
so make a Resistance roll with a -10 penalty against the base to normal. Once it reaches -5, your defensive actions stop
Seal Speed; failure means you flinch, and while you get your being penalized.
jutsu off just fine you inflict yourself with a Stun 12.
Two months of not using the arm will be sufficient for it to

- (41 - 60) Rupture (Abdomen) Slashing (Minor)
Your abdomen's important because it's full of all sorts of - (1 - 20) Blood in Eyes (Head)
squishy parts that are pretty important for your continued
survival. Whatevr kind of trauma you just went through Oh no you're bleeding from the face. Because fights msut be
ruptured one of those squishy bits, and now it's bleeding out dramatic, the attack has cut in such as way (maybe right
all over your insides. Yes, blood belongs inside you, but... not across your eyelid, maybe over the forehead) that blood is
actually inside your abdominal cavity. now dripping into your eyes, causing a continual distraction.
Every time you act, including movement, you lose HP (not This imposes a -2 visibility penalty. You can wipe the blood
Vitality) equal to the Speed of the action, and an addtional 1 from your eyes, a Speed 3 action, which removes that penalty
HP every 5 IC. In theory, this could even Wound you again. for the next 10 IC.
Treating this with First Aid requires a Medicine skill of at
least 10, and generally involves cutting open the victim's - (21 - 40) Armor Tear (Torso)
abdomen and letting it drain (or, in rare cases, ventilate) Something managed to slice right across your chest, hacking
before figuring out what's actually bleeding and making it your armor right off your body. On top of being a fairly nasty
stop. It's a Speed 25 action to treat this Wound, but it stops gash which is likely to scar if not given stitches, you have a
the persistent HP loss. Bleed 4 effect, and any armor you're wearing is removed (But
Any time you take an action, you have a 5*(action's Sped)% clothing is still there!). Armor which specifically applies to
chance of causing the injury to act up again, bringing back all only a different location (such as your head) is not lost.
its lovely effects and requiring treatment (via First Aid or
actual medical treatment) to bring it back under control - (41 - 60) Sliced Stomach
again. Every four consecutive weeks you go without incurring
this effect, the multiplier is reduced by 1. (Abdomen)
This is what happens when you can't make your body
- (61 - 80) Shattered Arm (Arm) concave enough. You get cut right across the belly.
You arm is so broken that the breaks have breaks. It's useless. Fortunately it isn't that bad, it's just in a bad spot. Your
You can't perform handseals, hold weapons or use items with Stamina and Chakra costs are all increased by 2 until the end
it, and so forth. The pain is horrible and makes it virtually of the battle.
impossible to concentrate, imposing a -6 penalty to d20 rolls
and Accuracy, and a -4 penalty to Fatigue checks. - (61 - 80) Lacerated (Arm)
After four weeks of medical treatment, the pain will be You got a nasty gash running along your arm. It didn't cut
manageable, and the penalties will be reduced to a mere -3 anything vital, but blood is seeping down your arm and off
Accuracy (though you still can't use the arm). Only after that your fingertips. All Seal Speeds are made at +2 (unless you
will it begin to actually heal, which takes a total of twenty can do them one-handed, then you can avoid this by using the
weeks, or thirty without medical treatment. unwounded arm), and you have a -2 to all grapple checks.
- (81 - 100) Shattered Leg (Leg) - (81 - 100) Lacerated (Leg)
There are broken legs, there are severely broken legs, and You got a nasty gash running along your leg. It's not life-
then there's your leg. You can't stand without something to threatening, but it is staining your clothes and oozing down
prop you up, but because you're a tough-as-nails and super- your leg. You have a -1 immobilization penalty that will fade
resourceful ninja you can still move, though the distance you after 20 IC, but anytime you take a move action (moving as
move is divided by 4. You have a -8 penalty to dodge, and -4 to part of an attack action is fine, but using Shunshin is not), the
other d20 rolls. wound will reopen, applying another -1 immobilization
Once you've had two weeks of medical treatment and been penalty with +5 IC in duration.
put in a splint, you can walk So long as you carry a crutch,
cane, or walking stick (which does occupy a hand), you can
move at half speed, and suffer only halve the above penalties.
You can do so without out, though each time you take any
action which requires you to move (including dodging), or are
hit, you have a 50% chance of your leg giving out, and
suffering all the regular penalties.
Once you've received treatment, it takes 30 OOC days to
heal, half when receiving full-time medical treatment.

Slashing (Major)
- (1 - 20) Profuse Bleeding (Head)
You got a gash on your face, maybe a slice into your cheek.
You're bleeding a lot! Head injuries are like that. The blood
loss isn't the issue; the fact that that blood is running over
your face and getting in your mouth is.
As your mouth fills with blood, it becomes progressively
harder to breathe (and not vomit), causing a Suffocation 1
effect every 20 IC. Whenever you Rest, the severity of this
Suffocation effect is reduced by 1.
Unfortunately for you, it's amazingly easy to get this kind of
wound infected, so it will not heal without medical treatment.
With medical treatment, it takes three weeks.
- (21 - 40) Pulmonary Gash (Chest)
Something managed to cut through your pectoral muscle and
between your ribs to knick your lung. A pretty impressive feat,
but if they were a real badass they would get your heart (be
sure to taunt them about that).
This inflicts a Bleed effect of 3*Fatigue Level, minimum 3.
Every time their fatigue level increases, they get a Bleed 3
effect--If they were already suffering from this, then the
existing bleed is increased by 3.
Luckily it's a deep but narrow injury, so it tends to heal
fairly quick. It takes two weeks to recover from, with or
without treatment.
- (41 - 60) Open Cavity (Abdomen)
Your abdominal cavity--the part of your body that holds all
your abdominal organs in together in a nice, safe
environment--has been opened, and it really wasn't meant to
You can no longer Rest. Your bonus to Stamina and Chakra
Exhaustion rolls based from Fatigue are is reduced to +3 per
Fatigue level (rather than +5). The penalty you incur from
passing a Stamina or Chakra Exhaustion roll is (the action's
cost)/4, rather than (the action's cost)/5.
This takes a month to heal.
- (61 - 80) Muscle Tear (Arm)
Your bicep and/or tricep have been partially torn, which tends
to make it a lot harder to function effectively in combat, as
your arm goes from a dry noodle to a limp one.
Your STR is reduced by 25%. This affects everything
derived from your STR score you're hoping it doesn't (Vitality,
Damage Bonus, damage dice with taijutsu, etc). This heals at
a rate of 5% per two weeks without medical attention or rest,
or 5% per week in a hospital.
- (81 - 100) Muscle Tear (Leg)
Your quadriceps have been torn. Not to fear, the tendon is fine
and you haven't been hamstrung, you're not going to be put
down like an animal (though this should teach you to treat
pets better).
On the other hand, your AGI is reduced by 25%. This
affects everything derived from your AGI score you're hoping
it doesn't (Dodge, Initiative, max AP, movement speed). This
heals at a rate of 5% per two weeks without medical attention
or rest, or 5% per week with medical treatment.
This takes ten weeks to recover from, down to five with
Slashing (Severe) medical attention.
- (1 - 20) Avulsed Ear (Head) - (61 - 80) Hand of Benediction
You have a nasty cut right across your ear! Not only does this (Arm)
look pretty brutal, but there's blood seeping into your inner
ear, which can do some nasty things to your sense of No, the name's not a joke, and I have no idea why you think it
coordination. would be. It's a real term!
If you have the Enhanced Hearing ability, you lose all Somehow, the median nerve around the elbow has been
benefits from it, as well as any abilities which depend on it severed, resulting in a loss of proper hand function. It doesn't
(such as Blind Fighting). With blood pooling in the ear hurt that much since it was a nerve that was struck, but your
making it difficult to keep your sense of balance, the highest pinky and ring fingers are no longer able to be felt or
level of Taijutsu you can perform is reduced by one (From A manipulated at all, and your thumb is more or less
to B, B to C, C to D/etc). unopposable.
You're also treated as being on Fatigue category higher For starters, if you had anything in your hand at the time
than you actually are for the purpose of penalties (but not (evens for left, odds for right), you're automatically disarmed.
benefits), meaning that if you're at Fatigue 1, you have a -2 to The same is true for any two-handed weapon you might be
Accuracy and -4 to Defensive rolls, instead of the normal -1/-2. holding. You can not wield a weapon in that hand, and any
Under normal circumstances, this means you also fall unarmed attacks made with the affected limb do not receive
unconscious at Fatigue 4, instead of Fatigue 5. your damage bonus.
The blood can be drained from the ear easily with medical Your DEX bonus to Accuracy is now DEX/20 and Seal
attention, but can't be treated in battle. It will heal on its own Speeds are increased by 50%, before any reductions are
(and probably scar) in eight weeks, or four weeks (and applied to them (such as uniques, DEX/10, etc). You can avoid
probably not scar) if you have medical attention. the increase in Seal Speed by performing your seals one-
handed, using the opposite hand--if you're able to do so.
- (21 - 40) Clavicle Cut (Torso) This will not heal without treatment: Nerves are tricky
things which require medical ninjutsu to properly restore.
The horizontal bone that connects your sternum to your With medical attention, it takes seven weeks to heal.
scapula has been fractured. More than likely, it's possible you
can even feel part of the bone that's jutting out from the skin, - (81 - 100) Hamstrung (Leg)
if you try to look down at it.
The worst part of it is the pain, which can't really be One of the major tendons of the leg, located behind the femur,
avoided because of how the clavicle helps the scapula keep in have been cut. You're now unable to walk or stand properly,
position to let the arm hang. This inflicts a -2 to Accuracy and more or less, and running is completely out of the equation.
d20 rolls, and a Paralysis 4. Any time you perform an action You're automatically prone, as if tripped (See the E-rank
with a Stamina cost, you take twice that amount in damage, Taijutsu for its penalties), and your AGI bonus to Dodge is
which bypasses reductions (such as DR). now AGI/20. Even when you get up, your movement speed is
Crash course in anatomy, you have two clavicles. If the cut in half, and you can no longer move as part of an attack.
result was odd, it's your right; even, your left. With proper You can still use jutsu to increase your rate of movement, but
medical attention (a trip to a doctor, or a Medicine roll of 20 the total distance moved is halved.
or higher using a First Aid kit, you or someone else) you can You gain AGI/20 AP, instead of normal, and your AP cap is
get the arm completely immobilized against your body. This now AGI/4. Any Athletics rolls you make use only half of your
reduces the Paralysis to 2, and halves the damage taken total ranks in the skill.
when you make Stamina rolls, but means you cannot use that If you manage to survive the fight which caused this (props
arm or hand at all. for that, since you're a sitting duck), it takes twelve weeks to
It takes 6 weeks to heal, with or without medical treatment. recover from, or six with medical attention.
- (41 - 60) Chopped Liver (Abdomen)
Your liver has been cut. There's really no good side to this
one, it pretty much sucks. The liver happens to have quite a
few functions, namely helping against toxins and the
digestion of proteins. It's kind of vital to live, and it happens to
be bleeding out at a very significant rate.
This applies a Bleed 10 effect. Whenever you take an
action with a Speed greater than the severity of your current
Bleed from this wound (even if it's gone down to Bleed 0),
that Bleed's severity increases by 2.
This also impedes your body's ability to process chemicals
properly. If you're under the effects of a Soldier or Blood Pill,
they end immediately (including the reduction of a Fatigue
level, which can knock you unconscious). Taking either pill
with this wound results in no beneficial effect taking place.
The Akimichi clan's pills still work normally.

- (41 - 60) Disemboweled (Abdomen)
Slashing (Critical) Congratulations, you've got what is potentially the most
- (1 - 20) Cut Throat (Head) terible injury one can receive. Your abdomen is full of all
The good news: you were not beheaded. The bad news: They kinds of squishy organs and things which, as it turns out, are
didn't fail by much. Your carotid artery was hit, along with pretty important to keep you alive. Now there's a giant cut
your trachea, which means blood is flying all over the place across your midriff and they're all trying to sag out of your
and you're going to suffocate from it if you don't do something body.
smart (like surrender, or run away). Your Fatigue penalties are doubled (-2 to Accuracy and -4 to
You start with a Suffocation 2. Every time you take an defensive rolls per level), but the bonuses are not. Any jutsu
action with a Speed greater than 0, its severity is increased by with an Upkeep cannot be used, as it's impossible to maintain
1 (notably, the "Move" action will not trigger this effect). the necessary level of focus.
However, instead of making a Stamina 15 roll every time your Until you've received treatment for this, any called shots to
Suffocation increases (as you would with a normal your abdomen automatically deal their damage to your Hit
Suffocation status), you make such a roll every 10 IC. This Points.
follows all other normal rules for Suffocation. It takes a total of twenty-four weeks of rest to recover from
Additionally, you suffer a Bleed status with severity equal to this. Every time you advance a Fatigue level after receiving
that of the Suffocation. In the case of special abilities which this wound, it takes another week to recover from. The wound
reduce the effect of the Suffocation status on you, the Bleed's won't even begin to heal until you've received some form of
severity is determined before they're applied. medical treatment (be it from a first aid kit or a week in the
Treatment with a First Aid kit will set the Suffocation hospital). Weeks in the hospital count double towards your
penalty to 0; however, this will not prevent it from increasing recovery.
again. In fact, nothing will at all until you've recovered from
the wound! Ouch. On the bright side, you're a super- - (61 - 80) Avulsed Arm (Arm)
implausible magic ninja. If you carefully apply pressure to Something just cut through a good portion of your arm. It's
your neck with both hands, you can temporarily suspend both still connected, but it's kind of flopping, and you can't really
the Suffocation rolls and the Bleed damage--though you may control it, and it's kind of bleeding everywhere, and.. Yeah.
take no other actions while doing this, not even Speed 0 Firstly, the arm is useless, which means you can't hold
ones. This 'suspension' applies after you've been doing it for weapons (any you are, drop), make handseals, use items and
at least 10 consecutive IC. so forth. You have a Bleed 6, -8 to Accuracy, and -4 to
This is really just nasty business, all things considered. It defensive rolls. Every time you perform an attack which deals
won't start healing until it's received some medical treatment; damage, your Bleed status from this wound increases by your
after that, as long as you keep your neck bandaged and let DB/5, to a minimum of 1--if it's down to 0, then you acquire a
yourself rest, it'll take twenty-six weeks to heal. Time to spend brand new one!
in a hospital counts double for this purpose. The arm will heal on its own so long as you keep it placed
properly (any first aid kit will do for this) in a sling, reducing
- (21 - 40) Injured Spine (Torso) the penalty to Acuracy and defensive rolls by 1 per five weeks,
In simple terms, your spinal cord is a part of your central with time in a hospital counting double. Once those penalties
nervous system and relays signals from the body to the brain, are gone entirely, you will stop incurring Bleed effects when
and vice versa. It also has several neural circuits which you attack.
control numerous reflexes and "instinctual" actions that ninja
tend to train themselves for (like moving out of the way of the
technique that caused this).
Fortunately for you, your reflexes didn't seem to be that
crucial anyway, since you let this happen, so you probably
aren't that bad off. Well, that's a lie. Whenever you take an
action with a Speed greater than (RES)/10, two things
The first is that you suffer a Stun of half its Speed. The
second is that you acquire a Paralysis 1 status, or increase
your existing Paralysis from this wound by 1. The Paralysis
lasts until the end of the battle.
This will not heal without medical treatement. It will take
thirteen weeks of medical treatment to recover from this.

- (81 - 100) Achilles Tendon Cut - (81 - 100) Muscle Stab (Leg)
(Leg) They struck your quadricep, which is a fairly easy target, all
Named after a mythic, nigh-invincible man who supposedly things considered. If you spent the IC before you received this
had a single tendon as his weak spot. As it turns out, that's wound moving, you are inflicted with a Stun 8; whether you
actually a weak spot of everybody, and yours just got cut. were moving or not, though, you have a -1 to Defensive rolls
The pain isn't quite as bad as the sight of your foot for the next 50 IC.
dragging along unresponsively. For starters, you're unable to Repeated applications of this wound do not stack the
really stand properly, so you take a -8 to your Dodge rolls, and penalty to defensive rolls, but instead add 50 IC to its
a -4 to Accuracy and Athletics. duration (or, if it has expired, re-apply it).
The worst part is that you really just can't move. You can't
move as part of an attack or use jutsu that affect movement
(like Shunshin). You can still take a move action, but at that
Piercing (Major)
point you're moreso just rolling and crawling, so the total Every Major Piercing wound you're suffering from reduces
distance moved is divided by 4, after all other factors are your current and maximum AP by 4. This stacks additively
applied to it. You can still 'move' to get out of the way of Area with all other AP reductions, including multiples of the same
of Effect attacks, but it suffers the same /4 as regular wounds.
This simply won't heal without medical attention. With it, - (1 - 30) Punctured Cavity (Torso)
you reduce the Dodge penalty every two weeks and the The body has several cavities, areas where spcific internal
Accuracy and penalty to d20 rolls every four weeks. organs are house and kept together. One of them has been
Additionally, after eight weeks the penalty to movement pierced and now has a hole in it, which is filling up with
becomes /2. After the the full sixteen week recovery time has blood.
passed, the movement penalty goes away. It's painful to move, or do basic things like breathe. You
have a penalty to Fatigue and d20 rolls equal to the number
Piercing (Minor) of Torso wounds you have, including this one, up to a
maximum of -4.
For every Minor piercing wound you're suffering from, you Multiple instances of this wound count towards raising the
reduce your current an maximum action Points by 2, to a penalty, and all lower your AP normally, but their penalties
minimum of 0. This stacks addiively with all other AP don't stack--that is, if you had five Punctured Cavities, your
reductions, including multiples of the same wounds. total penalty would be -4, not -20.
Even if a minor wound has a timed effect, the AP reduction It takes four weeks to recover from, two with medical
portion of the wound lasts until the end of the battle. Wounds attention.
that are healed mid-battle similarly have their AP reduction
removed (and it is possible to heal a Minor wound whose - (31 - 60) Organ Hemmorrhage
main effect has ended, but AP reduction remains). (Abdomen)
- (1 - 30) Needling (Torso) Your abdomen happens to have several internal organs all
closely packed together. While space-saving, it also happens
You've got a small but fairly deep incision from what struck to mean that if you're hit there, one of them is bound to be
you. The initial shock of pain was worse than the wound injured in some form or fashion, and that's exactly what
really is, though. You take a Stun 3, which increases by 1 for happened.
every time you take this wound in the same battle. What that boils down to is that you're bleeding, a lot. You
take a -1 penalty to Accuracy and defensive rolls, and any
- (31 - 60) Flesh Wound (Abdomen) time you take an action (including defensive ones) with a
You've been shanked in the gut. It managed to miss your Speed higher than your current AP, this wound's penalty
vitals, but it's still going to cause blood to trickle out of you. increases by 1, to a maximum of -4.
You take a -1 to Chakra Exhaustion and Stamina rolls. Repeated applications of this wound raise the penalties by
1 each, though still not above -4. These penalties last until the
- (61 - 80) Reflexive Flinch (Arm) wound has healed.
This takes two weeks to recover from, only one with
The back of your hand was hit, causing your fingers to spasm medical treatment.
momentarily. Any weapons you're holding are dropped, and
any seals you're forming are automatically aborted. You take a
-1 to Accuracy for the next 50 IC.
Repeatedly applications of this wound do not stack the
penalty to Accuracy, but instead add 50 IC to its duration (or,
if it has expired, re-apply it).

- (61 - 80) Joint Pierced (Arm) - (31 - 60) Cavitation (Abdomen)
One of your arm's joints has been struck and is now filling Cavitation is an interesting phenomen typically only created
with blood and becoming inflamed. It makes it much harder by high velocity projectiles. Ninja being ninja, of course,
to properly manipulate the appendage, on top of the very means that this could happen with even the most
strange and unnerving sensation you get when you move the inconspicuous of objects.
arm and can feel the collected blood sloshing around. What Cavitation is, is basically a wave of pressure that
The base speed of all your attacks is increased by 2, and forces things--in your case, your internal organs--to shift in
the effective speed for determining their damage is decreased location, causing a cavity where there was none. It results in
by 2. Thus, a basic unarmed attack would be changed from your organs being crushed, missshapen, tearing, and
Speed 8 to Speed 10, but deal damage as if it was Speed 6. dislocated. This is especially problematic for the abdomen,
The increase and decrease cannot exceed 50% of an wherein everything is already densely packed. There is, shall
action's base speed. For example, after 20 separate we say, a space issue.
applications of this wound your basic unarmed attack would The end result is that you automatically advance a fatigue
be Speed 12, and deal damage as if it was Speed 4. You may category, and the category at which you fall unconscious is
still use AP to reduce these actions to half their new base reduced by one (from six to five, normally, meaning if you fail
speed. a fatigue roll at fatigue 4, you fall unconscious).
It takes three weeks to recover, only one with medical The only good part about this injury is that once your
treatment. organs are displaced--well, they're displaced. If you are
already suffering from this injury and are unlucky enough to
- (81 - 100) Joint Pierced (Leg) have it happen again, you advance a fatigue category, but the
category for unconsciousness is not lowered more than once,
Though they missed fracturing your knee cap, they still regardless of how many times you suffer this wound.
managed to pierce the joint itself, and it's not collecting (and This takes twelve weeks to recover from on your own, six
leaking) blood which isn't supposed to be there. Like many with medical treatment.
wounds, on its own it isn't so bad, but when aggravated, it
becomes very problematic. - (61 - 80) Tricep Tear (Arm)
For every yard you move, including as part of an attack or
with the aid of a jutsu, your movement speed afterwards is They missed your humerus bone, but managed to pierce right
decreases by 1%, to a maximum of a 50% reduction. Multiple through the tendon that connected a portion of your tricep to
applications of this wound do not increase its maximum it. As any medically-savvy ninja knows, your tricep is pretty
reduction; however, if you had two instances of it your speed vital for doing things like punching, and holding objects.
would be reduced by 2% for every yard you moved thereafter, If you're using a weapon, then your damage bonus is
and so forth. halved; unarmed only has its damage bonus reduced by a
Finally, this applies a -1 penalty to defensive rolls for every fourth. You take a -3 to Accuracy, but against disarm attempts,
15% it reduces your movement speed. this increases to -5 (whether you try to parry or dodge it).
It takes two weeks to recover on its own, only one with Tendons are tricky business, and require medical expertise
medical treatment. to fix. Without medical attention, it won't heal; with it, it takes
six weeks.
Piercing (Severe) - (81 - 100) Hamstrung (Leg)
Every Severe Piercing wound you're suffering from reduces Your hamstring, or some similarly important muscle in your
your current and maximum AP by 6. This stacks additively leg, got cut badly enough that it's not doing its job any more.
with all other AP reductions, including multiples of the same You can stand, barely, and you can balance, sort of.
wounds. You can only accomplish 15 IC of movement before having
to take a Rest action. Movement as part of an attack counts
- (1 - 30) Rib Spearing (Torso) towards this limit. Any effects which require you to channel
The object that struck you did so in such a way as to cause chakra through your legs (such as standing on walls or water,
your ribs not just to fracture, but to split entirely. Both ends or jutsu such as Mizutamari) end, and cannot be used until
are curved inward, making movement, breathing, and life in you've healed.
general very painful. Speaking of which, healing takes a while; twelve weeks of
You take a -2 to Accuracy, Fatigue, and d20 rolls just for rest.
having your ribs broken. Additionally, every time you advance
a fatigue category, or spend Willpower, you take the Minor
Piercing wound Needling, which stacks cumulatively with any
other Needling wounds taken in the fight, for determining the
severity of its stun.
This takes ten weeks to recover from, five with medical

- (61 - 80) Arm: Shoulder Orifice
Piercing (Critical) Someone has created another orifice in your body. As in--if
Every Critical Piercing wound you're suffering from reduces there wasn't blood pouring out from both ends--someone
your current and maximum AP by 8. This stacks additively could look right through your shoulder and see what's out the
with all other AP reductions, including multiples of the same other side. In Pain is an understatement.
wounds. On top of that, your arm is pretty much worthless. It's still
there, muscular (or toned, for the ladies!) and attached and
- (1 - 30) Torso: Punctured Lung awesome, but it's not doing anything but helping to keep your
Okay, so, first off, calm down. It's not as bad as it... okay, yeah, clothing on, at this point. You're not really able to feel
it's as bad as it sounds. The good news is, it's not actually anything that the arm or hand happens to touch, and the only
lethal. You've still got the other one (...right?) and whatever did way you get it to do so is by flopping it against something as
this to you probably ventilated the lung, and by extension, the dead weight.
inside of your chest--no air building up in your chest cavity to You lose the usage of your arm. If you don't have single-
collapse the other lung. handed seals, you can not make seals anymore. You have a -6
...Ready for the bad news? Yeah, lungs aren't actually meant Accuracy penalty, can't use two-handed weapons, and when
to get ventilated. You have difficulty breathing, for one thing. you multi-throw the total number of weapons you can throw
In fact, you can't actually breathe normally, because there's an is halved.
extra hole in your lung. Still, you're a super awesome ninja, When you're first hit, this inflicts a Bleed 15 which will go
and as long as you have one hand free to cover the wound up, away normally.
you can still breathe. This won't even begin healing until you've had four weeks
You can't take Rest actions, and the final results of your of medical treatment. After that, it'll take another six weeks of
Stamina rolls are halved. As in, if you have a 12+5+15 = 32, medical treatment, or twice as long resting the arm (you may
that's actually a 16. Probably less brutal, you have a -5 penalty fight and such, as long as you don't use that arm) for it to heal
to your Accuracy and d20 rolls from the agonizing pain, and a fully.
-5 penalty to Chakra Exhaustion rolls due to general poor
physical condition. Moving any distance forces a roll of - (81 - 100) Leg: Penetrated Artery
Stamina 10, +1 per yard moved; this even applies when Your femoral artery has been hit, and blood is literally
moving as part of an attack or with the aid of a jutsu. This can spraying out of you into the air. Aside from the general pain
be avoided by moving at one tenth your normal movement involved and the fact that it's completely disgusting, you're
speed. losing a potentially fatal amount of blood and if it isn't
The 'agonizing pain' bit goes away in a month (or, more stopped--no, a hand and some pressure won't stop this--you're
likely, you get used to it). It takes three months of medical going to die.
treatment to recover from the effects. Once it's done, you're Your maximum Vitality is reduced by 10%. Every time you
good as new. take an action, your current and maximum Vitality are
Oh, unless you get your second lung punctured before the reduced by (that action's base Speed)*2; every time you spend
first one's healed. Then you just die after 50 IC have passed. AP, your current and maximum Vitality are reduced by (AP
Sucks to be to you. spent).
If you have 0 Vitality remaining, your current HP,
- (31 - 60) Abdomen: Pierced Liver maximum HP, and maximum Vitality are all reduced by that
You're bleeding from the midsection. And, the blood is black. amount. This includes move actions, unless you move at only
Every ninja knows at least a little about anatomy, first aid, and one tenth your normal speed. If your maximum Hit Points are
injuries, and everyone ninja knows what black blood means: reduced to 0, you die.
you're bleeding from the liver and about to die. Recovery takes sixteen weeks. At that point, you begin
This inflicts you with a Poison 1 effect. 20 IC later, it regaining lost maximum HP and Vitality. Every week which
becomes Poison 2; another 20 IC, and it becomes Poison 3. passes you regain (RES)/3 max HP, or (RES)/2 with medical
This continues, all the way up to Poison 10. It doesn't end. attention. Once your max HP is fully restored, you begin
If treated with First Aid, make a Medicine check. Its effects gaining lost maximum Vitality at the same rate.
will be held at bay for 1 hour per point you get on your skill
roll. Once you've received a week of medical treatment, this
stops being necessary.
However, any time you advance a Fatigue level you have an
80% chance of reopening the wound. This goes down by 10%
for every month (4 OOC days) that pass without it courring.

- (21 - 40) Scorched Chest (Torso)
Energy (Minor) The majority of your body has been burned, taking any hair
- (1 - 20) Sun Spots (Head) found on your chest, back, and stomach along with it. Due to
You were a little too slow in closing your eyes when hit, and the large surface area that entails, it isn't that deep at any
now vague shapes resembling the oncoming blast seem to point, but since it covers so much area, it makes it very easy
float around in front of you, obscuring your vision. It's for others to aggravate your injury.
annoying, more than anything else. You have a -4 Visibility You take an additional 10% damage when hit, after all
Penalty, which fades at a rate of 1 per 10 IC. normal reductions but before determining if you suffer
wounds. One of the worst parts about it is how it tends to
- (21 - 40) Flash Fever (Torso) make getting additional wounds that much easier. This takes
two weeks to heal, only one with medical attention.
The center of your body was hit, which is good, since it's
intended to take the brunt of attacks. But whatever hit you - (41 - 60) Scalded Stomach
also managed to heat you up so much that your body is (Abdomen)
having trouble regulating your temperature. You feel vaguely
sick and tired, but you'll shake it off soon. You have a -2 to Whatever hit you managed to more or less burn away what
Fatigue rolls until the end of battle. covered your midriff and had enough power behind it to
significantly heat up your internal organs. This is not good, as
- (41 - 60) Stomach Blister your organs can be pretty sensitive about that kind of thing.
You are afflicted with a Stun 8, and have your current and
(Abdomen) maximum Hit Points and Vitality reduced by your RES until
A pretty nasty blister managed to emerge from whatever hit this has healed, which takes three weeks with or without
you, causing plasma to be stuck within a layer of skin that medical treatment.
expanded. It's.. gross, and fairly uncomfortable. You have a -1
Immobilization penalty until the end of the fight, unless you - (61 - 80) Second Degree Burn
decide to pop the blister as a Speed 8 action (Seriously--ew), (Arm)
taking a fourth of the damage that caused this injury again.
This additional damage can't cause a wound itself. The majority of your arm is burned. While not life-
threatening, the amount of skin that's been burned is
- (61 - 80) Burned (Arm) substantial, making it a great deal more painful to use the
arm in battle.
You've been burned! It hurts. The skin is red and starting to When you perform handseals, attack or parry, you take
swell a little, and touching it (or having it touched) tends to twice the base Speed of the action as damage. In addition,
hurt, as it's now raw. This inflicts a Burn 3, and you suffer a -2 you have a -2 to Accuracy. This takes 5 weeks to heal on its
to Accuracy until it goes away due to the pain involved with own, 3 with medical treatment.
using the affected limb.
- (81 - 100) Second Degree Burn
- (81 - 100) Burned (Leg) (Leg)
You've been burned! Seriously, it does hurt. Your leg is red One of your legs has been burned down to the dermis, the
and it's painful when you put your weight on it trying to do layer beneath the epidermis, causing multiple small blisters
things like run. You're inflicted with a Burn 3, and take a -2 to to form at the surface, which has reddened and toughened
Dodges until it goes away due to the pain of using the considerably.
afffected limb. You have a -5 Immobilization penalty, along with a Burn 3.
When the Burn status is removed, the Immobilization penalty
Energy (Major) is reduced to 3. It takes two weeks per Immobilization
penalty on its own, one week with medical treatment.
- (1 - 20) Facial Burn (Head)
There's now a nasty burn across your face, the flesh blistered
and somewhat charred. This is disorient, and you can't get the
smell of burnt flesh out of your nostrils, or the taste out of
your mouth, when you inhale, which has the effect of
nauseating you whenever you try to breathe deeply.
As you exert yourself, you smell it more and more and
become progressively sicker. Every time you make a Stamina
or Chakra roll, you increase your penalty to both by 2. This
takes a month to heal on your own, or two weeks with
medical treatment.

Every time you spend more than your current Willpower in
Energy (Severe) AP on an action (including the surcharge from this wound),
you are afflicted with a Suffocation 1. This Suffocation
- (1 - 20) Blinded (Head) penalty persists for the duration of the fight, but resets to 0
Your kept your eyes open a little too long when something after combat.
was aimed right at your face. Just like with it being a bad idea The burns are slow to heal, taking sixteen weeks on your
to look directly into the sun, it is also a bad plan to stare own, or eight weeks with medical attention.
directly at a superheated jutsu aimed at your head. Your face
as a whole was scalded, but your eyes took the worst of it by - (61 - 80) Muscle Melting (Arms)
looking at it for so long. Not quite as literal as the name implies, but no less serious
You take a -3 Visibility Penalty, which is reduced by 1 every an injury--you've been burned so deep that he muscle itself
10 IC, and a Stun 3. It is not so bad by itself, until the next has been affected. Aside from intense pain, it also weakens
time you're hit by a jutsu that inflicts Energy wounds the muscle as a substantial section of it has become damaged
(regardless of whether or not it does, in fact, actually wound and useless.
you). Your damage bonuses (Physical and Ninjutsu) are lowered
When that happens, your visibility penalty is increased by 1 by 25%, and you have a -1 penalty to Accuracy. As you
per rank of the jutsu (1 for E, 3 for C, etc.), to a maximum of continually use the muscles and chakra involved, the heat
-8. The technique must deal damage to trigger this effect of builds and spreads to worsen the injury, inflicting even more
the wound. damage to both muscles and tenketsu.
It takes a long time for your eyes to not be so sensitive, Whenever you deal damage, the Damage Bonus which was
reducing the penalty you incur when blinded by 1 every four used is lowered by 5%, to a minimum of 50% (halving your
weeks--for a total of a 20 week recovery time, to not be damage bonus). When either reaches 50%, your Accuracy is
blinded by A-rank jutsu. With medical attention, the recovery lowered by an additional 1 point, to a maximum of -5.
time is halved. But despite the wound, a ninja's body is an amazing
machine. Every two weeks, you recover 5% of each damage
- (21 - 40) Dark Halo (Torso) bonus. With medical attention, you recover that every week.
The name comes from the fact that you've suffered burns of Once both of your damage bonuses are back to normal, the
the entire dermis in a solid, unbroken ring around your body. Accuracy penalty goes away, and your bonuses stop
It is not quite as cool as it sounds--burns of such magnitude decreasing when being used.
can actually cut off circulation to the rest of the body.
In short, you're going into shock. At the start, it is not so - (81 - 100) Fused Foot (Leg)
bad, reducing the bonus to CE/Stm rolls from Fatigue by 1 The skin of one of your feet (odds right, evens left) has been
(from +5 to +4). Every time your Fatigue increases, however, burned so badly that the toes are more or less a singular
the bonus lowers by one per level. Thus, if you were at section, melted together. The rest of it isn't much better, but
Fatigue 3 when you received this wound, then went up to the most pressing issue how it impairs its functions in battle.
Fatigue 5 in the same battle, you'd have only +2 to Chakra You have a -5 to dodges due to how hard it is to adequately
Exhaustion and Stamina rolls per Fatigue category (for a shift your weight and pivot using that leg now. It actually
total of +3). makes turning into and away from blows more difficult,
Your Fatigue bonus 'recovers' at the rate of +1 per three imposing a -2 penalty to Parries. This also makes it
weeks of rest. After this, it will take six more weeks, halved substantially harder to run effectively, causing you to lose the
with medical treatment, to fully recover from the wound-- benefits of any effects which increase your AGI for the sole
meaning that the bonus could still be lowered in that time. If purpose of movement (such as the Runner ability, or Racing
this occurs, you have to re-recover from the lost Fatigue Thunder Technique), and halving your movement speed on
bonus, and then you'll pick up where you left off on healing top of that.
the rest of the wound. How you're going to fix it medically is another matter
altogether, one which is very unpleasant to hear about and
- (41 - 60) Side Burns (Abdomen) even worse to experience. Safe to say you should want
The sides of your ribcage have been charred and are almost medical attention for it, to recover from it after seven weeks.
black, hence the name that resembles a much less gruesome- But if you're crazy (and have a first aid kit to use), you can go
looking hairstyle (though, let's be honest, it's still pretty bad). without it, though it takes fourteen weeks to do so.
Aside from making the definition of your ribcage more
obvious, it also makes it harder to breathe.
It isn't so bad here and there, but that quick, almost
gasping inhale taken when you try to spur yourself onward
makes you pause and lose your breath, slowing you down
when you want to be at your quickest.
Whenever you spend AP in combat, you must first pay an
additional amount AP equal to your current Fatigue level, +1.
This surcharge does not affect the action's Speed, pay any
costs associate with it, or otherwise count in any beneficial
manner. It does, however, count againt any penalties or
limitations regarding spending AP you may have.

This penalty does not increase outside of combat, but will
Energy (Critical) continue to affect you every time you fight. One of the worst
problems with this injury is how it is a chronic condition that
- (1 - 20) Eye Welded Shut (Head) the body can't fix by itself, once it's happened. You must
You got hit in the face by a giant fireball of bolt of lightning, receive medical attention to get it fixed, and with it, takes 7
which is basically awful for tons of reasons. Aside from the weeks to no longer suffer penalties to d20 rolls. With another
deep-tissue burns across half your face, the heat was enough 7 weeks, you don't take penalties to defensive rolls, and then
to melt the surface of one of your eyelids, fusing it shut. with another 7 you don't take penalties to Accuracy, and any
Any ranks in the Enhanced Sight are lost until you recover, penalty you still had is removed.
as are any abilities dependant upon it. That eye is effectively
useless, putting you at a -3 visibility penalty as well. - ( 41 - 60 ) Slow Roasted (Abdomen)
It gets worse. The movements of your eyes are linked; When something is cooked poorly, the outside tends to burn
where one goes, the other follows, meaning that while one of first, but the inside is typically not that bad. But when
your eyes is slightly damage and basically glued by molten something is really charred, it is not just that the outside
flesh to your eyelid, it's still trying to move around, blackens and dies, but it ends up encapsulating the interior,
aggravating the injury further. preventing the escape of heat.
Every 10 IC which pass, you suffer a -1 penalty to Accuracy, That's basically just what happened to you. So while your
Fatigue rolls, and defensive rolls, with a maximum of -10. skin is flaking from your stomache and looks absolutely
However, if you close both your eyes this penalty these horrifying every time you breathe in and out, the real problem
penalties are reduced by 1 every 20 IC (though be aware that is how your innards have been superheated and are unable to
closing both eyes incurs a -10 visibility penalty), to a effectively cool off. The end result is a constant feeling of
minimum of half the highest value it's reached (if it got up to sickness that seems impossible to treat.
-7, closing your eyes couldn't reduced it below -4). You automatically advance one Fatigue level. Penalties to
This heals naturally, with the penalty to Accuracy, et cetra, your Stamina and Chakra Exhaustions rolls are not reset to 0
being lowered by 1 for every 4 weeks that go without it being when you advanced a Fatigue level, and you advance an
increased. Once it's been reduced to 0, it takes ten more additional Fatigue category for every 10 points you fail a roll
weeks to recover. If the Accuracy/etc penalty returns during by, rather than every 15.
that time, healing your eye is interrupted (with 'progress' You can still Rest, but it becomes a Speed 15 action, to
retained) until it's back to 0. At this point you stop suffering which AP still cannot be applied. Out of combat you recover
this wound's effects, but have a semi-permanent -2 visibility Fatigue levels at the rate of 1 per OOC day (rather than hour),
penalty. and cannot recover below Fatigue 1. Similarly, you regain one
Medical treatment halves all the above times. After another point of Willpower each OOC day, rather than all your
five weeks spent hospitalized, the 'permanent' -2 visibility Willpower each day.
penalty will also be removed. After twenty weeks of recovery, your Fatigue and Chakra
Exhaustion penalties reset normally, and you can recover
- (21 - 40) Atrial Fibrillation down to Fatigue zero. After another twenty weeks, your
(Torso) recovery times return to normall. It is very, very difficult for
The burns to your chest are so deep and severe that they're your body to come back from this. Medical attention halves
affecting your cardiovascular system. Specifically, the heart, these times.
and the rhythm at which it beats. Thankfully, this is the less
lethal form of fribrillation, as it means your heart is still able - ( 61 - 80 ) Red Right Hand (Arms)
to beat properly and pump blood throughout the body, it just The name is something of a misnomer, actually--your hand is
does so irregularly. black. You can't feel it, you can't use it. It's still there, although
But it's still pretty bad, as things like fighting cause your it's hard to tell how much of it is salvagable at a glance,
pulse to shoot way up, which increases the workload of your because it's just that badly charred.
heart and makes it more likely and devastating every time You lose the usage of a hand. You can not make seals, hold
your heart skips a beat. Every 15 IC, you take a -1 to two-handed weapons and so forth. You take a -8 to Accuracy
Accuracy, d20 rolls, and Defensive rolls. This penalty can be rolls, and a -4 to Defensive rolls--Parrying suffers the penalty
reduced by 1 by taking a Rest action, but if it does then you to Accuracy rolls, not Defensive rolls, as is normal.
do not lower your Stamina penalty, as is normal. Recovering from this is about as painful and drawn-out as
But the more you fight, the worse it gets, and there is only you'd expect from losing most of your hand. It takes thirty
so much even a ninja can do to support themselves while weeks on its own, fifteen weeks with medical attention.
their heart isn't working properly. This penalty can only be
reduced to half its highest amount reached (if it becomes a -5
to Accuracy, d20 rolls and Defensive rolls, you can only
reduce it by Resting to -3).

- (81 - 100) Melted Leg (Legs) Additionally, it's incredibly hard to get around with your leg
in this condition. You have a -8 penalty to dodges, and -4 to
Your clothing and leg were both burnt so horridly that it's Accuracy and all other d20 rolls. You can spend 1 Willpower
hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Much to to force yourself to move despite the difficulty doing so. Doing
your displeasure, you can still feel the limb--or, rather, the so halves these penalties, and the reduction to your agility, for
mass of agonizing pain where your functional leg used to be. the next 50 IC.
When you move, bits of black flake off--probably best not to On your own, this takes two weeks to heal for every 5%
think about whether or not that's clothing or flesh. movement speed reduction. Every 15% recovered also lowers
This reduces Agility for by 75% the purposes of movement, the dodge penalty by 2, and the penalties to other rolls by 1.
and prevents you from using movement-enhancing jutsu such Medical attention lets you recover at twice that rate.
as Shunshin or Racing Thunder Technique (the Doton Mud
Wave Technique can still be used normally, as it doesn't rely
on actual use of your legs).

4. Wounds
1. Hit Points and Vitality Wounds are particularly grievous injuries, ones powerful
2. Fatigue enough to have effects beyond just beating you that much
3. Willpower closer to unconsciousness. The rules for what causes
4. Wounds Wounds are discussed in the appropriate section of the
5. Medical Attention combat chapter.
6. Guidelines And, so are their recovery times! How long a given wound
A.IC and OOC Recovery takes to heal will be listed in that wound's own description.
B. Rest Those are, unless specified otherwise, base times, and can be
reduced by medical attention (as described below).
Minor wounds all heal at the same rate, with or without
rest or medical attention. Most wounds will heal even if
1. Hit Points and Vitality you're not getting rest, with details listed for each individual
wound; if it says nothing on the matter, rest or lack thereof
Lost Vitality recovers fairly quickly; ninja don't get too far won't change its recovery time.
through their training without being able to get back on their
feet. You recover 10% of your maximum Vitality every 10
minutes OOC. 5. Medical Attention
Lost Hit Points are harder to deal with. By the time you're All the listed recovery times assume you're waiting to get
taking HP damage, your body's already reached its limit as better on your own; ninja have a remarkable ability to recover
far as soaking damage goes. You recovery 10% of your max from injuries, full as they are of vim and vigor.
HP every 1 hour OOC. Naturally, you heal faster when you're actually getting rest
and have trained medical professionals looking after you. In
2. Fatigue fact, you regain everything except Willpower twice as fast
when receiving medical attention.
Fatigue is more than just being a little winded; it's exhaustion ...Which brings us to what 'medical attention' means. It
and bone-deep weariness. Ninja are just much better able to means you are in a hospital, or getting an equivalent amount
deal with such things than normal people. Every hour that of bed rest, with one or more doctors or medics checking up
passes OOC, your Fatigue is lowered by one level. on you regularly. You are getting sleep and being taken care
of, not training or researching a new jutsu. You can most
3. Willpower likely have visitors.
Every ninja village's hospital is always open to its shinobi.
You begin every (OOC) day with your full amount of That said, if you try to check yourself in because you have no
Willpower. With the exception of some rare effects, you can't vitality and half your HP, and want to spar your friend again
get Willpower back any faster than that. that afternoon, you will promptly get kicked out. On the other
hand, if you're beaten to a pulp (unconscious at 0 HP) or
severely injured (you have a Wound of Major or greater) you
can check yourself in.
However, once you've gone to a hospital they won't let you
leave for 24 OOC hours, unless it's on important business--
such as being required for a mission your village is sending
you on. The doctors have gotten very good at seeing through
people's excuses.


6. Guidelines
Sometimes people get silly ideas and have to be corrected.
This is to hopefully preempt that, by clarifying a few things!
You probably don't need to read anything in this section
unless it actually comes up during gameplay.
a. IC and OOC Recovery
What happens if you're IC and need to know how fast you
heal? For example, if you're on a mission, or trying to buy
time between fights. If it takes ten minutes to RP a Dude what happened, last thing I remember was us agreeing
conversation, have you healed in that time? What about if you to play chicken with fuumas...
need to step away from your computer for an hour to do
laundry, but there's someone who just drew a knife on you?
For the most part, this really doesn't matter; you can
assume OOC healing times apply unless it actually is an
important situation.
Should such a situation (that is, an important one, or a GM-
run event), use the following in-character times: 10% Vitality:
1 hour 10% HP: 6 hours 1 Fatigue level: 6 hours Willpower:
Restored fully after six consecutive hours of restful sleep.
Wounds: 1 OOC day = 1 IC week
Medical attention does halve those times.
b. Rest
Your body can't heal when you're putting too much stress on
it. It's why doctors recommend bed rest (and lots of fluids,
and "grape" flavored medicine that tastes just horrid, and
nothing like grapes).
'Rest' for a ninja, however, does not entail laying in bed for
the afternoon. Taking damage, or failing a Stamina or Chakra
Exhaustion roll, interrupts your healing; this applies to
Vitality, HP, and Stamina. So, if you had been recovering from
0 Vitality, Fatigue 3, and full HP for an hour and fifteen
minutes, then did something to exert yourself and failed a
Stamina roll, you'd have recovered 70% of your maximum
Vitality (75 minutes, /10 = 7) and 1 Fatigue level, putting you
at Fatigue 2--except you just failed that roll, so back to Fatigue
3 you go.
That doesn't apply to Wounds (unless specified otherwise)
or Willpower. If your healing of a Wound is interrupted
(usually by a method mentioned in that Wound's description),
you still keep however many days of progress you've made
towards recovering from it--you just don't get to count the
current day.
If, for some reason, you are suffering from starvation,
dehydration, or sleep deprivation (less than 6 hours of restful
sleep a night), all of your healing times, including Willpower,
are doubled. For wounds, this means that every 2 consecutive
days of healing count as only 1 (in case you, before having
fully recovered, return to sleeping/eating/drinking and are
able to resume healing at the normal rate).

Version (1.1) Something of a catch-all skill, this includes most things shady
and underhanded. Pickpocketing, lock-picking, setting and
disarming (or sabotaging) traps, forging documents, sleight of
Skills hand, and disguising yourself all fall under the umbrella of
Skills represent broad, generic things ninja do, and how well espionage.
your character can do them. Unlike abilities or jutsu, the
exact method of performing a skill is ambiguous; you might Medicine (Trained)
use stealth by hiding in foliage, or by camouflaging yourself, You have knowledge of the human body and how it works.
but in game terms it's all about the same. This includes biology, first aid, and at higher levels actual
Your skills all have a limit of 5 +(your total XP)/200 ranks. medical procedures and requirements. With a few ranks, you
A lot of them benefit from practical application and general can probably apply a tourniquet; with enough, you might even
worldliness. Actually increasing your skills up to that limit, deserve a 'Doctor' in front of your name (but good luck
however, requires you to spend skill points. actually getting any respect!).
You get 1 Skill Point for every 25 XP you gain; this happens
automatically, for free, and you cannot buy more skill points.
A single skill point raises a single skill by one rank. Clanless Research (Trained)
characters gain 1 skill point for every 20 XP instead. Book smarts, overall knowledge, and an ability to gather
For example, if you had 600 XP you would have a total of information. Research can be used to solve complicated code
(600 /25 =) 24 skill points, and you could raise any of your and ciphers, find information in a library, and get up to date
skills up to rank (5 + 600/200 = ) 8. You could use this to raise on the latest gossip when in a new town.
your Stealth to rank 8, your Awareness to 4, Chakra Control
to 6, Resistance to 5, and Survival to 1 (8 + 4 + 6 + 5 + 1 = 24). Resistance
A skill roll is 1d20 + (your ranks in the skill). Even if you Not to be confused with resilience, this is how well your body
haven't raised a skill beyond zero, you may still make a plain is able to fend off the ravages of the environment and all sorts
1d20 roll when attempting to perform a task that would call of unpleasantness that might befall it, from blistering heat to
for that skill. poison to burns. This is primarily useful for fighting off
Some skills are labeled "Trained", which means you cannot unpleasant status effects that may afflict you, both in combat
make any roll at all unless you have at least 1 rank in them. and out.
These are generally skills which represent knowledge you
have to learn, instead of something that can be attempted
intuitively. Stealth
How well you can sneak around, keep out of view, and not be
Athletics obnoxiously loud. Whenever you need to be unobtrusive, hide
You use athletics when you perform acrobatics, leap across a from enemies, or move from point A to point B being noticed,
chasm, try to navigate difficult terrain, weave your way stealth is your best friend. A ninja who can't be stealthy
between traps, swim across a river, or so forth. You can flip, probably won't get very far in their career without some
tumble, and keep your balance under difficult circumstances. significant redeeming qualities.

Awareness Survival
How perceptive you are. This applies to things like hearing a This lets you forage for food and move easily through hostile
faint noise, noticing that you're being followed, spying on a environments. While resistance might keep sunburn at bay
single conversation in a crowded room, and finding an enemy while stranded in the desert, survival will help you find the
hiding from you in combat. nearest oasis and make an umbrella out of palm fronds. It's
also used to track people and animals, and avoid being
Chakra Control tracked.
This is your ability to control the flow of the chakra within Toxicology (Trained)
your own body, using it efficiently and shaping it precisely to This represents overall familiarity with poisons. While high
do what you want. To a limited extent, it also represents how enough medicine might be able to identify a poison, its
intuitively aware you are of the nature of chakra in general, symptoms, and how to treat it, toxicology knows what plant
and might allow you to notice when something's unusual or animal that poison comes from, how long it takes for
about the surrounding chakra. effects to set in, and just how deadly it can be. Many medics
have enough of this skill to be helpful in their work... but it's
also very handy if you find yourself needing to poison


1. What Abilities Are
2. Purchasing Abilities


1. What Abilities Are

Abilities represent the fruits of your character's training, and
the ways in which they've developed as a shinobi. What
abilities you take will play a large role in shaping how you
perform in combat and other situations.
Abilities are more specific than skills; they differ from jutsu
in that while a jutsu is a specific technique, any ability is a
way of doing something or a permanent increase in your
Most abilities are passive improvements, giving you new
capabilities or making you able to do a certain thing better.
You may choose to 'not use' a given ability at any time,
essentially a form of holding back.

2. Purchasing Abilities
Abilities are acquired by spending XP. Some abilities will list
only a "Cost"; for those abilities, you spend that much XP and
acquire the ability, and that is it.
Others will list both a "Base Cost" and a "Scale." These
abilities can be purchased more than once. The first time, you
pay the Base Cost in XP; each future purchase has its cost
increased by the Scale.
For example, the Enhanced Hearing ability has Base Cost
4, Scale 3. One rank of Enhanced Hearing would cost 4 XP.
The second would cost (4+3) 7 XP, and the third would cost
(4+3+3) 10 XP. So, the total XP spent to get all three ranks
would be (4 + 7 + 10) 21 XP.
Abilities with more than one rank will also include a Limit
entry. This is what controls how many ranks of the ability you
can have. So, if an ability (such as Attentive) said "Research
/5" and you had 12 ranks of Research, you could buy that
ability twice.
Many abilities will include in their limit line a maximum,
such as "Limit: CHA /10, max 4". This means that you may
take that ability up to that many times (so in that example, 4).
Certain abilities will also say "Requires: (something)". You
cannot take any ranks in that ability unless you meet the

This is what you can do when you have no ninjutsu!

Physical Abiltiies:
-= Good Lungs =-
1. Vigor: Brute Force, Cadence, Endurance, Fortitude,
Good Lungs, Hard to Kill, Healthy, Power Attack,
All this ninja work has left you well beyond what peak
Resilient, Rigorous Training, Unarmed Focus
physical condition would be for an ordinary person. In
2. Mobility: Evasive, Nimble, Runner, Sudden Attack,
addition to being able to fight and exert yourself for
abnormally long times, you recover from such exertion
almost supernaturally fast. When you use the Rest action to
lower your Stamina penalty, it's reduced by 1 more per rank
(so at two ranks, a Speed 5 Rest action would decrease your
==================== Stamina penalty by 3).
Base Cost: 10
1. Vigor Scale: 5
Limit: RES /80
-= Brute Force =- -= Hard to Kill =-
You're good at... well, exactly what it sounds like: applying a You prove distressingly difficult to make dead. Your max
lot of force all at once. It might be sheer physical strength, or Vitality and HP are increased by 10% per rank. However,
you could just know how to strike properly. Each rank Wounds are calculated off your unmodified ("true")
increases your physical damage bonus by 0.2. maximums.
Base Cost: 1 For example, if you had 1000 Vitality and 3 ranks of Hard
Scale: 1 to Kill, you'd have 1300 Vitality. However, your "true"
Limit: STR /10 maximum would still be 1000, and wounds would be
Requires: 80 STR determined based off what percent of 1000 Vitality their
-= Cadence =- damage was.
Once you get into a good rhythm, you find it easier and easier Base Cost: 6
to maintain and keep building your momentum. All your Scale: 1
Combo jutsu have "-1 Stamina" added to their Combo Limit: RES /20
Requires: 80 RES
Counter line. This cannot reduce a technique's cost below
half its normal value. -= Healthy =-
Cost: 30 You get plenty of exercise, and probably eat healthily. When
Requires: +6 or higher bonus to Stamina rolls, without your job places serious physical demands upon you (such as
Fatigue bonuses leaping across chasms and running over rooftops), this can be
-= Endurance =- useful. You have a +1 bonus to Stamina rolls per rank.
Your extensive physical conditioning has given you an almost Base Cost: 6
preternatural ability to shrug off damage. When you block, Scale: 2
Limit: Athletics /5
you may choose to reduce the damage dealt by an additional
10% at the first rank, or an additional 25% at the second -= Power Attack =-
rank. This may only be done once every 30-(RES/10) IC. You put extra force behind your unarmed strikes, turning your
Base Cost: 25 feeble punches into fearsome punches! Or... something like
Scale: 10 that.
Limit: 2 Each rank allows you to increase the Stamina cost, and die
Requires: 60 RES size, of your basic unarmed attack by 2. So at rank 1, you
-= Fortitude =- could deal 2d6 damage for 7 Stamina; and at rank 4, you
Every rank of this ability gives you a +2 bonus to Resistance could deal 2d12 damage for 13 Stamina.
rolls when you block an attack (even if you are doing so Base Cost: 4
reflexively); if you've declared that you're blocking, this also Scale: 4
applies to any effects requiring a Resistance roll which you Limit: STR /20, max 4
wouldn't normally get to defend against (such as the B-rank
Poison Mist).
If you've declared you're blocking for a certain time period,
and take another defense (for example: you are blocking from
IC 20 to IC 30, and on IC 24 you dodge an attack, and are hit)
half of this abilities bonus will still apply to your rolls.
Base Cost: 2
Scale: 2
Limit: STR /20, max 5

-= Resilient =- -= Sudden Attack =-
You're harder to hurt than you have any right to be! Each rank You sacrifice power for speed and precision, trying to
reduces damage you take from Grapple Taijutsu by 5%. overwhelm or overcome your opponent's defenses before
they have a chance to protect themselves. For every rank, you
Base Cost: 4 may take a bonus of up to +1 on a damaging taijutsu attack's
Scale: 1 Accuracy; each +1 reduces its damage by 10%.
Limit: RES /20, max 10
-= Rigorous Training =- Base Cost: 4
Scale: 1
You've spent time training in, or just being exposed to, Limit: DEX /20, max 5
extreme conditions; sitting under waterfalls, trudging through -= Swift =-
sand dunes, or enduring intense cold without the proper
clothing are all examples of how this might come about. You Swift, adjective; happening quickly or promptly. Your
have a +1 bonus to Resistance rolls per rank. swiftness allows you to react faster, and makes it harder for
your opponents to keep up with you. Each rank gives you +1
Base Cost: 2 to Accuracy.
Scale: 2
Limit: RES /20 Base Cost: 8
-= Unarmed Focus =- Scale: 2
Limit: (AGI - 50) /10, max 5
You've trained to improve your sheer physical prowess; even
when resorting to simple, non-jutsu attacks, you hit hard. May
or may not be the result of deciding to train by punching trees
until your knuckles bleed.
Each rank lets you roll one more die when making a basic
unarmed attack.
Base Cost: 3
Scale: 0
Limit: (STR - 20) /10

2. Mobility
-= Evasive =-
You're big on not being around when people try to violently
end your life. Every rank gives you a +1 bonus to dodge, it's
Base Cost: 4
Scale: 2
Limit: AGI /20, max 10
-= Nimble =-
When targeted by an area-of-effect attack that gives you a
dodge penalty based on its size, that penalty is reduced by 2
per rank, to a minimum of 0.
Base Cost: 4
Scale: 1
Limit: AGI /20
-= Runner =-
You're both a distance runner and sprinter! Pretty awesome,
huh? Every rank in this ability increases your AGI for the
purpose of movement by 10% when you're taking a Move
action; moving as part of an attack, or techniques such as
Shunshin, do not receive Runner's bonus.
Base Cost: 3
Scale: 2
Limit: Athletics /3, max 5

Subtlety Abilities
In practice, genin find those things exceptionally boring,
1. Deception: Cunning, Cunning Blow, Stalker, especially when they could be learning how to shoot fireballs
Subterfuge, instead. Every rank gives you a +1 bonus to Accuracy,
2. Ninja Tactics: Basic Training, Defensive Formation, defensive rolls, and skill checks.
Guard, Safety Dance, Survival Tactics (Basic), Survival
Base Cost: 10
Tactics (Advanced), Total Defense Scale: 5
Limit: Lower of Awareness /5, Espionage /5, or Stealth /5 ;
max 5 ranks
==================== -= Defensive Formation =-
You take up a position protecting someone from harm. Very
1. Deception useful on escort missions when you have to keep some
-= Cunning =- blubbering civilian safe! You declare this as an action the
same way you would blocking, while designating one or more
You're an expert at misdirection; you know the signs people (up to 1+XP/1000) targets within AGI/20 yards of you. If one
look for and pick up on in battle, and you know how to either of those people is attacked during your Defensive Formation,
give the wrong ones, or none at all. This gives you a +1 bonus you may immediately attempt to Take The Hit, without
to Accuracy per rank. increasing your next action as would be normal for using an
Base Cost: 8 Interrupt, with a +10 bonus.
Scale: 2 Against area-of-effect attacks, if you do this you take the full
Limit: Espionage /5 damage, and they take only half (which they can reduce by
-= Cunning Blow =- their own defenses). The protected target can still defend
themself, but if they move out of your protective radius the
If you attack an opponent within 10 IC after you've Defensive Formation is automatically aborted.
successfully defended against an attack they made which You may simultaneously declare any two of: Block, Guard,
targeted you, you have a +4 bonus to Accuracy. Total Defense, Defensive Formation, and similar actions not
Cost: 50 listed in this chapter (such as the Uchiha's Observe).
Requires: 20 Espionage Cost: 25
-= Stalker =- -= Guard =-
Somewhere along the way you picked up the unpleasant, but You ready yourself for an impending attack. Guard is an
highly effective talent of being able to follow people for action declared similar to blocking. While Guarding, you have
prolonged periods of time without being noticed. a +5 bonus to accuracy when parrying enemy attacks
Each rank gives you +1 to your Stealth TN once you're (including with jutsu, such as Halting Blow and Crossroads
already hidden. The odd ranks (1, 3, and 5) each give +1 to of Heaven). Your Parry action itself becomes a Speed 0
your Accuracy with Sneak Attacks made from stealth. Interrupt.
Base Cost: 6 You may simultaneously declare any two of: Block, Guard,
Scale: 3 Total Defense, Defensive Formation, and similar actions not
Limit: DEX /20, max 5 listed in this chapter (such as the Uchiha's Observe).
-= Subterfuge =- Cost: 20
You are all kinds of sneaky. You know how to lie and make it Requires: 45 DEX
seem like you're telling the truth, or how to tell the truth while -= Safety Dance =-
convincing anyone listening that it's a lie. This does not actually have anything to do with dancing.
Every rank gives you +1 to Espionage and Stealth rolls. Indeed, if you are dancing, you probably won't be able to pull
Base Cost: 3 this off! You stay on edge while recuperating mid-battle, never
Scale: 2 letting your guard down. When you take a Rest action, you
Limit: Espionage /3, max 5
==================== are also considered to be Blocking until your next non-
Interrupt action.
2. Ninja Tactics Cost: 60
Requires: 60 STR
-= Basic Training =-
Ninja with the ability to use chakra can get away with not
solving every problem through the application of stealth and
cunning, it's true. But, to be viewed as a proper ninja, they
need to be keenly aware of their surroundings, masters of
deception, and able to vanish like a shadow.

Sensory Abilities
You're very good at picking up on tiny things that are just ever-
1. Enhanced Senses: Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced so-slightly out of place! Normally, you get a cumulative +2
Sight, Blind Fighting, Keen Senses bonus every time you attempt to find someone using a Search
2. Perception: Accurate, Instinct, Sixth Sense action in combat. This raises that to +3 at the first rank, and
+4 at the second.
Base Cost: 8
==================== Scale: 4
Limit: (Enhanced Sight ranks) /2
1. Enhanced Senses
-= Enhanced Hearing =- 2. Perception
Your hearing isn't actually (much) better than a normal -= Accurate =-
person's, but you've learned how to not do what everyone You've got good hand-eye coordination, which lends itself
normally does: tune out quiet, 'insignificant' background towards hitting with your attacks. You have a +1 bonus per
noises. You still can if you need to, but you can also avoid rank to your Accuracy.
doing that, when you need to, say, listen for a skulking
opponent. Base Cost: 4
This gives you a +1 bonus to Awareness rolls per rank. Scale: 2
Limit: DEX /20, max 10
Base Cost: 4 -= Instinct =-
Scale: 3
Limit: CHA /10, max 4 You've learned to rely on your instincts to guide you in battle,
Special: The two "Enhanced (Sense)" abilities share a Scale. helping to improve your reaction time. Not by much--but
That is, if you already had four ranks of Enhanced Sight, the enough to matter. Each rank gives a +1 bonus to dodge.
first rank of Enhanced Hearing would cost (4+(3*4) = ) 16 XP.
Base Cost: 8
Scale: 2
-= Enhanced Sight =- Limit: Survival /5
You're very good with attention to detail. You notice things -= Sixth Sense =-
that other people overlook, and as it turns you, that's a pretty Ninja really do seem to have one, and no experienced shinobi
useful job-related talent for a ninja. You get +1 Awareness per will deny it, not once they've faced down an opponent and
rank. actually, physically felt the killing intent radiating from them,
Base Cost: 4 or experienced a half-second of dread in the instant before an
Scale: 3 ambush was sprung. Nobody can quantify it, or say for sure
Limit: CHA /10, max 4 what causes it, but ninja who don't want to die do well to
Special: The two "Enhanced (Sense)" abilities share a Scale.
That is, if you already had four ranks of Enhanced Sight, the listen to it.
first rank of Enhanced Hearing would cost (4+(3*4) = ) 16 XP. You have a +1 bonus to Awareness and defensive rolls per
rank. Whenever you would be surprise or sneak attacked this
-= Blind Fighting =- automatically activates, allowing you to defend against it as if
it was a normal attack. Each time this activates, the
Between smoke bombs, stealth missions at night, and hostile Awareness and defensive bonuses are reduced by 1 each;
ninjutsu, shinobi often find themselves operating with their once they reach 0, your Sixth Sense stops functioning. This
vision impaired. This ability represents training to fight while refreshes at the beginning of each day.
relying on your other senses. Each rank of Blind Fighting Base Cost: 10
reduces the maximum visibility penalty you can suffer from Scale: 4
by 1. Limit: CHA /40
Base Cost: 7
Scale: 2
Limit: Enhanced Hearing ranks, max 4

-= Keen Senses
Chakra Abilities
1. Nature Control: Elemental Affinity, Elemental
2. Shape Control
Aptitude -= Improved Area =-
2. Shape Control: Improved Area, Improved Range,
Potent Chakra This supplements your ninjutsu techniques, increasing their
3. Chakra Control: Refined Chakra Control, Wall Walking, areas of effect by up to your ninjutsu damage bonus; you can
Water Walking use some, all, or none of this effect on a given technique, as
4. Advanced Training: Genjutsu Training, Medical you please. This bonus cannot exceed the technique's base
Training, Advanced, Seal Training, Advanced area.
5. Genjutsu: Attentive, Genjutsu Awareness, Genjutsu Cost: 20
Competence, Genjutsu Mastery, Illusion Multi-
Targeting -= Improved Range =-
You're able to keep your chakra coherent for longer; the
further it can travel before dissipating (or the faster you can
==================== propel it, or whatever)... well, the advantages should be
obvious. This increases the range of any ninjutsu techniques
you use by up to double your ninjutsu damage bonus in yards.
1. Nature Control This bonus cannot exceed the technique's base range.
-= Elemental Affinity =- Cost: 20
Every ninja has a natural affinity for one of the five primary -= Potent Chakra =-
elements, though some may not discover it until later. This You're able to increase your chakra's density, and in turn
ability can be taken for any one of the five elements, even one preserve some of the energy that would dissipate into the
your character cannot use. atmosphere around you in whatever sort of attack you're
For each rank, you get a +1 bonus to Chakra Exhaustion using.
and Chakra Control rolls involving your favored element. The But all you really care about is that it makes your ninjutsu
Chakra Control skill requirements to learn jutsu of your hurt more! Each rank increases your ninjutsu damage bonus
chosen element are considered 1 point lower, per rank. You by 0.2.
may only take this ability for a single element, ever.
Base Cost: 1
Base Cost: 0 Scale: 1
Scale: +1 Limit: CHA /10
Limit: CHA /20, max 5 Requires: 80 CHA
Some clans start with a specific Elemental Affinity, giving ====================
them one rank in this ability. This does not (necessarily)
provide them with the matching Elemental Aptitude, though
it does mean they cannot change their affinity. 3. Chakra Control
-= Refined Chakra Control =-
-= Elemental Aptitude =- Your precise control of chakra allows you to spend it more
The shinobi of the world recognize five primary elements of efficiently, wasting less and getting more out of what you do
chakra: fire, water, wind, earth, and lightning. These elements spend. Each rank of this ability gives you a +1 bonus on your
and their properties form the basis of most modern ninjutsu Chakra Exhaustion rolls.
techniques. Base Cost: 6
However, actually using elemental chakra requires the Scale: 2
ability to convert one's own chakra to the appropriate Limit: Chakra Control /5, max 5
element, which is what this ability provides.
In simpler terms, when you take Elemental Aptitude, select
one of the five elements; you may use elemental ninjutsu of
that element. Each additional rank of this ability allows you to
use another element.
Base Cost: 5
Scale: +25
Limit: 3
Certain clans begin with one or more ranks in this ability. In
these cases, they have the first one or two ranks in this ability
for free, but must pay that cost when buying the next one.
For example, a Touu begins with elemental aptitude for
Water and Wind. Normally, this would cost (5 + (5+25)) 35
XP; instead, it costs 0. However, when they buy access to their
third element, doing so costs (55 + 35) 90 XP.

-= Wall Walking =- 5. Genjutsu
Every village teaches this, usually to their genin, as a form of -= Attentive =-
training to hone their chakra control skills. Training involves
focusing a fixed amount of chakra at the bottom of one's feet You pay lots of attention to details! Beyond that, you're keen
and using that to adhere to a wall, tree, or other vertical to pick up on things that other people wouldn't. Maybe that
surface. species of deer isn't native to this area, or the wood of an
With this ability you can scale vertical surfaces, stand on illusory wall is a type that isn't found in this part of the world.
ceilings, and so forth, at your normal movement speed. On the other hand, the more you know about these kinds of
things, the more likely you are to get them right. Each rank
Cost: 10 gives a +1 bonus to your genjutsu rolls.
Requires: 8 Chakra Control
-= Water Walking =- Base Cost: 8
Scale: 3
You can stand on water! Ninja do this in the same way they'd Limit: Research /5
adhere to a vertical surface, though actually pulling it off is -= Genjutsu Awareness =-
much harder because the water is constantly moving You're good at picking up little details in your environment
underneath them, meaning the strength and distribution of that aren't quite what they should be. Maybe it's that the
chakra has to be constantly changed. Once a shinobi is skilled ringing noise in your head isn't reverberating right, maybe it's
enough, though, this becomes second nature, just like that whoever constructed an illusion around you forgot to put
keeping one's balance on an unsteady surface. door handles on all the doors.
Cost: 15 Whatever it is, it gives you a +1 bonus to defensive
Requires: 15 Chakra Control, Wall Walking Genjutsu rolls per rank.
Base Cost: 10
Scale: 5
4. Advanced Training Limit: Lower of your Enhanced Hearing or Enhanced Sight
-= Genjutsu Training =- -= Genjutsu Competence =-
You've mastered the art of... yeah, okay, no. You are able to Genjutsu is notoriously difficult; very few ninja are able to just
use entry-level Genjutsu techniques. It's not much, but it's a 'pick it up' without difficulty. Even being mediocre with
start. genjutsu requires a significant amount of training and
Cost: 20 practice--which this ability represents.
Requires: Research 4 Each rank gives you a +1 bonus to your offensive Genjutsu
-= Advanced Medical Training =- rolls.
You've spent enough time studying the human body and how Base Cost: 2
Scale: 0
it interacts with chakra, and honing your medical skills, to Limit: (XP + 200)/400
use even the most advanced medicinal techniques. This -= Genjutsu Mastery =-
ability allows you to learn medical ninjutsu of B rank and
above. Okay, NOW you've mastered the art of Genjutsu. Each rank
Cost: 25 gives you a +1 bonus to genjutsu rolls.
Requires: Medical Training talent, Skill Focus: Medicine 5 You can have 1 rank in this ability for each rank of genjutsu
you know at least one technique from. Thus, if you knew an
-= Advanced Seal Training =- E-rank, D-rank, and B-rank move, you could have 3 ranks of
As in sealing techniques, not handseals! This allows you to Genjutsu Mastery.
learn the most advanced fuuinjutsu. These are often Base Cost: 6
extremely complicated, and even slight mistakes result in Scale: 4
them being useless. Through unrelenting practice and hours Limit: Special
of study, you've gained a sufficient understanding of how and -= Illusion Multi-Targeting =-
why seals work to be able to handle the most advanced
techniques. This allows you to apply a genjutsu which normally must
This ability allows you to learn A-rank Sealing Ninjutsu. target a single person at once to any number of people. Every
1 point of Willpower spent allows your genjutsu to target two
Cost: 25 more people, at no additional cost and using your same
Requires: Seal Training talent, Skill Focus: Research 5 genjutsu roll.
Cost: 25
Requires: Know at least one C-rank Genjutsu.

Equipment Abilities
1. Ninja Tools: Money (Requisition), Money (Savings),
-= Icha Icha Novels =-
Bingo Book, Icha Icha Novels, Aerosolized Poisons, Icha Icha is a series of best-selling novels written by the
Tag Concealment legendary ninja sage Jiraiya. They are comedic (and adult)
2. Weapons, Melee: Ambidextrous, Dual Wielding, recounts of Jiraiya's experiences in love. The titles include
Monkey Grip, Quick Draw, Weapon Focus, Weapon Icha Icha Paradise, Icha Icha Violence, Icha Icha Tactics, and
Throw, Blunt: Stun, Large: Momentum, Piercing: Icha Icha Utopia.They are intended only for audiences over
Penetrate, Polearm: Trip, Slashing: Perfect Cut, Small: 18 years of age, and managing to acquire and read them in
Flurry, Sword: Iaijutsu secret is a challenge countless young ninja strive to
3. Weapons, Ranged: Assassin's Eye, Combat overcome. Indeed, it's how many shinobi (though most
Acupuncture, Explosive Tag Connection, Improved kunoichi would never admit it) hone their abilities of stealth
Range, Marksman, Quick Hands, Senbon Multi-Throw, and deception. For every rank, you have read one of the Icha
Senbon User, Surgical Precision Icha novels. Every novel you've read gives you a +1 bonus to
your Espionage rolls.
Base Cost: 6
==================== Scale: 4
Limit: 4
-= Aerosolized Poisons =-
1. Ninja Tools As popular as poisons are with (some) shinobi, they suffer
-= Money: Requisition =- from being relatively difficult to deliver effectively. While
gaseous poisons are one of the most effective ways of
As a ninja, you get most of your supplies from your village. accomplishing that, very few of the toxins suitable for use
This ability represents how much you're authorized to bring against shinobi can be deployed that way.
with you on any mission. For every rank, you can have 50 Ryo Unless, of course, someone is willing to invest a great deal
worth of equipment from the Equipment chapter at once. of time and resources into specially preparing those poisons,
This works more like a limit than something you actually and learning enough about them to understand the dangers
'spend'; you can replaced used items, trade in ones you no of those preparations. Like you!
longer have a need for, and so forth, at will so long as you're This ability allows you to create a Poison Smoke Bomb
not away from the village. from any Contact poison (as found in the Equipment chapter).
Base Cost: 2 The total cost for the poison smoke bomb is doubled (for
Scale: 0 example, Water Hemlock Poison Smoke Bombs would be
Limit: None 1200 ryo each), and the Toxicology roll has a -4 penalty.
-= Money: Savings =- Cost: 50
This is a nest egg of money you've set aside and saved up over Requires: 25 Toxicology
time. For each rank, you have 100 Ryo that you can spend as -= Tag Concealment =-
you please. However, this money cannot be refunded or Ninjas do love their explosions. However, they also like being
replenished; used or broken items are simply lost. sneaky and unseen; this combines the two!
Base Cost: 2 When placing an exploding tag, you can hide it from the
Scale: 0 casual observer. This requires something for it to be hidden
Limit: None under (such as loose soil, or leaves; you cannot 'hide' them in
-= Bingo Book =- plain sight in a featureless room). Hiding a tag is a Speed 10
The bingo book is a pocket-sized book put out by each village, action, and anyone watching you will realize what you're
with information on missing nin and enemy ninja of note. doing and where it is (meaning it cannot be accomplished
This information includes their bounties, their reputation, outside of stealth in combat).
and any abilities which the village may be willing to publicize. When you hide the tag, make an Espionage roll. Anyone
Having this ability means you keep an up-to-date copy of the who enters the tag's range is allowed an Awareness roll
bingo book; you can steal someone else's, but they generally against the result, without any bonuses they may have from
get updated every few months. the Enhanced Hearing ability. Success means they've spotted
the tag.
Cost: 5 Once a tag has begun its countdown to detonation they
start to sizzle and spark, alerting anyone to their presence
and approximate direction (though not exact location), giving
them a chance to escape before time runs out.
Cost: 10

-= Weapon Focus: (Weapon) =-
2. Weapons, Melee You've trained yourself specifically with a single type of
-= Ambidextrous =- weapon. Choose one of the weapons from the Equipment
You've trained yourself to use your off-hand just as well as chapter (such as Wakizashi, or Shuriken). You have +1
your dominant one, or you really are naturally ambidextrous. Accuracy and +1 to your damage bonus when using that
Each rank reduces the Accuracy penalty for dual-wielding weapon, per rank.
(see below) by 1, and gives you a +1 bonus to parries using You may take this ability for different weapons, counting as
those weapons while dual-wielding. a different ability (with a separate cost, number of ranks, etc.)
each time. Any attack which benefits from your Weapon
Base Cost: 5 Focus has its Stamina cost increased by 3 per rank; you may
Scale: 2 choose to use less than your full ranks of Weapon Focus on a
Limit: DEX /20, max 5 given attack if you wish.
-= Dual Wielding =- Base Cost: 6
You attack with a weapon in each hand! Impractical, but Scale: 2
awesome. As might be expected, this allows you to make a Limit: (DEX -30) /30, max 3
basic weapon attack with both weapons simultaneously. -= Weapon Throw =-
Halve the speed of both the weapons you're using Your hatred of physics gives you improbable powers. You are
(rounding up, as usual). Add those two numbers together to able to throw any melee weapon you're holding up to STR/4
get the speed of your "Dual Wield Attack" action. yards, turning it into a ranged attack. This does the normal
You use the lower of the two weapons' Accuracy. This is damage for that weapon, but increases the action's Stamina
defended against as a single attack, using its total Speed. The cost by 5.
Stamina cost to Dual-Wield is the higher Stamina cost of the
two weapons, plus one third of the lower Stamina cost. Cost: 15
If you hit, you deal damage separately for both weapons, Requires: 40 STR, 40 DEX
using the reduced Speed for each to determine their damage -= Blunt: Stun =-
bonus. Weapons specifically marked as "Dual" calculate
damage based on their natural Speed, rather than the halved Your attacks stagger an opponent, club them upside the head,
value. knock the wind out of them, or otherwise keeping them from
Lowering the Speed of a Dual Wield Attack action lowers recovering. Your blunt weapon attacks gain Stun 1 per rank,
the effective Speeds (for determining damage) of both or increase their existing Stun by 1 per rank.
component attacks by the same amount. Base Cost: 5
This can't be done with two-handed weapons. Scale: 2
Unfortuantely, dual-wielding carries with it a -5 Accuracy Limit: STR /20
penalty. -= Large: Momentum =-
Cost: 25 You turn one of the greatest enemies of shinobi--physics--to
Requires: 40 DEX your own ends. Each rank gives a -1 penalty to any enemy's
-= Monkey Grip =- attempts to parry your weapon.
By using extreme strength, chakra-based powers, and a Base Cost: 4
cheerful disregard for physics, you are able to use two- Scale: 2
handed weapons in one hand! Notably, this means they no Limit: STR /20, max 5
longer benefit from their 50% increase in your damage -= Piercing: Penetrate =-
bonus. Your piercing weapons ignore any armor your opponent is
At the second rank you can, if you have the Dual Wield wearing!
ability, even dual wield two-handed weapons.
Base Cost: 30 Cost: 20
Scale: +10 Requires: 35 STR
Limit: STR /50, max 2 -= Polearm: Trip =-
-= Quick Draw =- You sweep with the blunt end (or one of the blunt ends) of
The speed of your Draw Weapon is reduced by 1 per rank, to your weapon, knocking your opponent's feet out from
a minimum of 0. beneath them. This allows you to use Trip (the E-rank
Unarmed Taijutsu technique) as a Weapon Taijutsu, as long
Base Cost: 7 as you know it.
Scale: 1
Limit: DEX /30 Cost: 10

-= Slashing: Perfect Cut =- -= Explosive Tag Connection =-
Normally, when partial defense applies you would deal 20% As a Speed 10 + 5 * X action, you can attach X tags to a
of your attack's damage per point you hit by. With this ability kunai's hilt or an arrow, and prime them. These can be
you do 25% per point you hit by, up to full damage if you hit attached pre-battle as a matter of convenience, but the action
by 4 points. to prime them is still necessary. You can have up to (Chakra
Control)/5 tags primed this way at once.
Cost: 20 Each item (kunai or arrow) may only have a single tag
Requires: 40 DEX attached to it. You can trigger these tags as part of a multi-
-= Small: Flurry =- throw, or do so later (such as by the Remote Detonation
Most of the small weapons rely on something other than technique). When the kunai is thrown (or arrow shot) the
overpowering force to deal their damage; accordingly, a tag(s) will detonate 15 IC after impact (with the target, or the
dozen quick strikes is often preferable to six slow, powerful ground at the target's feet on a miss).
ones. When used as a multi-throw, each tagged kunai counts as
Each time you make an attack with a Small weapon, the two weapons for the purpose of determining multi-throwing
total Speed of your next attack with that weapon is reduced limit. You can include up to one tag per rank in this ability in
by 1. This stacks for consecutive attacks; if you make three a single throw.
attacks with your weapon, without taking any non-Interrupt If a target is struck by the arrow or kunai, they're assumed
action inbetween, the next attack would have -3 total Speed. to pull it out as a non-action and can try to escape the area.
As a reminder, total Speed cannot go below half of base Justu including exploding tags that cause them to explode on
Speed. The maximum reduction is your number of ranks in contact supercede these rules.
this ability. Base Cost: 5
Scale: 3
Base Cost: 4 Limit: Chakra Control / 5
Scale: 2
Limit: DEX /20 -= Improved Range =-
-= Sword: Iaijutsu =- You can throw weapons farther than other people! It's useful,
The first time in battle you attack with your sword, if you have honest!... Kind of. Sometimes. Your max range with thrown
yet to draw it (meaning it hasn't be used for parries or jutsu, weapons is increased by your damage bonus.
either) the attack's Speed is halved, though for the purpose of Cost: 15
damage calculations it's treated as its regular speed. This may -= Marksman =-
only be done once per battle, even if you have more than one
sword. You've got uncannily good aim at a distance. You may give
Cost: 20 your ranged weapon attacks a bonus of up to +1 Accuracy per
Requires: 50 DEX, 40 AGI rank. However, each +1 received this way increases the
==================== Stamina cost of the action by 2.
In the case of ninjutsu which behave as ranged weapon
attacks, increase whichever cost(s) the technique has (such
3. Weapons, Ranged as the Chakra cost on the D-rank Attached Meteor technique).
-= Assassin's Eye =- Base Cost: 8
Scale: 4
You've got a good eye for causing bodily harm to people from Limit: DEX /30
a distance. In any other job, this would just make you kind of
scary. As a ninja, it looks good on your resume! Each rank of __
this ability reduces the penalty for called shots with ranged
weapons by 1.
Base Cost: 6
Scale: 4
Limit: DEX /30, max 3
Requires: Enhanced Sight 3
-= Combat Acupuncture =-
You can throw senbon to target vital points on an opponent's
body. Whenever making a called shot with senbon, if you deal
damage you inflict a -1 immobilization penalty on your foe.
Using this on somebody already suffering from it increases
the Immobilization penalty by 1 each time. Its effects end
entirely 20 IC after the last time you hit with a senbon called
shot. The maximum penalty is your ranks in Combat
Base Cost: 2
Scale: 2
Limit: DEX /10
Requires: Medicine 10

-= Quick Hands =-
You're very good at throwing lots of small objects very
This allows you to throw an extra 1 die of weapons when
multi-throwing, without increasing the action's Speed; the
Stamina cost is still increased normally (+1 for every 2
weapons total, adding together ones added normally and ones
added by Quick Hands).
Base Cost: 5
Scale: 1
Limiting Attribute: DEX /20
-= Senbon Multi-Throw =-
You can multi-throw needles, just like you can normally multi- Throw more of these better!
throw shuriken and kunai. Get results faster! Buy ranks of Surgical Precision Today!*
Cost: 15
Requires: 30 DEX
-= Senbon User =-
You're a person who uses senbon in combat. This is rare, but
not unheard of; it takes a lot of effort to get results out of
them, but a weapon that allows the degree of precision they
do can certainly be rewarding.
This ability removes their inherent -2 Accuracy penalty, and
allows you to use your DEX, rather than STR, to determine
your damage bonus with senbon. Finally, damage dealt by
senbon is tripled for the purposes of calculating wounds.
Cost: 15
Requires: 25 DEX
-= Surgical Precision =- *Best used on other village ninja during friendly spar
When you wound an enemy with a senbon attack, you have a sessions.
10% chance per rank for the wound to be upgraded to the
next-highest rank. If you don't wound them, this is replaced
by a 10% chance per rank to cause a minor wound, so long as
your attack did any damage. Every rank of this ability also
raises the attack's Stamina cost by 1; you can choose whether
or not to use it, and to what extent, when you attack.
If used on a multi-throwing attack with senbon, this is
applied before the one-rank reduction in wound severity
(from being a multi-throw).
Cost: 2
Scale: 2
Limit: Medicine /2, max 10

OTHER Abilties
Whenever you would be reduced to 0 HP or lower, roll a
1. Willpower: Desperation, Determination, Focus, Guts, TN 25 Stamina check. If you succeed, you are left with 1 HP,
Limit Break and cannot have your HP reduced until the end of that
2. Initiative: Defensive Reflexes, Reflexes, Rush, initiative count. If you fail, in addition to your Fatigue
Preparation progressing you take the damage you normally would have
3. Action Points: Active, Principle of Motion, Surge from the attack. Damage negated through this ability still
4. Skill: Anatomical Knowledge Doctor, General wounds you normally.
Knowledge, Skill Focus (Skill), Specialization
Cost: 50
5. Development: Holding Back, Progression Requires: 3 Willpower
-= Limit Break =-
==================== Through sheer determination you force yourself to perform
above your own capabilities. Once per day, per rank, you may
reroll any roll, or replace an Accuracy number with a d20 roll
1. Willpower that adds your normal Accuracy rating as a bonus (not
including the base 10 Accuracy). If this is a d20 roll and the
-= Desperation =- result is below 11, add 10 to the die roll.However, doing this
Being faced with truly dire straits brings out remarkable causes you to immediately proceed to the next Fatigue
characteristics: in animals, in civilians, and in shinobi. category. This ability can be used after you've determined
Thankfully, you're one of those! whether your roll or attack would've succeeded normally.
You can activate this ability when defending against an Base Cost: 20
attack by spending a point of Willpower. Your Interrupt only Scale: 5
needs to be double or less the Speed of the attack you're Limit: Willpower /2
defending against, rather than half or less. This effect 2. Initiative
persists of the duration of that IC; if you're being attack four
times in the same IC, then all four defenses would receive -= Defensive Reflexes =-
this benefit. You're always ready to protect yourself, even when caught off
Cost: 40 guard. You may declare use of this ability when rolling your
Requires: 6 Willpower initiative for combat. You are considered to be blocking at the
-= Determination =- start of battle, but take a -4 penalty on your initiative roll. This
penalty is reduced by 1 for each rank beyond the first.
Your force of will is as powerful an advantage in combat as
your strength of body. Each rank of this ability increases your Base Cost: 10
Willpower by 1. Scale: -2
Limiting Attribute: RES/20, max 3
Base Cost: 50 -= Reflexes =-
Scale: 25
Limit: XP /1000 You have excellent twitch reflexes. Mostly, this comes in
-= Focus =- handy for a ninja; you respond to danger before even fully
determining what that danger is. This can be kind of
Being left reeling and disoriented is an all-too-common awkward off-duty, when you respond to somebody trying to
experience for shinobi. Sometimes it's the result of genjutsu, startle you by punching them in the gut and then flipping
other times it's a lucky blow to the solar plexus (or... lower). them over your shoulder, but that's what they get for trying to
You're able to bring yourself back to the presence, by sheer startle a ninja anyway. Each rank gives you +1 Initiative and
mental fortitude, though doing so is bound to wear you out each even rank gives a +1 Athletics bonus.
faster in the long run. By spending 1 Willpower, you end any
Stuns you're suffering from and become immune to any other Base Cost: 5
instances of that status effect until the end of the current Scale: 1
Limiting Attribute: AGI /10, Max 20
Initiative Count.
-= Rush =-
Cost: 40
Requires: 4 Willpower You don't waste time doing things like getting warmed up and
-= Guts =- taking stock of the battlefield, instead opting to rush right into
battle and make things up as you go along! You start battle
You refuse to go down in battle. So long as you're physically with (AGI)*(number of ranks in this ability)/20 AP.
able to breathe, you will not stop fighting when your values Base Cost: 4
are on the line. This can get downright frightening to behold, Scale: 2
depending upon the circumstances. Limiting Attribute: AGI /20, max 5

-= Preparation =- 4. Skill
You may, as part of your Initiative roll, activate one or more -= Anatomical Knowledge =-
techniques with Upkeeps that affect only yourself. You must
pay their Chakra or Stamina costs normally. Your knowledge of the human body develops sinister
The total of the (Speed + modified Seal Speed) of all the undertones. You can't learn how to treat life-threatening
techniques you use cannot exceed whatever you rolled for injuries without picking up more than a little bit of knowledge
your initiative. of how to cause life-threatening injuries. Each rank causes
your taijutsu attacks (including those with ranged weapons,
Cost: 40 just as a reminder) to calculate wounds as if their damage
Requires: 60 DEX was 5% higher.
Base Cost: 6
Scale: 2
3. Action Points Limit: Medicine /5
-= Active =- -= Doctor =-
You get a lot done in combat. Whether it's quickly assessing Aside from the basics of health and biology, and how to
the battlefield, exploiting an opening, or having that extra bit stabilize a dying comrade on the field, you've learned how to
of adrenaline, you're already doing what needs to be done. provide longer-term care for your allies.
Every rank in this ability increases the AP you naturally At the first rank of this ability, you are able to provide
gain each 20 IC by 1. Thus, if you had 3 ranks of Active, you'd 'medical attention' to people (as per the Recovery node in the
get (5 + 3) 8 AP every time the IC reached a multiple of 20. combat chapter), as of they were hospitalized. Doing so
requires you to have access to one First Aid kit per person
Base Cost: 2 you treat this way.
Scale: 1 At the second rank, you may do this even without a First
Limit: AGI /20
Aid kit. Finally, at the third rank, the recovery times for all
-= Principle of Motion =- people you are treating are halved, even beyond the normal
You're able to act blindingly fast, beyond what all reason reductions for receiving medical attention--you're just that
suggests should be possible. You may at any time cause your good.
next action to come 1 IC earlier for every 2 AP you spend. You can treat a number of people at once equal to your
For example, say it's initiative count 200, and you just took ranks in the Medicine skill. This is long-term treatment, so
a speed 12 action. Your action ends that IC, moving the battle you can still take breaks, sleep, and so forth, as long as you
onto IC 201; normally your next action would occur on IC are devoting most of your time to helping them heal.
(200+12) = 212. By spending 22 AP, you could act on (IC 212 Base Cost: 10
- 11) 201, in other words, immediately. Scale: 5
This only allows your next action to come sooner; it does Limit: (Medicine - 5) /5, Max 3
not let you finish an ongoing action sooner. As such, Principle -= General Knowledge =-
of Motion can't be used to make you finish Handseals early, or
while you are in the process of using any action with a Delay. You know a little bit about everything, and a lot about a few
Similarly, you can not use Principle of Motion to reverse things. Unfortunately, most of a ninja's abilities depend upon
time. You may use Principle of Motion only to bring your next talent rather than knowledge. For those that don't, you've got
action to what the current initiative count is. This means that an extra edge! You have +1 per rank to Medicine, Survival,
if you take an action on IC 16, once it is resolved IC 17 and Toxicology rolls.
begins--and that is the earliest you could activate Principle of Base Cost: 5
Motion, meaning you would be unable to act twice on the Scale: 2
same initiative count. Limit: Research /5
After using Principle of Motion, you may not use it again
until 10 IC have passed. You may not use Principle of Motion
while stunned.
Cost: 60
Requires: 100 DEX, 100 AGI
-= Surge =-
You can spend AP to improve an attack's accuracy, or a
defensive action's roll. This costs 8 AP per +1 Accuracy, and 5
AP per +1 to a defensive roll. Either way, Surge may give a
maximum of a +5 bonus, and is declared when the roll (or
attack) is made.
Cost: 40
Requires: 80 AGI

-= Skill Focus: (Skill) =-
This ability allows you to focus on a single skill at the expense
of your overall performance. Most of the skills a ninja
develops are picked up as a course of their regular training
and experience. Skill focus represents taking extra time to
focus on a specific talent, to the extent of all others.
Each rank of Skill Focus increases your rank in the chosen
skill by 1. This is an actual increase in rank, for all purposes,
not a "bonus". This ignores and does not count against the
normal limit on skill ranks. You may take Skill Focus for
multiple skills, each time treating it as a different ability with
a separate cost scale. Not every spar has to end with life ending injuries!
Base Cost: 2 Skill Points
Scale: +1 Skill Point every odd-numbered rank
(Ranks 1 and 2 cost 2 SP; ranks 3 and 4 cost 3 SP; and so
-= Specialization =-
You practice extensively with a chosen skill, so that even
while you may still make mistakes, you don't make
catastrophic ones; even at your worst, you're not terrible. Any
time you roll below a 5 on a roll with that skill, your d20 roll is
instead considered to be a 5.
You may take this ability multiple times. Each time you take
it, it applies to a different skill.
Base Cost: 10
Scale: 0
Requires: At least 5 ranks in each skill it's applied to.

5. Development
-= Holding Back =- a good idea when those 'friendly' training matches get a
little bit out of control. You declare you're holding back when
you make an attack. An attack that's been held back uses half
your normal damage bonus, and any wounds it inflicts have
their severity reduced by 1.
At the first rank this works on basic attacks and with E-
rank jutsu; the next rank allows it to be used on D-ranks, the
third on C-ranks, and so forth, up to A.
No, you can't hold back with S-rank moves.
Base Cost: 5
Scale: 2
Limit: Max 5
-= Progression =-
Ordinarily, when raising your attributes, the amount you've
raised one by must be within 3 points of the amount the next-
highest has been raised by, and so forth (the 'rule of 3'). Every
rank in this ability loosens that restriction by one.
Thus, instead of having spent XP to raise three stats by +3,
+6, and +9, you could have a progression of +4, +8, and +12.
Base Cost: 10 Although....
Scale: 0
Limit: XP/750

Some techniques require a constant expenditure of your
1. Explanation energy to maintain; this is what upkeep represents. So long
2. Rules as you maintain these techniques (which typically can be
3. Reader's Guide done indefinitely) you suffer a penalty to all Stamina and
Chakra Exhaustion rolls equal to that technique's Upkeep. If
you're maintaining multiple techniques with Upkeeps, these
penalties stack.
1. Explanation If your total Upkeep exceeds your total bonus to Chakra
Exhaustion rolls (not counting any penalties), you
The core of a ninja's supernatural capabilities comes from automatically advance a Fatigue level.For example, if you had
their jutsu--meaning, literally, techniques. These use chakra, a Chakra Exhaustion roll modifier of +6+2+10-8, your total
either projected outwards or used to amplify one's physical bonus would be +18. If you had an Upkeep of 19, your Fatigue
performance, to perform feats that woul be literally would automatically advance a category, giving you another
impossible for a normal person. +5, for a total bonus of +23. ou may end any Upkeeps you're
These are divided into three broad categories: taijutsu, sustaining at will, even when it's not your action.
ninjutsu, and genjutsu.
Taijutsu, or body techniques, use the chakra flowing d. Damage
throughout a ninja's body to give them the exceptional speed
or strength needed to perform the techniques. They are The base damage dealt by the technique. You add your
mostly physical attacks. This includes both unarmed combat, damage bonus (multiplied by the attack's modified Speed) to
and weapon techniques. this number.
Ninjutsu, or ninja techniques, use chakra to accomplish
what those unfamiliar with them might call magic. These e. Accuracy
effects range from changing one's appearance to projecting Some jutsu have bonuses or penalties to accuracy. If there's
balls of flame, to summoning water from thin air, to healing no entry for this, it uses your normal accuracy.
grievous injuries.
Genjutsu, or illusion techniques, use chakra to either f. Range
construct illusions in the environment or to directly affect an
enemy's mind and confuse their senses. Of the three, they are How many yards away the attack's target can be. In the case
the most difficult to learn. of area-of-effect techniques, they can be centered anywhere
within this range (and their effects may well extend beyond it).
2. Rules There's one special effect associated with Range: If a
Each jutsu is a unique action that, once you've learned it, you ninjutsu technique has a Range of "Touch", then it is possible
can perform. All jutsu are divided into five main ranks (E, D, to defend against it with an unarmed parry.
C, B, and A), with S-rank techniques being rare techniques
known only to their inventor and perhaps a handful of people g. Area
that person taught them to. The radius, in yards, of area-of-effect techniques. Some may
Though each rank of each type has special requirements to not use simple circular areas, in which case more details will
learn (explained in more detail in the relevant sections), a few be provided in the description itself.
broad rules apply. For example, to learn ninjutsu of one of the
five elements, you need the appropriate Elemental Aptitude h. Special
ability. Any special effects the technique has. If a status effect is
3. Reader's Guide listed here, it's inflicted automatically.
Most of the jutsu entries have a lot of information packed into i. Speed
them. To help make them easier to read, a lot of the common The jutsu's base Speed.
factors are written using shorthand; for example, rather than
spelling out "Using this technique requires you to make a
Chakra Exhaustion roll against 10", a jutsu would have an j. Seal Speed
entry of "Chakra: 10" The jutsu's base seal speed.
Below are all the common terms you'll see in jutsu entries,
and what they mean. k. Effects
a. Stamina / b. Chakra Any special characteristics of a technique which aren't
covered by one of the above categories are listed here.
The technique's Stamina and Chakra cost, respectively.
c. Upkeep:

1. Requirements
3. Combos
2. Weapon Jutsu Combos are a special type of unarmed taijutsu attack which
3. Combos a. Openers b. Combos c. Switching Combos benefit from being used in rapid succession. There are three
d. Finishers types of taijutsu attacks related to combos: Openers, Combos,
and Finishers.
a. Openers Openers are not, themselves, combo moves.
==================== However, after an opener hits, you may launch into a combo
(i.e. use a Combo jutsu). Openers are marked as such in their
entry, usually by "Special: Opener."
1. Requirements b. Combos Combo moves indicate as much in their name
(typically being named "___ Combo"), or in their 'Special'
Taijutsu is more than just hand-to-hand combat; ninjutsu entry. You cannot use a combo unless the last non-Interrupt
techniques go well beyond the realm of what's possible for action you took was a Combo or Opener; similarly, if your
normal humans, smashing rocks and the like. It's not combo is broken (see below), you have to start with a new
exactly... easy. opener.
There are three ways to qualify to learn a taijutsu When you begin a combo, you have a "Combo Counter"--
technique: the first is your rank in the Athletics skill. If you're basically, the number of combo moves you've strung together.
in good enough physical condition, you can pull off some This starts at 1 when you hit with an opener. Each time you
pretty impressive things. The second, Research skill rank: hit with a combo, the combo counter increments by 1.
sufficient understanding of how the move should be executed Each combo will have a combo counter entry; for example,
allows you to make up for your shortcomings. here is Lotus Combo's: Combo Counter: +1 Accuracy, +2d10
Finally, rank: If you're high-enough ranking, you're able to damage, +1 Stun, +2 Stamina
pull enough strings and ask for enough favors to get someone This works as might be expected: You multiply those
to spare the time to tediously instruct you in how to perform a bonuses by the number of combo counters you've amassed.
technique, making up for your own shortcomings. Thus, if you opened with a Kage Buyou and proceeded to a
Each rank has its own requirements, an each method Lotus Combo, the first hit would have +1 Accuracy, +2d10
meets them differently. damage, and +1 Stun (because you're at Combo 1 after the
Rank: E: Genin C: Chuunin, Special Jounin B: Jounin opener); if it hit you'd progress up to Combo 2, and the next
Athletics: D: 4 C: 10 B: 20 A: 30 combo you used would have +2 Accuracy, +4d10 damage, +2
Research: D: 5 C: 12 B: 22 A: 32 Stun, and +2 Stamina cost.
Thus, if you meet any one of those requirements, you can c. Switching Combos Once you've begun a combo, any
use the jutsu in question. A Chuunin with 5 Athletics could other combo jutsu is fair game. You could freely alternate
learn all techniques up to C rank, whereas one with 20 between Lion and Lotus combos as you pleased. For the most
Athletics could learn all techniques up to B rank. part, things remain simple. Each move increases your Combo
==================== Counter normally, no matter how many times you switch
between combo moves.
2. Weapon Jutsu Your Combo Counter bonuses are based only on the move
you're currently using. For example, say you used Kage Buyou
Weapon jutsu are special techniques which can be performed as an opener, then 4 Lotus Combos, followed by 3 Lion
only while using a specific sort of weapon. Combos. This would give you a total Combo of 8 hits (1 + 4 +
All weapon jutsu will have a "Type" entry, where they'll 3). If your next Combo move was a Lion combo, you'd
listen a certain characteristic, such as Slashing or Sword. multiply its CC bonuses (+1 Accuracy and -1 Speed) by 8,
Only a weapon which meets these requirements may be used giving you a total of +8 Accuracy and -8 Speed (though this
with that technique. would put it at only Speed 5, because it still can't be reduced
Many of these jutsu will list "As Weapon" in one or more of below half its base Speed).
their entries. For example, if you are using a Stamina 12 d. Finishers The final type of move is finishers. Finishers
weapon, and the technique lists "Stamina: As Weapon +3", may be used on their own normally, but have a special effect
the Stamina cost to use it would be 15. if used at the end of a combo. Though they do not receive the
If a weapon has a Delay, then any techniques using it also stacking effects for consecutive combo hits, they have special
inherit this Delay. For example, using Oak Flight (a technique effects based on your total combo counters.
which normally has no Delay) with a Tetsubo would cause For example, the Lion Barrage finisher has the following
your attack to have Delay 6 (the Tetsubo's normal Delay). entry: Combo Bonus: +2d10 damage For each combo counter
If a technique has a Delay of, for example, "As Weapon +3", you have when you execute Lion Barrage, its damage is
weapons without a Delay are treated as having a natural increased by 2d10.
Delay 0 (meaning, in that case, the technique would have
Delay 3).

e. Combo Breaking When a combo is broken, your combo Damage: (STR/10)d4
counter is immediately set to 0, you may not continue using Speed: 5
combo moves, and all accrued combo counter bonuses are Special: Interrupt
lost. Effects: This is used as an unarmed parry, with a +3
Combo breaking occurs if any of the following things Accuracy bonus. If you successfully defend, this becomes an
happen: > You take a non-combo, non-interrupt action. > You attack which uses the result of your parry roll as its Accuracy.
execute a finisher. > You attack a new target. > Your target
takes damage from an attack made by someone else. > You
take damage from an attack made by someone other than --( Senpuu - Whirlwind )--
your target. > You use any non-combo jutsu (even if it's an The user rotates while extending one leg, starting with a high
interrupt). > You are stunned. roundhouse that's used partially as a feint. Whether it hits or
misses, they continue to rotate into a second spin aimed at
Unarmed Jutsu the lower part of the body.
E-Rank Stamina: 13
Damage: (STR/10)d10
--( Trip )-- Speed: 12
You cause an opponent to fall down by knocking their legs out Area: 2
from under them. Calling it a 'technique' is misleading, but Effects: This attack hits all enemies in range. If partial
there's more to unbalancing a ninja than just wanting to; it defense applies, this deals 25% damage per point you hit by,
does take at least a little bit of training. rather than 20%.
Stamina: 8
Speed: 4 --( Houshou - Crushing Fist )--
Special: +2 Accuracy Usually considering a rude thing to do to someone, the user
Effects: If this hits, your opponent is allowed an Athletics slams their fist into their opponent's stomach at an upward
skill as a secondary defense against your Accuracy. This angle, knocking the air from their lungs if done properly.
Athletics roll has a +3 bonus for every time that battle they've Stamina: 10
had to make such a roll to avoid being tripped. Damage: (STR/10)d8
If they pass, their next action is delayed by 1 but they suffer Speed: 14
no other downsides.
If they fail, they are left prone on the ground. A prone Effects: If this hits, it increases the opponent's Stamina
person has -3 Accuracy, -2 to defensive actions, and moves at penalty by 1, +1 per category of wound it inflicts (2 at Minor, 3
half speed. Standing back up is a Speed 2 action. at Major, and so forth).
--( Feint )-- --( Reppuu - Gale )--
A subtle trick that almost every ninja knows--and knows how With alarming quickness you drop low to the ground and
to detect. Still, those that are particularly adept at it are often perform a full 360-degree sweeping kick that knocks
difficult to defend against properly. opponents off their feet when they attempt to close in for an
attack of their own.
Stamina: X + 2
Speed: X + 2 Stamina: 10
Damage: (STR/10)d6
Effect: This is used alongside any other melee-range Speed: 6
unarmed attack, and increases that action's Stamina and Special: Interrupt, Opener
Speed by 2 each. Make an opposed Espionage roll; if you beat
their result, you've tricked them with your feint. Effects: This may be used immediately after you have
If successful, this doubles the Speed of their defensive successfully dodged a melee-range attack. Reppuu is an
action for the purpose of determining when they'll act next. attack against whoever's action you dodged, and uses your
This doesn't prevent it from being a valid Interrupt against dodge roll as its Accuracy.
your attack. Alternately, you may use Reppuu as a normal attack, using
your regular Accuracy (rather than a dodge roll).
--( Teiryuu Dageki - Halting Blow
In one smooth motion, the user extends their arm and
pushed aside an oncoming blow, steps inward and pulls back
their forearm to slam their elbow into the opponent, turning
their defense into their offense.
Stamina: 10
--( Dainamikku Entorii - Dynamic C-rank
Entry )-- --( Daisenpuu - Great Whirlwind )--
This technique is nothing more than a jumpkick at an A more complex version of Senpuu which involves three
opponent from hiding. The hiding part became required kicks to the target's body going in the reverse order as before,
because of genin's tendency to shout out things like "HI- starting low and going high to end with an axekick to the
YAH!" as they did it. opponent's head. The speed and constant rotation is strong
Stamina: 15 enough to actually lift the practitioner into the air during
Damage: (STR/6)d10 execution.
Speed: 10 Stamina: 18
Special: Requires you be hidden from your target. Damage: (STR /8)d12
Effects: After the first time Dynamic Entry has been used Speed: 14
in combat (by you, by someone else, it doesn't matter) it has a Area: 3
-6 Accuracy for the rest of that battle. Requires: Senpuu
Effects: This attack hits all enemies in range. If partial
--( Shoushitsu - Rising Knee )-- defense applies, you deal 1/3 damage per point you hit by,
The user gets in close and slams their knee into the rather than 20%.
midsection of their opponent. While not complex, the pain
experienced is enough to make them double over in pain, --( Tsutenkyaku - Painful Sky Leg )-
leaving them vulnerable for a few seconds. -
Stamina: 15 After concentrating chakra in the user's legs, they leap high
Damage: (STR /10)d10 into the air and come down in a destructive axe kick, using
Special: Stun 4 gravity to enhance the momentum behind the blow while the
Speed: 16 user's chakra is used to enhance the destructive force of the
--( Tokken - Thrusting Shoulder )- Stamina: 24
- Damage: (STR /8)d12
By charging forward and turning at the last moment to bring Area: 6
a shoulder out front, the user slams into the enemy, knocking Speed: 20
them back. It relies mostly on the weight of the user, with the Special: -6 Accuracy
expectation they'll be heavier than the person they're running Effects: Your damage bonus is doubled for this attack. Even
into. if it misses, the opponent might still be damaged by the
Stamina: 12 shockwave (and destruction to the environment) the kick
Damage: (RES /10)d8 causes. For every point it misses by, your damage bonus is
Speed: 12 reduced by 10%, and its damage is reduced by 2d12.
Should the issue arise, this technique's "shockwave"
Effects: This knocks the victim back (your RES)/15 yards. damage does not work against airborne opponents, including
ones who have been rendered so by use of Kage Buyou.

--( Kage Buyou - Shadow of the It may also be used against objects, or out of battle, by
doubling the Speed, Delay, and Stamina. In this case, it
Dancing Leaf )-- destroys up to STR/10 cubic yards of inanimate objects, such
The user lowers themself to get underneath their opponent, as boulders or trees. For this to work, the material most be
and then knocks them into the air with a violent rising kick, contiguous; used against a bridge made from wooden planks,
leaping after them immediately after it to position themselves only a single plank would shatter, though a wall held together
in the target's shadow. with mortar would count as contiguous. Additionally, it can
only target hard, inflexible materials (i.e. things capable of
Stamina: 15 shattering); rocks are fair game, ropes are not.
Damage: (STR /8)d6 Two things to be aware of when using its secondary
Speed: 6 function. The first, it doesn't work against objects which have
Special: Opener been reinforced with chakra, such as through means of
Effects: If Kage Buyo hits, and your next action is an certain sealing jutsu. The second, it's not nearly as effective as
unarmed attack against its victim before they've had an action it might sound for "tunnelling" through walls, mountains, and
of their own, your attack has its Speed reduced by 5 (not the likes--ten cubic meters of shattered stone is still ten cubic
below half its base value) and receives +5 Accuracy. meters of stone, just in small pieces.
If used as the opener of a combo, the Accuracy bonus is
reduced to +3 but persists until your combo is broken. --( Asshou - Pressure Palm )--
You deliver a powerful, downwards palm blow to an
--( Souji Reppuu - Sweeping Gale )-- opponent's stomach or the small of their back, brutally
By flipping forward into a crouch, the user builds momentum knocking the wind from them and dazing them--repeated use
that's used to instantly land and begin spinning on one foot, of this can bruise a person's solar plexus, which pretty much
extending the other leg out while using chakra to enhance its hurts more than anything has any right to, for weeks.
density, rotating repeatedly to strike the knees of the enemy, Stamina: 24
simultaneously evading and tripping them. Damage: (STR/8)d8
Stamina: 16 Special: Stun 12
Damage: (STR /8)d8 Speed: 20
Speed: 8 Effects: This may only be used against an opponent who is
Special: Interrupt prone (as from the E-rank Trip). When it hits, they
Requires: Trip, Reppuu immediately make a Stamina 15 roll.
Effects: This follows the rules for the D-rank Reppuu
technique. Should you hit, the opponent is knocked prone, as --( Spinning Backfist )--
per the E-rank Trip's effects. With a burst of chakra to one of the user's legs, they spin
around and extend an arm to knock an opponent senseless
--( Uchikudakute no Jutsu - with the back of their fist. It's a powerful blow as it uses the
Shattering Hand Technique )-- weight and momentum of the user's entire body, but has an
inherent weakness of losing sight of the enemy while
Ninja can perform incredible feats of strength; after years of spinning.
grueling training, some can literally reduce boulders to gravel
for their bare fists. That's a handy trick to have, but most Stamina: 25
ninja aren't willing to go through the whole 'years of pain and Damage: (STR/8)d10
hard work' part, so instead they invented a jutsu which Accuracy: -2
accomplishes a similar effect: by channelling vibrating chakra Speed: 15
through their hand at the moment of impact, most solid Effects: This technique's damage is tripled when
objects can be shattered with a single blow. determining the severity of wounds it inflicts.
Stamina: 20
Damage: (STR /8)d10
Speed: 13
Delay: 5
Effects: When used against a person, roll location as if it
had caused a wound (unless it was a called shot; if blocked,
the defender chooses the location as usual). Before wounds
or damage are calculated, this completely destroys any armor
protecting the location it hits.

--( Attsu Buchikomu - Pain Driver --( Rankyaku - Storm Kick )--
)-- Using this technique a shinobi kicks with extreme precision,
not aiming at an opponent but instead kicking the air itself.
A brutal technique, and completely inappropriate for training Their leg slices through the air with such speed and precision
(because someone would have thought it was okay, if we that it compresses the air into a blade, aimed at the attack's
didn't say that). The attacker finds a weak point on their target.
opponent's body, the site of a previous injury, and strikes
there to amplify the existing wound. Stamina: 30
Damage: (STR /6)d6
Stamina: 20 Range: (STR/4) yards
Damage: (STR/8)d4 Speed: 14
Speed: 12
Effects: This cannot be parried (though ninjutsu-based
Effects: This attack must be a called shot, and does not defenses which work like parries still function). Rankyaku
normally inflict wounds. Instead, if it targets a location with a causes Slashing wounds. The first time this is used against a
Minor Blunt wound, that wound is removed and replaced given opponent in battle it has a +2 Accuracy bonus.
with a Major Blunt wound on the same location. This only
applies if the attack deals damage. --( Gouriki Senpuu - Strong
--( Maboroshi Tejun - Phantom Step Whirlwind )--
)-- Taking the Whirlwind back to the basics, the shinobi no
longer bothers with a series of strikes, and instead just
Despite the fancy name, it's a fairly simple 'technique'. With a focuses their ability into a single roundhouse with more
momentary burst of energy (and probably adrenaline, speed and power than the previous versions.
considering the circumstances where it's likely to be used)
the user does their best to get out of the way of an impending Stamina: 32
attack. The "phantom" came mostly from the way a shinobi Damage: (STR /6)d12
using this can, to the untrained eye, seem almost to Speed: 16
disappear. And because ninjas thought it sounded cool. Area: STR/30
Requires: Daisenpuu
Stamina: 5 * X
Speed: +X Effects: This damages everyone in range. If partial defense
applies, this technique does 50% of its normal damage per
Effects: This technique is used alongside a dodge attempt, point it hits by, rather than 20%. Anyone hit is knocked back
increasing its Speed by X and providing a +X bonus to your STR/30 yards.
dodge roll, as well as adding a Stamina cost to your dodge.
The increased Speed from Phantom Step cannot be reduced. --( Shougekishou - Upwards
If combined with the B-rank Leaping Shadow Evasion this
technique increases LSE's Stamina cost by (5*X), which Attacking Palm )--
replaces Phantom Step's normal Stamina cost. A difficult attack to connect with, the shinobi brings their
palm from waist height and strikes upwards to full extension.
B-rank This makes it exceptionally difficult to connect with, though if
the user does hit they'll send their opponent flying away.
--( Chouyaku Kage Kaihi no Jutsu - Stamina: 34
Leaping Shadow Evasion Technique Damage: (STR /6 +3)d12
)-- Speed: 16
You leap away from an attack, getting yourself safely out of Accuracy: -6
range. However, you don't pause to regain your orientation Special: Stun 6
and settle into your new position, instead keeping ready to Effects: If you are the attacker in a grapple, the Accuracy
move again. penalty is negated. The grapple is ended if this technique hits.
Stamina: 20 After being hit the opponent is knocked back (STR/10)
Special: Interrupt yards and left prone, as if they'd been hit with the E-rank Trip
Speed: 4 move.
Effects: When you use Chouyaku Kage Kaihi, make a
dodge roll. You may automatically attempt to dodge any
incoming attacks, without having to take an action to do so,
using Chouyaku Kage Kaihi's result as your effective dodge
roll. This lasts until you take any action, including defensive

--( Dai Dageki - Heavy Blow )-- A-Rank
One of the simplest hand to hand maneuvers at the highest of --( Chishi Kakato Suto - Deadly
levels, this attack is straight and to the point. Sacrificing Heel Strike )--
trickery or fancy techniques, you deliver a powerful blow with
the full weight of your body behind it. Used as a killing blow, this technique is commonly performed
upon a prone opponent. Leaping into the air, the Shinobi
Stamina: 28 comes down with a full power downward heel strike, usually
Damage: As basic Attack (including Power Attack and aiming to smash the ribcage, crush a skull or even snap the
Unarmed Focus) spine.
Speed: 8
Stamina: 70
Effects: Your damage bonus is doubled for this attack. Damage: (STR / 4)d20
Accuracy: -8
--( Gouken - Iron Fist )-- Speed: 26
A generalized term for one school of thought for how to Special: Stun 10
approach taijutsu, the idea behind 'Iron Fist' is to give every Effects: This attack receives double your normal physical
attack one's all, aiming to cause the maximum amount of damage bonus. Its Accuracy penalty is negated against a
damage in as few strikes as possible. This often involves prone opponent.
thrusting punches and short-range kicks, and is undeniably
effective. The downside, however, is that putting all one's --( Okasho - Cherry Blossom
force into a single blow results in telegraphing one's motions
to an observant opponent, and can quickly tire the user. Impact )--
Stamina: +X*2 Taking chakra infused muscles to the next level, the user
Accuracy: -X/4 (round up) focuses a massive amount of chakra into their fist, foot, or
Speed: Special even fingertip. Upon striking the chakra is released into their
target causing a great deal of damage. Given that the damage
Effects: This supplements another Unarmed jutsu, or basic is dependent on the amount of chakra channeled, a truly great
taijutsu attack. That attack's base Speed (including for shinobi can even use this technique with a single fingertip.
damage calculations) is increased by X, and your Physical Stamina: 35
Damage Bonus is also increased by X. Chakra: X
X has a maximum of STR/10. Damage: (X)d12
Speed: 24
--( Gawa-Ryuu - River Style )-- Requires: Chakra Strengthening, Chakra Control 30
The ultimate recourse of taijutsu fighters who are frustrated Effects: Okasho's Speed is multiplied by (your physical
with only being able to land glancing blows on their damage bonus) + (your ninjutsu damage bonus)/2, rather than
opponents, this technique sends a surge of chakra through just your physical damage bonus. You may give this technique
the attacking limb. This results in a burst of speed and an Area of (X/4), though doing so reduces its damage to (X)d6.
strength, and also a chakra 'shockwave' along the edge of the
attack that carries almost as much force as the strike itself.
--( Shigan - Finger Gun )--
Chakra: 15 + X/2 Using a single finger, the Shinobi strikes with speed and
Effects: This is activated after you hit with an Unarmed or precision to drive their finger into an opponents body. There
Combo taijutsu attack at melee range, but its damage is is a danger in the technique as an inaccurate strike can easily
reduced by partial defense. X is that technique's Stamina damage the user.
cost, after all modifications. Stamina: 50
When you activate River Style, your Accuracy with that Damage: (STR / 4)d6
attack is retroactively increased by 2, or the minimum value Speed: 24
to do full damage (i.e. overcome partial defense), whichever is Special: Bleed 15
Your opponent may spend Willpower on their defense after Effects: Shigan's damage is tripled for the purpose of
you've declared activation of River Style. If you then spend inflicting wounds, and deals Piercing damage.
Willpower on your Accuracy, River Style's effects last until If partial defense applies when Shigan hits, the attacker
your attack has been fully resolved. takes half the damage they rolled. Although Shigan cannot
wound its user this way, they also suffer a Sprained Arm
(Blunt, Major) wound as a result.

--( Benkei-do - Way of Benkei )-- --( Asahi Kyusho - Rising Sun Strike
A mixture of folk hero and mythical character, Benkei was a )--
warrior monk known for his peerless skill in combat and A very impressive, though somewhat impractical, technique,
unswerving loyalty to his master. One of the popular stories the user gathers energy in one limb (typically a leg, though
about his exploits involved Benkei guarding a bridge, holding open-palm attacks are possible) and relases it in a single,
back hundreds of warriors before finally succumbing to his swift strike with enough force to send their opponent flying.
wounds. This technique pays homage to his exploits, focusing Though not technically required, it is suggested that anyone
all a shinobi's efforts on defense. performing this technique shout its name emphatically when
doing so.
Stamina: 10 Generally speaking, the injuries from this technique come
Special: Interrupt less from the initial impact and more from the landing, which
Speed: +0 is very rarely graceful. Thankfully, the victims of this
Effects: You may activate Way of Benkei alongside a normal technique have their dignity spared--they're usually knocked
defense. Until your next action, your defenses have a (+1+X) too far away for anyone to see them wind up in a face-down
bonus, with X being the number of times you've attempted to heap after rolling through the dirt!
defend yourself (successfully or otherwise) since activating Stamina: 30 + X/2
Way of Benkei (including the defense it was activated with). Damage: (STR /4) d6
You may choose not to use Way of Benkei on a given defense; Speed: 20, Delay X
doing so does not reset its X value or require it to be
reactivated. Effects: This knocks the target back STR/4 (its Speed, after
The only defenses which "count" for Way of Benkei are any reductions /20) + (Delay)(your Physical Damage Bonus)/2
dodges and unarmed parries. You may use other defenses, yards.
but they do not receive its bonus or increase its X value. However, when Rising Sun Strike hits, make an Athletics
Way of Benkei ends when your take a non-Interrupt action, roll with a -10 penalty, and a +X bonus, against your
at which point you pay a secondary Stamina cost of 10+3*X, opponent's Athletics. If their roll is greater than yours, the
to a maximum of 40. You may declare Block, Total Defense, distance they're knocked back is halved. For every 5 points
Guard, and similar effects without ending Way of Benkei. they beat your roll by, increase the divisor by 1 (to /3 at 5, /4 at
10, and so on).
Additionally, if they are knocked back more than (their
RES)/3 yards, they lose an amount of AP equal to their
current AP, divided by the same amount as the knockback
was (someone with current 30 AP who divided the
knockback by 4 would lose 7 AP).
Rising Sun Strike's damage is considered Y% higher for
causing wounds, where Y is the number of yards is target
was knocked back.

Combo Jutsu
--( Reikoku Kagai - Relentless
D-rank Assault )-
--( Rendan - Combo )-- You get in close to your opponent and begin beating on them!
Not so much a proper technique as a catch-all term for any Doing so for a prolonged period of time can easily overwhelm
series of attacks made in rapid succession, without breaking all but the strongest defenses.
one's flow or allowing an opponent time to retreat. Stamina: 16
Stamina: 12 Damage: 1d8
Damage: 1d6 Accuracy: -3
Speed: 10 Speed: 8
Combo Counter: +1d6 damage, -1 Speed Combo Counter: Blocking is 5% less effective, +0.2 damage
--( Yaburi Yashi - Smashing Palm )--
A single, staggeringly powerful open-palmed blow delivered --( Shishi Danmaku - Lion Barrage
at the end of a combo, aimed at the opponent's midsection to )--
strike their solar plexus. A popular way to end the similarly-named combo-assault, the
Stamina: 16 Lion Barrage was is often taught to students along with Lion
Damage: 3d6 Combo itself. Advanced taijutsu users, however, have been
Speed: 15 known to appreciate the flexibility and fluidity that comes
Special: Finisher from separating the techniques.
The Lion Barrage is simply a series of fast, strong fist and
Combo Bonus: +2 Stun knee strikes.
Effects: This is an automatic called shot to the abdomen. If Stamina: 25
it's blocked, the Stun is halved. Damage: 6d8
Accuracy: +4
--( Gekido Denka - Furious Charge Speed: 14
)-- Special: Finisher
The basis of combos in battle is maintaining one's Combos Bonus: +2d8 damage
momentum, striking one blow before the opponent's fully
recovered from the one before it. In many cases, all one --( Hangeki Rendan - Counter
needs is a few seconds to get away from their opponent and
catch their breath to escape an otherwise merciless beating. Combo )--
You, however, just love to beat people mercilessly. Though Exploiting a momentary break in your opponent's attacks,
it's taxing, you can keep your adrenaline up, and keep your you turn the tables on them! It's very exciting, and stuff.
blows coming rapidly and rhythmically, even after being
forced to chase after your victims. Stamina: 20
Speed: 8
Stamina: 15
Upkeep: 4 Effects: You and your opponent both make Accuracy rolls.
Speed: 4 If your result is higher, you immediately break their combo,
and execute any combo jutsu you know, with a starting combo
Effects: So long as you maintain Furious Charge, taking counter equal to whatever your opponent's was when you
Move actions will not break your combos. Using movement- used this technique.
based jutsu (such as Shunshin), however, will. If you fail, your opponent may immediately use any combo
they know against you, as a Speed 0 Interrupt.
--( Shishi Rendan - Lion Combo )--
Ideally meant to be used after performing Kage Buyo, this is a
series of high-speed punches and kicks.
Stamina: 18
Damage: 2d8
Speed: 10
Combo Counter: +1 Accuracy, -1 Speed

Additionally, Lotus Combo can extend existing stuns. If a
--( Rakurai Heishi - Lightning target hit by Lotus Combo is Stunned, the duration of that
Warrior )-- Stun is increased by X*2, with X being the length of the
Conventional wisdom says that one must prioritize speed or current Lotus sequence. Thus, hitting someone with four
power, having to choose between one or the other. You reject Lotus Combos in a row would extend their stun by (2+4+6+8)
that, striking both quickly and decisively. Of course, that 20.
means you have to pay the price elsewhere: fighting like this
will rapidly wear a person out. --( Hokuto no Ken - Fist of the
Stamina: 15 North Star )--
Upkeep: 0 Delivering a precise, rapid, and powerful series of blows to
Speed: 6 vital points on an opponent's body, this causes their blood
vessels to spontaneously rupture, resulting in both internal
Effects: While Rakurai Heishi is maintained, any time a hemorrhaging and dramatic external bleeding, sometimes
combo you are performing would be broken you may choose even resulting in a brief spray of blood immediately after its
to increase this technique's Upkeep by 2; when you do so, use.
your combo is not broken.
If your combo is broken, Lightning Warrior's Upkeep is Stamina: 30
reset to 0. If you stop maintaining Lightning Warrior, your Damage: 7d10
current combo is automatically broken. Rakurai Heishi Accuracy: +2
cannot be used if your combo is broken because you Speed: 30
performed a Finisher or a Move action. Special: Finisher
Combo Bonus: +1d10 damage, +1 Bleed
--( Bunka-ken - Splintering Fist )-- Effects: Even if Hokuto no Ken is parried, it still inflicts its
A powerful blow that smashes through defenses. Your attack Bleed.
carries almost concussive force behind it, enough to
overcome all but the most resilient of enemies. --( Aragami no Jutsu - God of
Stamina: +5 Battle Technique )--
Speed: +4 Rather than waiting for your opponents to give you openings
Special: Finisher and then capitalizing upon them, you make openings. When
Combo Bonus: Ignore 5 points of DR. that doesn't work, you break through your opponent's
Effects: This is applied as an addition to an Unarmed defenses anyway, attacking even when it seems fruitless, until
Taijutsu technique, increasing its Stamina and Speed finally something gives.
accordingly and turning it into a Finisher. The increased Stamina: 15
Speed does not improve the technique's damage. Upkeep: 0
Speed: 6
B-rank Effects: Whenever you hit with a technique that raises your
--( Hasu Rendan - Lotus Combo )-- Combo Counter, your Combo Counter increases by 1 more,
and Aragami's Upkeep also increases by 2. When your combo
The user of this technique launches into a sequence of strikes is broken, Aragami's Upkeep is reset to 0.
designed to alternately wind, disorient, and daze their If you end Aragami, your Combo Counter is immediately
opponent, combining those effects to prevent their adversary set to 0.
from fighting back effectively for as long as possible.
Stamina: 10
Damage: 2d10
Speed: 4
Special: Opener. This action's Speed may not be reduced.
Combo Counter: +2d10 damage, +2 Stamina, +1 Accuracy
Effects: Each time Lotus is used sequentially (with no other
attacks between uses), its base Speed increases by 2, its
Stamina cost is raised by 4, and it gives an additional 1
Combo Count. This stacks; the fourth Lotus in a sequence
would be Speed (4+23) 10, give (1 + 13) 4 Combo Counters,
and have a Stamina cost of 22 (before Combo Counter

--( Mouretsu Tora no Jutsu - --( Taiyou Douyou no Jutsu - Solar
Furious Tiger Technique )-- Agitation Technique )--
You break off your combo with an abrupt transition back into For once, the name actually has a basis in reality! This
more traditional taijutsu techniques, taking advantages of the technique is a single, devastating blow to the opponent's solar
momentum and rhythm you've built up to deliver one plexus, knocking the wind from their lungs and temporarily
devastating blow. debilitating them in the aftermath.
Stamina: +10 Stamina: 40
Speed: +6 Damage: 8d12
Special: Finisher Accuracy: +2
Speed: 16
Combo Bonus: +0.5 Accuracy, +5% damage Special: Finisher
Effects: This finisher is used by combining it with an Combo Bonus: +3 Stun, +1 to enemy's Stamina penalty,
Unarmed Taijutsu attack, increasing its Stamina cost +1d12 damage
appropriately. The Combo Bonuses are applied to that Effects: This has an additional feature if used against an
technique, modifying it appropriately. opponent who was performing handseals. If the total Stun
The increased Speed from using Furious Tiger does not from Solar Agitation is greater than the Speed of their
improve the technique's damage. Perform Handseals action, the victim automatically Aborts
their Perform Handseals action (as if they had failed the
A-rank Chakra Control roll against the attack's damage dealt).
--( Akuma no Isoi - Devil's Rush )-- --( Senkagami no Jutsu - God of War
A technique that requires extreme speed and toughness, and Technique )--
a considerable disregard for one's own health. Most shinobi
learn first-hand in the academy what 'chakra burns' are: The greatest of hand-to-hand combatants are able to dispatch
burns, typically found on the hands (where chakra is typically enemies one after another in the midst of battle, their
focused), caused by poorly forcing too much of one's chakra momentum never lagging, their blows not showing the
through their body's "chakra pores". slightest hint of hesitation.
This technique takes a common mistake among academy If you've mastered this technique, you are officially one of
students and weaponizes it, forcibly overwhelming one's own them! Congratulations!
chakra circulatory system in the arms and hands, Stamina: +5
superheating their body. That, combined with the high-speed Upkeep: 0
blows delivered by this technique, results in what appear to Speed: +0
be literally flaming punches.
This can actually be delivered in kicks as well, and the Effects: This is used alongside a Finisher. Using that
general consensus is that a 'burning' leg is more visually Finisher does not end your combo; instead, your Combo
impressive. Most ninja, however, prefer punches, because Counter is halved, but you may continue your combo, make
they hate fun. another finisher, or so forth. If your Finisher missed and you
Stamina: 25 activated Senkagami, your Combo Counter does not
Damage: decrease at all.
Speed: 10 After using a finisher with Senkagami applied, you gain an
Upkeep of 5 from Senkagami; each subsequent use increases
Combo Counter: +1d6 damage, +1 Ignite Senkagami's Upkeep by 5 (10 after the second use, 15 afte
Effect: If an enemy passes a Resistance roll against your the third, and so forth). When your combo is broken,
Athletics, the severity of the ignite they're inflicted with is Senkagami's Upkeep ends; similarly, if you end Senkagami's
halved. Whether or not you hit, you yourself suffer Burns with Upkeep, your combo ends automatically.
a severity equal to Akuma no Isoi's Ignite.

Grappling Jutsu
E-rank --( Escape Grapple )--
Being held in place by one person and then punched into
--( Grab )-- submission by all their friends is a pretty exceptionally
You grab onto an opponent, with the intent to not let go! It's undignified way for a ninja to go down. Accordingly, ninja are
not a preferred method of fighting among ninja, but it does usually taught the basics of how to writhe their way out of all
have some limited popularity amongst certain taijutsu manner of holds.
fighters. Stamina: 4 + X
Stamina: 8 if it misses, 12 if it hits Speed: 4 + X, Delay X
Damage: None Special: Grapple-only.
Speed: 12 Effects: Roll a grapple check against your opponent. The
Effects: You are grappling your opponent. This is not "X" in this jutsu's cost and speed is the amount you fail your
inherently a huge advantage, but leads in to multiple other grapple check by.
possibilities for attack. Thus, if you rolled a 12 against your opponent's 16, Escape
When grappled, the following effects apply to both Grapple would be a Stamina 8 check and have a Speed of 8.
participants: On the other hand, if you passed your check by 36 points, it
would be only Stamina 4 and Speed 4.
Their movement speed is halved, and moves the other This technique cannot be Aborted, despite its Delay.
person along with them.
If you try to move, the other person may attempt to --( Headbutt )--
restrain you; if they do, your AGI is reduced by half their You use your head to hit someone else's head. Really,
STR when calculating how far you can move. honestly, it's a highly technical process. You just don't
The Dodge and Parry interrupt both have their Speed understand because you're not a ninja.
increased by 2.
Other Grapple jutsu may be used. Grapple jutsu cannot be Stamina: 5
defended against normally (i.e. dodging, blocking). Damage: 3d8
Ordinary attacks, such as punching or stabbing the other Speed: 7
grappler, can be defended against normally. Special: Grapple-only
The attacker cannot use handseals without the Single- Effects: This attack may be used by either the attacker or
Handed Seals unique. the defender in the grapple, but only against the other person.
If either person is suffering from the Ignite status, both It automatically hits. If it causes a wound, that wound is
people take damage from it. If both are on fire, only the automatically a head wound.
more severe Ignite deals damage. Although the attacker does not take damage from doing
Certain situations within a grapple may call for a 'grapple this, if the damage they do would have caused them to be
check'. This varies depending on whether you are the attacker wounded, they will suffer that wound. For example, if you
or defender. Attacker: 1d20 + STR/10 + DEX/20 Defender: have 500 Vitality and Headbutt someone for 60 damage, you
1d20 + STR/10 + AGI/20 would take 0 damage and suffer a minor wound (for taking
The person who initiated the grapple is considered the more than 10% of your HP in one hit).
'attacker', and may end it at will, at any time; the person who
was grabbed is the 'defender', and may not. D-rank
Unless specified otherwise, all Grapple Jutsu may only be --( Throw )--
used by the attacker. However, the defender has two options You use leverage, brute force, or a combination of the two to
(beyond normal actions and attacks) available to them: physically throw an enemy, either by flipping them over you,
Shift Grapple (Speed 5, Stamina 5) The attack and hurling them into a nearby object, slamming them to the
defender both roll grapple checks; if the defender exceeds the ground, or something similar.
attacker's roll, they are the new attacker in the grapple. When
this is done, the attacker also has to roll a Stamina 5 check. Stamina: 12
Break Grapple (Speed 4) The attack and defender both roll Damage: 4d6
grapple checks; if the defender matches or exceeds the Speed: 8, or +4
attacker's roll, the grapple ends immediately. When this is
done, the attacker must roll a Stamina 5 check, or choose to Effects: This immediately ends the grapple, and Stuns the
simply let go. enemy, severity 4. This can also be declared as part of a Grab
attack, in which case it increases the total Speed by 4, and
deals damage as a Speed 16 action. It cannot be blocked
when used this way. The two Stamina rolls (one for a grab,
and one for Throwing if the grab succeeds) are made

--( Arm Lock )-- --( Choke Hold )--
You use one of your hands or arms to pin an opponent's in a You grab your opponent's neck and cut off either the flow of
position where they can't use it effectively. It's a bit harder blood to their brain, or of oxygen to their lungs. Either way,
than it sounds, just because of the logistics of grappling it's a nasty thing to be affected by... though as far as combat
people effectively. between ninjas go, it's one of the more effective and less
violent ones.
Stamina: 10 Stamina: 10
Speed: 6 Speed: 5
Effects: You and your opponent both lose the ability to use Effects: You lose the ability to use one of your arms while
one of your arms. This puts your opponent at a -1 maintaining this hold. Every use of this technique applies a
immobilization penalty, applies a -2 penalty to their grapple stacking -1 Suffocation penalty to your opponent. So long as
rolls, and doubles the Seal Speed of any jutsu they try to use. this hold is maintained (meaning you don't use the arm
Using this jutsu a second time doubles the penalties and holding them for anything else, and remain in control of the
makes it impossible for the victim to use handseals at all. grapple) the suffocation effect does not end.
If you lose control of the grapple, these effects end.
A person with the Single-Handed Seals unique is able to
perform handseals one-handed unhindered by these effects. --( Reversal )--
Stamina: 4, +X if successful
--( Leg Lock )-- Speed: 3 + Special
You hook one of your legs around an opponent's, restricting Special: Interrupt
their mobility at the price of your own. Effects: This can interrupt the use of any grapple move
Stamina: 10 other than Headbutt or Pressure Point while you're the
Speed: 6 defender, as long as you know that jutsu yourself. Make a
grapple roll against the attacker; if you succeed you gain
Effects: You and your opponent both lose the ability to use control of the grapple and automatically use the move they
one of your legs. This gives your opponent a -2 penalty both to were going to; the 'X' in Reversal's Stamina cost is that
immobilization and to their grapple checks, as well as further move's Stamina.
halving the speed at which you and they can move in the Reversal's Speed is 3 if it fails, and for the purpose of
grapple. determining what it can interrupt. If it succeeds, you also add
With both their legs locked, the penalties double and half the Speed of the move you reversed.
neither you nor they can move at all. __
If you lose control of the grapple, these effects end.
--( Head Lock )--
You get behind an opponent and put an arm around their --( Counter Throw )--
neck. For what's a fairly simple-seeming maneuver, this is You throw an enemy who's grabbing you off, freeing yourself
actually highly effective: to avoid breaking their own neck, from them and injuring them in the process.
they have to limit their mobility.
Stamina: 8 + X
Stamina: 10 Damage: 4d6
Speed: 6 Speed: 4 + X, Delay X
Effects: You lose the ability to use one of your arms, and Requires: Throw
your opponent suffers a -4 immobilization penalty, as well as Effects: This ends a grapple when used, but may only be
a -2 penalty to all their grapple rolls. For the duration of the used by the defender. The attacker is Thrown (as per the D-
headlock, the victim's Stamina rolls have a -4 penalty. rank Throw move, including the stun). Counter Throw always
Additionally, any jutsu or effects that require them to aim with deals damage as if it was Speed 10, regardless of the actual
their mouth (such as breathing fire or spitting out needles) speed.
have a -5 strike penalty. When you declare use of Counter Throw, make an opposed
If you lose control of the grapple, these effects end. Grapple check. The amount you fail by is the "X" in this
move's Stamina cost and Speed. If you pass, it's Stamina 8 /
Speed 4 / Delay 0.

--( Joint Lock )-- --( Compression Hold )--
You grab your opponent in such a way that you can put A less brutal alternative to joint locking (which has this nasty
continual strain on one of their limbs or joints. Though tendency to tear people apart), a compression hold is still
typically non-lethal, an expert grappler can be brutal with exceptionally painful--that's the point. You twist the victim's
these techniques. body in such a way that their own joints are being used to
hurt them--forcing their elbow to press against their sternum
Stamina: 10 is a popular one.
Damage: Basic unarmed attack.
Speed: 5 Stamina: 6
Special: Must have the opponent in an Arm Lock or Leg Speed: 3
Lock. Effects: This requires the opponent already be in one of the
Effects: To use this technique you must have your opponent three D-rank locks. Each time you use this technique applies
in an arm or leg lock; if you have multiple limbs locked, a -1 penalty to their grapple checks, so long as that lock is
declare which one you are targeting. Any wounds dealt by the maintained. This penalty remains until that lock is ended.
joint lock are applied to that limb.
Although the damage is dealt normally, it is considered --( Suplex )--
cumulatively 25% higher each time you use the technique. Just... read that, okay?
For example, the first Joint Lock you apply does unarmed That's what you do to them.
damage +25%; the next, unarmed damage +50%; the third
+75%, and so forth, and so on. Stamina: 13
If you take an action other than maintaining the joint lock Damage: 6d12
(including moving or using interrupts), this cumulative Speed: 15
increase is reset.
Joint Lock does benefit from Unarmed Focus and Power Effects: This ends the grapple. If Suplex inflicts a wound, it
Focus, if you have those abilities, though its Stamina cost is is dealt to the opponent's head.
increased appropriately (up to 18 for four ranks of Power
Attack). B-rank
--( Pressure Point )-- --( Kurokumaken - Black Bear
You find, grab, and press down on an opponent's pressure Strength )--
point, temporarily immobilizing them; these are painful while A devastating move, developed by a shinobi who claimed he
maintained, but more to the point (ahaha, get it, because had gained inspiration for it by watching the fighting tactics
they're... never mind) it prevents the nerves you're isolating of wild bears. The user wraps their arms around their
from working properly while the pressure is maintained. opponent and squeezes with incredible strength. Users of
Stamina: 10 + X*4 this move have been known to crack arm bones and break
Speed: 5 ribs.
Special: Interrupt It was later pointed out that real bears do not actually hug
Requires: Medicine 10 people, to death or otherwise. The original inventor of the
move refused to comment, and the name was in wide use by
Effects: This may be used to Interrupt any grapple move that point anyway.
used by the defender, other than Headbutt or Break Grapple Stamina: 30
checks (Shift Grapple and Escape Grapple are fair game). Damage: 10d12
You quickly find a pressure point on their body and Speed: 16
immobilize it, preventing them from completing whatever Requires: Compression Hold
they were attempting.
This requires an arm free; you may release a lock, if Effects: If this causes a wound, that wound is applied to the
necessary, as part of this interrupt, to free up your hand. Roll torso and both arms. Additionally, your damage bonus is
an opposed grapple check, applying no penalties from holds doubled for calculating the damage of this move.
or locks. If you are successful, they are prevented from taking Kurokumaken requires the use of both arms.
their action.
Against Escape Grapple or Counter Throw (or any
techniques with similar variable effects), the "X" value the
user pays for their failed technique is half the amount you
beat their roll by.
For Pressure Point's cost, X is the number of times you've
used Pressure Point in that battle--making it 10 the first time,
12 the second, and so on.

--( Ryuorosu - Dragon Takedown )- A-rank
- --( Shishi Keishi - Lion Execution
Adapted--in purpose, method, and name--from a 'normal' style )--
of martial arts, the Dragon Takedown is a more aggressive
method of initiating a grapple, often throwing an opponent to This move was supposedly developed by a martial arts
the ground in the process. master who was tackled and mauled by a lion. He somehow
survived, though horribly maimed; it's said that because
Stamina: 18 nobody could recognize him after the attack, he became
Damage: (STR/5)d4 known as the "Faceless Master." He devised this technique
Speed: 16 based on what he learned from being tackled and mauled by
Effects: This may be used outside of a grapple; in fact, it a lion, to imitate the effects of the victim being tackled and
may only be used outside of a grapple. If you hit, you deal mauled by a lion.
damage (which is not unblockable) and you initiate a grapple Stamina: X + 10
with your opponent and may immediately apply any of the D- Speed: X + 6
rank locks or a choke hold. Requires: Dragon Takedown
--( Tora Rakka - Tiger Drop )-- Effects: Shishi Keishi is performed from outside of a
grapple. If this technique misses, the "X" value is not paid.
You flip your opponent over you and hurl them to the ground When performing Shishi Keishi, declare any grapple move of
(or otherwise maneuver them unpleasantly if you're both B rank or below; if it hits, you initiate a grapple and then
already on the ground) and slam an elbow, knee, or other immediately perform that move. "X" is the cost and speed of
body part into them, using gravity to assist your momentum. the move you are using with Shishi Keishi.
Nobody really knows what this has to do with tigers.
Stamina: 24 --( Garuda Tsuiraku no Jutsu -
Damage: (STR/5)d12 Crashing Garuda Technique )--
Speed: 6 The Crashing Garuda is not, at a glance, all that different
Effects: When you use this technique, make an opposed from a regular flip-your-opponent-over-a-shoulder throw.
grapple check. If the opponent fails, they are Stunned (10). If What makes it different, and what makes it take arduous
you fail, you are instead Stunned for that amount; if you practice to perfect, is the precise way the user manipulates
succeed, you are still Stunned (4). This technique ends the their opponent and strains their muscles. The Crashing
grapple. Garuda is a study in kinesiology--the user lifts the opponent
overhead and swings them down, bringing themselves
--( Hijutsu: Full Nelson - Secret crashing along with the foe in a way that multiplies the force
brought to bear by both muscles and gravity.
Technique: Full Nelson )-- Too long? Didn't read? The short version: You don't want to
A special technique passed down through generations, the have this used against you.
true origin of the Full Nelson is unknown, but its efficiency is Stamina: 28
dreaded; many a shinobi has thought victory assured, only to Damage: 16d10
be trapped by a well-timed Full Nelson. Speed: 18, Delay 14
Stamina: 15 Requires: Tora Rakka
Speed: 8 Effects: Make a grapple check. The amount you succeed by
Effects: You must use both your arms to keep your is added to this technique's Speed for the purpose of
opponent in this hold. So long as you do so, they have a -8 determining its damage, the opponent is Stunned for half that
immobilization penalty and a -8 penalty to their grapple rolls. amount, and you are Stunned for one quarter that amount. If
This ends if you lose control of the grapple. you fail, you still pay the Stamina cost and expend the full
Speed, but the attack fails.

--( Washitsume no Jutsu - Eagle
Talon Technique )--
The pinnacle of ways to brutally maim your opponents when
you already have them at your mercy in battle, Washitsume is
yet another move named after animals for no clear reason
other than martial artists (and ninjas) seeming to think that's
The principle is simple: You hyperextend a limb or joint
while twisting it in whatever way will put the most excessive
amount of strain on the bones, muscles, and tendons. It's
quite possible for this to cause irreparable damage, and it has
seen some use as an improvised torture method.
Stamina: 10 + X * 4
Damage: Basic unarmed damage.
Speed: 8 + X * 2
Effects: You must have your opponent in a joint lock for the
limb you are attacking. After reductions are applied, this
attack's actual damage is halved. However, for the purpose of
causing wounds its original damage is multiplied by X, up to
a maximum of 6. The X*2 is not included when calculating
your damage bonus from Speed.

Weapon Jutsu
D-rank Stamina: As Weapon +5
Damage: As Weapon
--( Kousanami - Cross Wave )-- Speed: As Weapon +5
A simple but elegant technique, the user brings their weapon Type: Blunt
up in a sequence of diagonal slashes. It gets its name from Effects: Every 50 damage dealt by this technique gives the
the rising swings and the figure-eight motion which is both victim a -1 penalty to Accuracy which lasts until their next
efficient and simple to perform. attack or accuracy roll.
Stamina: As Weapon + 4 If you deal more than 400 damage, for 50 IC whenever they
Damage: As Weapon attack any single target they must roll 1d2; on 1, their attack
Speed: 15 + (weapon's Speed)/2 functions normally. On 2, they have a -5 Accuracy penalty due
Type: Sword or Slashing to disorientation and double vision.
Effects: Cross Wave has only a single Accuracy, and is --( Haganekabe - Steel Wall )--
treated as one attack. However, if the opponent uses a
defense where they roll for a result (such as dodge or parry), By spinning their weapon rapidly with both hands, the user
they must roll twice. deflects ranged attacks aimed at them as they close in on
If the attack hits the first defense, that roll is used to their opponents, and then use the momentum gained by the
determine how much partial defense, if any, is applied. If the rotation to finish with a powerful swing.
second defense also fails (partial defense being ignored for Stamina: As Weapon +6
this purpose), your attack's dice damage is tripled (from, for Upkeep: 5
example, 5d8 to 5d8*3). Damage: As Weapon
If the attack misses against your opponent's first defensive Speed: As Weapon -2
roll, make the second roll. If it hits, this attack deals damage Type: Polearm, Umbrella
as a regular attack with your weapons (with the higher Speed
associated with this technique). Effects: When you use this technique, you begin spinning
If you are using a two-handed weapon (such as a nodachi your weapon; so long as you keep doing this you may parry
or zanbato), which would normally multiply your damage incoming ranged attacks as a Speed 0 Interrupt with a +5
bonus by 50%, you do not receive that increase when using bonus, but both your hands and your weapon are occupied.
Cross Wave. For example, if you had a damage bonus of 10, Anyone attempting to attack you in melee has their action's
normally a two-handed sword would use 15; for Cross Wave, Speed increased by 4, as they need to get around your
however, it would use the normal 10. polearm.
When in melee range of someone, you may end this
--( Nenten Tsuki - Twisting Stab )-- technique's upkeep and pay its cost and Speed again to use it
as an attack, with +3 Accuracy.
The user lunges forward while turning their wrist, drilling
their weapon into the opponent, using chakra to enhance
their momentum. It is very effective at breaking an --( Ichi no Hoshi - One Star )--
opponent's guard as you spin the weapon to go around their By unfolding their fan only a third of the way, the user creates
defense. a small but biting gust of wind that is useful for its capacity to
Stamina: As Weapon +2 strike at targets far away while wielding a weapon.
Accuracy: -1 Stamina: As Weapon
Damage: As Weapon Chakra: 10
Speed: 12 + (Weapon's Speed)/5 Damage: As Weapon
Type: Piercing Speed: As Weapon
Effects: This technique reduces the effectiveness of Range: CHA/5
blocking by an additional 25% (for a total of 50%, for Type: Fan
attacking with a weapon). If you miss completely, the Speed is Effects: This uses your ninjutsu damage bonus, rather than
increased by 3, as you lunge and lose your balance. your physical damage bonus.
--( Kashiwa no Hishou - Oak Flight
Circling something large and blunt over your head, you slam
it into your opponent after a few rotations and completely
daze them. A powerful enough strike put in the right place
makes it hard for the enemy to focus on you, or even gives
them a bit of double-vision.

--( Fukumikuchi Hari - Hidden --( Mukadesuto - Centipede Strike
Mouth Needles )-- )--
The user is able to summon needles from within their mouth Using two weapons in conjunction with one another, the user
and spit them at their opponents with force comparative to strikes repeatedly, flowing from one strike to the next in a
have been thrown. It's useful at point-blank range for catching barrage of attacks that can quickly overwhelm most
the opponent by surprise, but becomes predictable with opponents.
repeated use. Stamina: As Dual-Wield Attack, +3
Stamina: As senbon multi-throw, +3 Damage: As Dual-Wield Attack
Chakra: 10, +X Speed: As Dual-Wield Attack +2
Damage: As senbon multi-throw Type: Dual
Speed: As senbon multi-throw, -2 Effects: Each time this attack is consecutively used (even if
Type: Senbon it misses!) the total Speed of the attack is reduced by 1, to a
Effects: This allows you to perform a multi-throw with minimum of half its original value. Additionally, the number
senbon, following normal multi-throw rules, even without the of dice on each weapon is increased by 1.
ability which would normally allow you to do so. If you can These benefits reset if you make a non-Interrupt action
multi-throw senbon without using this jutsu, it instead other than a dual-wielded attack with your weapons or
becomes an automatic Surprise Attack. movement, or if you go for 15 IC or more without using this
X is the number of times you have previously used this jutsu.
technique in the same battle.
Though this jutsu can be used as often as you wish, it may --( Kusari no Hebi - Chain Serpent
only be used as a Surprise Attack once every 100 IC; after )--
that, it's just not surprising. With sufficient practice, the user can throw their chain
weapon in such a way that it ricochets to strike their
--( Kage Shuriken no Jutsu - opponent multiple times, hitting and disarming them or
Shadow Shuriken Technique )-- tripping them at the same time, tugging on the chain to
The user throws multiple Shuriken at the same time, redirect it.
positioning them in such a way that one or more weapons Stamina: 16
can hide within the shadow of another in flight, making the Range: As Weapon
lower one(s) virtually invisible. Speed: +4
Stamina: 22 Type: Chain Weapon
Damage: As Weapon(s) Effects: If this hits, in addition to dealing damage you may
Speed: 22 either attempt to perform the E-rank taijutsu technique Trip
Type: Large Ranged Weapon or disarm a weapon they're holding. The Stamina costs and
Effects: You throw two of the same weapon, each doing Speds of these actions are included in this technique.
their normal base damage, and using half this technique's
Speed to determine how much they benefit from your --( Omo Hoshiga - Double Star
damage bonus. Fang ) --
If this hits and partial defense does not apply, combine the Several enemies running at an archer and getting in close
damage of the two weapons. If it hits and partial defense does could mean the end for an archer, but luckily you can fend
apply, one misses entirely and the other does full damage (not them off! Quickly drawing several arrows out, you load them
reduced by partial defense). all into your bow and fire them off in different directions. This
would be hard for most people, but luckily you're a ninja.
Stamina: (As Weapon) + 5 * X
Damage: As Weapon
Range: As Weapon
Speed: (As Weapon) + 3 * X
Type: Bow
Effects: You may target up to three additional people with
this attack; X is the number of people beyond the first who
you attack.

--( Soushuriken no Jutsu - --( Hamukau Kanjin - Vital Strike
Manipulated Shuriken Technique )- )--
- Whether it be to cut someone's achilles tendon, or to lop their
head off, blades have many ways to disable or execute their
You connect a thin, nearly invisible wire to shuriken or kunai wielder's opponents. Sneaking into your opponents defenses
when throwing them so that you can redirect them mid-air, or and getting in even one good attack can change a fight, or end
even attack people around corners or behind trees! a life!
Stamina: As Weapon +3 Stamina: +8
Damage: As Weapons Damage: As Weapon
Speed: As Weapon +3 Speed: As Weapon +5
Type: Small Thrown Weapons Requires: Slashing weapon
Requires: Ninja Wire
Effects: If you miss with this technique you can make an You may give yourself a penalty of up to -(STR/10) Accuracy.
Accuracy roll with a +4 bonus; if this hits, your attack hits but For every -1, this attack's damage is increased by 10% for the
uses only half your damage bonus. purposes of inflicting wounds.
You can also attack a person who you don't have line of Even without any penalty, partial defenses are ineffective
sight on (say, they're around a corner) if you can somehow against this attack, and it is an automatic called shot (without
accurately perceive them; in this case the above paragraph the usual called shot penalty).
does not apply and this technique has a -2 Accuracy penalty.
Used with a multi-throw attack, this increases the total --( Mawarisuto - Rotation Strike )-
Stamina and Speed of that action by the appropriate amount.
The increase in damage bonus from multi-throwing (+0.5 per -
weapon thrown) is also halved by this technique if the Extending out a polearm, you hold one end with both hands
Accuracy roll is used. then commence whirling and spinning the polearm around
The total of Ninja Wire required is the range at which you yourself in large circles! If it has a blade of some sort, this is
make this attack, multiplied by the number of weapons even better!!
thrown. This does not need to be prepared in advance; you do
it on the spot and use precisely the right amount of wire, via Stamina: As Weapon
your ninja trickery. Damage: As Weapon
Speed: As Weapon +10
Requires: Polearm
--( Hirameku Yaiba - Flash Blade )-- You may attack anyone you choose within range 3. If you
Using the principles of Iaijutsu, the user takes up a neutral choose to target only one person with this attack it has +2
stance and, using a surge of chakra, rushes their opponent to Accuracy.
take them by surprise, redrawing the weapon and striking in
one quick movement. --( Raikogeki - Thundering Strike
Stamina: +5 )--
Speed: +4 Drawing your weapon back and then lunging out quickly, you
Requires: Sword make a precise strike aiming to injure, hopefully cause them
Effects: Make an Initiative roll, opposed by your opponent's; to bleed out a bit. Despite the slightly weakened nature of this
they have a cumulative +2 bonus for each time you've used strike, it's rather unnerving to be poked full of holes.
this (successfully or not) in this battle. If you fail, you perform Stamina: As Weapon +2
a regular sword attack. Damage: As Weapon
If you succeed, your attack receives the benefits of the Speed: As Weapon -5 (Minimum 3)
Iaijutsu ability, even if you've used that earlier in battle. Requires: Piercing Weapon
Effects: This inflicts Bleed 1. If used again while the
opponent is still suffering from that status, this instead
increases the Bleed's severity by 1.

--( Kashiraheki - Headsplitter )-- --( Jouro Senbon - Raining Needles
Hoisting your weapon into the perfect position, taking your )--
time to figure out the perfect swing, you bring it across This technique requires an umbrella and a plethora of
directly into your target, or perhaps from above, with needles! Filling them all into tiny spring-loaded
disastrous results! Unfortunately, while this may be perfect compartments, they all fire out as the umbrella is thrown into
for exploding someone's brains out, it's pretty obvious you ar the air, spinning. The user helps direct the needles with their
.getting ready to do just that! chakra, though only enough to make sure the needles spread
out well or hit their targets.
Stamina: As Weapon +10
Accuracy: -3 Chakra: 20
Damage: As Weapon Stamina: 10
Speed: As Weapon +5 Damage: As Weapons
Delay: As Weapon +3 Area: 50
Type: Blunt Weapon Speed: 30
Type: Needles, Umbrella (Set up beforehand)
This technique counts as 10 Speed higher if you miss with it. Effects: Your umbrella is launched into the air, where it
Its total damage (dice + speeddamage bonus) is multiplied remains stationary. When first launched, and every 10 IC
by 2. If used with a two-handed weapn, the increased damage afterwards, for 50 IC, the umbrella showers the area with
bonus for holding it in both hands has a maximum of 1.5 (this needles. You may selectively choose who's targeted by this
will normally only be relevant if performing Headsplitter with technique with each volley, allowing you to exclude your
a Tetsubo). allies.
Each 'needle shower' is a senbon multi-throw, up to the
(Motsure Muchi - Entangling Lash) max number of senbon you can multi-throw (which is 1
without the appropriate ability). You must load the full
Instead of using the chain to strike at people from range and number of senbon this technique will use into it ahead of
then reel the weapon back to the user, they disable their time; if it runs out of needles early, it stops.
opponent with the length of chain, preventing them from For example, if the umbrella was firing 5 needles per
moving at the expense of losing use of their weapon. 'shower', at 4 targets, you'd need a total of 546 = 120 needles
Stamina: 16 loaded in the umbrella to make the full 6 attacks (one
Range: As Weapon inititally, then 5 over the next 50 IC).
Speed: 14 Targets may defend against these attacks as if they're
Type: Chain Weapon Speed 12. For the purpose of damage calculations, however,
they multiply your damage bonus by (the Speed you
Effects: You may use your weapon to grab ahold of performed Jouro Senbon at)/6, rounded down.
someone, as per the E-rank Grapple technique. You use your This selectively targets all your enemies in range. The
DEX in place of your STR for grapple checks using the whip. senbon from this technique do 20% more damage for every
Your opponent is considering to be 'grabbing' the whip. previous volley from that umbrella the victim was hit by.
Although they cannot attack it, if they gain control they may Thus, if you hit with the initial rain of needles, then twice
automatically disarm you. The victim may shift or break the more, then missed once, if the volley on IC 40 would deal
grapple as normal. +60% damage if it hit that same target.
You may perform any valid Grapple techniques which you This technique uses your base Accuracy for an C-rank
know of D-rank or lower, using your DEX in place of your Weapon Taijutsu, unmodified by status, wounds, temporary
STR. Yoou may not perform the Headbutt or Suplex bonuses, and so on, though penalties from Fatigue do apply.
techniques. It uses your physical damage bonus at the time you initially
While being used in a grapple, your whip cannot be used to launched the umbrella. You receive the benefits of your
attack or with other jutsu. Weapon Focus: Umbrella or Weapon Focus: Senbon,
whichever is higher. Because the attacks are made by the
--( Ni no Hoshi - Two Star )-- umbrella, and not you, you cannot modify them further (such
as with Willpower or AP).
Opening the fan two-thirds of the way for this attack, the user
lets out a strong gust of wind, hopefully blowing their
opponents away!
Stamina: As Weapon
Chakra: 20
Damage: As Weapon
Range: CHA/4
Speed: As Weapon +5
Type: Fan
Effects: This uses your ninjutsu damage bonus, plus half
your physical damage bonus.

Effects: While you maintain this technique, your weapons
--( Nenshou Hoshi Shuriken - gain the properties of your elemental affinity. When used
Burning Star Shuriken )-- against ninjutsu-based defenses, the weapon is considered to
Taking a large throw weapon, you slap several explosive tags be of the relevant element to determine how effective the
onto it and huck it at your enemies! Pretty simple, and pretty defense is against it. Additionally, it gains an additional effect
awesome! based on the element chosen (listed below). This technique
does receive your bonus to Chakra Exhaustion rolls from the
Stamina: As Weapon +10 Elemental Affinity ability.
Chakra: 10 * X If you're using Dual Weapons, Chakra Flow applies to both
Damage: As Weapon + Tags of them; otherwise, only one weapon benefits from Chakra
Speed: As Weapon + 4 * X Flow at a time. Any weapon you pick up or draw
Type: Large Thrown Weapon automatically benefits from your Chakra Flow. If holding two
Effects: non-Dual weapons, you may change which one receives
You may attach up to 3 Exploding Tags to the weapon; X is Chakra Flow's effects as a Speed 0 action.
the number of tags you attach. When making the attack, you Earth: Your weapon gains Stun 2, or +2 to its existing
also declare a Delay for the tags to explode, which can be Stun. Every time somebody already stunned is struck by
anywhere between 10 and 10+(Chakra Control skill ranks) your weapon, their Stun is increased by 1. Anyone who
IC. This explosion is centered on the location the target was parries your weapon successfully suffers the Stun 2 (or
when this attack was made, occurs whether the attack hit or +1).
missed, and follows all normal rules (damage, valid defenses, Fire: You add one third of your ninjutsu damage bonus to
etc.) for the class of explosive tags used. your regular damage bonus when using your weapon. To
determine damage you multiply your attack's damage by
--( Itowotoosu - Thread the Needle its base speed, rather than modified speed.
)-- Lightning: Any weapon that parries yours, or which yours
parries, has a cumulative 10% chance of breaking and
Attaching Ninja Wire to the end of an arrow, the shinobi fires becoming unusable each time. Any damage reduction an
and uses chakra to alter the course of the arrow in mid-flight. opponent has is halved, and you ignore the effects of any
This makes the shot extremely hard to avoid, at the cost of armor they're wearing.
living a wire leading back to the point of origin. Water: Your chakra can momentary liquify your weapon's
Stamina: As Weapon+8 physical structure, allowing it to pass straight through
Chakra: 18 anything in its way; it can't be parried by other weapons.
Damage: As Weapon Additionally, water's inherent fluidity and adaptability give
Range: As Weapon you +2 Accuracy, and an additional +2 when parrying.
Speed: As Weapon +8 Wind: The efficacy of blocking is reduced by 25%, and
Type: Bow your damage is considered 15% higher for the purpose of
inflicting wounds upon your enemies. If you're
Effects: Every 10 yards you are from the opponent when successfully parried by another weapon, your attack still
firing adds +1 to the Accuracy of this attack. Using this does 50% damage; this does not trigger any secondary
technique expends an amount of ninja wire equal to the effects of your attack (like status effects, such as Bleed).
distance between you and its target. After this attack is This is complicated slightly when two weapons augmented
resolved, you are automatically removed from stealth (if you by Chakra Flow interact, one parrying or being parried by the
were hidden to begin with). other. In these cases, if one of the elements is strong against
the other, the weaker element's Chakra Flow effects are
--( Chakura Nagashi - Chakra Flow ignored for the purpose of that parry. As a reminder: Fire
)-- beats Wind; Wind beats Lightning; Lightning beats Earth;
A technique which increases the potency of a weapon by Earth beats Water; and Water beats Fire. This doesn't apply if
running currents of chakra through it to enhance its existing the parry fails (if your Water weapon fails to parry their Fire
properties or adapt it to a situation. The user must remain in sword, it still does that extra damage to you), but in the case
physical contact with the weapon to sustain the flow of of Earth vs. Water, does allow an Earth weapon to attempt to
chakra, making this only effective with melee weapons. parry a Water one.
If you have an advanced elemental chakra nature (such as a
Chakra: 10 Senju's Mokuton), you choose which of the two appropriate
Upkeep: 6 effects you're using when you activated Chakra Flow. For
Speed: 6 example, as a Senju you could receive either Earth's stunning
Requires: Chakra Control 15, appropriate Elemental or Water's accuracy and parry effects. You cannot change
Aptitude which you've chosen without ending and then re-activating
Type: Melee Chakra Flow.
Despite this, it's still considered to be the advanced
element when put up against ninjutsu defenses.

--( Chakura Nagashi Shuusei -
B-rank Chakra Flow Modification )--
--( Hashadan - Blade Breaker )-- Converting one's chakra to an element other than their
You deliver an overwhelmingly powerful blow, often an affinity is difficult; doing so with chakra flow is even more so,
overhead strike, with all the force you can muster behind it; as it requires converting your chakra to the desired element,
what it gains in force it loses in precision, but its real purpose then reabsorbing it in a continuous stream.
is to destroy any weapons used by the victim for defense. Chakra: 20
Stamina: +10 or +X Upkeep: 12
Speed: +0 Speed: 10
Type: Melee, not Small Requires: Chakra Control 25, Chakra Flow
Type: Melee
Effects: This is used alongside any other attack with the
weapon, including weapon taijutsu. If the attack is Effects: As the C-rank Chakra Flow, but you may use
successfully parried or blocked by a weapon, the defender elements other than your affinity. You may only maintain one
makes a Stamina roll. The normal +5 bonus to Stanina rolls element of Chakra Flow at a time, even if you're holding two
per level of Fatigue is replaced with a -3 penalty (so someone weapons.
at Fatigue 3 would have a -9 penalty, instead of a +15 bonus). You must be able to use ninjutsu of the appropriate
The result of their roll becomes the X added to your element in order to infuse your weapons with that element of
attack's cost. Thus, if you used Blade Breaker with a Katana chakra.
(Stamina 12), and your opponent parried your attack and
rolled a 14 on their Stamina roll, the total Stamina cost --( Hien - Flying Swallow )--
would be (12+14) 26. The weapon used to defend against This technique expands upon the concepts developed when
your attack is destroyed. learning the Chakra Flow technique. Instead of altering the
If your attack is not (successfully) blocked or parried, its nature of chakra flowing through their weapon, the shinobi
Stamina cost is increased by 10 instead. If it is, but the changes the shape. This is used to expand the striking or
enemy's weapon cannot be destroyed for any reason, the cutting surfaces of the weapon with an invisible chakra blade,
Stamina cost is increased only by 5. point, or blunt end.
This will destroy weapons created by Water-Cutting Blade
and Earth-Smashing Staff, but not Burning Spear. The Chakra: 20
destruction of the enemy weapon takes place after their Upkeep: 6
defense is resolved (breaking the sword which parried your Speed: 10
attack does not prevent your attack from having been Requires: Chakra Control 20, Chakra Flow
parried). Type: Melee
--( Houfuku - Retaliation )-- Effects: The range at which your melee weapon can be
used increases by 1 (in most cases meaning that you can
A highly effective maneuver, the user deflects an opponent's make melee attacks from 1 yard away, instead of 0 yards), and
weapon with their blade and then follows through with the its damage is increased by 2 dice. This does mean that your
motion, using their existing momentum to launch a swift weapon no longer triggers most on-contact effects.
slash or jab at their assailant. Additionally, you gain a +3 Accuracy bonus with the
Stamina: 10 + (Weapon) weapon against anyone who is unable to see chakra (which
Damage: (Weapon) usually means Hyuuga and Uchiha only). Whenever you strike
Speed: (Weapon)/3, rounded down an opponent, make a Chakra Control skill roll against their
Type: Sword Espionage. If they match or beat your roll, the Accuracy
bonus is reduced to +1 for the remainder of the fight.
Effects: This is activated after successfully parrying a If you're using Dual Weapons, Flying Swallow applies to
weapon with your sword. You may immediately make a basic both of them; otherwise, only one weapon benefits from
weapon attack against the person whose attack you parried, Flying Swallow at a time. Any weapon you pick up or draw
using your normal Accuracy. This uses a third of your automatically benefits from Flying Swallow. If holding two
weapon's normal Speed, rounded down; before AP and non-Dual weapons, you may change which one receives this
similar effects, Retaliation's Speed may not go below 4. technique's effects as a Speed 0 action.
Due to their speed, Retaliation attacks cannot benefit from
the damage bonus multiplication of holding a weapon two-
handed. Attempting to parry an attack made with Retaliation
has a -4 penalty. You may not move as part of this attack.

Range: STR/3
--( Tsubasa Migaku - Blade Honing Speed: 12 + X * 5
)-- Type: Large Thrown
Despite being a fairly simple technique in concept, the Effects: You throw X Fuuma Shuriken or Large Star
precision necessary to perform it effectively, and without Shuriken, up to a maximum of STR/35 (May never exceed 4);
damaging one's blade, limits its use to more skilled shinobi. all the weapons you throw must be of the same type. If this
Focusing chakra along the edge of a bladed weapon, the user hits normally, its damage is increased by 5% per point it hits
creates a 'second', sharper blade of chakra that essentially by (if Fuuma Shuriken were used), or 10% per point it hits by
increases the weapon's sharpness, and also protects the (if Large Star Shuriken were used); this is then reduced by
blade itself from dulling. partial defense normally.
Chakra: 20 If Haruichiban misses, lower X by 1, its Speed by an
Upkeep: X/2 (round up) additional 4, and raise its Accuracy by 3. Repeat this until
Speed: 10 Haruichiban hits or X is 0.
Type: Slashing This effect does not alter Haruichiban's Stamina cost, or
what its Speed is for determining when your next action
Effects: Your weapon deals X extra dice of damage, but its comes (in other words: it lowers the number of dice rolled,
damage is reduced by (X*5)% for the purpose of determining and the Speed for damage calculations, only).
wounds. X has a maximum of (your Chakra Control skill Partial defense is less effective than normal against
ranks)/3. Haruichiban; for each point it hits by, it deals 25% of its full
If you're using Dual Weapons, Blade Honing applies to damage.
both of them; otherwise, only one weapon benefits from
Blade Honing at a time. Any weapon you pick up or draw --( Tentai-ite no Jutsu - Celestial
automatically benefits from Blade Honing. If holding two non- Archer Technique )--
Dual weapons, you may change which one receives this
technique's effects as a Speed 0 action. Every once in a while a shinobi gets it into their head that it
would be a good idea to use a bow as their primary method of
--( Ryuuketsu Ibara - Bloody fighting. This rarely ends well, but the shinobi flair for the
Thorns )-- dramatic is often powerful enough to override both their good
judgement, and any good advice they may receive. This
This technique coats the tip of a piercing weapon with a thin technique was developed by those sorts of shinobi, in an
layer of chakra which reacts to puncturing a victim's flesh. attempt to make their weapon of choice less painfully
When it does so, the chakra immediately forms a number of impractical.
small thorns which tear the victim's flesh when the weapon is The user concentrates chakra in their arms, speeding up
pulled out. The 'spikes' then return to being nothing but their draw speed and allowing them to subconsciously
formless chakra, ready for the next attack. correct their aim in an instant. The downside is that they
Chakra: 20 sacrifice a great deal of power when doing this--but, as many
Upkeep: 5 users of it will assert, the technique is "way too awesome" for
Speed: 10 that to be a serious concern.
Type: Piercing Stamina: 15
Upkeep: 2 + X/3
Effects: Your weapon inflicts Bleed 1 whenever it deals Speed: 6
damage. If the victim has an existing Bleed status, it Requires: 2 ranks in Weapon Focus: Bow
increases that status by 1. This explicitly stacks with the C- Type: Bow
rank Thundering Strike (meaning it's Bleed 2, or +2, if paired
with Thundering Strike). Effects: While you maintain this technique's Upkeep, your
If you're using Dual Weapons, Bloody Thorns applies to bow's Accuracy penalty is reduced by X. If X is set higher
both of them; otherwise, only one weapon benefits from than the value of your bow's Accuracy penalty (for example,
Bloody Thorns at a time. Any weapon you pick up or draw you set X = 10 and are using a Yumi), consider X to be just
automatically benefits from Bloody Thorns. If holding two enough to eliminate the penalty for this technique's other
non-Dual weapons, you may change which one receives this effects.
technique's effects as a Speed 0 action. The base Speed of your bow is reduced by X/2, and the
number of dice of damage it rolls is reduced by X. Your
--( Haruichiban - First Storm of damage bonus when using your bow, after being multiplied as
Spring )-- appropriate for the weapon you're using, is also reduced by X.
Your damage bonus or number of dice cannot be reduced to 0
The user of this technique throws multiple oversized or lower; if they would, you are incapable of maintaining
shuriken in quick succession, pausing just long enough Celestial Archer at that level.
between each throw to correct for their opponent's
Stamina: 14 + X * 8
Damage: ( (4 + STR/12) * X)d12
Accuracy: -3
Effects: X is the number of Shadow Clones you have armed
--( Gen'ei Tousekiki - Phantom with weapons which can be used with this technique, up to a
Ballista )-- maximum of 2. Crescent Moon Dance is always considered a
A distant derivative of the ubiquitous chakra flow technique, surprise attack, and defending against it must be done as if it
this concentrates chakra around the user's wrists and was half its actual Speed (if you used 5 AP to reduce it to
forearms. When an arrow is drawn back in a bow that chakra Speed 15, it would count as Speed 8; this would require a
extends to wrap around it, and lingers long enough after Speed 4 or lower Interrupt to defend against Crescent Moon
being fired to strengthen the impact. More ambitious users Dance).
can even form arrows out of pure chakra, though doing so Clones used with this technique must have the same
rapidly puts a strain on their reserves. weapon you do and be capable of attacking and dealing
damage. If you have two or more such clones that aren't
Chakra: 20 shadow clones (such a Rock or Water Clones), X is
Upkeep: 8 or 12 considered to be 1; X cannot go above without using actual
Speed: 12 Shadow Clones.
Requires: Chakra Control 20, Chakra Flow Attempting to parry Crescent Moon Dance requires the
Type: Bow defender to roll 2d20.takeLowest(1) in place of 1d20.
Effects: While this technique is maintained, your arrows Ninjutsu-based defenses do not suffer from this limitation.
deal an extra (CHA/12) dice of damage. For the purposes of Crescent Moon Dance cannot benefit from Iaijutsu (or, as a
ninjutsu-based defenses they are treated as being a ninjutsu result, Flash Blade), and the wounds it deals are reduced by
attack of your elemental affinity (Upkeep 8) or any element one category.
you have the ability to use (Upkeep 12), declared when you Crescent Moon Dance may not have its Speed reduced
activate this technique. If you use your elemental affinity, the below its Delay.
Chakra roll does receive the appropriate bonus.
Additionally, you may create arrows out of pure chakra. --( Ansatsu no Jutsu - Assassination
Attacking with these arrows replaces your bow's normal Technique )--
Stamina cost with an equivalent Chakra cost +5 (a Daikyu, A simple name for what is, at its heart, a simple technique:
Stamina 20, would become Chakra 25). These deal (CHA/8) the user crosses to their target and strikes a killing blow in
dice of damage, and use (ninjutsu damage bonus + physical less time than it takes for a human to blink. If successful,
damage bonus)/2 in place of your normal physical damage they'll strike a vital, unprotected location on their foe's body,
bonus. These arrows use d12 for their damage if used with a and in an instant seal that person's fate.
Daikyu, or d6 with a Yumi.
These arrows have a faint glow about them until they hit, a Stamina: 45
result of the chakra enhancing them. This tends to draw Chakra: 30
attention. When attacking from Stealth with Phantom Damage: As weapon.
Ballista (either a normal arrow, or one created from chakra) Speed: 20
your Stealth TN is reduced by 7 (rather than 5). Requires: Shunshin no Jutsu
Type: Small
A-rank Effects: This may only be used as a Sneak Attack.
Performing Ansatsu no Jutsu includes an activation of
--( Mikazuki no Mai - Crescent Shunshin, which must be used to move you into melee range
Moon Dance )-- directly behind your target (normal movement as part of an
Originally developed in Konoha, the technique has since been attack is not permitted).
imitated and reconstructed in other villages. The user attacks This attack bypasses armor and halves damage reduction.
at high speed, using a pair of clones to attack the target's Its damage is multiplied by 5 after all reductions are applied,
blind spots; this actually consists of several strikes in quick and it inflicts wounds of one category higher than normal. If
succession, the user changing location after each and losing partial defense does not apply, it instead inflicts wounds of
themselves among their clones. Understandably, this makes two categories higher than normal.
an effective defense against the technique difficult to come up Ansatsu no Jutsu's Speed may not be reduced, and for the
with. purposes of determining damage it uses the base Speed of
Ideally, this technique is performed using Shadow Clones; the weapon it was performed with (rather than the
other varieties of clones work, though are less effective, and technique's own Speed). However, for every 2 AP you spend
in a pinch a ninja can briefly create the necessary clones as when performing it you may reduce its effective Speed, for
part of the technique, though doing so is draining on their the purpose of determining valid defenses, by 1, to a
chakra, and the clones disappear immediately afterwards. minimum of 4.
Stamina: 30 + (Weapon)
Damage: Four times the normal amount of dice rolled by
your weapon.
Chakra: 30 - 15 * X
Speed: 20
Delay: 15 - 5 * X
Type: Sword

This technique does have a noticeable downside: the
--( Kadou Kikan - Vortex Engine )- afterglow of chakra left in your arrow's wake, while quite
- pretty, gives any enemies a pretty good idea of exactly where
Spinning their fan like a staff user would, this doesn't create you are. If you attack from Stealth while using Heavenly
an impenetrable defense, instead the fan is twisted to use all Arrow, your Stealth TN is reduced by 10 (instead of 5). This
that force to create massive wind gusts. replaces the similar effect in Phantom Ballista.
Stamina: 45 Earth: Your arrows inflict a Stun equal to the number of
Upkeep: 12 dice added by Phantom Ballista.
Damage: (Weapon's damage) *4
Speed: 16 Fire: Your arrows inflict Burns equal to half the number of
Range: CHA/6 dice added by Phantom Ballista, and an Ignite equal to
Requires: Fan (the number of dice added)/3.
Effects: When this technique is activated, everyone in front Lightning: Your arrows bypass Damage Reduction. If they
of you, in a tunnel-shaped space ten yards wide, can choose are faced with a ninjutsu defense which stops damage
to either take damage from this technique. or be knocked (such as Earth Shore Return), so long as they break
back CHA/6 yards. This requires no Accuracy; it cannot be through their damage is not reduced at all (but if they are
dodged, or parried by ninjutsu. Defenses which work without stopped, they are still stopped fully). Partial defenses from
a roll (such as Earth Shore Return) do function against it. ninjutsu defenses does not apply to your arrows.
This effect occurs again every 5 IC so long as you maintain
the Upkeep. Each time after the first, the divisor on your CHA Water: If your attack misses you may immediately roll
for the range (but not the distance knocked back) is reduced accuracy, with a +4 bonus, replacing your original
by 1 (to a minimum of CHA/1, 25 IC after you begin Vortex accuracy with the result.
Engine), and the Speed is considered 1 higher for the
purposes of determining damage. Wind: +2 Accuracy. If the arrow is dodged or parried, or
While this technique's Upkeep is maintained you may take partial defenses applies against either of those defenses,
no other actions, including Interrupts. The Stamina cost is the victim is still wounded as if they'd taken the attack's
paid only way in it's initially activated. If you use AP to reduce full damage (a piercing wound if partial defense applied, or
the Speed of the initial activation, the Speed of the damage slashing if they avoided it entirely) unless they succeeded
dealt every 5 IC afterwards is similarly reduced. by 6 points or more.
--( Tenya no Jutsu - Heavenly If you have an advanced elemental chakra nature (such as a
Senju's Mokuton), you choose which of the two appropriate
Arrow Technique )-- effects you're using when you activate Heavenly Arrow. For
The natural evolution of Phantom Ballista, this technique example, as a Senju you could receive either Earth's stunning
wreathes any arrows the user fires in elemental chakra, and or Water's accuracy roll. You cannot change which you've
leaves streamers of light in their wake for several seconds. To chosen without ending and then re-activating Heavenly
the delight of the more pragmatic ninja out there, the Arrow.
increase in power provided by this technique closely mirrors Despite this, it's still considered to be the advanced
its improved aesthetics. element when put up against ninjutsu defenses.
Chakra: 30 or +15
Upkeep: +6
Speed: 8 or +4
Requires: Phantom Ballista
Type: Bow
Effects: This may be used while Phantom Ballista is
already active (Chakra 30) or when you use Phantom Ballista
(increasing that technique's Chakra cost by 15). It increases
Phantom Ballista's Upkeep appropriately. Heavenly Arrow
adds a different effect to your bow depending on which
element you've chosen to use, as listed below. This applies
both to normal arrows enhanced by Phantom Ballista, and
chakra arrows created with that technique.
If used on its own (activated separately from Phantom
Ballista), Heavenly Arrow's Chakra roll receives the bonus
from your Elemental Affinity ability if you're using the
appropriate element.

--( Sanjuu Hayate - Three-fold
Gale )--
With this technique, three shots are fired in rapid succession.
With each arrow fired, the archer takes note of the effects of
drag and wind speed, as well as their opponent's reaction,
and compensates before launching the next arrow. In
addition to requiring an incredible degree of focus, this
technique is quite taxing to perform.
Stamina: As Weapon *3
Damage: As Weapon
Speed: As Weapon+15
Type: Bow
Effects: This attack consists of three separate shots. When
you attack make three Accuracy rolls, the first as normal, the
second with a +2 bonus, and the third with a +4 bonus. The
opponent makes a single defense against this attack, unless
they're parrying (not including ninjutsu-based defenses), in
which case they must defend against each one with a
separate parry roll and action.
Each arrow multiplies your damage bonus by half of
Sanjuu Hayate's Speed, but rolls its full amount of dice. The
damage of these shots is combined when damage reduction
is applied and to determine wounds inflicted.
If you have aimed your bow ahead of time (taking an Aim
action, as described in the bows themselves), that Accuracy
bonus applies only to the first of Threefold Gale's rolls.

1. Requirements
2. Special Rules
2. Special Rules Earth (Doton)
3. Fuuinjutsu
4. Medical Ninjutsu In the rare situation that there is no earth available (such as
on a boat), these jutsu are pretty useless. A few may remain
usable (if, for example, they involve you regurgitating huge
amounts of mud, instead of manipulating the environment),
==================== but most will not.
1. Requirements Fire (Katon)
Learning ninjutsu is a great deal of work; a ninja has to learn If you ever find yourself completely submerged in water,
how to mold their chakra, how to convert it to the right Katon jutsu won't work.
elemental nature, then how to properly project it, along with
memorizing all the necessary handseals... for each individual Lightning (Raiton)
jutsu they know. Nothing out of the ordinary here! This is chakra-based
There are three ways you can qualify to learn ninjutsu of a electricity, not real electricity, so it has no special ability to,
given rank. say, electrocute everyone in contact with water, or anything
The first is Chakra Control skill ranks: With sufficient like that.
control over your chakra it becomes easier to mold it
efficiently, and mold the vast amounts of chakra used in Water (Suiton)
higher-end techniques with the appropriate precision.
Next is Research skill ranks. You can make up for poor Water is at a disadvantage among elemental jutsu in that it
chakra control by knowing how chakra behaves even when requires raw material to use (earth techniques do as well, but
you can't control it, and understanding what they technique is it's rare to find oneself in a situation without ground).
trying to accomplish. Accordingly, most water jutsu require some amount of
Finally, character rank. Once you have enough pull in your 'gallons of water' to be performed, listed as a Requirement.
village, you can bother the right people to teach you how to This water has to come from somewhere. Unless the fight
use techniques without getting brushed off for wasting their is taking place is near a river (a small stream won't cut it) or a
time. lake, or, say, on a boat, it's not going to be from the
You need to meet any one of those requirements for a given environment.
jutsu rank to learn those jutsu. They are listed... below. There are two ways to bring water into a battle where there
otherwise is none: the first is to physically carry it, typically in
Rank: a large gourd (see the Equipment chapter). The other is the C-
E: Genin rank Water Creation Technique.
C: Chuunin, Special Jounin Used water is typically scattered across the battlefield,
B: Jounin
meaning it cannot be used in a technique--it is 'lost'. However,
the E-rank Water Gathering Technique allows you to reuse
Chakra Control: this 'lost' water--if you're going to be using Suiton Ninjutsu,
D: 5 learn it!
C: 15 You can't use water someone else is carrying into battle,
B: 25 but water in the environment is fair game.
A: 35

Wind (Fuuton)
D: 5 Blocking reduces the damage of Wind techniques by only
C: 12 25%.
B: 22 A rare form of combat is using a fan to perform fuuton
A: 32 jutsu. It's not without its advantages: using the fan you can
rapidly manipulate wind and infuse it with chakra, removing
the seal speed from the technique you're using. However,
doing this can be tiring, and as such it adds a Stamina roll
with a difficulty of 5 + (half the technique's Chakra cost),
made at the same time as the normal Chakra roll.

4. Medical Ninjutsu
3. Fuuinjutsu One of the few good things the development of ways to
control chakra has brought to the world is the appropriately
Fuuinjutsu, or sealing techniques, are, as the name suggests, named medical ninjutsu. These are techniques which safely
techniques which use chakra to form specialized 'seals'. transfer chakra to another person, or use it to accelerate the
They're difficult to use, and have limited combat viability. natural healing process, cure maladies, and otherwise
What makes them useful is that these seals are stable. ameliorate suffering and avoid unnecessary casualties.
Normally, any sort of chakra-based effect will expire soon Medical ninjutsu also has a darker side. The pioneers in
after its user stops applying chakra to it, the energy the field learned the secrets of the human body so that they
dissipating back into the world. Seals don't, and depending on could help people, but more than a handful of infamous
the individual seal and the skill of the user some can last for missing ninja of the past have found ways to weaponize it, or
decades if left undisturbed. worse.
The downside is, they're counterintuitive and complicated. Unless otherwise specified in their descriptions, you may
To learn fuuinjutsu, you have to meet all the requirements not use any medical jutsu on yourself.
listed for a given rank.
For the sake of quick reference, the jutsu
D: 5 Chakra Control, 5 Research a medic may perform on themself are: Vital
C: 12 Chakra Control, 15 Research, Seal Training (talent)
B: 20 Chakra Control, 25 Research, Seal Training (talent) Repair, Tourniquet Technique, Temporary
A: 30 Chakra Control, 35 Research, Advanced Seal Training Suture, and Mystical Palm.
If any Medical Ninjutsu technique has a listed Upkeep, that
Upkeep is paid by the recipient of the technique, rather than
the medic; this represents the medic adjusting the flows of
that person's chakra to preserve their health. This does mean
that those techniques can be voluntarily (or forcibly) ended,
though the "Dazed" Wound will specifically not do so.
You must meet all listed requirements to learn medical
ninjutsu of a given rank.
D: 5 Chakra Control, 5 Medicine, Medical Training (talent)
C: 10 Chakra Control, 15 Medicine, Medical Training (talent)
B: 20 Chakra Control, 25 Medicine, Advanced Medical
Training (ability)
A: 30 Chakra Control, 35 Medicine, Advanced Medical
Training (ability)

The Mystical Palm Technique in action. Learn this! Your team

will thank you.

General Ninjutsu
E-rank Effects: You look like another person. At a glance, this is
nearly flawless. Of course, the technique has many
--( Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique weaknesses: if you don't know about, say, a birthmark, then
)-- your Henge wouldn't reproduce it.
One of the three basic ninja techniques, this creates one or If someone interacts with you and knows the person you're
more intangible copies of the user. These are nothing but trying to imitate, they have an opposed Espionage roll (with a
weak constructs of chakra, and cannot interact with the +5 bonus; +10 if it's someone they know exceptionally well,
world around them--though they can speak. such as a sibling or loved one) against yours to see through
Chakra: 10 + 3 per clone the Henge.
Speed: 6 + 1 per clone Beyond just that roll, there are ways a Henge can
Seal Speed: 4 + 1 per clone automatically be seen through--not knowing a password, or
saying something the person you're trying to imitate would
Effects: You may create up to 3 clones. During this process never say.
you can 'hide' among your clones, making it impossible to tell On the other hand, you could just Henge into someone
which one is the fake. Any targeting you must roll 1d(1 + other than yourself.
number of clones). On a roll of 1, it targets you; on anything If you try to turn into some piece of scenery, any ninja who
else, it aims at a clone; clones cannot dodge, parry, or use come within 10 yards of you have a chance to notice the
jutsu. A clone that's been hit is destroyed; if you're hit, your deception; you have an Espionage roll with a +10 bonus
clones remain but are mostly useless (as you've been against their Awareness to remain concealed.
identified by your opponents). If you make new clones (of the Any time you take damage, your Henge effect ends
same type, or a different variety), all your pre-existing ones immediately; it's just an inherent flaw in the technique.
are immediately destroyed.
Several other actions related to this jutsu are significant. --( Kawarimi no Jutsu - Substitution
Hide Among Clones (Speed 4, or Speed +6) You pull off a Technique )--
quick shell-game maneuver, confusing your opponents. If The final of the three basic ninja techniques--along with
they've singled you out from your clones, and you're free to Bunshin and Henge--is the substitution technique, allowing a
maneuver, you may do this to hide yourself. You roll Stealth ninja to move so quickly they cannot be seen by the naked eye
against their Awareness skill; success means you've once and replace themselves with a wooden log (don't ask where
again concealed yourself. Doing this alone is a Speed 4 the wooden logs come from) or other harmless object.
action, but it may also be used with another action (such as Chakra: 10
an attack) by increasing that action's Speed by 6. Special: Interrupt
Observe (Speed 4) Anyone can try to observe you and your Speed: +4
clones to try and find a discrepancy, such as the clones not Seal Speed: 4
casting shadows or not leaving footprints behind. This allows
them to make an Awareness roll against your Chakra Effects: This technique is activated after you have failed to
Control; if they succeed, they can tell you apart from all your dodge an attack, but the damage would be reduced by partial
clones, and recognize those clones as such, until you hide defense. In the case of non-damaging techniques, this can be
among them again. used whenever it hits by 5 points or less. As long as the
dodge's new Speed (including the +4 from Substitution, and
--( Henge no Jutsu - Transformation its Seal Speed) would still be valid for interrupting (you may
Technique )-- spend AP to reduce Kawarimi's Speed, as usual, but may not
This technique is as common as it is basic, yet to the ordinary reduce the original dodge's speed at this point), you can pay 5
civilian it's one of the most mysterious and feared capabilities AP to fully dodge that attack.
ninja possess: the power to take the shape of another person. Each time you use Kawarimi, its AP cost is increased by 5
With this jutsu a ninja can alter their appearance to match for the rest of that battle. The second time you used
that of another person or object. If used to transform into Kawarimi would cost 10 AP, the third would cost 15 AP, and
anything but another human, it only lets you take on the so forth.
thing's shape and basic physical characteristics: turning into If Kawarimi's Seal Speed is reduced to 0, you can perform
a rock wouldn't make you nearly invulnerable, turning into a it without handseals.
bird would not let you fly, and while you could transform into
a particularly large shuriken your 'edges' would be too dull to
cut with--in the last case, however, you would be fairly
Chakra: 5
Upkeep: 0
Speed: 10
Seal Speed: 4

After successful use of Kawarimi, you may immediately --( Shunshin no Jutsu - Body
attempt to Hide. Doing so has a cumulative -2 penalty each Flicker Technique )--
time after that you use Kawarimi to do this in a single battle.
Used this way, your opponent is allowed an immediate A high-speed movement technique which allows the user to
Awareness roll against your Stealth TN (though this does not travel incredibly distances in the blink of eye; used by a
apply to the cumulative bonus they would get for searching sufficiently powerful ninja, this can be mistaken for
for you). teleportation by an untrained observer.
--( Ninshiki Kaado - Ninja Info Chakra: 10
Speed: 2
Cards )--
This jutsu uses specially prepared cards capable of being Effects: You move as far as you could in a Speed X move
encoded with chakra. Although the cards appear blank, action, where X is how many AP you choose to spend on this
anyone familiar with this technique will be able to identify technique. There is no limit on how many AP you may spend.
them. You may use this in place of normal movement to help
The cards themselves are a trivial purchase (no cost or dodge an area-of-effect technique. Use your AP spent, rather
equipment entry associated with them). When chakra is than the Speed of the attack and your normal movement
applied to them (via use of this jutsu) they can be encoded speed, to determine how close to the edge of the effect you
with hidden information. This information can be retrieved can get. This increases the Speed of your dodge by 2.
the same way, but only by the person who stored the
information to begin with. --( Kanashibari no Jutsu -
Temporary Paralysis Technique )--
Chakra: 5
Range: Touch This technique temporarily restrains the victim with chakra,
Speed: 4 as if they were bound by invisible steel chains. Used
Seal Speed: 7 effectively, it can temporarily debilitate a target for a short
period of time.
Effects: Performing this technique requires a surface to
rest the cards on as they are encoded, one at a time, with Chakra: 16
chakra. Essentially any kind of information (images, graphs, Range: 20
maps, text) can be placed on the cards, though their size is a Special: Stun 5, Paralysis 3
limiting factor. Since these can not be used to pass messages, Speed: 8
they're typically used for more mundane uses, like holding Seal Speed: 8
ones shopping list. Effects: This technique's Paralysis ends once its stun has
expired. If used on an already-stunned victim, the Paralysis
D-rank lasts until they recover from that stun.
--( Genjutsu Kai - Genjutsu Release --( Utsusemi no Jutsu - Cicada Shell
)-- Technique )--
The most common and perhaps most effective method of One of the oldest, most iconic techniques possessed by
combatting genjutsu, if one ends up caught up in one and ninjas, in the eyes of civilians. It's very useful for the ninja
aware enough to realize it. Kai involves temporarily stopping who are concerned with acting "ninja-like", as it allows a
the flow of chakra throughout the body, and then sending a shinobi to project their voice over an area while concealing
burst to the brain in an attempt to force the attacker's chakra their presence. This means that a shinobi can talk to
from their body. someone without giving away their location, and can also be
Chakra: 10 + X very unnerving.
Speed: 8 This isn't a megaphone, and it doesn't let you broadcast
Seal Speed: 5 your voice over entire towns. Your voice won't carry any
farther than it normally would, but it seems to be coming
Effects: This can be done on yourself, or someone else, but from all around.
you must be able to touch the other person when performing
the jutsu. This allows the person it's used on to make another Chakra: 5
roll against a Genjutsu affecting them, with a bonus of X. X Upkeep: 0
has a limit of (5+XP/300). This may also be done against Speed: 2
area-of-effect genjutsu, in which case this technique's user Seal Speed: 4
makes a genjutsu roll against the original roll made by Effects: As described above, you can speak freely while
whoever put the technique in place. If successful, the hidden without giving people any indication of where you
technique is dispelled in its entirety. might be hiding.
Activating Utsusemi while in hiding does not break stealth
(unlike normal ninjutsu).

Effects: This requires you to be in a city or other area
--( Haruka Bakuhatsu no Jutsu - which has roofs (with tiles).
Remote Detonation Technique )-- This is treated as a multi-throw, with the Chakra cost
Explosives are useful; and, more importantly, who doesn't replacing the Stamina cost. You may 'throw' up to CHA/10
love explosions? However, needing to be at ground zero of an roof tiles, which deal 2d10 damage each. The Speed is the
impending explosion to set tags off is something which many normal Speed of a multi-throw launching that many
shinobi, understandably, have reservations about, and projectiles.
severely diminishes the potential tactical uses. This technique inflicts Blunt wounds.
Hence, this technique! It allows a shinobi to detonate
multiple exploding tags from a distance--not as great a --( Chakra Strengthening )--
distance as most would like, or as many as most shinobi A fairly simple, yet often impractically demanding technique.
would prefer, but it's better than doing it the old-fashioned The user channels chakra into their limbs, increasing their
way. speed and strength. Despite being very good at what it does,
Chakra: 10 + X * 3 it rapidly takes a toll on one's energy reserves.
Range: CHA/10 yards Chakra: 15 + 3 * X
Speed: 12 Upkeep: 2 * X
Seal Speed: 4 + X * 2 Speed: 10
Effects: You detonate up to (Chakra Control skill ranks)/5 Effects: You have a +X bonus to you your physical damage
exploding tags within this technique's range. This only works bonus and dodge while you maintain Chakra Strengthening.
on tags which you have primed. X is the number of tags you X has a maximum of 5.
When using this technique, you may select a delay between
10 and (10 + Chakra Control skill ranks) IC--after that much --( Soushuujin - Manipulating
time has passed, the tags will explode, damaging anyone Attack Blades )--
within their range as usual. This technique allows the user to briefly levitate multiple
kunai in mid-air using chakra, and then direct them at an
C-rank opponent, more quickly than if each was being thrown
>--( Sanzengarasu no Jutsu -
Scattering One Thousand Crows Chakra: Special
Damage: Special
Technique )-- Speed: 4 + Special
This summons a flock of chakra-created and -guided crows Effects: This supplements a multi-throw action. The
which surround and disorient them. The crows continuously Chakra cost is equal to the multi-throw's Stamina cost; the
multiply and clone themselves, and will soon surround the Damage is that of the multi-throw, though your ninjutsu,
target entirely. rather than physical, damage bonus is used. You use CHA/10,
Chakra: 25 rather than DEX/10, to determine how many kunai you may
Range: 40 throw.
Speed: 12 Because this technique essentially throws the projectiles in
Seal Speed: 13 a straight line, and lacks something in precision, it cannot be
used with shuriken (of any form) or senbon; only kunai.
Effects: This inflicts a -1 visibility penalty which increases The Speed is 4, plus half the Speed of the regular multi-
every 10 IC until reaching -10; 10 IC after that, it dissipates throw action.
entirely. It can be dodged.
The application of an area-of-effect attack will destroy the
crows, if it actually hits this technique's victim.
--( Kawara Shuriken - Roof Tile
Shuriken )--
This technique lifts up nearby roof tiles and launches them at
an opponent. The chakra used starts the tiles spinning and
allows them to be controlled remotely, in addition to making
them far stronger than normal roof tiles would be.
Chakra: Special
Damage: Special
Accuracy: +2
Range: CHA/3
Speed: Special
Seal Speed: 10

Tags placed with this technique may not be set off via
--( Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Remote Detonation, nor may they be part of more than one
Technique )-- 'set' of Triggered Detonation tags. All tags linked by a single
One of the simplest techniques in the esoteric discipline of usage of Triggered Detonation must be within (Chakra
space-time ninjutsu, the summoning technique allows a ninja- Control ranks) yards of each other.
-the summoner--to transport creatures over great distances
instantly. B-rank
Most of these summons take the form of giant, intelligent
animals. --( Shoushagan no Jutsu -
Chakra: Varies Vanishing Facial Copy Technique )-
Speed: Varies -
Seal Speed: Varies Developed for spying and infiltration, this technique is highly
Requires: Summoning Contract effective, but grisly enough that most shinobi will deign not to
Effects: Even if you know this technique, you may not even learn how to perform it, regardless of its efficacy.
summon anything until you have a contract with it. These are With this technique, you steal the face off of a corpse and
supernatural contracts with, as mentioned above, make it your own.
supernatural animals. Chakra: 15
What you can summon, and what it does, depends on the Speed: 10
nature of the contract.
These contracts are often known as "blood contracts", both Effects: You physically remove the face from a corpse and
because they're signed in blood, and because performing place it on top of yours. The body in question must be
Kuchiyose no Jutsu requires an offering of the user's blood. recently deceased (within the past 24 hours) and not
It's not very much; a few drops will suffice, as long as it's grievously mutilated (no Severe or higher Head wounds).
fresh. Some ninja will make a small cut on their arm or palm, Your voice and skin tone will change to match that of the
though dedicated summoners prefer the rather unsightly person whose face you stole, but your height, build, and
expedient of biting themselves, often on the pad or back of gender will not. The face merges with your own seamlessly.
their thumb, hard enough to draw blood--summoning-focused Unlike henge, use of this technique is completely
shinobi can sometimes be identified by the small, deep scars undetectable by doujutsu and similar chakra-viewing effects.
in those locations. This can be maintained indefinitely, but a Major or worse
If you have a summoning contract (usually obtained from Head wound of any sort will cause the stolen face to tear,
the Summoning Contract talent) you can learn Kuchiyose no revealing (part of) your own beneath it. Aside from being a
Jutsu without meeting the normal requirements to learn C- fairly disturbing sight, this sort of ruins the subterfuge
rank ninjutsu. aspects of the technique. At that point, your face and skin
tone return to normal.
--( Kikkake Bakuhatsu no Jutsu - You may peel off and discard the face at will, ending this
Triggered Detonation Technique )- jutsu whenever you please. A discarded face cannot be
- Learning this techniques causes you to have a one-time
Explosives are, to say the least, useful. Unfortunately, their increase of +10 Infamy.
utility as traps is severely limited by the fact that, normally,
someone must be nearby watching over them to have them --( Senri Bakuhatsu no Jutsu -
explode when necessary. Long-Range Detonation Technique
This technique allows tags to be set to detonate in advance, )--
which both makes them viable as traps and allows the
shinobi who placed them to attend to other matters. An improvement to the more basic remote detonation
technique. As ninja become more powerful, they inevitably
Chakra: 15 + 5 * X find themselves needing bigger explosions, and by extension,
Speed: 20 + X * 10 the ability to not get caught in their own explosions.
Effects: You place X tags (up to a maximum of Chakra Chakra: 15 + X * 4
Control)/5. One or more (up to 'all') of these tags may be Range: CHA/5 yards
designated as 'triggers'. When performing this technique Speed: 14
specify a range between 0 and (Chakra Control ranks)/5 Seal Speed: 6 + X * 3
yards, and a time between 10 IC and 10 + (Chakra Control Requires: Remote Detonation Technique
ranks) IC.
Whenever someone comes in that many yards of a trigger Effects: You detonate up to (Chakra Control skill rank)/5
tag, all the other tags it is linked with (by that usage of exploding tags within this technique's range, with X being the
Triggered Detonation) will detonate that many IC later. number of tags you detonate. In all other regards, it functions
identically to the D-rank Remote Detonation Technique.

The cloud is a poison with the following effects: Poison:
--( Kekkai Houjin - Barrier (Toxicology)/5 Paralysis: (Medicine)/6 Suffocation:
Encampment Method )-- (Research)/10, applied every 10 IC
One of the most tried-and-true methods of setting traps using Additionally, the cloud itself has a (Chakra Control)/5
explosives, this puts an array of four explosive tags around visibility penalty throughout its entire area.
the boundary of an area. If anyone tries to pass through the The duration of this poison (how long it will last once
area the tags will detonate, spelling misfortune for the target. somebody's exited the cloud) is the sum of your ranks in all
Rumors of this technique "misfiring" and eradicating deer those skills. The cloud itself will last twice that long, after
and bears are largely fabricated. Humans and summon which point it will harmlessly dissipate.
animals will trigger it, but not ordinary fauna. You are not immune to your own poison mist.
Chakra: 30 --( Hari Jizou - Needle Jizo )--
Range: Special
Requires: Triggered Detonation By directing chakra into their hair, the shinobi causes it to
grow rapidly. This results in their hair not only getting longer,
Effects: This technique cannot be used in combat, as it but also growing in volume and hardening into what amounts
takes a few minutes to set up appropriately. You place four to a forest of sharp, needle-thin and iron-hard spikes. Even
exploding tags at the corner of a square or rectangle, facing the best-groomed hair becomes wild and spiky under the
inwards; they can be hidden if you have the Tag Concealment effects of this technique! This can be used for a number of
ability. derivative techniques, and on its own provides a surprisingly
Each side of the square they form can be up to double the strong defense, as the hair will wrap around its owner to
Area of the tags you're using in length. When someone moves protect them from attacks.
to leave the area (meaning if they travel in any direction from When this technique ends, the user's hair returns to its
the center, or get part way in and then turn around), the tags normal length.
will detonate 10 IC later. Anyone who hasn't escaped the area
(or otherwise defended themselves) by then will take the Chakra: 20+3*X
combined damage of three exploding tags, regardless of their Speed: 10
location within the boundary. Seal Speed: 15
Notably, anyone outside the 'barrier' is unharmed; part of Upkeep: X
this technique is that it directs all the explosive force inwards. Effects: X has a maximum of 10. Your hair's length
Directional defenses (such as Earth Shore Return) are increases by X feet! However, now you have a lot of bulky,
insufficient to protect against this, a the explosion originates chakra-strengthened hair, that gets in the way when you're
from multiple directions. trying to do super-fast ninja battles. When dodging, or moving
as part of an attack, you suffer an X/2 immobilization penalty
--( Dokugiri - Poison Mist )-- (rounded up); in the case of moving while attacking, this
One of the most disproportionately difficult techniques to applies to the distance you can move, the Accuracy of the
master, this technique requires its user to have advanced attack itself, and anything else you may need to do until the
knowledge of chemistry, poisons, and medicine. On top of next IC.
that, it requires exceedingly precise chakra control. You gain a Damage Reduction of (Ninjutsu damage bonus)
The user gathers chakra in their lungs and molds it into a (X)/2, which is doubled while blocking. Additionally, the
highly toxic chemical substance, which they then exhale damage you take is considered (2.5)(X)% lower for the
through their mouth, at which point it forms a large, purplish purposes of determining wounds. Anyone attacking you from
cloud. a distance of (X/3) yards or less will take (your ninjutsu
damage bonus)*(speed of their attack) damage; this does not
Chakra: 40 apply if X is 2 or lower. So long as X is 3 or higher, this
Range: 35 applies to all melee attacks.
Area: 30 As a Speed 10, Chakra 5+5*Y action, you may increase X's
Speed: 18 value by Y, up to the maximum of 10.
Seal Speed: 20 Whenever you suffer an Ignite effect, X is reduced by half
Requires: 25 Chakra Control, 25 Medicine, 25 Research, the Ignite's severity; whenever your suffer a Slashing wound,
25 Toxicology X is reduced by 1 per level of the wound's severity (1 for a
Minor, 2 for a Major, and so on).
Effects: When you create the mist, roll the lower of your If X is reduced to 0, this technique ends.
Chakra Control, Medicine, Research, or Toxicology skill rolls
(all of those factor into creating the poison properly, and a
deficiency in any of them will weaken it). This is the TN to
avoid being poisoned while in the cloud.
Anyone inside the mist when it's created, or who passes
through it, must make a Resistance roll against that number,
and another one every 10 IC that they spend inside the cloud,
as well as one any time they make a Stamina roll inside it.

Techniques performed this way use (ninjutsu damage
--( Hari Jigoku - Needle Hell )-- bonus + X) rather than your physical bonus. You use CHA in
While Needle Jizo is active, the shinobi focuses more chakra place of STR for your damage dice and grapple checks, and
into their hair. There is a telltale bristling and very obvious have a +X bonus to your grapple checks with Art of the
'aiming' of their hair, before they fire of hundreds of Raging Lion's Mane. If an opponent fails an Escape Grapple
sharpened hair-needles at nearby enemies. While these are attempt by 20 or more, they are unable to break free; Escape
very tiny, there are enough of them, moving fast enough, to Grapple simply fails, with a Speed of 4 and a Stamina cost of
pose a credible threat to all but the hardiest of shinobi. (4 + the amount they fail by, as normal).
You do not suffer any of the normal downsides from being
Chakra: 25 involved in a grapple, and your opponent cannot perform
Damage: 10d4*X grapple techniques against you. They may not shift the
Speed: 15, Delay 5 grapple, only break free. If you and your victim move more
Seal Speed: 0 than this technique's range from one another, they break free
Area: Line X yards wide, to a range of X*5 yards automatically. Once they do break free, your Needle Jizo ends
Requires: Needle Jizo active (its X being set to 0). If you end Art of the Raging Lion's Mane
Effects: X is a value up to Needle Jizo's current Upkeep; yourself, however, Needle Jizo is not ended prematurely.
after using Needle Hell, Needle Jizo's Upkeep (and other, While using Art of the Raging Lion's Mane you do not
related effects) are reduced by X. When performing Needle receive any of Needle Jizo's normal benefits, but do suffer its
Hell, you multiply your ninjutsu damage bonus by the lower of normal penalties.
(X2) or the technique's Speed; thus, if you did not lower its __
Speed with AP, and set X = 4, you would roll damage as
10d44+(ninjutsu damage bonus)*8. A-rank
When this technique's Delay ends, anyone in the area will
be automatically struck by the flying needles; raising ninjutsu- --( Toumegane no Jutsu - Telescope
based defenses ahead of time (such as Earth Shore Return or Technique )--
Water Encampment Wall) is explicitly allowed and
automatically successful, but no defensive interrupts (such as A very advanced, and in the right hands powerful, technique
dodging) function against this technique. In addition, any this jutsu can only be performed by the most skilled of
Damage Reduction a victim has is doubled against Needle Shinobi. Utilizing an expensive crystal ball and intense
Hell's damage. concentration, the user can view locations from extremely
long distances.
--( Ranjishigami no Jutsu - Art of Chakra: 30
the Raging Lion's Mane )-- Speed: 10
Using their empowered hair, the Shinobi extends and Seal Speed: 500
manipulates it to grapple with and usually heavily damage Upkeep: 30
their target. Range: (Chakra Control / 10) Miles
Requires: Chakra Control 50, Crystal Ball (see below)
Chakra: 35 Effects: As a Speed 10 action you may focus the Crystal
Speed: 12 Ball's view to any location within range and view the area
Seal Speed: 20 through the ball. This cannot penetrate chakra shields, nor
Range: X*10 yards can it move its view around quickly. A speed 10 action is
Requires: Needle Jizo active required to change the crystal's viewpoint even slightly.
Effects: This technique uses the current upkeep of Needle There is another feature, which requires the user to know a
Jizo as X. person's chakra signature intimately. This means spending
When using this technique, make an Accuracy roll which time studying them while training with ninjutsu in a calm
ignores immobilization penalties. If it hits, your hair grapples setting for at least 5 minutes. Once a person's chakra
the target; you may then immediately use an Grapple signature is known, this technique can be performed to focus
technique of B-rank or lower that you know, with no Stamina in upon that person, following them around near flawlessly at
or Chakra cost, at only half its normal Speed. So long as your up to double the normal range. Note, this still cannot be used
hair maintains this grapple, you may continue to use it to to locate someone hidden behind a chakra barrier of any sort.
perform grapple techniques; your hair has up to X 'limbs', for The crystal balls used in this technique are expensive,
the purposes of determining which locks and holds you can costing 2000 Ryo. They're also rare and typically need to be
maintain. All Grapple techniques after the first use their custom made; they can only be purchased with Savings, not
normal Speed, and have a Chakra cost equal to (and Requisition.
replacing) their normal Stamina cost.

Like the explosions from Exploding Tags, it is not possible
--( Meisaigakure no Jutsu - Hiding to dodge the detonation of this technique. Each type of clone
With Camouflage Technique )-- is considered to be an elemental ninjutsu of its appropriate
An advanced technique where a ninja distorts how light is element (shadow clones being non-elemental). Mud, Water,
reflected around their body with chakra inflections, which and Shadow Clones inflict Blunt wounds. Rock Clones deal
makes them almost invisible to most normal senses. Slashing damage, and Lightning Clones cause Energy
Chakra: 35
Upkeep: 5 Mud Clones Chakra: 10, +10/clone Damage: 20d20*1 per
Speed: 10 clone Anyone hit suffers an Immobilization penalty of 2,
Seal Speed: 20 +2 per clone. This penalty is halved (round down for the
new value) every 10 IC.
Effects: This technique may be used when already in
Stealth; it raises you to level 3 Stealth. If you end this Rock Clones: Chakra: 15/clone Damage: 25d20*1 per
technique's Upkeep, you are lowered to level 2 Stealth. If you clone Anyone hit suffers a Bleed status of 5/clone, and a
break your Stealth for some other reason (such as moving, or Stun of 3/clone.
attacking), then Meisaigakure also ends.
Once hidden by Meisaigakure, you are effectively invisible Lightning Clones: Chakra: 10, +20/clone Damage:
so long as you maintain its Upkeep. You could use this in the per clone Anyone hit suffers a Paralyze 4
middle of a room and then go unnoticed when a group of if one clone was used, or 8 for two clones. This penalty is
people entered and had a conversation--though it does not halved (round down for the new value) every 20 IC.
make you intangible.
If an enemy has a heightened sense of smell (such as an Water: Chakra: 12/clone Damage: 8d20+100, per clone
Inuzuka's ninken) or a doujutsu capable of viewing chakra, When the clones explode, they do so with enough
then your Stealth TN is considered 10 points lower (as if you concussive force to daze anyway hit. They inflict a visibility
were only in level 2 Stealth) for the purposes of hiding from penalty of -4/clone, which cannot be mitigated by the Blind
them. Fighting ability. The penalty is halved (round down) every
10 IC. After the clones explode, the water used to create
--( Bunshin Daibakuha - Clone them (4 gallons per clone) is returned to the battlefield.
Great Explosion )-- Shadow: Damage: per clone Stun:
Fundamentally, most clones are little more than dense, 15+5/clone Performing Clone Explosion with Shadow
mobile bundles of chakra. This technique takes advantage of Clones has no Chakra cost.
that by essentially converting them into bombs, overloading
them with the user's chakra and sending them to converge on
a single point before exploding.
Chakra: Special
Range: CHA/4
Area: 25
Speed: 16, Delay 6 + Special
Seal Speed: 24
Effects: After finishing this technique's handseals, some or
all (your choice) of your clones will charge towards a specific
location before exploding. Clones activated with this
technique can no longer take any other actions, but nor can
they be destroyed by other means, and they no longer provide
the normal benefits of clones (that is, the chance that an
opponent will accidentally strike them instead of you). In the
case of clones capable of using jutsu, any Upkeeps they're
maintaining end immediately.
The "Special" portion of the Delay is however long it would
take the clones to move from your current location to the
center of the explosion (the location you target with this
technique). They move at full speed, though immobilization
penalties (such as from the ground being turned to mud) may
still slow them down.
Anyone hit by the explosion is allowed a Resistance roll
against your Chakra Control (including you, if you're hit).
Those who passes their roll take only half damage, and suffer
half the normal status effects (excepting the visibility penalty
from water clone explosions, as it is based on the location,
rather than who it hits).

Effects: Using this against a target without a -4 or greater
--( Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu Immobilization penalty causes its Accuracy penalty to be
- Shuriken Shadow Clone doubled (to -16), and explicitly prevents that penalty from
Technique )-- being removed (such as by performing this as a Sneak Attack)
Based on the same principle as the much-more-advanced or reduced. While the cloth is thrown from a distance (and
Shadow Clone technique, this creates copies of an object guided by chakra), it's relatively slow-moving and very
rather than a shinobi: specifically, as the name suggests, obvious.
ordinary shuriken. If this hits, the target is immediately placed at a -10
What makes this actually useful is the sheer number of immobilization penalty, which cannot be reduced or negated
shuriken that can be replicated with minimal exertion from without breaking free of this technique. The person trapped
the shinobi using it; for truly skilled ninja, it can easily reach inside is unable to take any non-Interrupt action other than
into the hundreds. struggling to escape. Additionally, they cannot use equipment
or perform any task which would require the use of their
Chakra: (Special) + X/10 hands or arms. This is a Speed 0 action, in which the
Damage: (Special) defender rolls 1d20+STR/10 against 1d20+CHA/10 from the
Range: 5 + STR/4 shinobi who used this technique. If it fails, it applies a Stun
Area: X 10.
Speed: (Special) Once someone is trapped, seals can be applied to the Cloth
Seal Speed: 16 Bind, with varying effects. Any Accuracy penalties normally
associated with these techniques do not apply; instead, they
Effects: One shuriken must be thrown each time this jutsu receive a +6 Accuracy bonus. Note that these seals are
is used. X additional shuriken are created in mid-flight, and applied to the cloth bind itself, not the individual (and as such,
vanish after this technique is resolved. X has a maximum escaping would end all the effects)--indeed, it is impossible to
value of your CHA. apply seals to someone trapped inside Cloth Binding, as the
Two things must be determined: the attack's strength, and cloth disrupts the delicate chakra frameworks needed.
its number of targets. Five Elements Seal: The victim cannot spend Chakra in
You may direct up to (DEX+CHA)/12 shuriken at any single any way, and all Upkeeps they have (including Upkeep 0) end
target. Its Speed and Damage are determined following the immediately and cannot be reestablished.
normal rules for multi-throws. Determine what a normal Sacred Silence Seal: The target becomes unable to
Stamina cost would be for a multi-throw using that many produce noise; any sounds they would make are muted (even
shuriken; that becomes the "Special" portion of Shuriken without their mouth being covered). Additionally, their chakra,
Shadow Clone's Chakra cost. and that of the cloth bind, cannot be seen or sensed (by
You may attack any number of targets that way, using up to doujutsu, chakra sensors, or natural chakra). If they have any
a maximum of X+1 shuriken. This is selective, meaning you of those senses, they are similarly disabled.
may choose to hit or ignore people as you wish within the Influence Seal: It is impossible for the victim to perform
targeted area. Area-of-Effect dodge penalties do apply any sort of taijutsu.
normally, however. Evil Sealing Method: If the Upkeep used to pay for the
This is treated as a ranged taijutsu multi-throw using technique is ended, the person who originally paid it has 20
shuriken, and does receive the normal +2 Accuracy from IC to resume the Upkeep (a Speed 10 action) before the
shuriken. No matter how many people are targeted, this is Cloth Bind's effects ends; if they do so, the cloth bind remains
treated as a single attack, with one Accuracy and one damage intact and functioning normally.
roll. If all four of those seals are applied, the cloth bind no
Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique cannot be used with longer has an upkeep and becomes effectively permanent. At
poisoned weapons. this point it is also possible for someone who knows
Nemurihane (the B-rank Genjutsu) to apply a Rune-Inscribing
--( Nunoshibari no Jutsu - Cloth Technique to the Cloth Bind. This will allow the victim to be
Binding Technique )-- placed in, and woken from, a state of suspended animation at
The shinobi uses a giant roll of cloth to wrap their target and, A total of 100 or more damage will destroy the cloth bind,
of course, infuses it with chakra. Not only does this make it freeing the trapped individual; the cloth takes damage from
significantly stronger (as one would hope, seeing as cloth is anything targeting them before they do. It is also impossible
not generally known for its ability to restrain superhuman to target the victim with medical ninjutsu or genjutsu while
ninjas), but it also lays a foundation upon which various they are still trapped inside the cloth.
sealing jutsu can be applied, should the shinobi performing The victim can be freed by anyone able to remain in melee,
this technique, or one of their allies, know any. as a Speed 20 Delay 20 action. After the cloth bind has been
Chakra: 40 escaped (by any means), all seals on it dissipate and the cloth
Upkeep: 12 itself becomes useless.
Range: 20
Accuracy: -8
Speed: 20, Delay 10
Requires: 50 yards of cloth

Doton Ninjutsu
--( Yurokensei - Tremorsense )--
E-rank Often placing a hand to the ground after the seals to feel the
--( Ganseki Tsuppari - Rock Thrust vibrations, this technique helps you find nearby creatures and
)-- enemies. Most importantly, enemies! Their steps, no matter
how quiet, can be sensed by you from a great distance!
Often stomping beforehand, you then motion forward and
either shoot a narrow column or spike at your opponent, or a Chakra: 10
rock of decent size. Whichever way, this is the weakest of any Speed: 10
Doton. Range: 10 + Chakra Control skill ranks and bonuses
Seal Speed: 6
Chakra: 8
Damage: 4d8 Effects: You can perform an Awareness check against
Range: 6 anyone touching the ground or any rock surface (include
Speed: 10 worked stone, such as brick walls), using your Chakra
Seal Speed: 8 Control skill rank in place of your Awareness skill rank.
Anyone not hiding is located automatically; if you find
--( Mimizu no Jutsu - Earthworm someone you know exactly where they are the moment you
Technique )-- use this (if they're close enough to be in battle, this will
typically break their stealth), but do not retain 'sight' of them.
Sending a tiny rumble through the earth ahead of you, you
cause the area around your opponents to explosively sprout
spikes from the ground into their ankles and shins! It's rather
painful and good for catching a small group of opponents.
Chakra: 8
Damage: 4d4
Range: 10
Radius: 8
Speed: 10
Seal Speed: 8
Effects: Dodging this technique allows people to avoid its
initial damage, but they are still inside the field of rock spikes.
Anyone inside the affected area has their movement speed
halved. People crossing the area may choose to move at full
speed, but take 1d4+(your ninjutsu damage bonus) every IC
spent moving. In the case of using Shunshin in this area, it's
treated as a single Speed 2 movement.
This technique cannot inflict wounds.
--( Monosugai no Jutsu - Earth
Shaping Technique )--
You inject your own chakra through your hands into a natural
surface to allow it's texture to become more like mud or clay
as your fingers sink into it. This can be used to all sorts of
ends. Making a statue, digging a hole, climbing a wall,
whatever you want! ...As long as it has to do with rocks and
Chakra: 10
Speed: 8
Seal Speed: 8
Effects: You can shape the surface of a rock, or mold it in
your hands like clay. If you use this before climbing an
earthen surface (be it a cliff face or a castle wall) you gain a
+5 bonus to Athletics checks associated with climbing it, by
making hand- and footholds (for yourself only). This doesn't
work if you're, saying, climbing up the side of a cliff face using
a rope. I really shouldn't have needed to say that, but, yanno.

--( Doton: Shindou - Earth --( Tama no Nendo - Clay Bullet )--
Release: Tremor )-- Pushing your chakra into the ground beneath you, you pull up
a ball of earth and mud, globby and chakra filled that you then
Extra earth-elemental chakra is infused another Doton launch or literally throw sometimes at the opponent. Once on
technique. When the technique hits the ground, or somebody them, the mud is held semi-cohesive by the chakra lacing it,
touching the ground, it causes the earth itself to shake which can restrict the victim's movement.
violently in that exact spot. The property damage potential's
pretty impressive, but nothing compared to serious offensive Chakra: 12
jutsu. Damage: 5d10
Range: 6
Chakra: +5, +1 per rank above E Speed: 12
Speed: +2 Seal Speed: 10
Seal Speed: +3
Effects: If the victim fails a status roll, this inflicts a -5
Effects: This technique is used in combination with a Immobilization penalty that fades by 1 every 10 initiative
damage-dealing Doton jutsu, increasing its Seal Speed and counts.
Chakra cost accordingly. The technique has a radius of 3 Someone affected by this mud may make a 1d20+STR/5
yards, +3 yards per rank above E. Notably, anyone who is (theirs) vs. 1d20+CHA/5 (yours) check to break free. This is a
actually airborne ("jumping as they dodge" doesn't count) is Speed 5 action; for every point they succeed by, the penalty is
unaffected. reduced by 1. For every 5 points they succeed by, the action's
Within this area, the shaking ground imposes a Stun 3, +1 Speed is reduced by 5 (potentially all the way down to 0).
per rank the jutsu Shindou was used with is above E; if the
technique Shindou was used with already inflicts a Stun, that --( Iwa Funsai Buin - Rock-
Stun is increased by the jutsu's rank (instead of Shindou's
normal effect). Anyone not targeted by the original attack Smashing Staff )--
must dodge Shindou, in which case the original technique's You hold out your hands or similarly grab some nearby rock
Accuracy bonuses or penalties are ignored. and create a large, blunt object from it! This is often a
This can be used on its own as Chakra 8, Speed 6, and Seal hammer or staff, but also could be stylized however you see
Speed 6. In this case it's Radius 10, Stun 5, centered on (but fit. As we all know, getting hit with rocks hurts, so this is
not affecting) yourself. It does also require a strike roll in this rather painful.
__ Chakra: 12
Upkeep: 1
Speed: 8
D-rank Seal Speed: 10
--( Doki Kantsuu no Jutsu - Effects: You create a bo staff or naginata out of rocks or
Earthen Skewer Technique )-- dense, chakra-congealed earth. When using it, you add half
Rock Thrust, except actually meant to do serious harm to your ninjutsu damage bonus to your physical damage bonus,
people outside of training matches. You summon a spike of and add a Stun 4 (or increase its existing Stun by 3) effect ot
earth actually capable of skewering an enemy! This can also it. This weapon persists until you let go of it.
be more of a solid hit, not as pointy, as to whatever degree
they want, and can even look like a fist or some similar,
stylized attack, but it's still just big rocks coming at you.
Chakra: 16
Damage: 12d10*1
Range: 12
Special: Stun 4
Speed: 14
Seal Speed: 12
Effects: Earthen Skewer inflicts Piercing wounds, and has
its damage increased by 10% when checking to see if it
caused a wound.

--( Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu - --( Jishin Shushou - Earth Shaking
Double Suicide Decapitation Palm )--
Technique )-- Harnessing a large amount of chakra into the palm of your
hand, you then slam it down into the ground in front of you to
After thoroughly concealing yourself, this technique allows blast rocks and debris up to distract your opponents, allowing
you to move through the ground for a short amount of time, you to quickly escape their field of view or capitalize on the
long enough though to position yourself under the enemy and momentary distraction.
pull them down under the ground.
Chakra: 13
Chakra: 12 Radius: 10
Range: 2 Speed: 8
Speed: 10 Seal Speed: 8
Seal Speed: 6
Effects: This inflicts a Stun 5 against everyone in the area if
Effects: If used above ground, this jutsu causes you to they fail to dodge it. You may immediately Hide as part of this
submerge beneath the ground and immediately enter Stealth technique.
2, with a +5 bonus. Your awareness of the outside world is
limited to knowing whether or not somebody's in range of
this technique. Submerging has the listed chakra cost, speed,
and seal speed.
You may burst out and attack someone in range (making --( Retsudotensho - Split Earth
this a surprise attack, but not a sneak attack unless you had Turn Around Palm )--
the full time to prepare with them in range), grabbing them This technique causes the ground surrounding the enemy to
and pulling them underground as you escape. This is Speed spiral inwards on itself, burying them alive or crushing them.
10, with no chakra cost or seal speed. This applies a -8 This technique is capable of causing quite a bit of damage to
immobilization penalty, and completely prevents the victim the area. This technique is much more damaging if used in
from moving, until they take a Speed 8 action to free rocky mountainous areas, or inside a cave.
It can also be used while underground, in which case the Chakra: 26
Chakra cost is paid at the time of use, but there is no Seal Damage: 28d12*1
Speed. In this case, it could be (potentially) used as a sneak Range: 25
attack. Area: 10
Special: Stun 6
--( Doro Bunshin no Jutsu - Mud Speed: 22
Clone Technique )-- Seal Speed: 20
An advanced variation of Bunshin no Jutsu, this jutsu creates Effects: If this hits and does not have its effects reduced by
solid clones made from the earth beneath a shinobi's feet, partial defense, it also inflicts a -8 immobilization penalty
which change their appearance to look like the user. They until the victim leaves the entire affected area, as they fall into
have many advantages over normal clones, but are the destroyed section of ground. This occurs automatically if
significantly more difficult to create. it's used underground, such as in a cave.
Chakra: 12, +4 per clone --( Doryuu Taiga - Earth Flow
Speed: 6, +1 per clone
Seal Speed: 4, +2 per clone River )--
Requires: Bunshin no Jutsu You cause a long stretch of nearby ground to become mud
Effects: These follow all the rules for regular bunshin, with and slide your opponents down a torrenting river of rocks and
the following exceptions. dirt, spewing them out at the end. This often leaves people
If someone strikes a mud clone with an unarmed attack, hurt, and disoriented!
they suffer a -4 immobilization penalty, reduced by 1 every 10 Chakra: 16
IC. If they attack with a melee weapon, they roll Damage: 12d4*1
1d20+STR/10 against your 1d20+CHA/8; if they fail, the Range: 20, 10 Line
weapon is stuck in the clone (which is exposed as a clone), Speed: 18
and retrieving it requires a strike roll and another strength Seal Speed: 14
Against ranged attacks, mud clones can take 50 points of Effects: This moves anyone hit by it CHA/8+5 Yards all in
damage before being destroyed (and revealed as clones). the direction the river 'flows' (chosen by the line). Everyone
receives a Stun equal to how far they move -5; the stun is
divided by 3 if they block.
If this is blocked by an effect which halts its progress (such
as Earth Shore Return), nobody behind that effect is affected.

--( Doroku Gaeshi - Earth Shore --( Doro Nami no Jutsu - Mud Wave
Return )-- Technique )--
Slamming both hands into the ground, the user can cause a Your chakra being applied to your legs, you turn the ground
large rectangle wall of earth to pop up in front up them, below your feet into mud which you then stand upon, riding
covering whatever attack someone may be directing at them. the wave at increased speeds as you flow across the
battlefield. This is a good mode of transportation, and a good
Chakra: 18 way to enhance an earth attack!
Range: 16 Chakra: 15
Special: Interrupt Upkeep: 5
Speed: 8 Speed: 6
Seal Speed: 8 Seal Speed: 15
Effects: This creates a wall 4 yards wide and 3 yards high Effects: You increase your AGI stat for the purposes of
that takes the hit from an attack. This wall absorbs 200 + 10* movement by CHA/2. You may choose to end this technique
(Ninjutsu damage bonus) damage. If destroyed, any at any time, or as part of another Doton jutsu. If you end it as
remaining damage carries on to you (in which case you part of a jutsu, that technique gains a Stun equal to 2+(your
cannot defend against it further) or whoever else you used ninjutsu damage bonus)/3, or increases its existing Stun by
this to protect (in which case, they can). that much, from absorbing the mud used in this technique.
As implied up there, this can be used to protect anyone in This is incompatible with effects which increase your
range. However, Earth Shore Return can't be used against normal movement speed--such as the Runner ability, and
melee attacks, or ranged attacks originating 5 yards or less Racing Thunder Technique. While Mud Wave is active, you
away from you. After having all its HP depleted, or at the end do not receive their benefits.
of the IC it was used on, the wall crumbles into dirt and
This wall takes double damage from Raiton, and half --( Moguragakure no Jutsu - Hiding
damage from Suiton. Like a Mole Technique )--
Channeling your chakra into the ground below you, you turn
--( Kaigeki Chite - Crushing Earth the dirt or earth or rock into fine sand. It effects your entire
Hand )-- body so you simply slide down quickly, but only making a
You create a huge hand of rock that you can manipulate and tunnel big enough for one person. After digging your way
wield, in place of your actual hand. Though you have no down, you can sense everything going on above still, and can
physical connection to the large hand, your chakra flowing even cover the hole to make it seem like you never even
through it is controlled by an intense focus on your right burrowed away.
hand. Or left hand, if that's your main. Chakra: 20
Chakra: 20 Speed: 10
Range: 10 +CHA/2 Seal Speed: 8
Speed: 15 Effects: You dive down CHA/10 yards underground and are
Seal Speed: 15 now Stealth level 2, and are inflicted with Stun 20. If used as
Effects: You can use the giant rock hand to use any non- an Interrupt, this requires a dodge roll with a +6 bonus;
grapple E or D rank Taijutsu technique, or simply a basic success, even partial, will allow you to trigger the second half
attack, as long as the ability is one that would utilize your of this jutsu.
hands. No kicks or clan jutsu allowed! It may use C rank Next, roll Espionage +5 vs. Awareness. If you are
techniques, but doing so counts as 2 uses. The rock hand is successful, the opponents can't tell how you left, or that
good for only 2 uses, at which point it breaks apart into there's a hole in the ground. They think you simply vanished,
ordinary rocks unless you pay its Chakra cost again; doing so or died (if used as an interrupt against a sufficiently
has no speed or seal speed, but still has its Chakra cost and impressive attack). You are hidden at Stealth 2 at this point,
preserves it for 3 more uses. The hand uses your CHA +50 as but cannot move, aside from resurfacing (a simple, Speed 0
its STR, for the purpose of determining its damage bonus. action once you can move again).
This can only be used when standing on earth or unworked
stone. A dirt road would be fine, as would a clay road, but you
couldn't use it on a wooden or brick surface.
While underground, you have an additional +5 Stealth.

--( Dochuu Eigyo no Jutsu - Moving Speed: 24
Seal Speed: 18
Underground as if Swimming
Technique )-- Effects: Any damage from this technique is tripled against
an inanimate, stationary object. Don't even ask if this tripling
This technique reduces the consistency of earth into less can be done against a player or NPC.
than that of fine sand by channelling chakra into it, allowing This can selectively target anything on a line with a length
the user to dig through it with ease. This affects the entire of your Chakra Control skill ranks in yards, and a width of 5
body, and the earth returns to its normal consistency after yards.
they've passed.
If the user knows Yurokensei they may activate it alongside --( Doton: Dorou Domu Kekkai -
this jutsu, allowing them to find people on the surface as
easily as if they were above ground watching them, but Earth Release: Earth Prison Dome
increasing the Upkeep by 5. of Magnificient Nothingness )--
Chakra: 15 This creates a dome chamber around a small group of
Upkeep: 5 enemies, which you enlace in your own chakra to make it
Seal Speed: 12 extra hard to escape.
Effects: This may only be used while underground, such as Chakra: 32
from the effects of Moguragakure no Jutsu, or to burrow Area: 20
through solid rock. It works only on unworked stone (you Speed: 20
could burst out from under stone tiles, but not tunnel through Seal Speed: 14
a wall). Effects: This creates a dome of earth directly in front of
You can move underground using CHA/2 in place of AGI you, with you at the edge of its radius. Anyone who cannot
for determining your movement speed. In combat, this dodge is trapped inside the dome. The dome has 400 +
requires you to stay close enough to the surface (to draw (damage bonus)*10 HP.
breathable air in) that you can be found, should somebody Every 5 IC which pass, the following effects occur:
overcome your hiding. An attack dealing at least 100 damage
will break through the surface of the earth above you, ending Everyone inside the dome has their Chakra penalty
this jutsu and penalizing any defense you take by 6, but increased by 1.
reducing the actual damage dealt to you by half. You have your Chakra penalty reduced by 1 per person
inside the dome.
The dome regains (damage bonus)*5 HP, up to its
B-rank maximum.
--( Doton: Doryou Dango - Earth You must keep one hand on the dome at all times; if you
Release: Earth Mausoleum break contact the above effects ends (and cannot be
Dumpling )-- reestablished), but the dome retains any HP it had at that
Channelling chakra into your arms and the ground below you,
you place your hands on the earth and lift up an incredibly --( Doryuu Jouheki - Earth Flow
large (no, really, just look at the Area on this thing!) ball of
earth and rock, which is then thrown at your enemies. Rampart )--
Chakra: 44 Feeding your chakra into the ground you cause the earth to
Damage: 44d20*1 rise under your feet into a large rampart. The shape of the
Range: 50 rampart can be anything from level ground to a steep, needle-
Area: 25 like mountain, and it is mostly used for walling something off,
Special: Stun 12 slowing down pursuers, or reaching that jar off the top shelf
Speed: 24, Delay 10 that is always so hard to reach.
Seal Speed: 30 Chakra: X
Speed: 20
--( Doryuukatsu - Earth Flow Seal Speed: 20
Divide )-- Effects: Create what is basically a huge wall! It can be up to
Flowing your energy into special underground 'Dragon Veins' the following dimensions: Length = X, Width = X/4, Height =
(that means chakra leylines, not a literal dragon's body--I'm X/2. If you use this and X is 30 or more, the area you are in
talking to you, Takuto) you can literally make a tear in the counts as rocky terrain for the purposes of jutsu
earth, and create a large chasms. This is most often used as a requirements.
way of breaking through a large wall, destroying an enemy
camp or other barricades and such.
Chakra: 35
Damage: 25d20*1
Range: Special
You may use Action Points to reduce Doryuuheki's (base)
--( Doton: Iwagakure no Jutsu - Seal Speed, on a 1:1 basis, to as low as 12. Note that if you
Earth Release: Hidden Among are able to use Doryuuheki as an interrupt, you may do so
Rocks Technique )-- without the need for a roll. Earth Style Wall can only be used
This technique allows you to blend into rocks and remain against attacks which originated more than 5 yards away
hidden. Even the texture of your body takes on that of the from you.
stones, and it's quite possible (indeed, more than a few Used against area-of-effect attacks, this may protect
experienced jounin have embarrassing sories about it) to multiple people, as long as they can all be placed behind the
have an enemy physically sit on you without realizing you're same 15 yard long line.
--( Iwa Bunshin - Rock Clone )--
Chakra: 32 You either gather animate rocks from you, or actually
Upkeep: 12 generate them with chakra and regurgitate a stream of stones
Speed: 22 (somehow, you're protected from a cut esophagus or chipped
Seal Speed: 28 teeth during this process). Either way, the rocks then take on
Effects: This allows you to enter level 3 Stealth, and gives a a human shape and appearance.
+10 bonus to your stealth checks while it's maintained. Chakra: 10, +6 per clone
However, it requires rocky terrain (such as the inside of a Speed: 10, +2 per clone
cave, a mountain path, the debris from a destroyed wall, or a Seal Speed: 10, +3 per clone
large boulder), and you cannot move more (blinking and Requires: Bunshin no Jutsu
breathing are okay) while it's maintained.
Effects: You may create up to 3 clones that can look like
--( Doton: Domu - Earth Release: yourself or anyone else present. If they look like someone
Earth Spear )-- else, that person may then hide amongst your clones to
receive the normal benefits of having clones; these can even
You direct chakra to flow through the skin over all portions of be added to their own clones.
your body, increasing your body's defensive power to its Rock clones can take 100+(your ninjutsu damage bonus)*5
utmost limit. This causes your skin to darken in response to points of damage before being destroyed, or exposed as
the earth-elemented chakra, taking on a dull gray-brown, clones, and take only half damage from AoE attacks.
almost black color. This hardening also empowers your Rock clones use your attributes, even if they're imitating
physical attacks, making this a useful, if draining, all-purpose someone else. They may take the following actions:
technique. [1 AP] Dodge: Usable if the clone needs to defend itself.
Chakra: 27 [4 AP] Attack: The clone may perform a basic unarmed
Upkeep: 10 attack. This does benefit from Power Attack or Unarmed
Speed: 16 Focus, if you have those abilities, but the cloen does not need
Seal Speed: 17 to make a Stamina roll.
[X AP] Move: Every 3 Speed of the Move action costs 1 AP.
Effects: You reduce all damage you take by your CHA, and When Rock Clones attack, their actions are always
increase your physical damage bonus by half your ninjutsu considered to be Held Back, as per the ability in Chapter 5,
damage bonus. The severity of all Wounds you suffer is even if you do not have the Hold Back ability. This means they
reduced one category. Raiton bypasses all this technique's use only half your damage bonus for dealing damage, and the
effects, and Suiton has its damage lowered by twice as much severity of wounds they inflict is reduced by one category.
(a DR of CHA*2, rather than just CHA).
--( Doryuuheki - Earth Style Wall
The most powerful direct Doton-based defense, the user
either manipulates the surrounding terrain or generates
(using chakra!) and spits out an prodigious amount of flowing
earth which forms a wall and solidifies. Either way, this
creates a barrier coated with chakra that will stop most
attacks totally.
Chakra: 34
Special: Interrupt
Speed: 20
Seal Speed: 24
Effects: You create a wall of earth that blocks up to (50 +
(ninjutsu damage bonus)2 )(Speed) damage. It takes 50%
extra damage from Raiton, but only half damage from Suiton
and Katon.
--( Doryu Ken - Earth Style Fist )-- --( Doton: Yomi Numa - Earth
By surrounding your arm or leg in a coat of solidified earth, Release: Swamp of the Underworld
you can attack an opponent while being protected from direct )--
contact with them. This changes the surface of the ground across a broad area
Chakra: 17 into a viscous, muddy morass. While the amount of chakra
Upkeep: 3 required to perform this technique can be prohibitive in most
Speed: 6 combat situations, this technique, when properly used, can
Seal Speed: 15 give incredible tactical control over an area.
Effects: So long as this technique is maintained, your Chakra: 45
taijutsu attacks are enhanced. You suffer no 'on-contact' Range: 150
effects (such as damage from punching a foe covered in Area: 100
spikes) from performing unarmed attacks. Additionally, Speed: 15
unarmed parries cannot be used against your attacks. Seal Speed: 30
__ Effects: The swamp imposes a -12 immobilization penalty
on anyone caught in it, which, after all reductions and
A-rank modifications, may not exceed -9.
You may adjust the affected area within the limits of this
--( Doryuudan - Earth Dragon jutsu's dimensions. For example, you could leave an island of
Blast )-- normal ground at the center for yourself, or a narrow path for
you and your allies to run through, forming a chokepoint.
A dragon-like head of rock, mud, and dirt rises up from the This does allow you to shrink the total affected area, if you
gound, its maw wide open. From said maw, it launches wish.
dozens of high-velocity projectiles of dense, chakra-infused Alternately, you may use form the 'swamp' in the form of a
earth! While not as visually impressive as some techniques, line up to 200 yards long and 100 yards across, oriented in
Doryuudan is incredibly demanding upon its user--and any fashion.
incredibly devastating to its victims.
Chakra: 60
Damage: 80d20*1
Range: 60
Accuracy: +2
Special: Stun 20
Speed: 40
Seal Speed: 40
Effects: Blocking reduces this technique's damage by only
--( Iwa Renda no Jutsu - Rock
Barrage Technique )--
After performing the necessary seals, the user channels
chakra into the rocks and stone around them. Their chakra
causes large rocks to shatter into smaller ones, which are
then launched as high-velocity projectiles towards potentially
dozens of targets.
Chakra: 48
Damage: 20d20*1
Accuracy: +2
Range: 7 * (ninjutsu damage bonus)
Speed: 30
Seal Speed: 26
Effects: This technique may only be used in rocky terrain.
You may hit up to (ninjutsu damage bonus) targets.
You may target the same person multiple times, up to one
quarter of your maximum. Every additional 'target' spent on
them gives a +1 bonus to Accuracy (against that target only)
and increases the damage by 5d20.

--( Doton: Sando no Jutsu - Earth
Release: Mountain Earth
Technique )--
The user creates two monolithic walls up from the ground,
destroying the environment for several hundred yards in
either direction, and sends them at one another. As they
approach each other, their momentum builds, starting off
slow and ending with a collision that removes the third
dimension from anything unlucky enough to be caught
between them.
Chakra: 50
Damage: 50d20*1
Accuracy: -10
Range: 100
Area: 80
Speed: 30, Delay 30
Seal Speed: 26
Effects: This technique's damage is doubled for
determining if it inflicts wounds. If it does cause a wound, it
also causes two wounds of the next lower severity, three of
the severity below that, and so forth.
Thus, if it inflicted a Critical Wound, it would also inflict
two Severes, three Majors, and four Minors.
You may reduce Sando's speed below its Delay.
--( Doton: Chidoukaku - Earth
Release: Moving Earth Core )--
The user lowers or raises the ground in the surrounding area
at high speed, creating giant depressions or spires. Despite
how this might seem, it's fairly harmless to the surrounding
area. People, plants, and buildings on the affected area will
be largely undisturbed. The sides of the hole or spire are
quite sturdy, and it's not in danger of collapsing on its own.
Chakra: 30+X
Special: Interrupt (uh, yeah, good luck with that)
Speed: 28
Seal Speed: 30
Effects: This affects everything in a square of up to 50
yards on a side, centered on its user. It moves the ground in
that area X*(damage bonus) yards straight up, or straight
If you manage to use this as an interrupt, this will allow you
to avoid a technique if you move yourself out of its range.

Speed: 11
Fuuton Ninjutsu Seal Speed: 8
E-rank --( Fuuton: Shikisetsufuu Shou -
--( Fuusajin no Jutsu - Dust Wind Wind Release: Four Seasonal Winds
Technique )-- Palm )--
You use a burst of wind to blow dust, dirt, or other loose In a fashion similar to how ninja knead chakra into their
particles up into the air, producing an irritating cloud that palms and feet to stick to walls and ceilings, you gather wind-
briefly obscures the visions of people caught inside of it. elemental chakra, but project and hold it just beyond your
Chakra: 6 body to supplement your unarmed strikes.
Accuracy: +8 Chakra: 10
Area: 4 wide, 10 long, directly in front of you Upkeep: 4
Speed: 6 Special: This technique may not have its seal speed
Seal Speed: 8 removed with a fan
Effects: Anyone hit suffers -4 visibility for the next 10 IC. Speed: 0
Seal Speed: 12
Requires: Chakra Control 7
--( Soujikaze no Jutsu - Cleansing
Wind Technique )-- Effects: While this technique's upkeep is maintained, all
your unarmed taijutsu techniques are blocked as if they were
The basic "manipulate the surrounding air to do what you fuuton jutsu (meaning, in most cases, that blocking reduces
want" technique, leading into many more powerful jutsu that the damage by only 25%, instead of 50%).
operate on the same premise. It's still useful, for a sufficiently
resourceful ninja. --( Hagitoru Aori no Jutsu -
Chakra: 7 Tearing Gust Technique )--
Range: 20 Generally performed with a fan as a matter of practicality,
Radius: 20 this technique unleashes a burst of wind that will not only
Speed: 4 deflect projectiles, but also strip them of any chakra they may
Seal Speed: 7 be infused with.
Effects: This reduces any existing visibility penalties Chakra: 11
resulting from smoke, mist, clouds of dust, or the like, by 4. Special: Interrupt
Repeated use of this jutsu will reduce them further, Speed: 4
potentially eliminating them entirely. Seal Speed: 12
D-rank Effects: This is usable as an interrupt against any thrown
weapon attack. Make an Accuracy roll against your attacker's;
--( Fuuton: Kazekiri - Wind success means you deflect their attack harmlessly.
Release: Wind Cutter )-- However, even if you fail their attack has its damage
reduced by 25%, and any ninjutsu effects on it (such as
The user generates a narrow arc of wind and chakra, which is Housenka) are removed.
sent out to cut things like ropes, lines, and people.
Chakra: 11 --( Rakuyou Buyou - Falling Leaves
Damage: 2d4*5 Dance )--
Range: 20 Using the wind, you kick up any light debris in the area
Speed: 8 (leaves in a forest, sand in a desert, conveniently ubiquitous
Seal Speed: 12 scraps of paper in a town) to swirl around you just long
Effects: This technique's damage is considered 50% higher enough for you to make a sneaky, ninja-fast getaway.
for determining whether or not it inflicts wounds. Chakra: 10
Speed: 6
--( Fuuton: Hineri Dangan - Wind Seal Speed: 6
Release: Twister Shot )-- Effects: You Hide, with a +5 bonus.
Holding their hand half-grasped, the user blows a constant
stream of wind into their hand which begins to spiral around
in a ball or small tornado shape. The tornado is then sent out
toward the target as the hand is opened.
Chakra: 14
Damage: 4d4*5
Range: 10
--( Fuuton Nagare - Wind Release --( Fuuton: Shinkuuha - Wind
Stream )-- Release: Vacuum Wave )--
By blowing air from your mouth, you can change direction in The user takes in a deep breath an spins while exhaling,
mid-air. This allows you to control where you land when forming several rotating blades of wind that cover a
falling (avoiding the sharp rocks when you jump off a substantial area around them, slicing through multiple foes at
waterfall, that kind of thing) and may be useful for avoiding once while leaving allies unharmed
mid-air hazards. Chakra: 21
Chakra: 11 Damage: 4d6*5
Speed: 2 Area: 20 yard radius, centered around the user
Seal Speed: 6 Speed: 16
Seal Speed: 10
Effects: As described, you can control your direction in mid- Effects: This technique may differentiate between enemies
air. This can also be used when falling from any height, to and allies within its area of effect. It ignores armor, and its
slow yourself sufficiently to avoid being harmed by the impact damage is considered 25% higher for the purpose of causing
from hitting the ground. wounds.
--( Fuuton: Taikyaku Haretsu - -( Fuuton: Daitoppa - Wind Release:
Wind Release: Bursting Retreat )-- Great Breakthrough )-
You take in a deep breath, then exhale a mixture of air and A relatively simple technique which creates a sudden gust of
chakra with enough speed and force to augment a backwards wind. Its actual force varies wildly based upon the strength of
leap, allowing you to hastily escape... well, whatever manner the user. A superior shinobi will produce alarmingly
of unpleasantness you felt the need to get away from. destructive results, while a weaker one would be better off
Chakra: 8+X finding other methods to attack.
Speed: +X Chakra: 20
Seal Speed: 4 Damage: 4d4*5
Effects: When attempting to dodge an AoE, you normally Range: 15, +(damage bonus)*2
suffer a penalty to dodge if you are unable to move fast Speed: 12
enough. This technique is used alongside a Dodge interrupt Seal Speed: 12
(increasing its Speed accordingly), and removes X*2 points of Effects: This uses double the user's normal ninjutsu
the penalty. damage bonus, and inflicts Blunt wounds. It also knocks the
victim back (user's damage bonus)*3 yards.
--( Kamaitachi no Jutsu - Sickle
Wind Technique )--
This technique allows you to create and manipulate many
small air currents and vacuum pockets in the form of a
whirling gale, which is directed at an opponent before it
dissipates. This produces injuries that resemble what one
would expect to see from dozens of blades.
Chakra: 18
Damage: 3d8*5
Range: 25
Speed: 14
Seal Speed: 18
Effects: This technique's damage is considered 50% higher
for the purpose of causing wounds.

--( Fuuton: Reppuushou - Wind However, it's vulnerable to Katon. If a Katon technique
bypasses Wind Turtle's Shell you receive no benefit from
Release: Violent Wind Palm )-- partial defense, and the technique has its damage (against
After finishing the seals, the user claps their palms together you) increased by 25%.
and compresses the air in front of them, transforming it into
a powerful gale with enough force to knock over a human or --( Tobu Choyaku no Jutsu -
redirect projectile weapons. Vaulting Leap Technique )--
Chakra: 14 After performing the seals for this jutsu you amass chakra in
Range: 20 your feet, then expel it to generate a powerful burst of wind
Speed: 6 while kicking off the ground with a power leap. To the
Seal Speed: 8 inexperienced, the results look almost like flight.
Effects: This can be used as an attack, as an interrupt, or in Stamina: 0 + 10 * Y
combination with a multi-throw. Chakra: 14 + X/2
As an attack, it does 2d6*5 damage and, if it hits, knocks an Special: A fan may not replace this technique's seal speed.
enemy prone as if they'd been hit by the E-rank Taijutsu Trip, Speed: 10 + X 2, Delay X 2
using your Chakra Control +5 in place of your Athletics. Seal Speed: 8
As an interrupt, it can be used in response to a thrown
weapon attack. Make an Accuracy roll against the opponent's Effects: When you activate this technique you can jump
Accuracy. If you succeed you redirect their attack at them, (STR /10 - Y 2)(ninjutsu damage bonus) yards vertically, or
using its original accuracy, adding 2d4*5 plus this technique's half that distance horizontally.
damage bonus times speed to their attack's normal damage. Alternately, you may choose to 'charge' your jump,
Wounds inflicted are based on the thrown attack. gathering enough chakra at your feet to launch yourself a
In combination with a multi-throw, this adds its Speed and prodigious distance. This changes the distance moved to (X +
modified Seal Speed to the total Speed (not factored into STR / 10 - Y 2)(ninjutsu damage bonus). If X is 5 or greater,
damage bonus calculation) of the multi-throw. The attack the horizontal leap distance is not halved. X has a maximum
uses the combined range of the throw and jutsu to determine value of 10.
its maximum range, and adds 2d65, plus (this technique's If you are suffering from an Immobilization penalty, the
Speed)(ninjutsu damage bonus), to the multi-throw's damage. distance you're able to travel with Vaulting Leap is reduced by
Wounds inflicted are based on the thrown attack. 5% per point of Immobilization.
This technique's Y value starts at 0. Every time you use
--( Kazekame Kaigara no Jutsu - Vaulting Leap, it's increased by 1. After you go 50 IC without
using Vaulting Leap, it's reset to 0.
Wind Turtle's Shell Technique )--
The technique creates a rotating dome of wind around the
user, chakra-infused air moving quickly enough to blur the
image of the person inside, and deflect many incoming
attacks. However, the technique is a far cry from being a true
absolute defense.
Chakra: 14
Special: Interrupt
Speed: 8
Seal Speed: 8
Effects: This may be used against ranged offensive ninjutsu
which use projectiles (such as Clay Bullet, but not Earthen
Skewer), ranged taijutsu attacks. or area-of-effect ninjutsu. If
used against a technique of C-rank or below, its Chakra cost
is 14. Each rank above C increases Wind Turtle Shell's
Chakra cost by 6.
Make an Accuracy roll against the attack. If you succeed,
the attack is avoided as if you parried it. Against Raiton and
ranged taijutsu attacks, you receive a bonus to your Accuracy
roll equal to your Ninjutsu Damage Bonus. Against non-
Katon 'projectile'-based ninjutsu, your bonus is instead +4.
For Katon and area-of-effect ninjutsu, you receive no bonus.
This has improved effectiveness against Raiton and ranged
taijutsu: Even if they hit, the effect of partial defense is
doubled (the attack deals only 10% damage per point it hits

--( Fuuton: Shinkuugyoku - Wind
B-rank Release: Vacuum Sphere )--
--( Daikamaitachi no Jutsu - Great The user exhales their breath as several small blasts of wind
Sickle Wind Technique )-- chakra, each not much larger than a marble but traveling at
The user of this technique releases a powerful burst of wind, extreme speeds and possessing incredible penetrating power.
chakra concentrating the air into several layered air streams. Their small size can make them difficult to land a strong blow
This creates pockets of both vacuums and high-speed air with, which is compensated for by dispersing them over a
which have enough focused force behind them to cut down significant range.
trees. Chakra: 38
Chakra: 28 Damage: 6d8*8
Damage: 4d8*6 Range: 30
Range: 25 Area: Special
Speed: 12 Special: A fan may not be used to remove this technique's
Seal Speed: 24 Seal Speed.
Speed: 18
Effects: This can be used as a normal action (as an attack), Seal Speed: 18
or an Interrupt (as a defensive against a ranged taijutsu Effects: Shinkuugyoku targets everything in a line 10 yards
attack). As an Interrupt, make an Accuracy roll against your wide, between you and its maximum range. You may divide
opponent's Accuracy, adding your ninjutsu damage bonus; if the width by any whole number between 1 and 5 to multiply
successful, you deflect their projectiles harmlessly. the length by half that much. (For example, you could reduce
As an attack, it knocks its victim back (ninjutsu damage it to 10/5 = 2 yards wide, and increase its range to 30*2.5 =
bonus) yards; the distance knocked back is reduced by partial 75). The Improved Area ability provides only half its normal
defense. benefit to Shinkuugyoku.
The effects of partial defense a doubled against this
--( Shinkuu Enzan - Decapitating technique: for every point it hits by, it deals only 10% of its full
Vacuum Disc )-- damage. However, to determine wounds inflicted
As devastating as it is impractical, this technique earned its Shinkuugyoku's damage is 100% higher. Shinkuugyoku
name for a reason. After forming the many, many handseals inflicts Piercing wounds.
involved, you draw a shuriken (or one of its larger brethren) If someone Takes the Hit for Shinkuugyoku, whoever they
and use it to center a disc of wind chakra. When you throw were defending will still take 75% damage, so long as the
the weapon, its rotation is passed onto the chakra, forming a defender received a Major or greater wound.
several-foot-wide blade rotating at incredible speed.
Great for spars and parties!
Chakra: 42
Damage: Weapon's damage, +(ninjutsu damage bonus)
Range: As thrown weapon, +(ninjutsu damage bonus)*2
Speed: 16 + (weapon's Speed)
Seal Speed: 40
Effects: Choose a type of shuriken to use with this
technique; you may not multi-throw with Shinkuu Enzan. Add
this technique's Speed to the normal Speed of your thrown
weapon attack. This is the Speed of Shinkuu Enzan (both to
use it, and for damage calculations). Add your physical and
ninjutsu damage bonuses together; this is your damage
bonus for Shinkuu Enzan. For calculating wounds, consider
Shinkuu Enzan's damage to be 100% higher. Shinkuu Enzan
always deals slashing wounds.
Although this technique uses a thrown weapon as part of it,
it is a Fuuton ninjutsu technique, not a thrown weapon
technique; Weapon Focus and similar benefits (such as a
Fuuma Shuriken's increased damage based on how much it
hits by) do not apply to Shinkuu Enzan, nor do defenses
specifically targeting thrown weapons.
You may not use a fan to replace Shinkuu Enzan's Seal

--( Fuuton: Shinkuu Renpa - Wind --( Fuuton: Ama no Yachimata -
Release: Vacuum Serial Waves )-- Wind Release: Crossroads of
This technique's user takes a deep breath in, and then Heaven )--
exhales several blades of high-sped, chakra-infused wind at One of the more reliable defensive measure Fuuton users are
varying angles. This technique's power can vary greatly capable of deploying, this creates a sphere of whipping winds
depending on the amount of chakra put into the formation of around them. Aside from dramatically tossing their hair,
those wind blades, the number created, and how the user causing loose clothes to flap about, and knocking up loose
chooses to focus them. terrain, this makes a sufficiently skilled user virtually
Chakra: 20 + 5 * X impervious to most long-range assaults.
Damage: (X 2)d107 Chakra: 26
Range: 25 Upkeep: 5
Speed: 22 Speed: 8
Seal Speed: 12 + X * 2 Seal Speed: 16
Effects: X may not exceed 5. Effects: Any ranged taijutsu and Raiton attacks against you
Against ninjutsu-based defenses, Shinkuu Renpa is with Accuracy less than (your Accuracy +5) are automatically
considered one rank higher, or to deal twice as much parried, as are any projectile-based ninjutsu techniques with
damage, as applicable. (For example, a 200 damage Shinkuu an Accuracy less than (your Accuracy). You may not be
Renpa against a 100 damage wall would destroy the wall and grappled while this technique is active.
still deal 150 damage to whatever was behind it). This technique uses your base Accuracy for an B-rank
You may target up to X people with Shinkuu Renpa as a Fuuton, unmodified by status, wounds, temporary bonuses,
single action. While the base damage remains the same no and so on, though penalties from Fatigue do apply. Because it
matter how many targets you have, your (ninjutsu damage is considered to be the technique parrying incoming attacks,
bonus)*(Shinkuu Renpa's Speed) is divided by the number of and not you, you cannot modify its accuracy further (such as
targets. with Willpower or AP).
--( Fuuton: Fuujin Kokyuu - Wind --( Fuuton: Higashikaze no Me -
Release: Wind God's Breath )-- Wind Release: Eye of the East Wind
You unleash a wave of chakra converted into gale-force winds, )--
knocking away everyone and everything around you. So long An advanced surveillance technique that, ultimately, falls far
as the winds remain, approaching you is exceedingly difficult. short of the efficacy its designers had hoped for. Once
At the same time, those winds will whip any nearby fires into activated, it allows the users to view air currents, and, for lack
a raging fury. of a better term, 'highlights' inconsistent ones--it's something
Chakra: 32 like visual sonar.
Upkeep: 6 The idea behind the technique was that this would let its
Range: Self user pinpoint enemies by being able to find their breathing.
Radius: 50 It's not nearly that effective in practice, but does offer some
Speed: 15 benefits to those willing to adjust to the altered vision it
Seal Speed: 14 causes.
Effects: Every IC, everyone in the technique's radius is Chakra: 25
pushed 1 yard away from you, towards its edge. All Raiton Upkeep: 4
and ranged taijutsu attacks within this area have their Speed: 6
damage reduced by 25%. However, all Fuuton has +3 Seal Speed: 22
Accuracy, and all Katon does +15% damage. These effects Effects: When performing a Search (in Combat -> Stealth)
apply to any jutsu originating inside, passing through or or Observe (Ninjutsu -> Bunshin) action, you may use your
targeting someone within the area. Chakra Control skill ranks in place of your Awareness skill
ranks, and receive a bonus of (ninjutsu damage bonus)/3
either way.
Additionally, when targeted by a Surprise or Sneak Attack,
you may make an Awareness roll (receiving the benefits of
this technique's effects) against a Stealth roll from your
opponent; if your result is higher, their attack is not
considered a Surprise Attack or Sneak Attack.

X is the number of IC spent charging Renkuudan. Unlike
A-rank most variable-speed techniques, you do not need to declare
how long you intend to do this. For example, say you finished
--( Kaze no Yaiba - Blade of Wind )- the handseals on IC 100. You would then be able to declare
- you were charging Renkuudan, without specifying when you
A rarely-used technique, not because it isn't powerful but intended to stop. On IC 120, an enemy might begin running
because it doesn't appeal to the sorts of shinobi able to learn towards you; at this point you could stop charging and fire
it. It's a high-powered, taxing, close-ranged wind release your technique, with X = 20. X can never exceed 50.
technique; most shinobi who prefer close combat will opt for Renkuudan inflicts Blunt wounds, and the severity of its
weapons or other elements, and most wind release users wounds are reduced by one category (major to minor, minor
prefer to keep their distance. It has seen some limited to no wound, and so on). Renkuudan uses double your normal
popular of Sunagakure's ANBU. ninjutsu damage bonus for determining its damage dealt.
The user emits chakra from their fingertips, forming a
virtually invisible "sword" of intense, high-speed winds, which --( Okamaitachi no Jutsu -
lasts just long enough to make a single attack with. This Scything Wind Technique )--
technique leaves very distinctive wounds, deep slashes with Almost always used with a fan, this technique creates a vast
hundreds of miniscule tears at the edges. number of heavy air currents and vacuum pockets, varying
Chakra: 30, +20 if it hits greatly in speed, width, and angle, with their integrity
Upkeep: 0 maintained by chakra. Where they intersect, the crossing
Damage: 5d8*10 currents tear apart anything unfortunate enough to be in their
Accuracy: +4 way.
Range: Melee As effective as this technique is, slicing and smashing
Speed: 14 anything short of fortified stonework, it can be somewhat
Seal Speed: 22 unreliable, as there's an element of chance about just how
many different ways a victim will be shredded.
Effects: This technique's damage cannot be blocked, and
the effectiveness of an opponent's damage reduction (if any) Chakra: 36
is halved. If this technique hits, it may be used consecutively Damage: 4d10*10
(no other non-Interrupt actions are taken between uses). If Range: 40
you do so, its Seal Speed is removed, and its Chakra cost is Speed: 24
reduced to 30 whether or not it hits. However, each attack Seal Speed: 42
(including ones that miss) increases its Upkeep by 3. Once Effects: This may target any number of people in front of
you release this Upkeep, the blade dissipates. you, so long as they are all within range, and for the purposes
Kaze no Yaiba uses only half your actual ninjutsu damage of evading is considered to have an Area equal to its Range.
bonus to determine the damage it deals. For determining Scything Wind's damage is considered 25% higher for the
wounds, its damage is considered 50% higher. purposes of inflicting wounds.
--( Renkuudan - Compressed Air
Blast )--
A technique originated in Sand, supposedly derived from
what was alleged to be a power wielded by a 'monster' that
terrorized that country more than a century and a half ago.
The user draws in a deep breath and begins pouring chakra
into the air in their lungs, thickening it until it reaches an
almost-liquid consistency before ejecting it into a high-power
blast of air.
Chakra: 40 + X / 5
Damage: (2 + X / 2)d12*5
Accuracy: + X / 5
Range: 30 + X
Speed: 10 + X, Delay X
Seal Speed: 25
Effects: After completing this technique's seals you may use
it immediately (as Speed 10, and Delay 0), or begin 'charging'

--( Fuuton: Shinkuu Taigyoku - ile ranged attacks (such as Retsudotensho) only have their
damage reduced by half the normal amount.
Wind Release: Vacuum Great Sphere Additionally, the surge of wind each time this tornado is
)-- empowered pushes enemies (along with anyone and
If the Vacuum Sphere technique can be considered a spray of everything else) away from you. Anyone within (your ninjutsu
wind-chakra bullets (not that ninja actually know what such damage bonus) yards is knocked back (1 per rank of the
things are!), then the Great Vacuum Sphere is a gigantic jutsu; 1 for E, 5 for A, etc.) * (your ninjutsu damage bonus)/2
wind-chakra cannon ball. yards.
In terms that ninja actually do understand, this creates a So long as this technique's maintained, it's impossible to
large sphere-shaped vacuum, which is then launched grapple you You may choose to end it at will, or when making
forwards. Anyone who comes in contact with the vacuum is any Fuuton attack (whose Chakra roll will still be penalized
sucked inside, and then either slammed against either the by Taifuu no Me's upkeep), adding your total amassed damage
first solid object it encounters or just hit by what amounts to reduction to that technique's damage.
a wall of high-velocity air from every direction as the chakra
in the technique dissipates and the technique collapses on --( Fuuton: Kitakaze - Wind
them. Release: The North Wind )--
Chakra: 46 The north wind wind cleanses the world of its impurities and
Damage: 5d6*10 soothes the raging elements. Once its handseals are
Accuracy: +3 completed, a calm but strong wind blows in from the north.
Range: 20 Chakra: 30
Area: 10 Speed: 22
Special: Stun 15 Seal Speed: 20
Speed: 12
Seal Speed: 28 Effects: All environmental effects caused by ninjutsu (such
Effects: In addition to targeting anyone in its area, anyone as Yomi Numa, or Four Pillar Bind) end immediately, and no
between the user and its eventual destination is also a target. such techniques may be activated for double the user's
Shinkuu Taigyoku is unblockable, and enemies do not receive ninjutsu damage bonus worth of IC; however, this cannot end
the benefit of partial defense against it. Anyone hit is knocked or disperse B- or A-rank Katon techniques. Any Ignite status
back to the far end of its range. effects have their severity halved (round down), and any
Shinkuu Taigyoku inflicts Blunt wounds, and the severity of Immobilization with set durations (meaning, ones that fade
any wounds it inflicts is increased by one category (minor to by a certain amount every so-many IC) are removed, as is any
major, severe to critical, and so forth). Paralysis that was originally caused by a Raiton technique.
This technique can only be used outside.
--( Fuuton: Taifuu no Me - Wind
Release: Eye of the Storm )--
A powerful wind technique, this emanates an incredibly
powerful wind, starting about a foot away from you and
pushing away in all directions. Though not directly harmful
itself, it's incredibly difficult to fight through, and will only
grow more so as each wind jutsu you perform strengthens
the storm.
Chakra: 30
Upkeep: 6 + (X)/100
Speed: 14
Seal Speed: 24
Effects: The tornado provides a Damage Reduction of (your
ninjutsu damage bonus)10. Any time you use a Fuuton jutsu,
this DR is increased by (the technique's Speed) (your damage
bonus, -2 for each rank the technique is below A). This DR
doesn't apply to Katon, and is considered 50% higher against
Raiton. Non-projectile ranged attacks (such as
Retsudotensho) only have their damage reduced by half the
normal amount.
X is the current amount of DR this technique is granting
you--its Upkeep steadily increases as its power does. Its
primary downside, however, is the difficulty in dragging a
raging tornado along: so long as it's maintained, the user's
movement speed is reduced by 10% for every 100 DR, to a
minimum of 0%.

Katon Ninjutsu
E-rank D-rank
--( Hinotama no Jutsu - Fireball --( Katon: Houenka - Fire Release:
Technique )-- Flame Flower )--
This jutsu is so weak it's considered a training exercise After completing the handseals, the user creates three balls
among academy students who're quick to grasp the basics of of fire-elemented chakra: one in each palm, and one in their
katon jutsu. After performing the handseals the user focuses mouth, all three of which can be fired separately or focused
chakra in their hand and projects it into a fist-sized ball of on a single target.
fire, which they can then shoot at a target. Chakra: 13
Chakra: 6 Damage: 4d6.extra(6), Special
Damage: 2d6.extra(4) Range: 15
Range: 10 Speed: 12
Speed: 6 Seal Speed: 7
Seal Speed: 5 Effects: This technique hits up to three separate targets,
and has a +2 bonus to accuracy. For each fireball beyond the
--( Asayake no Jutsu - Morning first directed at the same target, the damage they take is
Glow Technique )-- increased by 2d6, and the technique has +1 accuracy.
In addition to being good practice for chakra control, many
fire-using ninja find it useful when left without supplies. It --( Katon: Shitai Entou - Fire
creates a small, warm ball of fire that hovers around its user's Release: Flame Tongue )--
palm, over their fingertips, or so forth. This ball is not hot Originally thought to be a technique that required a
enough to ignite, well, anything, but it's particularly bright for prolonged diet of special, possibly chakra-enhanced
its size. chemicals, this was later discovered to be actually a fairly
Chakra: 5 simple Katon jutsu. The user breathes out a thick, nearly
Upkeep: 2 solid stream of fire from their mouth--typically at another
Speed: 6 person, whom they would like to injure.
Seal Speed: 8 Chakra: 16
Effects: The orb sheds light equivalent to a small oil lamp. Damage: 10d8.extra(7)
This reduces darkness-based visibilty effects by 3. Range: 10
Special: Burns 3
Speed: 10
--( Enmaku no Jutsu - Smokescreen Seal Speed: 8
Technique )--
A low-level technique which sees some use even by more --( Enkounebai no Jutsu - Sticky
experienced ninja, in certain situations. It causes a Katon Fire Technique )--
jutsu to release a prodigious amount of smoke before it burns
out, reducing visibility over an area. You spit out a mass of chakra-infused saliva; it's clear,
odorless, extremely sticky, very flammable, and kind of gross
Chakra: +3, +1 per rank above E to get hit by.
Seal Speed: +4 Chakra: 8
Effects: This technique is used in combination with a Range: 10
damage-dealing Katon jutsu, increasing its Seal Speed and Speed: 7
Chakra cost accordingly. The technique has a radius of 5 Seal Speed: 8
yards, +5 yards per rank above E.
Within this area, the smoke imposes a -3 visibility penalty, Effects: Your opponent is covered in the flammable saliva.
+1 per rank the jutsu Enmaku was used with is above E. If they are hit by a Katon technique, the saliva ignites,
This technique can also be used on its own, using a person applying an Ignite 5 effect to the unfortunate victim. The
suffering from the Ignite status as its source; in this case it's severity of this effect is increased by 2 for each rank the jutsu
Chakra 6, Speed 5, and Seal Speed 5. Every 5 points of Ignite is above E (7 for a D-rank jutsu, 9 for a C-rank, and so forth).
is equivalent to one jutsu rank (so "rank D", meaning -4
visibility, at Ignite 10).

--( Nenshou Yari no Jutsu - Burning C-rank
Spear Technique )-- --( Housenka no Jutsu - Phoenix
This jutsu creates a polearm out of pure flame, which the Sage Fire Technique )--
user can hold unharmed (and without lighting their clothes
on fire). Konoha once tried to have a treaty passed to ban the After performing the handseals, the user exhales a cluster of
use of this technique, though nobody else quite understands small fireballs, each concealing one or more shuriken.
what all the fuss is about. Chakra: 11, +1 per 2 speed of the multi-throw
Chakra: 12 Stamina: As multi-throw
Upkeep: 1 Damage: +1d6 per weapon thrown
Speed: 5 Range: As multi-throw
Seal Speed: 10 Speed: As multi-throw
Seal Speed: The speed of the multi-throw.
Effects: You acquire a naginata or yari made out of fire. It
uses your ninjutsu rather than physical damage bonus. This Effects: This technique benefits from your ninjutsu damage
weapon persists until you let go of it. Whenever someone is bonus, on top of the normal multi-throw damage bonus.
struck by your weapon they must pass a status roll or suffer Projectiles used in this technique are rendered unusable
burns equal to half its number of rolled dice. afterwards by the intense heat.
You may form handseals while holding this weapon, as it is This jutsu adds Burns equal to half the number of weapons
intangible. thrown.

--( Katon: Houyoku - Fire Release: --( Goukyaku no Jutsu - Grand

Phoenix Wings )-- Fireball Technique )--
This technique wreathes part of your body--generally a Generations ago, this technique was passed down from
forearm and hand, but it can vary depending on the needs of father to son within the Uchiha clan as an informal, but
the technique--with chakra-based flames! It's quite flashy, and sometimes very serious, rite of passage. As time passed its
could be considered low-grade nintaijutsu, as it then use spread first to other Konoha ninja, and then much
combined those flames with a physical attack of your choice. further.
Chakra: 8 Chakra: 20
Seal Speed: 5 Damage: 12d12.extra(9)
Range: 30
Effects: After completing the seals, you perform any non- Radius: 10
grapple unarmed taijutsu attack. The technique uses your Speed: 14
ninjutsu, rather than physical damage bonus, though ignores Seal Speed: 10
alterations to the damage bonus (such as doubling, halving,
or removing it). If the opponent fails a status roll after being Effects: If the victim fails a status roll this inflicts Burns 6.
hit by this technique, it inflicts Burns 4.
--( Ryuuka no Jutsu - Dragon Fire
--( Ryuuseiu no Jutsu - Meteor Technique )--
Shower Technique )-- This jutsu is painfully slow and inaccurate, making its
The user gathers intense fire chakra in their palms or usefulness situational at best. Most users of the technique
fingertips before throwing several weapons which ignite in find some way to bind or disable their opponents before
mid-air. Aside from being painful, being hit by flaming bits of trying to attack with it. On the other hand, if it manages to
metal carries other risks. connect it can be astonishing devastating.
Chakra: 9, +1 per weapon thrown Chakra: 25
Stamina: As multi-throw Damage: 8d20.extra(11)
Range: As multi-throw Accuracy: -8
Speed: As multi-throw Range: 25
Seal Speed: 7 Speed: 20
Seal Speed: 16
Effects: If the attack hits, make a status roll (Chakra Special: Burns 8, Ignite 10
Control vs. the defender's Resistance). If the defender fails,
they suffer an Ignite with a severity equal to however many Effects: This technique benefits from double the user's
weapons hit. ninjutsu damage bonus. If the opponent fails a status roll, the
The weapons used in this technique are ruined, and cannot severity of the Burns and Ignite are both doubled.
be retrieved or reused.

--( Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu - Mist --( Ikari o Moe no Jutsu - Blazing
Blaze Dance Technique )-- Fury Technique )--
Once you perform the handseals, this jutsu allows you to A very, very popular technique among hand-to-hand
exhale a slightly translucent cloud of potentially flammable combatants, whose opinions of it range from "pretty cool" to
gas. Even so much as a spark will spell trouble for anyone "totally awesome", this wreathes their hands, and sometimes
unfortunate enough to be within it. As an added effect, the feet, elbow, and knees, in a faint reddish glow of chakra.
glass is ever-so-slightly toxic. When they strike, that chakra ignites on impact, resulting in a
burst of flame being delivered to their unfortunate foe. It's
Chakra: 14 quite flashy.
Damage: Chakra: 15
Radius: 20 Upkeep: 5
Range: 20 Speed: 8
Speed: 8 Seal Speed: 14
Seal Speed: 10
Effects: This technique initially does no damage. However, Effects: This technique alters the dice of any unarmed
it detonates and does the listed damage, across the listed attacks you make, applying to Unarmed taijutsu, Combo
area, if a Katon jutsu contacts its area, or if a person with an taijutsu, and basic unarmed attacks. Its damage dice become
Ignite status of 5 or higher is present. This explosion cannot .extra(3) for d4s, .extra(5) for d6s, .extra(6) for d8s, .extra(7)
be dodged (though the effect which triggered it, if an attack, for d10s, .extra(9) for d12s, and .extra(15) for d20s. It does
can still be dodged or otherwise defended against normally). not apply to Grapple taijutsu.
The gas is also particularly thick, and not particularly For example, an attack which would normally deal 8d12
breathable. Every 10 IC that someone spends in the cloud damage would be changed to deal 8d12.extra(9) damage
adds a Suffocation 1 status to them. under the effects of Blazing Fury.
Additionally, if an attack augmented by Blazing Fury inflicts
wounds of any sort, it also causes an Energy wound of one
--( Yoen no Jutsu - Ember-Burning category lower, to a minimum of minor (a punch that inflicted
Technique )-- a Minor Blunt wound would also inflict a Minor Energy
One of the few katon jutsu which lacks offensive applications, wound).
this technique's rank comes from the precision necessary to
perform it without lighting oneself on fire. It literally burns B-rank
dirt, grime, sweat, and contaminants from the target's clothes
and body (without, notably, causing either to go up in flames --( Katon: Karyuu Endan - Fire
themselves). It can also be used to sterilize (or, if necessary, Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
cauterize) wounds by tracing them with one's fingertips. )--
Chakra: 22 The shinobi gathers chakra in their mouth, before converting
Speed: 5 it to fire and shooting it out. The flame shoots out in three
Seal Speed: 16 sections, each one taking on the appearance of a serpentine
Effects: Removes all foreign particles and bodies (bugs, dragon which explodes on impact with its own target.
chemicals) from the user's clothes and body, stops any Chakra: 36
ongoing bleeding, and evaporates any liquids covering them Damage: 22d20.extra(11)
(exception: this will ignite the D-rank Sticky Fire Technique). Range: 40
It can even remove recently spilled, not-yet-dried liquids Special: Ignite 7, Burns 5
(including blood!) from clothing. It will not, however, cure Speed: 22
poison. Seal Speed: 22
This provides a -10 penalty on any attempts to track the
user by scent (i.e. Survival rolls), but only a -5 penalty to find Effects: This technique may target up to three separate
them (i.e. Awareness vs. Stealth) via scent because while people. You may not direct these 'extra' attacks at the same
their own odor is eliminated, this jutsu leaves a faint scent of person for added damage.
smoke. In fact, a difficulty 30 Research roll can identify the If the victim of this technique fails a status roll, the status
use of this technique at, say, a crime scene. effects are doubled.
If used to treat an injury (external injuries which have left
open wounds only), this accelerates the recipient's healing
time by 25%, but does not stack with the reduction from
medical treatment (doctors can do much better than this
improvised first aid).

Against a ranged ninjutsu attack: This can only be used
--( Gouryuuka no Jutsu - Great against targeted, damage-dealing ninjutsu aimed at you, or
Dragon Fire Technique )-- any damage-dealing Fuuton ninjutsu which would hit you.
The user of this technique compresses a large amount of Compare the damage of the two techniques; if the damage of
chakra in their body, and exhales it as a single, massive burst theirs is higher, subtract Rising Phoenix Blast's damage from
of fire in the shape of a dragon's head. Due to this technique's that technique's damage; that is how much you take. If your
nature, enough of the chakra used in it is retained briefly in technique's damage is higher, it destroys the opponent's
the user's body to swiftly prepare a second blast. technique, protecting you from it, and your enemy must then
defend against your Rising Phoenix Blast (which does its full
Chakra: 32 damage normally).
Damage: 15d20.extra(11) Rising Phoenix Blast's damage is raised by 50% if it
Range: 35 interrupts (or is interrupted by) a Wind Release technique,
Speed: 16 and lowered by 50% when interrupting Water Release
Seal Speed: 20 techniques.
Effects: If this was the last jutsu you performed, its Chakra
cost is reduced by 4 and its Seal Speed by 2, and it gains +2 --( Akuchori Nabe - Devil's
Accuracy. These bonuses stack, bringing it as low as Chakra Cooking Pot )--
16 and Seal Speed 10, and giving up to +8 Accuracy. This technique is known for two things. The first is the
distinctive, raspy sound made when the user exhales the dark
--( Katon: Joushou Ootori - Fire gray cloud of smoke produced by this technique, rather like a
Release: Rising Phoenix Blast )-- death rattle. The second is being wantonly destructive. Due
The user gathers chakra around them--the 'rising phoenix' to the composition of the cloud's chakra, it ignites at the
actually refers to the visible heat ripples and wisps of flame outside first, and implodes upon itself, creating a pyroclastic
rising around the ninja performing it-- and unleashes a pressure-cooker effect.
stream of dark, searingly hot fire at their opponents. The Chakra: 30
flames of this technique are hot enough to disintegrate most Area: 30
incoming attacks. Range: 20
Chakra: 24 Speed: 12
Damage: Seal Speed: 28
Accuracy: +3 Effects: Any Katon jutsu of C-rank or higher will be
Special: Interrupt sufficient to ignite the cloud. This increases that technique's
Speed: 10 damage by 25% and changes it dice from .extra() to .open(),
Seal Speed: 14 and everyone within the cloud's area must defend against it.
If the technique also has an area of effect, add half of the
Effects: When used as an Interrupt, Rising Phoenix Blast's lower AoE (Akuchori Nabe's or that of the technique which
damage becomes and it receives double your detonated it) to the full higher one; this is the area for the
ninjutsu damage bonus. It functions differently if when used new, combined technique.
against a melee attack, or ranged ninjutsu attack. It may
Interrupt attacks so long as its Speed is equal to or less than
theirs (rather than needing to be equal to or less than half the
original attack's Speed).
Against a melee action: The user may choose to call off
their attack, or press on regardless of the danger. If they do
not cancel their attack, they take Rising Phoenix Blast's full
damage, without any defense. However, you are also hit by
their attack automatically, and cannot defend against it. If
they choose to defend themselves, their attack is cancelled;
they do not pay any Chakra or Stamina costs, and it's
considered half its actual speed for determining when their
next action comes; any AP or other effects spent on it,
however, are not regained. They then defend against Rising
Phoenix Blast as a surprise attack, but have a +3 bonus to
any d20 rolls made as part of their defense.

Effects: So long as Enjoukon is maintained, the Chakra
--( Jikoku Kasou no Jutsu - Instant costs of all your Katon jutsu are reduced by 5, and their
Cremation Technique )-- damage is increased by 15%. When your Chakra Exhaustion
Arguably the most stylish jutsu in existence, after performing penalty increases from using a Katon technique, it increases
the requisite handseals the user keeps their hands charged by 1 point less than normal (to a minimum of 0). However, the
with chakra (though they do not glow, or burn). From that chakra costs for all your non-Katon elemental ninjutsu are
point on, all they have to do is point at a target and focus for a increased by 5.
few seconds, and a location will erupt in flames. Even after this technique ends, its effects persist for the
While this does make it somewhat difficult to evade, there next 20 IC as your chakra gradually returns to normal.
are several telltale signs (aside from the, you know, pointing).
The area heats up rapidly, and there's a low, rising hum near A-rank
the point where the flash of fire is imminent, as the chakra
being directed there builds and prepares to ignite. --( Katon: Karyuudan - Fire
Chakra: 20 Release: Fire Dragon Bullet )--
Damage: - X) Generally considered to be the pinnacle of how destructive a
Accuracy: +4 technique can be without rendering it useless in a majority of
Range: 25 situations, the user forms a mass of fire in the vague shape of
Special: Ignite X/2 a dragon's head in front of them, and then fires a volley of
Speed: 12 blazing projectiles at their unfortunate target of choice.
Seal Speed: 16
Chakra: 60
Effects: After using Instant Cremation, you gain a special Damage: 60d20.extra(16)
Upkeep. Accuracy: +3
Special Upkeep: As a normal Upkeep, applies a penalty of Range: 60
its value to all Stamina and Chakra Exhaustion rolls; you may Speed: 30
end it as a Speed 0 action, or immediately after using Instant Seal Speed: 30
Cremation. However, it does not have a limit on how high it
may go, and does not interact with Uniques or Wounds which Effects: This technique inflicts Burns of (damage dealt)/50.
affect normal Upkeeps. You may target up to three people with this technique, using
Your special Upkeep has a value of X. X increases by 2 the same Accuracy for each. You can not target the same
each time you use Instant Cremation. So long as X is 2 or person repeatedly to enhance the technique's effect.
greater, Instant Cremation's does not require handseals.
Thus, if you had used Instant Cremation three times, you
would have an Upkeep 6, and your next use of it would deal damage. Regardless of how high X goes,
Instant Cremation may not deal more than
If you end the Upkeep, and then use Instant Cremation
again, the Upkeep will begin at 0.
--( Enjoukon no Jutsu - Blazing
Soul Technique )--
All ninja learn how to convert their chakra into one of the five
basic elemental natures; doing so is how they perform
elemental ninjutsu. This dangerous, advanced technique
takes that to its (il)logical conclusion. The user converts a
majority of their chakra to fire-elemental.
This offers the obvious advantage of drastically increasing
the efficiency of any jutsu using that chakra--however, doing
so is puts a significant strain upon one's chakra circulatory
system, impeding its normal functioning.
When this technique is maintained, a person's skin is
notably hot to the touch.
Chakra: 20
Upkeep: 4
Speed: 12
Seal Speed: 16
Requires: 25 Chakra Control

If an effect is used which would disperse the gas cloud
--( Insei Reisai no Jutsu - Meteor (such as the A-rank Fuuton: Kitakaze) during the Delay
Carnival Technique )-- period, its damage, range, and effects all reset to 0%; and can
The go-to jutsu for dispatching swaths of enemies as quickly be built back up by continuing it.
as possible, for those who are able to perform it and don't You may choose to detonate this when you finish it (in
mind ruining the scenery. Compared to other wide-area which case you will probably be in the area of effect; however,
techniques, it has the advantage of, for the most part, being you take only half damage from your own Ryuujin Bakuha), or
able to avoid hitting one's allies indiscriminately. not. If not, it'll remain until detonated by the presence of
The user launches an incandescent globe of fire into the someone with an Ignite 10, or a Katon jutsu of C-rank or
sky, where it remains stationary and periodically launches above.
smaller, roughly pumpkin-sized exploding fireballs across the Ryuujin Bakuha inflicts an Energy wound, and two Blunt
battlefield; on impact, they explode! wounds of the same severity. If it's used in a confined space
(such as indoors, or in a cave) it does an additional
Chakra: 40 damage, and its effects are raised to Burns
Upkeep: 12 25, Ignite 25, and Stun 20.
Damage: 24d20.extra(16)
Range: 150 --( Sunde Bakudan - Living Bomb )--
Speed: 16
Seal Speed: 35 A technique invented in the middle of the Third Shinobi
World War--and, as the horrors from that era go, it's only
Effects: A volley of fireballs falls upon the battlefield on the slightly atrocious.
IC in which you use this technique, and every 20 IC The user molds a mass of volatile fire-elemental chakra
afterwards so long as you maintain its Upkeep. and, rather than forming it into a jutsu, injects it directly into
This technique uses your base Accuracy for an A-rank a foe. The chakra will last a few minutes at most, before
Katon, unmodified by status, wounds, temporary bonuses, surging through their chakra coils violently and turning them
and so on, though penalties from Fatigue do apply. The into the catalyst for a powerful explosion.
ninjutsu damage bonus is equal to yours at the time you use It saw extensive use for taking out medics who'd rush to
the technique. Because the attacks are made by the the battlefield to retrieve injured comrades, only to be killed
technique, and not you, you cannot modify them further (such or wounded in the ensuing explosion.
as with Willpower or AP).
Each volley may target up to (ninjutsu damage bonus) Chakra: 35, raised to 50 if it hits
individuals. Each targeted individual has a fireball fall on Damage:
them, and detonate with an Area of (injutsu damage bonus). Range: Touch
Each fireball (including the initial one) is considered a Speed Speed: 25
10 attack, and receives only half your ninjutsu damage bonus. Seal Speed: 25
A single individual may only take damage once per volley; if Effects: Whoever you hit with this technique becomes a
you targeted four fireballs at each of four people who were living bomb! When you place this technique, you also set a
standing next to each other, they would only need to make timer, between 1 and (your Chakra Control skill ranks)*5 IC.
one defense and would, at most, take damage one time. At that point, they will detonate. The initial attack itself does
not deal damage.
--( Katon: Ryuujin Bakuha - Fire You may also perform a Speed 5, Seal Speed 20 action to
Release: Dragon King Blast )-- detonate someone immediately.
The pinnacle of wide-area indiscriminate destruction. The When a person is detonated, they make a Chakra 30 roll;
user exhales a cloud of not-quite-invisible vapor with a whether they pass or fail has no effect on the technique,
metallic taste, which rapidly expands. Once they've finished, though as normal they might advance in Fatigue.
they channel just a small bit of chakra into it, turning the gas The explosion itself is Area 25. The bomb themselves may
from inert to violently reactive and engulfing the area in a not defend against it, though anyone else can. The technique's
fireball which has no peer. The user is protected from this damage is considered 25% higher for the purposes of
explosion; their friends, however, are not. wounding the bomb.
Chakra: 45
Effects: Burns 15, Ignite 20, Stun 10
Range: 20
Area: Radius of (Damage Bonus)*10 yards.
Speed: 30, Delay 20
Seal Speed: 22
Effects: Every initiative count in the delay, this technique
gains 5% of its damage, radius, and effects. The use of any
Katon jutsu of C-rank or above (or the presence of any person
suffering from an Ignite status of 10 or greater) in this area
will detonate it prematurely.

--( Maru o Moyashi no Jutsu -
Burning Circle Technique )--
Popular among bounty-hunting ninja, this technique creates a
circular wall of flame surrounding an area. While it's by no
means impregnable, attempting to charge through a virtually-
solid sheet of chakra-fueled fire tends to have the expected
result. It's useful both for ensuring an opponent won't run
away (or making them pay for trying to do so), and for keeping
an adversary isolated from the battle.
Chakra: 45
Upkeep: 8
Damage: 40d20.extra(6)
Range: 40
Radius: Up to (ninjutsu damage bonus) * 5
Speed: 30
Seal Speed: 26
Effects: This creates a circular wall of flame centered on a
location within range, with the listed radius. The wall itself is
1 yard thick, and (ninjutsu damage bonus) * 3 yards tall.
Anyone who crosses the wall takes the listed damage, as
well as an Ignite equal to the user's ninjutsu damage bonus,
and a Burn equal to twice the user's ninjutsu damage bonus.
It uses the Speed it was performed at to determine the
damage from its user's ninjutsu damage bonus. As it does not
constitute an attack at that point, defensive Interrupts can't be
used to mitigate it.

Raiton Jutsu
--( Juude - Electric Charge )--
E-rank Rubbing your hands together you create a large electrical
--( Rashinban no Jutsu - Compass charge, which only needs the slightest touch to be delivered,
Technique )-- and will temporarily energize the opponent with an amount
of lightning-elemented chakra.
It's about what it sounds like. The user channels lightning-
elemental chakra into a needle, or kunai, or similar-sized and Chakra: 10
-shaped object, which will then, when laid flat (sometimes Range: Melee
requiring a few taps to help it along) point towards magnetic Speed: 6
north. Seal Speed: 6
Chakra: 5 Effects: This 'charges' an opponent, and gives the next
Speed: 4 ranged Raiton technique used against them an Accuracy
Seal Speed: 12 bonus of +1, plus the severity of any Paralysis they have.
Thus, when using Raiton against someone with Juude and
Effects: Allows a single kunai or senbon to be used as a Paralysis 3 you'd have a +4 Accuracy bonus.
compass for 6 hours or until used in an attack. It's not quite
perfect, but it's good enough for most uses. --( Jinrai no Jutsu - Thunderclap
--( Shougeki Heki - Shocking Burst Technique )--
)-- The user puts both hands together, forming a miniature
thunder bolt between his hands, splitting the air and forming
Holding a hand out there is a pulse of electricity. This isn't an extremely loud BANG, which is rather startling when your
nearly enough to kill anyone, but it definitely hurts. a few inches from it, and not expecting it. It has the added
Chakra: 10 benefits of temporarily deafening the opponent.
Damage: 2d10 Chakra: 14
Range: 10 Range: 10 radius around user
Speed: 4 Special: Stun 3
Seal Speed: 6 Speed: 10
Effects: This inflicts Paralyze 1 for 20 IC. It can target Seal Speed: 8
either a single person, or everyone within the range. If the Effects: The Stun's severity is doubled if its victims fail a
latter, it does not penalize dodges as a regular area of effect status roll.
technique would.
Shocking Burst's Speed may not be reduced below 4. --( Shinkei Attou no Jutsu - Nerve
Overloading Technique )--
D-rank You send a 'spark' of chakra into an enemy, stimulating any
--( Shuurai - Lightning Strike )-- electrical chakra already in their system and sending them
You focus energy to the tips of your fingers on either hand, into several seconds of agonizing convulsions.
then point at an opponent, releasing a reasonably sized bolt Chakra: 16
of electricity. This is nothing like real lightning, but it looks Range: 15
similar! Speed: 8
Chakra: 15 Seal Speed: 8
Damage: 2d6*3d4 Effects: This has +3 Accuracy per level of Paralysis on the
Range: 20 target. It ends all Raiton-induced Paralysis effects on them,
Speed: 10 and inflicts them with a Stun equal to 5 per severity of the
Seal Speed: 12 highest Paralysis removed. Thus, someone suffering from
Effects: This inflicts Paralysis 1 for 20 IC if its target fails a Paralysis 4 would be Stunned for 20 IC.
status roll.

Effects: This inflicts Paralysis 2 for 20 IC, and requires you
--( Kyousou Ikazuchi no Jutsu - to have a metal weapon in each hand. This also hits anyone
Racing Thunder Technique )-- within 3 yards of the target.
By pumping your legs full of lightning chakra, you raise your
muscle's response time, and their power as well. --( Kanden Satsujin - Electric
Unfortunately, this is all focused in just your legs. Murder )--
Chakra: 15 You hold out your palms toward the enemy and discharge
Upkeep: 4 huge amounts of lightning chakra, searing the flesh of your
Speed: 6 enemy.
Seal Speed: 8
Chakra: 17
Effects: Your AGI is treated as 25% higher for the purposes Damage: 30d2
of movement. Range: 6
Additionally, you may choose to declare a Speed X move Speed: 14
action, where X may be up to your bonus to Stamina rolls. Seal Speed: 10
Unlike normal movement (which is handled on an IC-by-IC Effects: If this technique is the last attack you used, and you
basis), the movement for this action is resolved immediately. haven't performed any handseals since the last time you used
However, moving this way has a Stamina cost equal to the it, its does not require handseals.
number of yards you travel. You may not reduce this action's When used consecutively, add half the damage of all
Speed by spending AP. previous consecutive uses for the purpose of determining
wounds. For example, say you dealt 60, then 40, then 50
--( Kaminari no Yaiba - Lightning damage with it. This would deal a total of ( 60 + 50 + 40 ) 150
Blade )-- damage. Each consecutive use also increases its Chakra cost
With a quick burst of lightning natured chakra, you force it by 1.
through a metallic weapon and into your enemy, usually For determining if you wounded your opponent, the first
during some sort of attack. This is a burst of energy, rather technique would be treated as 60 damage, the second as (40
than a proper chakra flow technique. + 60/2) 70, and the third as (50 + 60/2 + 40/2) 100.
Chakra: 15 --( Kangekiha - Wave of Inspiration
Stamina: As Weapon )--
Damage: As Weapon
Range: As Weapon Focusing a great amount of lightning chakra into their hands,
Speed: As Weapon+5 the user then places them on or near something that will
conduct the attack into their opponent. Be it something metal,
Effects: This ignores half of any opponent's damage something wet, or whatever, as long as there is a conductive
reduction (if any). This attack counts as a taijutsu attack with material, there will be a target who is hit!
your NDB in place of your PDB, and causes the attack to be
treated as a melee-ranged Raiton technique (for determining Chakra: 20
the efficacy of jutsu-based defenses and the like). Damage: 2d8*5d4
If this is parried by a metal weapon, or unarmed (if the Accuracy: -8
person has an ability to let them do so), the attack still inflicts Range: 40
20% damage. If blocked, the blocking has its effect reduced Speed: 10
by 10% (from 50% to 40%, and so forth). Seal Speed: 16
To use this with a ranged weapon, you need 1 yard of ninja Effects: If this is used on a conductive surface (such as a
wire attached to the weapon (which it can be assumed you metal pipe, or the surface of a lake) that your opponent is in
did in preparation, or as you perform the technique). For contact with, its Accuracy penalty is removed and your
multi-throws, this can rapidly become an awful lot of wire. damage bonus is doubled.
If someone was hit by a Suiton ninjutsu in the past 15 IC,
C-rank this technique's Accuracy penalty is reduced to -2, but your
damage bonus is not increased.
--( Raikyuu - Lightning Ball )-- For every point of Paralysis a target is suffering from, the
Charging up electricity between two weapons, you harness it Accuracy penalty is reduced by 2; however, if this hits their
into a ball and then fire it at your enemies, the ball exploding Paralysis status is ended.
out once it makes contact with anything.
Chakra: 22
Damage: 100
Accuracy: +2
Range: 15
Speed: 22

Avenging Lightning God's damage is increased by 10% for
--( Taiyouken - Solar Flare )-- every 1 point of Paralyze the attacker is afflicted by.
Blinds opponents who don't know to close their eyes. Not Additionally, anyone damaged by this move is afflicted by a
affected by doujutsu which bypass visibility penalties, and Paralyze 1 status for 40 IC. If they hit you again while still
may in fact temporarily shut them down. suffering from it, its severity is raised by 1.
Chakra: 15
Range: 20
Special: Interrupt B-rank
Speed: 8
Seal Speed: 10 --( Raijuu Hashiri no Jutsu -
Lightning Beast Running
Effects: This inflicts a -8 visibility penalty on anyone in Technique )--
range. Used as an Interrupt, there is a chance the sudden
flash of light will cause an opponent to miss entirely; treat Charging both your hands with a powerful electric current,
your defense as if you'd rolled a 5 on a dodge attempt, and if you slam them together and expel a creature made of pure
this would allow you to dodge with their visibility penalty, lightning, in whatever form you choose (one of a realistic,
then they simply miss. quadripedal animal). The beast then runs at your enemy,
This negates the effects of any active doujutsu on its connected to your hands by a lightning 'leash' that allows you
victims until its penalty has faded to -4. to redirect the attack if an enemy defends against it.
When you use this technique, you and anyone in range Chakra: 40
make an opposed Initiative roll, with the victims getting a +5 Damage: 4d10*3d4
bonus for each previous time this technique has been used in Range: 40
that combat. If you beat their roll, they're blinded; if not, they Special: Paralysis 2 for 30 IC
managed to close their eyes in time. Speed: 14
The penalty fades at the rate of 1 per 5 IC. Seal Speed: 20
--( Chuubu Gaki no Jutsu - Ghoul Effects: After seeing the result of your opponent's defense,
Paralysis Technique )-- you may choose to make them reroll it. If you do this, they
keep the second result (even if it's better). If you use this
After making contact with an enemy, you send a powerful option, Raijuu Hashiri's damage is halved for the purpose of
pulse of electricity through their body, momentarily determining wounds, and its Paralysis status is removed.
overstimulating their nervous system. For several seconds You may also use the redirect to send the beast after a
afterwards, the recipient of the shock will find their body different target; it still suffers the usual reductions this way.
sluggish and poorly responsive.
While not actual harmful, this is exceptionally painful.
Chakra: 16
Range: Touch
Speed: 10
Seal Speed: 10
Effects: This inflicts Paralysis 2 for 20 IC, raised to
Paralysis 4 for 40 IC if the victim fails a status roll.
--( Raiton: Fukushuu Kaminarikami
- Lightning Release: Avenging
Lightning God )--
You divert your chakra to surge across your skin, building up
something akin to a strong static charge. Unlike actual static
electricity, this is incredibly dangerous.
Chakra: 18
Upkeep: 6
Damage: 4d6*2d4
Special: This technique receives only half your damage
Speed: 8
Seal Speed: 14
Effects: Any time you are struck by an unarmed melee
attack or metallic melee weapon, this technique 'discharges'.
Your attack deals its damage as a result of their attack, and
you must make its Chakra roll again.

--( Raiton Bunshin no Jutsu - --( Gian - False Darkness )--
Lightning Release Clone After completing the handseals the user forms a large, spear-
Technique )-- shaped bolt of lightning which can be directed at distant
targets. One of this technique's advantages is its ability to be
This technique creates a power, not-quite-fully independent used in rapid succession, allowing for rapid long-range
copy of yourself. They're capable of bringing substantial force bombardment.
to bear in combat, but lack enough physical cohesion to
survive being hit in combat. Of course, striking a ball of Chakra: 40
animated lightning tends to be bad for one's health. Damage: 75*1d6
Range: 60
Chakra: 15, +5 per clone Speed: 15
Damage: 100*1d3 Seal Speed: 35
Range: Melee
Special: Paralysis 4 for 30 IC Effects: Once the technique's seals have been completed,
Speed: 8, +4 per clone you may repeatedly use Gian at Seal Speed 0 as long as you
Seal Speed: 12, +4 per clone take no other ninjutsu or non-Interrupt actions. Thus, you
Requires: Bunshin no Jutsu could dodge, but not punch, and not used a ninjutsu-based
Effects: You can create up to two clones. These function
like regular bunshin, but may take the actions listed below. --( Raiton: Shichuu Shibari -
Additionally, anyone who destroys a Lightning Clone with a Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind
melee attacks takes this technique's damage automatically.
Lightning Clones are all at Fatigue 0; if they ever reach )--
Fatigue 1, they are destroyed. Four pillars of rock, each about twenty feet tall, are
[X AP] Move: Your clones can move, where X is the Speed summoned around an enemy (don't ask how that works for a
of the Move action. lightning jutsu). Lightning arcs between the pillars, flooding
[4 AP] Basic Unarmed: A basic unarmed attack, using your the area with electricity. While the damage done by this
attributes. technique is fairly mild, it can easily immobilize someone
[X AP] Basic Weapon: You may transfer any number of within the area.
weapons to your Raiton Bunshin when you create them. They
may attack with those weapons, using your abilities. X is half Chakra: 45
the Speed of the attack. Upkeep: 5
[X AP] Multi-Throw: Should be self-explanatory. X is half Damage: 2d8*3d4
the Speed of the multi-throw. Range: CHA /2
[X AP] Raiton Ninjutsu: The clone must first perform the Area: 25 x 25 square
handseals, at the regular speed, costing AP equal to half the Special: Paraylsis 5, Immobilize 8
technique's modified Seal Speed. It then costs X AP, where X Speed: 25
is half the technique's Speed. They cannot, however, use Seal Speed: 25
Raiton Bunshin. Effects: This technique inflicts its statuses on anyone other
When Lightning Clones attack, their actions are always than the user who is within its area. They do not end until the
considered to be Held Back, as per the ability in Chapter 5, victim has managed to leave. This technique lasts for 60 IC,
even if you do not have the Hold Back ability. This means they or until you end the Upkeep, whichever comes sooner.
use only half your damage bonus for dealing damage, and the
severity of wounds they inflict is reduced by one category.
Lightning Clones use your base Stamina and Chakra
Exhaustion bonuses, as if they were a Fatigue 0 version of
you without any temporary benefits (such as having eaten a
Soldier Pill before creating them). If a clone fails a Fatigue
roll, it vanishes just as if it had been struck.

--( Tesura Karui - Tesla Minor )-- A-rank
This generates a semi-stable mass of lightning chakra which --( Kouken Rairyuu - Guardian
you can physically throw. It'll 'stick' to the first surface it Lightning Dragon )--
comes into contact with (people are not surfaces). Once
placed the ball is stationary, a bright and crackling Harnessing a great amount of chakra, you create a field of
hemisphere of chakra. Anyone unfortunate enough to wander lightning that swirls around you and coalesces into the
into range will receive a face-full of electricity. crackling outline of an electric dragon. From there you can
keep it at the ready, or attack an unfortunate foe immediately.
Chakra: 35
Upkeep: 3 Chakra: 54
Damage: 100 Damage: 5d8*6d6
Range: 20 Range: 80
Special: Paralysis 2, for 30 IC Special: Paralysis 3 for 30 IC
Speed: 25 Speed: 26
Seal Speed: 25 Seal Speed: 30
Effects: This creates a ball of energy within range on some Effects: When you use this technique, you may choose to
surface. When it's created, and every 25 IC afterwards, the lower its Chakra cost by 10. If you do so, rather than
ball emits bolts of lightning at everyone within CHA /2 yards. launching at your opponents the lightning dragon takes shape
Each bolt of a lightning is a separate attack. coiling around you.
The ball has 10 'charges'; it can attack 10 times, and then it It will automatically attack the first person to move within
expires. It will not attack you, and you can specify up to 10 yards of you (it will not, however, trigger this effect if you
(Chakra Control)/10 other people who it will ignore. The ball move closer to them), with +4 Accuracy. If they fail a status
can be attacked, and is destroyed if it takes 100 damage. roll, its Paralysis effect will also be double.
Melee attacks against it cause it to discharge against the You may also launch the dragon at any time while it's still
attacker. around, as a Chakra 35, Speed 14 action, using 14 rather
This technique uses your base Accuracy for an B-rank than 26 as its base speed.
Raiton, unmodified by status, wounds, temporary bonuses,
and so on, though penalties from Fatigue do apply. The --( Tenchu - Wrath of Heaven )--
ninjutsu damage bonus is equal to yours at the time you use
the technique. Because the attacks are made by the This technique earns its name. As the handseals are
technique, and not you, you cannot modify them further (such completed electricity will begin to arc along the user's body
as with Willpower or AP). and wisps of dark smoke will rise from them, a result of the
overwhelming, uncontainable amounts of chakra this jutsu
--( Hiyaku Raikoui - Chain requires.
That chakra is converted directly into electricity and
Lightning )-- released in a blast every bit as devastatingly powerful as a
You hold out your fingers and fire a focused bolt of lightning genuine bolt of lightning.
which then, after striking the target, goes to find a new target, Chakra: 70
then another, amplifying itself each time it passes through Damage: 5d8 5d6 2d4.takeHighest(1)
someone's chakra circulatory system. Range: 100
Chakra: 40 Area: 5
Damage: 7d6*1d10 Special: Paralysis 5 for 50 IC
Range: 50 Speed: 30
Speed: 16 Seal Speed: 50
Seal Speed: 18 Effects: This hits everything in a line ten yards across (its
Effects: This has an Accuracy bonus equal to the severity of area), and up to one hundred yards long (i.e. anything
Paralysis its target is suffering from, +1 for every previous between the user and the max range). The effectiveness of
target it's hit. After hitting one person it can then 'jump' to any partial defense is doubled against this technique: for every 1
other target within half the original range from its most point it hits by, it deals 10% damage.
recent victim, doing 10% more damage for each target After rolling damage for Tenchu, you may spend a point of
previously hit. Willpower to reroll it and take the higher of the two results.
Anyone struck by this technique has their Paralysis status This may only be done once per attack, and only if you did not
raised by 1, and its duration increased by 5 iC. A person can spend Willpower to improve Tecnhu's Accuracy.
only be hit by a single use of this technique once.
The maximum number of targets a single activation of
Chain Lightnin can hit is equal to your Ninjutsu Damage

You may 'store' uses of Tesla Minor in the spire, up to a
--( Juurokuchuu Shibari - Sixteen maximum of CHA/20. These will all discharge at the same
Pillar Bind )-- time as the spire, gaining its range but keeping their own
Just as the four pillar bind, this surrounds the area, though damage. For each simultaneous Tesla strike from the spire
this time it's a bit more solid. After creating a large, oven-like (be it a Minor or Major) that strikes someone, they suffer a
structure it then electrocutes the entire area inside, frying the Paralysis 1; if the spire and three Minors inside of it all hit
contents and hopefully making it hard for them to escape. somebody, that person would suffer a Paralysis 4. This lasts
for 10 IC per severity of the Paralysis.
Chakra: 58 This technique uses your base Accuracy for an A-rank
Upkeep: 14 Katon, unmodified by status, wounds, temporary bonuses,
Damage: 2d12*3d6 and so on, though penalties from Fatigue do apply. The
Range: 120 ninjutsu damage bonus is equal to yours at the time you use
Area: 100 the technique. Because the attacks are made by the
Speed: 30 technique, and not you, you cannot modify them further (such
Seal Speed: 35 as with Willpower or AP).
Effects: This is a 25 x 25 AoE, inside a 50 x 50, inside a 75
x 75, inside a 100 x 100; thus, it's 25 yards from the edge of --( Raitama - Ball Lightning )--
one layer to the next. For each layer a person is inside they Upon completion of the handseals the user forms a ball of
suffer -2 Immobilize and 1 Paralyze. raw, condensed lightning chakra between their palms, then
Juurokuchuu Shibari receives only half your ninjutsu encases it in a more stable 'shell' made from hundreds of
damage bonus. interwoven chakra strands, creating a mesh-like barrier that
Thus, someone at the center would be at -8 Immobilize and prevents the inner chakra from dissipating.
Paralyze 4, until they managed to run 25 yards; then they'd be After that, they can either leave the resulting ball of chakra
at -6 Immobilize and Paralyze 3, and so forth. hovering where it was made or hide it inside some
This lasts so long as you maintain its upkeep. You are appropriately sized physical object, typically the ground,
immune to its effects. where it will lie in wait until someone comes close enough to
trigger the mine. When they do, it seeks them out and
--( Tesura Shousa - Tesla Major )-- detonates on contact.
Filling both of your arms with an intense and energetic Chakra: 40
lightning chakra, you throw it out onto a surface. This time, Upkeep: 8
instead of a small ball being produced as in Tesla Minor there Damage: 300
is a great spire of electricity that stays in place, pulsating with Range: 60
energy. These usually tower over a battlefield and electrocute Speed: 50
anything that comes within range. Seal Speed: 25
Chakra: 50 Effects: The mine must be placed within melee range. The
Upkeep: 10 technique's actual range can, if you wish, be set lower than
Damage: 500 60. Whenever someone other than you enters this range, they
Range: 50 immediately become the target of a Sneak Attack from this
Speed: 30 jutsu; the ball of lightning soars towards them without
Seal Speed: 30 warning.
This can be left sitting in the opponent (as an effective
Effects: The creates a vertical spire of energy on an deterrent), or submerged into any available surface (the floor,
appropriate surface, CHA/4 yards tall. the walls). If you are within the maximum range (even if you
When created, and every 20 IC afterwards, this shocks reduced the attack range), you can prevent the ball from
anyone except you within (CHA)*3/4 yards. You may activating by concentrating on it (though you'd typically need
designate up to (Chakra Control)/5 other people who will not line of sight to know if this is necessary).
be targeted by the spire. This attack receives an Accuracy If this is hidden inside some object, it cannot be detected
bonus equal to the severity of the Paralysis status on its without the use of a chakra-detecting doujutsu (such as
target(s) (meaning that different people may have to defend Byakugan).
against different accuracies).
The spire has an unlimited number of charges, and 1000
HP. It takes double damage from Fuuton, half from Doton,
and if struck by a melee-range attack it immediately
discharges against the attacker.

--( Shimeshi Ryouiki - Dampening
Field )--
Concentrating your chakra, you project an invisible, wide-
area dome of chakra. Maintaining its stability requires you to
stay practically immobile at its center, but the effects are
virtually impossible to circumvent without finding the
Anyone who enters the field will instantly notice its
presence--their hair will start to stand on end, and most
objects will begin building a static charge.
Chakra: 50
Upkeep: 10
Range: Self
Area: CHA *10
Speed: 20
Seal Speed: 50
Effects: You can move up to four yards from your original
location while maintaining this technique; moving (or being
forcibly moved) any further causes it to end.
Within the field, all chakra-based sensing (such as
Byakugan's vision, chakra-sensory ninja, and the Yurokensei
technique) has a -20 penalty. Electronic and electrical devices
in this area are useless. The dampening also interferes with
other lightning-based chakra, reducing the damage of all
Raiton in its range to 80%.
Finally, the large amounts of ambient lightning chakra
interferes with earth-based chakra. Doton techniques in this
area have their damage reduced by 25%, and their Chakra
costs and Upkeeps (if relevant) increased by 4.

Suiton Ninjutsu
You use Splash!
E-rank Chakra: 5
--( Suisaishuu no Jutsu - Water- Speed: 4
Gathering Technique )-- Seal Speed: 2
No matter its advantages, it can't be denied that water suffers Effects: Nothing happens!
from one potentially crippling flaw: water is, in most __
environments, not widely available in the quantities needed
for prolonged used of suiton jutsu. D-rank
This technique partially circumvents that problem by
gathering water scattered around the battlefield and using it --( Suiton: Teppoudama - Water
as part of a technique. Release: Liquid Bullet )--
Chakra: +5 The user kneads chakra and converts it into water inside
Speed: 0 their stomach, then spits it out in the form of a dense, chakra-
Seal Speed: +4 propelled ball. Its greatest boon to suiton users is that it can
Effects: This is used to supplement a technique which uses be used in an area without any preexisting water.
water, and increases that technique's Seal Speed by 4 and Chakra: 12
Chakra cost by 5. You may use any water that's previously Damage: 6d8+15
been used in the battle to fuel your technique. Range: 12
For example, you and your opponent both enter battle with Speed: 10
a 4 gallon gourd. Your opponent begins by using a water Seal Speed: 9
ninjutsu which requires 4 gallons of water. You then use an 8-
gallon technique of your own, combined with Suisaishuu, to Effects: This adds 3 gallons of water to the battlefield every
use the (previously-expended) 4 gallons and your own 4 time it's used.
--( Takigakure Ryu, Mizukiri no
--( Mizudama no Jutsu - Water Yaiba - Hidden Waterfall Style,
Sphere Technique )-- Water-Cutting Blade )--
The user gathers the water used in this technique in front of Originally developed by the Hidden Waterfall village, this
them as they perform the handseals, and then directs it at an technique has since spread into wider use. The first half of
opponent as a high-speed projectile. the name is generally dropped, though some choose to keep it
Chakra: 5 out of respect. The jutsu creates a blade out of water, kept as
Damage: 2d8 strong as most metals by the chakra infusing it.
Accuracy: +2 Chakra: 10
Range: 15 Upkeep: 1
Speed: 7 Speed: 4
Seal Speed: 4 Seal Speed: 8
Requires: 2 gallons of water Requires: 4 gallons of water
--( Mizuhane - Water Splash )-- Effects: You acquire a sword, with the appropriate
You strike the ground with your foot, and cause a spray of attributes for any of the ones in the Equipment chapter.
water to splash up between you and an attacker. It's not Attacks with this sword use your physical or ninjutsu damage
terribly practical, but it does provide about a quarter-second bonus, whichever you prefer. The water used in this
of a distraction. technique cannot be reused (via Suisaishuu no Jutsu) so long
as the sword is maintained. This sword lasts until you let go
Chakra: 5 of it.
Special: Interrupt You may perform handseals while holding this sword, but
Speed: +3 doing so increases the Seal Speed by 6, unless you can form
Seal Speed: 4 seals one-handed.
Requires: 4 gallons of water
Effects: This is used alongside a Dodge action, and
provides it with a +3 bonus. It may be used with ambient
("already spent") water, without needing to gather it via Water
Gathering Technique.
--( Haneru - Splash )--
You reduce any immobilization penalties due to the
--( Kirigakure no Jutsu - Hidden condition of the ground you're crossing by 4, and ignore any
Mist Technique )-- other mechanical effects (such as damage for walking across
This technique was once a specialty of the village it's named caltrops) if they're C-rank or lower; if they're B-rank above,
after, but has since fallen into wider use. The user diffuses a you instead halve them. This does mean that you are not
large quantity of water into the air, mixing their chakra with it directly in contact with the ground (for the purposes of, say,
to create a thick, oppressive mist. the Doton jutsu Shindou and Yurokensei).
Chakra: 15 --( Gyoushuu no Tebukuro - Gloves
Upkeep: 4 of Cohesion )--
Area: 50 yard radius
Speed: 12 You mold chakra around your palms to maintain a thick film
Seal Speed: 10 of water around them, similar to how it's possible for a ninja
Requires: 20 gallons of water with excellent chakra control to stand on walls, or, well, water.
This uses an extension of that sort of chakra control, using
Effects: This imposes a -8 visibility penalty to everyone in the water film as a medium to latch on to other people.
the area. After you stop paying the upkeep, the mist's penalty
fades at a rate of 1 per 10 IC. Chakra: 8
Upkeep: 4
--( Suiton: Namerakana Amamizu - Speed: 6
Water Release: Rainwater Slick )-- Seal Speed: 5
Requires: 1 gallon of water, 10 Chakra Control
The user splashes a small area with water, infusing it with
their chakra. This layer of chakra causes the water to support Effects: This gives you a +4 bonus to all grapple checks you
a person's weight for just long enough that when it gives out, make, for any purpose other than escaping a grapple. This
they'll risk slipping and falling embarrassingly. Anything technique can be used without handseals, though doing this
coated in this is, similarly, hard to hold on to. changes it to Speed 10.
Chakra: 12 --( Mekkyaku - Extinguishment )--
Range: 25
Area: 15 It was recently discovered that covering oneself in water is a
Speed: 8 highly effective countermeasure to being on fire! Thus, this
Seal Speed: 9 technique: An alternative to the ever-popular "stop, drop, and
roll", the ninja drenches themselves or a nearby object in
Effects: Make a Chakra Control roll when you first lay water.
down this technique, with a +5 bonus.
Anyone who moves while in this area must make an Chakra: 10
Athletics check against that number or be tripped (as per the Speed: 6
E-rank Taijutsu move). Alternately, they may move at half Seal Speed: 6
speed and bypass that. Someone able to walk on water can Requires: X gallons of water, X Chakra control
move at only three-quarters speed, and still not risk tripping. Effects: This reduces any Ignite penalties you are suffering
from by X/2. You have control over the water used in this
--( Mizutamari no Jutsu - Pool of technique for the next (Chakra Control)*2 IC, as if you'd
Water Technique )-- carried it into battle with you via a gourd or something
A moderately advanced technique is the appropriately named similar, or until you use it in a jutsu.
water-walking technique; molding chakra below one's feet to
'stand' on patches of water without any actual expenditure of
energy, and, once it's perfected, only minimal concentration.
This technique builds upon that concept, creating a 'cushion'
of static, almost-solid water beneath each foo that the ninja
stands on to avoid direct contact with the ground.
Chakra: 8
Upkeep: 4
Speed: 6
Seal Speed: 8
Requires: 2 gallons of water, 8 Chakra Control
Effects: The water used in this technique is considered part
of its upkeep; that is, it can't be altered, reused, or stolen by
other people, or yourself, while this technique is maintained
(due to your chakra in it!).

As a separate Speed 10 action, you may use the whip to
C-rank grab hold of someone, as per the E-rank Grapple technique.
You use your CHA rather than your STR for grapple checks
--( Suiton: Suikoudan - Water using the whip. Your opponent is considered to be 'grappling'
Release: Water Shark Blast )-- the whip. Although they cannot attack it directly, the whip has
After creating the handseals, you launch water in projectile (your CHA)/2 HP, and can be attacked (or suffer from being
form at an opponent. Some ninja like to etch the outline of a struck by an AoE) by outside sources. The whip being
shark's head into the end of this projectile; others, who destroyed ends the grapple. Your whip cannot be attacked if it
believe that being a ninja is very serious business, prefer to is not being used to grapple someone. The victim cannot shift
omit that part of the technique. Experienced users can even this grapple, only break it.
use this to allow themselves to fly quickly through the water, You can then proceed to perform any valid Grapple
while protecting themselves with the might of the tearing techniques which you know, of C-rank or below, using your
shark. CHA in place of your STR. This is accomplished by using
your chakra to reshape the whip. The following techniques
Chakra: 15 may not be used by the whip: Headbutt, Suplex, Pressure
Damage: 8d12+45 Point.
Range: 20 You may still perform handseals while holding the whip,
Speed: 13 but it increases their seal speed by 8 unless you have the
Seal Speed: 12 ability to perform handseals one-handed.
Requires: 8 gallons of water Additionally, you may direct Raiton techniques through the
whip. This may be done with techniques of E- and D-rank. It
Effects: This technique travels in a line from you to its may done with a C-rank technique, but doing so destroys the
target (or its maximum range). You may move to any location whip in the process. These techniques cannot miss.
along that line as part of this technique, unhindered by
anything which would normally prevent you from moving. --( Suiton: Mizuame Nabara - Water
--( Suiton: Mizurappa - Water Release: Syrup Capture Field )--
Release: Violent Water Wave )-- The user converts chakra into water, and infuses it with
enough chakra to alter its composition, making it extremely
Inhaling a large amount of air and performing the necessary viscous. They then spit it out in a stream of sticky, highly
seals, the user will expel a copious amount of water from adhesive liquid.
his/her mouth. The wave of water produced will slam against
it's opponent and can then be utilized for other techniques. Chakra: 15 + X
Upkeep: 4
Chakra: 16 Range: 25
Damage: 6d10+30 Area: 5 + X
Range: 15 Speed: 20
Speed: 14 Seal Speed: 20
Seal Speed: 10
Effects: This covers a circular area, and its cost may be
Effects: This technique adds 5 gallons of water to the increased to widen that area's radius. If a person has the
battlefield every time it's used. ability to walk on water, they may cross this area without
--( Suiton: Suiben - Water Release: However, if someone is forced into it (such as by being
Water Whip )-- pushed back by certain jutsu), or is already in the area (i.e. it's
targeting them and they fail to dodge), they are stuck in the
This creates, as its name suggests, a whip made from water syrup. Anyone in the area suffers a -4 immobilization penalty,
which is held together by chakra. Aside from being a fairly and additionally has their movement speed halved.
useful weapon, it can prove useful for binding enemies, as the This jutsu's effects persist even after the upkeep stops
user can direct its motions with their chakra. being paid. However, so long as the upkeep is maintained, the
Chakra: 12 user may control the syrup enough to have it try to 'grab'
Range: 10 anyone using water-walking to cross it unaffected; if the
Speed: 6 to create attack hits, the person is stuck in the syrup as if they weren't
Seal Speed: 11 using water-walking. This is a Speed 6 action, with a Chakra
Requires: 6 gallons of water cost of 10.
Due to the alterations to this water to make it highly
Effects: You may attack with the whip, which is a Speed 10 viscous, it cannot be used later to fuel other suiton
action, Range 8, Damage 6d10, Chakra 12 and uses the techniques.
higher of your physical or ninjutsu damage bonus. You must
keep one hand on the whip at all times, or it will break apart
into so much water.

When Water Clones attack, their actions are always
--( Mizu Souzou no Jutsu - Water considered to be Held Back, as per the ability in Chapter 5,
Creation Technique )-- even if you do not have the Hold Back ability. This means they
You convert raw chakra into pure water. This technique is use only half your damage bonus for dealing damage, and the
popular among serious users of suiton techniques, as it lets severity of wounds they inflict is reduced by one category.
them avoid picking and choosing their battles so carefully, Water Clones use your base Stamina and Chakra
and allows them to eschew the practice of carrying around Exhaustion bonuses, as if they were a Fatigue 0 version of
large gourds of water (which, in addition to giving away their you without any temporary benefits (such as having eaten a
specialty, are unpleasantly heavy). Soldier Pill before creating them). If a clone fails a Fatigue
roll, it vanishes just as if it had been struck.
Chakra: 5 + 2 * X
Speed: 4 --( Mizugakure no Jutsu - Hidden in
Seal Speed: X Water Technique )--
Effects: You create X gallons of water. This may be used The user sinks into a shallow pool of water, much too little to
alongside a technique, in which case its speed is 0, and its actually fit a person (it's ninja magic, don't ask questions),
cost and seal speed are added to that technique's, and it where they'll be able to easily lie in wait for a target to pass
contributes directly to that techniques gallons requirement. It by, or spy on someone who might be near.
may also be used alone, in which case the created water is
deposited on the battlefield (and must be gathered via a Chakra: 18
method such as Suisaishuu). Upkeep: 5
Speed: 25
--( Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu - Water Seal Speed: 14
Clone Technique )-- Effects: Performing this jutsu requires a sizable puddle (at
An advanced form of the standard Bunshin no Jutsu, this least two gallons worth if you're pouring out the water, though
creates clones out of water. Since they're solid (well, if there was recent rainfall, it's assumed you can find such a
relatively) these clones can be used to perform tasks the user puddle without much difficulty). If at least 50 gallons of water
is unable or unwilling to do for themselves. While they're have been used in a fight, it's assumed there's enough water
weaker than their user, they can still prove dangerous in around somewhere to use this.
combat. You can hide (assuming you meet one of the normal three
requirements for hiding), and immediately enter Stealth 3
Chakra: 10, +3 per clone when hidden. If an opponent does not have a reason to
Speed: 6, +1 per clone suspect you're there (i.e. this isn't being done in-combat) you
Seal Speed: 4, +2 per clone have a +5 Stealth bonus. You have awareness equivalent to
Requires: 4 gallons per clone being able to look out of the pool as if it's a window.
The puddle being destroyed or evaporated, or washed away
Effects: These function like normal clones, but you may in more water, results in you being harmlessly ejected.
direct them to take actions by spending your AP. They may Notably, this can only be used in puddles; anything more
use basic unarmed attacks, or basic weapon attacks than a few inches deep probably doesn't qualify. If it's an
(weapons can be added to clones when they're created for 1 actual pond, or lake, or the like, it's not a valid target.
gallon per 5 dice of weaponry). These clones use your regular
attributes, but use your ninjutsu damage bonus as their
physical damage bonus. A water clone which takes damage
from any source is destroyed.
[1 AP] Dodge, or Parry.
[Variable AP] Move: The clone may move around the
battlefield. This costs 1 AP per 2 IC it spends moving.
[Variable AP] The clone may make any basic unarmed or
weapon attack, by paying 1 AP per 2 Speed of that action.
[10 AP] The clone can use itself to create a water prison
(as per Suiton: Suirou no Jutsu). This is considered a Speed
14 action, and you must pay the Chakra cost. These water
prisons require no additional water; the clone remains
present, but can take no other non-defensive actions, while
maintaining them. They last for 5 + (your Chakra Control
ranks) IC, after which the clone expires and the prison ends;
if you go to the prison you can take it over, and from then on
must keep one hand in contact with it as per the normal rules
for that technique. When the prison ends, the clone is

--( Suiton: Suirou no Jutsu - Water B-rank
Release: Water Prison Technique )- --( Suiton: Suigadan - Water
- Release: Water Fang Bullet )--
The user gathers the chakra around their hand, and forms the This move forms multiple pressurized, spiralling columns of
required water into a sphere which encloses its victim. Due to water that have a drill-like ability to pierce and destroy their
the density of the chakra used in this technique, the water is target. As this attack can originate from any body of water
stronger than steel. It is not, however, airtight. (rather than being shot directly from the attacker), in the right
Yeah, don't ask how that works. We don't know either. environments this has a 360 degree range of attack, making it
Chakra: 18 incredibly difficult to defend against adequately.
Upkeep: 6 Chakra: 34
Speed: 12 Damage: 10d20+60
Seal Speed: 14 Range: 35
Requires: 12 gallons of water Speed: 14
Effects: If this jutsu strikes, the victim is trapped inside a Seal Speed: 16
sphere of water. People inside cannot take actions, but they Requires: 22 gallons
also cannot be affected by anything outside the prison; yes, Effects: If there are at least 50 gallons of water on the
that's right, the water can even stop giant swords. It makes battlefield (or one is, say, over a lake, river, or other body of
sense, honestly, we promise, somehow. water), this technique is automatically a Surprise Attack, and
Anyone with a Chakra Control skill of 5 or above is able to the water it uses does not have to be gathered in advance.
mold the chakra around them to allow themselves to siphon This technique inflicts Piercing wounds.
air through the prison, meaning they can still talk and
breathe. Anything with less, however, adds a Suffocation 1
status every 10 IC. --( Suiton: Suiryuudan - Water
To maintain the water prison, you must keep one hand on Release: Water Dragon Blast )--
it. Dodging requires you to end the effect; if you take damage, This technique shapes a large amount of water into a giant,
you must make a Chakra Control check against (damage dragon-shaped projectile which seeks out and crashes into
taken)/10 or the prison ends. Although you can't move, you whoever you direct it at. What it lacks for in complexity, it
can still take most other actions that are possible one-handed makes up for by being a highly effective tool in any suiton-
while maintaining the prison's upkeep. using shinobi's arsenal.
--( Umi no Tate no Jutsu - Ocean Chakra: 33
Shield Technique )-- Damage: 14d20+140
Range: 50
A derivative of a more advanced technique, this was created Special: Stun 10
to help teach up-and-coming suiton users the foundations of Speed: 18
that jutsu, and help keep them alive until they were skilled Seal Speed: 22
enough to learn it. It creates a circular barrier of water
around you, which surges up to protect you from... well, Requires: 24 gallons of water
whatever convinced you that you'd need to use this technique.
Chakra: 17
Special: Interrupt
Speed: 10
Seal Speed: 8
Requires: 10 gallons of water
Effects: Make an accuracy roll against an incoming attack,
with a bonus of your ninjutsu damage bonus. This technique's
Accuracy bonus can't exceed its final, modified Speed (not
including any increases in Speed from the Paralysis status).
If you meet or exceed the attack's accuracy, you protect
yourself from it completely. This works against Katon up to B-
rank, Doton up to D-rank, and all other jutsu (including
taijutsu) up to C-rank.

--( Sution: Suijinheki - Water --( Benzaiten no Jutsu - River
Release: Water Encampment Wall )-- Goddess Technique )--
This defensive technique creates a wall of water around you, Named after the deity who supposedly watches over a major
which forms a violently churning defensive perimeter. When river, this technique coats the user's body with a thin layer of
lacking water in the environment to use, a talented shinobi chakra-infused water. It offers no real protection from
can form it in their stomach and spit it out. impacts or weapons, but can be an effective supplement to
one's defenses against heat and other unpleasantness.
Chakra: 26 Chakra: 23
Special: Interrupt Upkeep: 4
Speed: 12 Special: Interrupt
Seal Speed: 12 Speed: 10
Requires: 16 gallons of water, or +8 chakra cost without Seal Speed: 16
using water Requires: 12 gallons of water
Effects: If using Suijinheki as an interrupt: Make an Effects: So long as this is maintained you cannot be
accuracy roll against the attack's accuracy, with a bonus equal affected by Ignite or Burn statuses, and you take 25% less
to your ninjutsu damage bonus; if you succeed, this stops the damage from Katon jutsu (applied after other reductions).
attack entirely. This technique's Accuracy bonus can't exceed Activating it will end any ongoing Ignites harmlessly, but will
its final, modified Speed (not including any increases in not cure Burns.
Speed from the Paralysis status). You may use the water in this technique to fuel any Suiton
Once Suijinheki has been deployed, it lasts for your jutsu you use, though doing so ends its effect--but, does allow
damage bonus in initiative counts--it stops any other incoming you to avoid sufferings Benzaiten's Upkeep on that jutsu's
attacks automatically, without having to roll. You may also end Chakra roll.
it early, if you need to move or attack through it.
This technique protects you from any Katon up to A-rank,
Doton up to C-rank, and all other techniques (including --( Suiton: Takitsubo no Jutsu:
taijutsu) up to B-rank. Water Release: Waterfall Basin
If you create the water used in Suijinheki (i.e. pay the +8 Technique )--
chakra cost), then that water is added to the battlefield after
its duration expires. This technique draws water up from underground, forming a
geyser on the surface. Aside from being useful for creating a
--( Suiton: Bakusui Shouha - Water spot to relax when resting or camping out, and ensuring you'll
always have a source of clean (well... for a certain value of
Release: Exploding Water clean) water, it, like most ninjutsu, has combat applications.
Shockwave )--
Chakra: 24
The user creates an enormous amount of water by spewing it Speed: 14
from their mouth, flooding the battlefield and potentially Seal Speed: 18
crushing foes in its path. Best of all, they get to look awesome
while doing it! The wave rises up from beneath the user, and Effects: This produces 2 gallon of water on the battlefield
they can 'ride' it to its destination. every 3 IC, for a total of 50 gallons over 75 IC. It's certainly
possible to have multiple instances of this jutsu running
Chakra: 30 simultaneously, from multiple people, or the same person.
Damage: 10d12+80
Area: Special
Special: Cannot be dodged. Stun 8.
Speed: 16, cannot be reduced below 12
Seal Speed: 30
Effects: This adds 50+(ninjutsu damage bonus)*5 gallons
of water to the battlefield. When performing this technique,
you may move up to half its Area in yards, in any direction.
The Area itself is centered on where you start your
Anyone other than yourself within a yard radius equal to
the number of gallons takes damage from this technique.

--( Suiton: Suishi no Jutsu - Water --( Suiton: Suiryuuben - Water
Release: Water Drowning Release: Water Dragon Whip )--
Technique )-- This jutsu creates a levitating orb of water which can project
numerous whips and tendrils of water. These tendrils can be
An advanced version of the ever-popular Water Prison guided to targets by remote manipulation of the orb's chakra,
Technique, this remedies the greatest flaw in that technique: even changing direction in mid-trajectory to find their targets.
a lack of lethality. It does... about what it says. In terms of On top of that, they're sharp-tipped and more than capable of
appearances, it's almost identical to a regular water prison. perforating opponents many times over.
Chakra: 28 Chakra: 45
Speed: 18 Upkeep: 14
Seal Speed: 20 Damage: 10d10+75
Requires: 16 gallons of water Range: 40 + 5 * (ninjutsu damage bonus)
Effects: This follows all normal rules for the Water Prison Speed: 20
Technique, with the following exceptions. Seal Speed: 35
The victim suffers from Suffocation 1 every 5 IC regardless Requires: 200 gallons of water
of their Chakra Control. By spending 1 Willpower, they are Effects: So long as you maintain this technique, your pet
allowed a 1d20+CHA/10+(5 per Fatigue category) roll against giant levitating ball of water will fight for you! It can take the
your 1d20+CHA/10+(ninjutsu damage bonus). They also get following actions, by spending your AP:
one such check whenever they advance a Fatigue category [X AP] Move: Your pet water ball can fly around and stuff! It
inside the prison, and when you first strike them with it. moves as if it had taken a Speed (X)*5 action, using your
Success means they break free. CHA in place of its AGI. It cannot (deliberately) move outside
its max range. If it does end up outside that range, it can take
--( Hijutsu: Kirisame - Secret no actions other than moving towards you.
Technique: Mist Rain )-- [5 AP] Attack: Your water ball attacks anyone within half
This technique causes it to start raining over a small (well, this technique's max range, doing the listed damage if it hits.
for... rain) area. This rain is chakra-infused, and will siphon It uses your accuracy, with your CHA/10 in place of DEX/10.
away any chakra which doesn't match its own (in other This does piercing damage. You may target any number of
words, its creator's); fallen rain evaporates rapidly, only to fall people within range, increasing the AP cost by 1 for each
again, and shrouds the area in a thick mist. person after the first. This receives your damage bonus as if it
was a Speed 10 action. This does Piercing damage.
Chakra: 32 This technique uses your base Accuracy for an A-rank
Upkeep: 10 Suiton, unmodified by status, wounds, temporary bonuses,
Area: 120 yards and so on, though penalties from Fatigue do apply. The
Speed: 16 ninjutsu damage bonus is equal to yours at the time you use
Seal Speed: 22 the technique. Because the attacks are made by the
Requires: 32 gallons of water, or +10 Chakra cost technique, and not you, you cannot modify them further (such
as with Willpower or AP).
Effects: Any jutsu which is used inside the mist, or includes This technique cannot be converted into an advanced
the mist as any part of its area, acts as if its user's ninjutsu chakra nature (such as Mokuton).
damage bonus is 0 for any associated damage calculations.
Additionally, being inside the mist causes a -8 visibility
penalty. You suffer only half the normal visibility penalty from
your own Mist Rain.
The water used in this technique is returned to the
battlefield after you end its upkeep. If you created the water
(i.e. paid the +10 Chakra cost), then 32 gallons are added to
the battlefield. Water that's part of this technique can't be
used for other purposes while it's ongoing.
If you move, you may cause the mist to 'follow' you; it can
move up to half your ninjutsu damage bonus in yards per IC,
so long as you remain within it.
If this mist has its visibility penalty reduced (such as by the
E-rank Fuuton, Cleansing Winds) then it regains 1 point of its
penalty every 5 IC that pass. On the other hand, effects which
remove it entirely (such as the A-rank Fuuton, The North
Wind) will, indeed, remove it. If Mist Rain ends because you
stop paying the Upkeep, it will remain for the next 20 IC (as
the rain finishes falling) before finally, truly ending.
This technique may only be used outside.

As an Interrupt, it can be used to counter any ranged
--( Suiton: Daibakufu - Water ninjutsu attack. Daikoudan may be used to Interrupt
Release: Great Waterfall )-- techniques so long as its Speed is equal to or less than theirs.
This is one of the most powerful water ninjutsu in existence; The two attacks collide, and their damage is compared. For
once the appropriate seals are formed, the user unleashes a this comparison, treat Katon technqiues as dealing 25% less
devastating tidal wave which tears across the battlefield like a damage, and Doton as dealing 25% more.
scaled-down tsunami, knocking aside people, trees, and small If the incoming attack does more damage, you are hit by it,
buildings in its path. but it has its damage reduced by half.
Long ago, exceptionally skilled shinobi were able to fill If Daikoudan's damage is greater, it becomes an attack
their impromptu waterfall with all manner of weapons, which against the opponent with +5 Accuracy, along with any
were propelled within the wave at incredible speeds. This had Accuracy bonuses (but not penalties) of the attack it
the effect of making it an almost unavoidably deadly countered. It does an additional (X)*10 damage, where X is
technique that would leave pools of blood mixed in with the the Chakra cost of the move it countered.
water. However, use of that aspect of the technique was Similarly, if a ninjutsu-based defense is used against
forbidden due to its unbelievable power, and as peace settled Daikoudan, and fails to stop it completely, it does full damage
across the lands the secret of how to do that was lost. (bypassing even partial defense) and adds (X)*10 damage,
with X being the Chakra cost of the failed defense.
Chakra: 52
Damage: 24d20+300 --( Suiton: Dai Bakusui Shouha -
Range: 80 Water Release: Great Exploding
Area: 20 wide, up to max range in length; may be used as
a smaller area if you wish Water Shockwave )--
Special: Stun 14 A stronger version of the B-rank Exploding Water
Speed: 36 Shockwave, the user spits out a truly prodigious amount of
Seal Speed: 30 water.
Requires: 60 gallons of water
Chakra: 55
Effects: 40 of the gallons used in this technique are Upkeep: 7
removed from the battlefield, scattered as a fine mist over the Area: 150
area; if the gallon requirement is somehow removed, this Special: Stun 20
technique's Chakra cost is increased by 8. Speed: 30
Blocking reduces this technique's Stun by half. Seal Speed: 32
--( Suiton: Daikoudan - Water Effects: This adds 200+(ninjutsu damage bonus)*20
gallons of water to the battlefield. So long as there are at least
Release: Great Shark Blast )-- 200 gallons of water on the battlefield, any techniques which
This creates an enormous shark out of water and sends it function by altering the condition of the ground (such as
crashing across the battlefield at whichever party has Syrup Capture Field, or Retsodotensho) are effectively
offended the user sufficiently for them to feel the need to do useless. In Dai Bakusui Shouha's area, there is always
so. Aside from impacting its primary target, the shark is considered sufficient water to use jutsu without having to
massive enough to cause significant collateral damage. resort to using Water-Gathering (it essentially creates a small
The technique's true secret, however, is its ability to absorb lake).
any chakra it comes in contact with and use that energy to The water created forms a flattened orb over the affected
further empower itself. area, with the user anchored at its center. So long as the
upkeep is maintained, this water will follow them, and the
Chakra: 44 below effects will be maintained (when the upkeep ends, so
Damage: 15d20+200 do they, as the water disperses over a much larger area; it
Range: 60 remains usable, but isn't a mobile lake).
Area: 20 Additionally, anyone who can't stand on water will begin
Special: Interrupt sinking. They can swim at half their normal movement speed
Speed: 20 (movement-increasing jutsu typically will not work), and until
Seal Speed: 26 they've exited the area suffer Suffocation 1 every 10 IC.
Requires: 40 gallons of water Alternately, they can take a Speed 5 action to stay at the
Effects: If used as an Interrupt, you may choose to reduce surface for the next 15 IC.
this technique's Seal Speed by 10 and increase its Chakra
cost by 10. Used as a normal attack, it does full damage to a
single target, and half damage to everyone within its Area
who doesn't defend against it.

--( Suiton: Uramiame - Water
Release: Grudge Rain )--
As a weather-manipulation jutsu, this technique is extremely
taxing upon its user. Upon its completion a large storm cloud
is created, which proceeds to, as storm clouds are prone to
do, rain. This rain saps the chakra from anyone it comes in
contact with, and transfers it through the pooling water to the
technique's user.
Chakra: 40
Upkeep: 8
Area: 100
Speed: 12
Seal Speed: 24
Effects: Every 2 IC, everyone other than the user and up to
(Chakra Control)/5 people they've designated as allies has
their Chakra Exhaustion penalty increased by 1, and the user
has their Chakra Exhaustion penalty decreased by 1 per
person present affected by the rain. This remains centered on
the user as they move.

Medical Jutsu
D-rank C-rank
--( Mukizu Shindan no Jutsu - --( Chakura no Mesu - Chakra
Flawless Diagnosis Technique )-- Scalpel )--
By touching someone and sending pulses of chakra This forms one's chakra into a small, sharp blade; medics
throughout the recipient's tenketsu, the user can learn of favor this for performing highly accurate incisions during
someone's vitals and condition faster than it would be to surgeries and dissection, as it won't lose its edge and is
separately evaluate them. It requires the patient be willing to always sterile (unlike a regular blade). It can even be used to
do so, however, which is the cause of most medic-nin's stress make cuts inside the body without creating an opening
while in training. wound, which drastically reduces the risk of infection.
Chakra: 10 Chakra: 15
Range: Touch Upkeep: 4
Speed: 8, Delay 8 Speed: 8
Effects: You know a target's Fatigue level, percent of Effects: You can use this in combat. Doing so causes your
remaining HP and Vitality, any wounds they're suffering from, basic unarmed taijutsu attacks to inflict Slashing wounds and
any illnesses they have, any poisons they're afflicted with, and ignore any damage reduction your opponent may have.
any other health issues they may be suffering from. However, these 'scalpel' injuries are relatively shallow. They
These are in general terms. Your character knows they are cannot injure a location wearing armor, and do not damage
"exhausted, but still have some energy left", not that they "are armor when they strike it.
at Fatigue 4". The more skilled a medic is, the more effectively they'll be
In addition to telling you what's wrong with a person, this able to weaponize what's meant to be a surgical technique.
gives a +5 bonus to any Medicine rolls to treat a person using The damage from Chakra Scalpel attacks is increased by
mundane means (such as a First Aid kit). (your Medicine skill ranks)%. Aditionally, its damage (after
This cannot be used against an unwilling target. Well; it that increase) is increased by (Medicine skill ranks)% for
can't be used on an unwilling target who is also capable of determining the severity of wounds it inflicts.
--( Shiketsu no Jutsu - Tourniquet
Technique )--
A surprisingly medical technique, this throttles the flow of
chakra to a specific portion of the body, and by doing so puts
it in a state of near-hibernation. The entire limb becomes
numb and almost unresponsive, but blood flow decreases and
pains is significantly reduced.
Chakra: 15
Range: Touch
Upkeep: 2 per limb
Speed: 15, Delay 5
Requires: Flawless Diagnosis
Effects: This jutsu can be applied to any limb. The recipient
loses the use of that limb, but ignores all effects of any
wounds present on it.
In the case of an arm that means it cannot be used to hold
weapons, the amount of weapons you can multi-throw is
reduced by 25%, and you cannot use that hand to form
In the case of an leg this applies a -25% to movement speed
and a -1 dodge penalty.
This technique cannot be used offensively. You can,
however, use it on yourself.

--( Kasoku Saikassei - Accelerated --( Rinji Hougou no Jutsu -
Revitalization )-- Temporary Suture Technique )
An advanced medical technique which temporarily allows the Weaving a network of chakra, a medic can make short-term
body to sustain itself by accelerating the body's metabolism repairs to damaged body parts. They can set wounds and
and chakra reserves. It was originally developed to extend the hold them rigidly in place, use chakra to take the place of
medic's usefulness in prolonged missions, but has been damage muscles and tendons, alleviate swelling and bruising,
expanded since. It is used sparingly because of how long it or even repair damaged blood vessels and do the job of
takes to recover from, and how it tends to leave people injured nerves.
comatose afterward. The problem with this is that it's a short-term fix to a long-
term problem. This is itself damaging, but beyond that it
Chakra: 10 + X * 3 prevents the body from doing anything to repair itself, and
Range: Touch allows undue strain to be placed on these injured body parts.
Upkeep: X * 2 Chakra: 15 + 3 * X
Speed: 12 Range: Touch
Requires: Flawless Diagnosis Speed: 10 + 3 * X, Delay 5 + X
Effects: This lowers the recipient's effective Fatigue level by Requires: Tourniquet Technique
X, with X having a maximum of their current Fatigue level. Effects: This temporarily negates the effects of up to X
A person can only benefit from one application of this wounds; it can be applied later to negate additional wounds,
technique. To apply it again, they must first release the without disrupting previous applications.
previous instance of it--which may, potentially, render them This lasts for (the medic's ninjutsu damage bonus) hours,
immediately unconscious, if their "true" Fatigue level is 6 or after which time the chakra sustaining the jutsu expires--and
higher. Notably, an unconscious person cannot benefit from the recipient pays the price for pushing their body beyond its
this technique. limits.
However, forcing one's body beyond its limits like this is For each wound remedied this way, they take damage equal
costly. For the next X weeks, the recipient will not recover to 5% of their maximum Vitality, per category of the wound.
from Fatigue at all, even through the use of Soldier Pills Thus, if this was used to negate a Minor and a Severe wound,
(though another application of this technique would still after it ended the person would take (5 + 15) = 20% of their
function). If multiple instances of Kasoku Saikassei are maximum Vitality in damage (which could carry over to their
delaying one's recovery, only the one with the longest time HP), which cannot be reduced or mitigated.
remaining is counted for that purpose. Additionally, the recovery times of these wounds is
This technique cannot be used offensively. increases by 1 week per level of the wound (1 week for
minors, 3 for severes, etc.). In the case of wounds whose
--( Kizu Saishuu no Jutsu - Wound penalties are reduced over time, this "extra" recovery time
Sealing Technique )-- must be made up for first, before normal recovery can
This technique uses chakra to make repairs to an injured continue.
body; gashes are pulled shut, wounds sutured, damaged This can be fatal. It cannot be used on an unwilling subject
organs held steady by the application of chakra. This can give (though as with its predecessor, Tourniquet Technique, you
an injured shinobi the second wind they need to win a battle may use it on yourself). So long as this technique is in place,
or complete a mission. natural healing (as described in the Recovery section of the
However, this is only a temporary measure; before long the Combat chapter) will not take place.
chakra will unravel. As such, this is considered an emergency
technique among medics, to be used only when there's no
other choice. Most will hesitate to apply this to their
comrades, as far too many shinobi will prove willing to, using
this newfound health, charge into battle, defeat their
enemies, and then die hours later when their borrowed time
Chakra: 25
Range: Touch
Speed: 30, Delay 20
Requires: Vital Repair Technique
Effects: The recipient immediately regains up (25 + (your
ninjutsu damage bonus)*2)% of their maximum Vitality,
which will not take them above their maximum. However,
(your ninjutsu damage bonus) hours later, their wounds will
reopen; they'll immediately take that much damage, +10%,
which cannot be reduced or mitigated. Until this occurs, they
will not heal normally (i.e. as described in the Recovery
section of the Combat chapter). This can be fatal.

--( Meguri Seigyo no Jutsu - --( Fukugen Ryouhou -
Hemostasis Technique )-- Rejuvenating Remedy )--
Although this technique is fairly simple, it's not taught to An advanced technique in which, with a touch, the user sends
amateur medics due to the danger inherent in making any a pulse of chakra throughout the body of their target, which
sort of mistake when applying it. This temporarily adjusts the corrects disrupts in the user's chakra flow and the nerves and
recipient's pulse and blood flow, putting their body in a more blood vessels which they follow throughout the body. It is
stable condition. This is mainly used to prevent someone widely rumored to have been developed by a Hyuuga medic-