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Tech/BT/CE/CHE/EE/ME/3rd Sem/HMTS-2002/201 s

iii) What is the source of knowledge according to Carvaka


(a) Perception (b) lnference
(c) Comparison (d) Testimony
2015 iv) Who said "Every Jiva is Siva, service of the Jiva is
INDIAN CULTURE & HERITAGE therefore worship of Siva,,?
(HMrS 2002) (a) Swami Vivekananda (b) Raja Rammohan Roy
TimeAlloted:3Hours (c) Rabindranath Tagore (d) Acharya Jagadish Bose
Full Marks :70
Figures out of the right margin indicate fu marks.
v) The highest end of human life, according to the Carvakas
Candidates are required to answer Group A and anv 5 (five)
(a) to reach Heaven
from Group B to E, taking at least one from each group.
(b) to attain knowledge
Candidates are required to give answer in their own words
(c) to realise God
as far as practicable
(d) enjoyment of greatest amount of pleasure in this life
GROUP - A vi) The ihief feature of Jaina philosophy is :
(Muttipte Choice Type euestions)
(a) Love (b) Endurance
1 . Choose the correct alternatives for the following :
[10x1=10] (c) Sympathy (d) Respect
i) The Astika (Orthodox) school of lndian philosophy vii) The word 'Jina' in the Jaina philosophy etymologically
accepts the authority of means
(a) God (b) The Vedas (a) the conqueror (b) the liberated soul
(c) Law of Karma (d) Moral Order (c) the seeker of the truth (d) the embodied soul
ii) One of the famous Nastika ( heterodox) school of lndian viii) The Nyaya system of philosophy is the work of the great
philosophy is sage
(a) The Yoga phitosophy (a) Kaplia (b) Vasubandhu
(b) The Vedanta phitosophy (c) Mahavira (d) Gautama
(c) The Jaina phitosophy
(d) The Sarrikhya phitosophy

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B.Tech/BT/CE/CHE/EE/ME/3d Sem/HMTS-2002/2Ol s B.Tech/BT/CE/CHE/EE/ME/3rd Sem/HMTS-2002/2Ol s

ix) The first noble truth of Buddhism states Group - D

(a) there is misery in the world
(b) there is a cause of misery
6. (a) Give a brief note on Practical Vedanta as preached by
Swami Vivekananda.
(c) that God exists
(d) the way of Liberation (b) What were the basic ideas conveyed by him in the World
Parliament of Religions in Chicago? 6+6 = 12
x) According to Lord Buddha, the ultimate cause of suffering
IS 7. (a) The concept of virtue is an integral part of all societies.
Express your views regarding the concept of virtue in
(a) Passions (b) Commitment of sin
lndian Philosophy.
(c) Tendency to be born (d) lgnorance
(b) 'Gita' as we know it is not a religious text. Write a short
GROUP . B essay on the importance of the teachings of Gita for a
globalized lndian. 6+6 = 12
2. (a) India is a country of diverse culture. Write a brief essay
on the major religions practised in our country. .
(b) Explain the salient features of any one religion. 8. (a) ln which year Rabindranath Tagore was awarded the
6+6 = {2 Noble Prize? Mention some of his works.
(a) Discuss the main concept of Buddhist philosophy. (b) Explain in short, his concept of education.
(b) Explain the concept of Nirguna Brahman in Vedanta (1+3)+8 = 12
Philosophy. 6+6 = 12 9. (a) What are the basic features of lndian philosophy?
(b) This yeat 2'l* June was celebrated as World yoga Day
and approximately 177 nations realised the importance
4. 'Work is Worship' elucidate Swami Vivekananda's views on of this ancient lndian Philosophy and participated in this
this. 12 celebration. What is the importance of this philosophy
in your life? 6+6 = 12
5. Wrlte an essay on the concept of Karma-yoga. 12

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