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Social Networks Online footprints

A social network is a website that brings people together to talk, share ideas and
interest or make new Friends. Also it let you keep in touch with your Friends or
family around the world. Nowadays everyone has a social network the most
common is Facebook but you have to be careful with the things that you post on
your own profile or care about your Friends posts because it could affect your
profesional life, or even you can be fired from your job or denied it because
employers follow the footprint and find digital dirt for all of that you can suffer big

The media _ A bad influence

The media is synonime of communication it involves many things, the media in
on tv, internet, radio, news, advertisement. In the media we can found information
about everything, artists, trends, etc the following media porcentaje has
increased in the last few years and it has a big impact on Young people and
adults what crate a concern about the behaivors that people are adopting, for
example a research on social media influence says that if someone like a celebriti
do drugs teenagers thing that its ok so they do it bu ton the other hand the media
can have positive effects its make eaasy find information etc

Stories- Good fiction

Is a narrative, either true or ficticion; i will tell you my storie.
I have been traveled to uk for a nine moths, where i ventureed with my Friends
around the town that i lived, I struggled with my lenguage because i didnt speak
english very well, I did a english course which i completed and I got a good final
grade, in that time I couldnt travel too much because i couldnt miss too much
classes but I acknowledgeded that it was the best experience of my life.

Working lives-Ace that interview

One day all of us will have to have a working life, in that candidates face stiff
competition. To make sure that te work is for us, we have to submit and aplication
and presen tour resume, which has to have all of our skills, habilities and
knowledged, before we go to the interview we can ask for some advice that could
help us. In the interviw is necesary show interest, tell the Company that we can
help them to save money, meet their deadlines and achive their goals, If we get
the job we can ask for a guidance the firts days to know how is the work there,
dont criticize the co-workers job, and complete all of the purposses and then we
can have a promotion