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Specific Features And

Species Size Shape Color Development
When Passed


Enterobius vermicularis 55 m x 26 m Elongated, Colorless. Embryonated. Smooth, thin eggshell with one
asymmetrical Contains C shaped flattened side. Occasionally
Range, 50-60m
with one side or tadpole-like may contain a fully developed
20-32 m. flattened, other embryo. larva. (More readily found on
side convex. anal swabs than in feces).

Ascaris Lumbricoides 60 m x 45 m. Round or Brown or 1 cell, separated Mammillated albuminous coat
ovoidal. with yellow from the shell at or covering on outer shell. Coat
Range, 45-70m
thick shell. brown. both ends. is sometimes lost and
fertile egg x 35-45 m. decorticated eggs have a
colorless shell with gray or
black internal material. Eggs
may be in 2, 4, or more cells, or
contain a fully developed larva.

infertile egg 90 m x 40 m. Elongated, Brown. Internal material Mammillated covering

occasionally is a mass of attenuated or missing in many
Range, 85-95m
triangular, irregular globules cases.
x 35-45 m. kidney shaped or and granules that
other bizarre fills shell.
forms. Shell
often very thin.

Trichuris trichiura 54 m x 22 m. Elongated, Yellow to 1 cell or Polar plugs are distinctive.
barrel-shaped brown. unsegmented. Eggs occasionally are oriented
Range, 49-65m
with a polar "Plugs" are in a vertical or slanted position
x 20-29 m. "plug" at each colorless. and may not be readily
end. recognized. A gentle tap on the
coverslip will usually reorient
the egg. On rare occasions,
atypical eggs lacking polar plugs
may be seen.

Ancylostoma duodenale 60 m x 40 m. Oval or Colorless 4- to 8-cell stage. Occasionally, eggs in advanced
ellipsoidal with a with grayish cleavage (16 or more cells) or
Range, 57-76m
thin shell. cells. even embryonated may be
x 35-47 m. seen. Rhabditiform larvae may
be present if the specimens are
old. Species identification can
not be made on eggs alone;
therefore, eggs should be
reported simply as hookworm.

Necator americanus 65 m x 40 m.

Range, 57-76m
x 35-47 m.

Trichostrongylus species 90 m x 40 m. Elongated with Colorless May be in Egg resembles hookworm egg
one or both ends with grayish advanced but is larger and more pointed
Range, 75-95m
more pointed cells. cleavage or at the ends.
x 40-50 m. than hookworm. morula stage.

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