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Experience Summary:
Currently working as a senior .Net developer for Syntel Technologies with 8 years of experience in all
the phases of Software development life cycle, which includes requirements analysis, design,
development, testing, implementation, maintenance and documentation.
PAHM 250 certified - Healthcare domain expert.
Cognizant Certified in Healthcare HIPAA EDI transactions.
Certified in QNXT (Trizetto) healthcare suite product.
Highly experienced in development using C# and implementing core business logic.
Experienced in Dependency Injection using Unity.
Experienced in implementing Domain Driven Design (DDD) pattern and Command and Query
Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern in the application solutions.
Experienced in implementing Decorator Pattern (Aspect Oriented Programming) , generic
Repository pattern.
Strong experience in design and development of application using OOP and SOILD design
Experienced in Entity Framework Code-First paradigm and LINQ.
Experienced in implementing Microsoft Azure Application Insights.
Experienced in implementing authentication using OWIN with JWT.
Strong experience in Unit Testing using MOQ in Microsoft Visual Studio unit testing framework.
Experienced in Web UI development using HTML5, Angular JS and Bootstrap.
Highly experienced in Agile Scrum methodology.
Proficient in T-SQL Queries, Views, Joins, creating Functions and Stored Procedures, Database
Triggers, Cursors, Performance Tuning and Query Optimization.
Experienced in debugging and problem-solving methods using SQL profiler and event/process
Brilliant Communication skills and ability to perform as part of a team as well as an individual

Professional Academy of Healthcare Management (AHM250).
Cognizant Certified Professional (CCP) in Healthcare Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Formats.
TriZetto Certified QNXT Technical Associate.
IBM Certified DB2 Database Associate.


Skill Set:

Languages: C#, TSQL, LINQ, HTML5, Angular JS.

.Net framework technologies: ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework, Console application
Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2014, IBM DB2
Methodologies/Standards: Agile scrum, Waterfall.
Tools: GIT Lab, Microsoft TFS, CA Agile Rally, Atlassian JIRA, Microsoft SQL Server profiler,
Flowdock, SourceTree, Postman, Optum ClariEdi, Perforce, Serena PVCS, ng-inspector.
Domain: Healthcare AHM 250, TriZetto QNXT, Healthcare HIPAA 5010 X12 EDI transactions,
Supply Chain management, Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Eligibility, Claims, Provider

Project Experience Summary:

Role: Senior .Net Developer Duration: October 2016 to Present

Designation: Project Lead
Employer: Syntel Incorporation
Client: Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)

HCA owns and operates approximately 169 hospitals and approximately 116 freestanding surgery
centers in 20 states of USA and London, England.
HealthTrust, or HPG, is a group purchasing organization (GPO).
HealthTrust was established in 1999 as a group purchasing organization for hospitals. HealthTrust
now leverages the combined volume of 1400 healthcare member hospitals with over 1000
commercial members and $28.5 Billion purchasing power to establish a broad and market leading
portfolio of non-clinical products and service offerings.

Project Description:
Eprocurement is a web-based interface developed using Asp.Net MVC framework.
The application is accessible to internal HealthTrust and external vendors providing improved supply
management and requisition processing experience.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Work extensively with cross functional teams in Agile Scrum environment to achieve the tasks within
the given sprint deadline.
Implement core business logic using C# for the supply chain management application.
Extensively used LINQ and Entity Framework Code-First model ORM to implement the DAL.
Highly experienced in designing solutions using OOP and SOLID design principles.
Implement Dependency Injection across multiple tiers in the application.
Implement caching within the application to reduce round trips to legacy system and speed up the
Plug in Microsoft Application insights and filter confidential telemetry information.
Create and update front end Eprocurement application pages using HTML5, Angular JS and CSS.
Extensively perform unit testing using MOQ in Microsoft Visual Studio Test suitee for all business
logic code changes.
Use SoapUI, ng-inspector and Postman to validate web service request - responses.
Experienced in implementation of logging and error handling using Log4Net.
Add/Update WSDL to facilitate API data exchange between Eprocurement and legacy SMART
ISAM (Microfocus COBOL) based system.
Highly involved in sprint planning, backlog grooming, provide Fibonacci estimates, strategize,
analyze and design for the user stories and create efficient processes to implement them.
Perform peer-to-peer code reviews, code and functionality reviews with BA and QA teams, authorize
code merge requests to GIT and strategize new initiatives based on bandwidth of individual and
Demonstrate to Business Analysts the working of the new user stories of entire team in Sprint
Review & Retrospect and get the approval to move the story to Accepted in Kanban board.
Mentor junior developers and groom accordingly.
Create deployment tickets, foresee any dependencies for release, work with the deployment team and
validate the functionality in production post deployment.

Role: QNXT Consultant (Technical) Duration: October 2014 to October 2016

Designation: Product Specialist - Technical
Employer: Cognizant Technology Solutions U.S. Corporation
Client: Adventist Health - Trizetto Corporation

Trizetto (A Cognizant Company):

TriZetto is the leading privately held healthcare information technology company to the healthcare
payer and provider industry, with its technology touching more than 2/3rds of the U.S. insured
Trizetto offers Payer and Provider solutions through 2 main applications Facets and QNXT.

Adventist Health:
Adventist Health Systems, founded on Seventh Day Adventist values, is a faith-based, not-for-profit
integrated healthcare delivery system that provides compassionate care in communities throughout
California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.
They have been a TriZetto hosted client.
They are a managed-care plan serving 71,000 members, 61,000 providers and their network includes
hospital, clinics, outpatient centers, health clinics, homecare and hospice agencies and retirement

Aetna offers health care, dental, pharmacy, group life, disability, and long-term care insurance and
employee benefits, primarily through employer-paid (fully or partly) insurance and benefit programs,
and through Medicare.
They have been a TriZetto licensed client.

Project Description:
QNXT is a comprehensive healthcare management and administration suite of software designed
exclusively for payors.
QNXT manages all relationships between the payor organization and its members and providers.
QNXT is organized into several functional portals, each including modules and utilities serving a
particular business area and tasks.
QNXT includes several administration modules, transaction portals, and optional add-on modules.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Organize Requirement analysis meetings with the business team, validate the scope and perform gap
analysis to determine the requirements for processes that cannot be handled using QNXT product
core functionality.
Implement core business logic in DLLs using C#.
Read, Parse and Update the Inbound/Outbound HIPAA 5010 X12 EDI XMLs using LINQ.
Use ADO.NET to retrieve and process and update data from business layer to database layer.
Implement TSQL using Stored Procedures and Functions to perform operations on core databases.
Create custom DLLs to install as references on top of QNXT core product.
Create console applications for flat file extracts.
Identify and implement proper design patterns for new scope changes.
Analyze application performance and run SQL traces for identifying scope of improvement.
Perform code review for unsupported custom code.
Update and maintain and code changes in Perforce and PVCS systems.
Performed ICD-9 to ICD10 analysis, conversion and testing.
Create Functional Design, Detailed Design, Unit Test cases log and Deployment instructions
Co-ordinate with Blue Shield of California, Express scripts vendors for data interchange out of
Created QNXT application schema portal and knowledge repository using ASP.Net.
Designed web pages for the portal application using Angular JS, HTML5 and Bootstrap.
Co-ordinate with Print vendors Redcard and Emdeon for letters generation.
Plan, schedule, and facilitate internal and client-facing meetings.
Provide accurate and precise estimates for assigned task duration, along with any foreseeable
Assist project manager with clarifications surrounding scope of custom development effort to
prevent scope-creep and ensure availability of funding for project.
Perform code review and RCA on QNXT product issues.
Preparing training manual and process flow documentation and mentor new joiners.
Maintain healthcare data confidentiality and follow security procedures to ensure the health
information exchange is not comprised.

Role: Application developer Duration: March 2010 - September 2014

Designation: Associate - Projects
Employer: Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
Client: United Health Group (UHG)

United Health Group (UHG):

UnitedHealth Group Inc. is an American diversified managed health care company based in
Minnetonka, Minnesota.
It is ranked at number 14 on the Fortune 500 list.
UnitedHealth Group offers a spectrum of products and services through two operating businesses,
UnitedHealthcare and Optum, both subsidiaries of UnitedHealth Group.
UnitedHealth Group serves approximately 70 million individuals throughout the United States.

Project Description:
The purpose of the CDB (Consumer Database) program is to develop a next generation consumer
data repository containing consumer and eligibility information at an individual level (i.e. subscriber
and member) for use by all United Health Group businesses
CDB is a centralized repository of consumers information residing across 13 eligibility systems
which were acquired by UHG over several years and hence possess eligibility information pertaining
to several million consumers.
EEMS to CDB Cutover is a major release for sunset of CES applications.
EEMS is an application and is a gateway that processes and sends eligibility information of Group
Health Insurance into CES/CDB.
EEMS applies number of business rules before the data is flown into Eligibility database.
The purpose of the E3 system is to process the files sent by customers and update the backend
Legacy Systems.
UHG has around 1800 corporate customers.
Application Development of EEMS 5010 is performed using a Dashboard tool environment
integrated with various applications using EAI (Integration Broker).
EEMS processes eligibility information for Consumer for Health Insurance.
EAI interface between EEMS and CES.
ERDS (DB2 based database).

Duties & Responsibilities:

Participate in Requirement analysis meetings with the business team.
Identify the appropriate design patterns to implement in the system.
Create SQL stored procedures to manipulate incoming data.
Using ADO.NET for storing EDI file/flat file field data into EEMS DB.
Identify and improve performance of slow running SQL queries.
Update and modify the XML node information and pass it to EEMS Gateway for applying business
Create .net console and window applications for assisting the adhoc QA needs.
Provide code walkthroughs to business and development teams
Develop unit test plan and test cases according to functional requirements and processing standards
of baseline system.
Offshore counterpart and POC to EEMS application.
Lead a team of 4 Programmer Analysts and 1 Associate at offshore.
Perform task allocation to resources based on complexity of the modules.
Key point of contact between Development and QA teams for EEMS application deliverables.
Strictly adhere to timelines and inform, update and remediate any issues that impact project delivery.
Defect logging and tracking in Quality center and handle defect meetings.
Defect coordinator for the team and assuring quality in the deliverables.
Knowledge Transition sessions on Functionality of the System to new joiners and other application
team members.
SCM coordinator for the team and there were no NCs in the Audits.
Created a knowledge sharing portal using ASP.Net to improve KT process.

Role: Application developer Duration: May 2009 - February 2010

Designation: Associate Engineer Trainee
Employer: SumTotal Systems

SumTotal Systems:
SumTotal provides human resource management software and services to private and public sector
The company delivers solutions through multiple cloud-based channels, including Software as a
Service (SaaS), Hosted Subscription, and premises-based licensure.
SumTotal's solutions include learning management, workforce management, talent management, HR,
planning, analytics, payroll and benefits.

Project Description:
SumTotal's Learning Management system is provided as both a Software as a Service (SaaS) and as a
Hosted Subscription.
Results on Demand (ROD) LMS is a SAAS subscription.
The application is hosted within SumTotal and customizations are performed as per individual
customer needs.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Develop the learning management approval process in the application using C#.
Create stored procedures and triggers in Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
Involved in performance tuning of the application by creating various database Indexes and
optimizing database queries.
Involved in Code Refactoring and Code Standardizations Review.
Perform customizations to the application solutions as per individual client needs.
Responsible for build and deployments in test/UAT environments and in production environment.