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Unique Identity Mangement System


Personal Identity Management provides the information about the citizen in any country. A Citizen has
unique Id to find out the personal information in each and every department or service wherever a citizen goes.
If any citizen wants to utilize the services or utilities by the Government or Private organizations, he has to go
to each and every department with different Id for that particular department.

In Personal Identity Management the citizen will perform the all transactions basing on id. He/she
perform the transactions like banking, Electricity, Banking, Insurance, Tax, Provident Fund, Telephone, Gas,
Movies, Municipality, Credit rating etc. Credit rating tells the behavior of the person whether citizens character
is good or bad.

In Personal Identity Management website which is used to store Personal information like passwords, credit
card information and important documents. Only authorized or registered users can login into the system and
they can store the data. Something likes a personal data vault. Nowadays to access any site we have to provide
user name and password, for remember different sites our personal usernames and passwords is very difficult to
remember all those and we may forget lot of times these credentials. Then we have to register once again with
new login id or we have to recover our previous password. For avoiding these types of problems we have
implemented a new application where this site provides solution, If we forget our usernames or passwords in
future we have a chance to collect the user name and passwords from this website application. This project was
developed in visual studio 2008 tool and Microsoft.Net is the front end programming language, SQL Server
2005 is the back end to store the personal details of different users.


It is manual.
Time Consuming Process.
Common user cant interact.


The development of this new system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process
keeping in the view of database integration approach.

Avoid mismanagement (verify users profiles, registration of all employees )

We can maintain all type of users details properly.
Rich user interface.
All Transactions are performed very well


Users Registration Modules.

Personal Information Module.
Insurance Module.
Taxation Module.
Users of System

1. Administrator
2. Customer

Modules Description

Customer Activity :

User Registration

In this module, before using this application user register in this system by providing the self details like
Username, Password, Mobile Number and Email. Module registration is the process through which user sign up
to modules of shutdown. User must complete module registration or they will not be entering to this

Personal Information

This module contains the personal information like name, id, address etc., of citizen. If administrator wants to
view the personal details of the citizen administrator can verify the personal information module.


This module provides the amount insured and regarding its installments. Basing on citizen id the insurance
details can be displayed. If the citizen wants to make a policy in the insurance then citizen can make it by his
citizen id.


This module provides the information regarding the tax paid and tax to be paid. If Administrator wants to know
about the particular citizen details whether he/she paid the tax or not then the administrator can check it basing
on id.


This module allows all banking transactions. Citizen can make any bank transactions basing on citizen id.
Banks like SBI, ICICI, Andhra bank etc., all the banking transactions can be done with citizen id.


This module provides information about the telephone bill payments. It provides the information about the STD
calls/ISD calls and their charges of particular citizen id.


This module provides information about electricity bill payments and all. It provides the information like
number of units and previous no of units and the charge for that bill basing on id of particular citizen.
Administrator Activities:

In this project admin play a very important role . Administrator is having permissions to approve the citizen , he
will assign some responsibilities to the Citizen. He will generate Phone bill of a citizen. He will verify the
citizen payment bills. In this project administrator will search the particular citizen based on Citizen ID.

1. Specific Requirements
3.1 ER Diagram

Fig 3.1: E-R Diagram

3.2 Use Case Model Survey

Access all user information Update user data

Maintain System Database

View in detail information of

View Logs
Citi zen

Authenti cate

Generate Report

View Report
Admin Moderators

Update Profile

View Profile
Request for update or change
Mail Logout


Online Banking

Request for Passport,Visa

Govt. Officials

Citi zens

Polling Vote

View Details

Update profile photo

RTO ,Collector, Police officer Payment of electrici ty and
Thasildar officer telephone bill

Payment of Taxes

Ti ckets booking

File a FIR Investigation Report

Issuing card
Taxes Report

Fig 3.2: Usecase Diagram

Use Case Model Description

Usecase Description

REGISTER Government officers has register the database of every citizen

LOGIN Users has to login

UPDATE Get permission from the administrator and user has to be update his new
PROFILE details to their database
VERIFICATION Government officers and organization verify all the user details and check it

MODERATORS Moderates all the user information database and view reports and logs

ONLINE Through Online user can do money transaction ,shopping etc


POLICE OFFICER Police officers can logged in and view the details about the criminals and
it is useful for investigation

UPDATE It helps everyone for easy identification about the person


LOGOUT It helps the user to safely logged out of the website

3.3 Architecture Diagram

Register UI Register UI

Login /
Login UI Login UI Register

View UI View UI
View &
Update UI Update UI

Report UI Report UI Report

Profile UI Profile UI Profile

Payment UI Payment UI

Polling UI Polling UI

Request UI Request UI

Enquiry UI Enquiry UI
3.4 Sequence Diagram

Admin Login & Authenticate sequence diagram

Login Report Authenticate Database

User : Citizens
Generation Request from user
Administrator :
Admin1: Login into system

2: Refer the User in DB

3: Check

4: Get User information

5: To Generate a Report

6: Request for change

7: Get the Requried Data

8: Validate user Request

9: Allow to change

10: Update the data

User Login & functional Sequence Diagram

Login View Request for Update Database Mail

: Citizens
Information or change
1: Login into System

2: Verify in Database

3: Check

4: Retrive User Information

5: View User Information

6: Request for Changes

7: Authenticate for Change

8: Allow to Change or update

9: Can Change or Update Information

10: Send Mail to Another

11: Receive a Mail from another

3.5 Collaboration Diagram

Admin Functional Collaboration

3: Check

2: Refer the User in DB

Login Databas

4: Get User information

1: Login into system

7: Get the Requried Data

10: Update the data

5: To Generate a Report

Administrator : 9: Allow to change User : Citizens

8: Validate user Request

6: Request for change

Request from user

User Functional Collaboration

7: Authenticate for Change


Request for Update

4: Retrive User Information
or change
3: Check
5: View User Information 6: Request for Changes

8: Allow to Change or update

9: Can Change or Update Information
: Citizens 10: Send Mail to Another

11: Receive a Mail from another

1: Login into System
2: Verify in Database

3.6 Class Diagram

Fig 3.8: Class Diagram

3.7 Activity Diagram

User Registration Activity

The new citizen can registered and verify by administrator and assign unique id .Then
store all user information in the database .Finally issue id card through RTO office.

Fig: 3.9 Activity Diagram

Privileges Activity Diagram

Fig 3.10 Privileges Activity Diagram

3.8 Use Case Reports

Admin use case report


Request for update o r change

Verification Register

View in detail information of Citizen

Generate Report



Maintain System Database Logout

View Profile

Mail Service

Citizen use case Report

Payment of Taxes Mail Service


Request for Passport,Visa


Citizens Govt. Officials

Tickets booking

Payment of electricity and

telephone bill

Polling Vote RTO ,Collector,

Police officer Thasildar officer

File a FIR
Investigation Report Issuing card
Taxes Report