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(to be) bilingual

switch (between languages)
fashionable loanwords
mother tongue
(to get) a bit rusty
pick up (the language naturally)
an excellent command
highly articulate

to have an aptitude for smth

to have a flair for smth
Expressing purpose, reason and result

so (that) + a clause: He always dresses smartly so (that) people will notice him.
for the purpose of / with the intention of + -ing: He got up early with the intention of studying before
going to university.
so as to / in order to + infinitive: She came home early so as not to have an argument with her parents.
to + infinitive: She goes to the gym every day to keep fit.


because / since / as + a clause: Wed better postpone the meeting because / since /as Eva has been delayed.
Because / Since /As he was feeling ill, he spent the day in bed.
in case + a clause: Take your mobile with you in case you need to call me.
otherwise + a clause: I always write things down, otherwise I forget them.
because of / due to / owing to + noun / -ing: All flights have been cancelled because of / due to / owing
to the bad weather.
For this/that reason + a sentence: Someone called me unexpectedly. For this reason I was late for the


so / with the result that + a clause: The bridge was damaged, so we couldnt get across the river.
Children are no longer learning their tribal language, with the result that fewer and fewer people speak it.
Consequently / Therefore / As a consequence / As a result + a sentence: Ranjit injured himself in
training yesterday. As a consequence, he wont be taking part in the match today.
Keiko didnt write a very good letter of application. She was rejected as a result.
Collocations with give and make
GIVE: a speech, lecture, talk, performance
(someone) information, details, advice, instructions
someone a chance, an opportunity
someone a refund, their money back
someone an impression
MAKE: a recommendation, comment, apology, suggestion,
a phone call
an impression on someone

Collocations with make, get, do

a decision the questions right (an) exercise
an effort a qualification a job
a mistake exercise a course
a point further information activities
a proposal ones money back business
a suggestion a job harm
an apology ones best
complaints some shopping
changes sport
friends household chores
the right choice the cooking
use of smth
an improvement

Word Formation
care careful, carefully
critic criticise, criticism
child - childhood, childish
break breakable, unbreakable
occasion occasional, occasionally
force enforce
deep depth, deeply
fragile fragility
friend friendly, unfriendly
increase increasingly
universe universal, universally
save savings
real reality
innovate innovation
accept acceptable
succeed successful, unsuccessful; successfully, unsuccessfully
compete competition
submit submission

theory theorise
explode explosion
vary variety
character characteristic(s)
influence influential
rich enrich
tend tendency
change changeable

find - findings
relation relationships
communicate communication(s)
rare rarely
neighbour neighbourhood
increase increasingly
argue arguments
violent violence
agree disagreements

educate educational
relevant relevance
instinct instinctive
maximum maximise
effect efficiently
responsible responsibility
doubt undoubtedly
broad broaden
object - objectives