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a daily recipe for happiness

by michael c. andrade
with a cup of coffee and a prayer
jump-start each morning unafraid,
seek the wondrous gifts brought by the day;
by reason be guided not by misconceptions of what others say,
pursue the truth and never a single fact amiss;
wield the reins of thoughts and direct them to the sublimity of heavens kiss,
those cherished aspirations and sacred ideals hold foremost in mind

in the beauty of the here and now be bathed,

and wallow in the glory of relations made along the path;
aspire to the jubilant exultation,
the ecstasy of love Divine and Human

ever be generous and forgiving

even before forgiveness is asked for any misgiving,
against anyone, of no evil hear, see, speak, or think;
to every trust and obligation be ever true and sincere,
in every trial and tribulation be poised, serene, and without fear

to one and all extend the grip of friendship

and the gesture of courtesy,
give of the best that you can give
in loving service without a shade of greed;
of good cheer, strive to be in every task at hand;
exemplify order and creativity, not chaos and calamity

of love, kindness, serenity, and service,

emerge with satisfaction as the dusk approaches;
and with the peace brought by a mind tranquil
and the grateful recollection of tasks well done,
finally rest soundly and sleep well
as you gently go into the nights embrace.

9-26-2017 @ 11:45 a.m.