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O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !


Tvameva Maata Cha Pita Tvameva
Tvameva Bandhusha Sakhaa Tvameva
Tvameva Vidyaa Dravinam Tvameva
Tvameva Sarvam Mama Deva Deva

O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !


Our relationship withtheworld doesnotremainforever We allknow this
truth (naturalphenomena).However,ourmistakeisthatwedonotremaininthis
awareness all the time. If we constantly remain in this awareness, in other
words, if we do not seeourrelationshipwiththeworld,thentoday,rightnow,we
will attainsalvation!Wecannotremainwithoutseveringtherelationshipwiththe
world. We can live without relationships in this world, but we simply cannot
remain without separating ourselves from the world. Thinkverycarefullyonthis

We do not get as much happiness from a relationship with those things,
persons,objects, with whichwehave acceptedourrelationship, as we get from
being away from them. In deep sleep, we have no relationship with any
individual or a thing intheleast in deep sleep weentirely forgetallthepeople
and things. The degree ofjoyderivedfromforgettingthem,isnotexperiencedin

Now be attentive and understand this point well. To sleep, is an activity
we undertakeeversinceourbirth.Ifyoutrytorecollect,fromchildhoodtilltoday,
we have been going to sleepregularly, in otherwords,wehavebeenforgetting
the world (every day while asleep). We cannot live even 24 hours without
O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !

sleeping. If we do not get sleep for several days, then we shall go crazy. The
degree of nourishment one gets from sleep, that much nourishment cannot be

On having a relationship with things and persons, one gets tired, but with
sleep, this tiredness is overcome and there is renewed strength, vitality and
rejuvenated feeling in the body, senses, and inner faculties whereas the
freshness andvitalityaredestroyedwhenthereisarelationshipwithobjectsand

Inchildhood the levelto which toys wereappealing, thatmuchotherthings
and people did not appeal to us. The home did not appear as nice as playing
outside. In youth,moneybeganto havea greater appeal. Thereafter,toyswere
not so appealing, but sleep was much pleasurable.When toyswere enjoyable,
sleep was also enjoyable, and one would get pleasure from sleep. As money
began to appear sweet, sleep still continued to remain enjoyable.However, the
sleep that makes you forget even money, that sleep is Mans Real

When one gets married, the wife, son, family are very pleasing, for which
you are willing tospendevenmoney.However,whenonefeelsverysleepy,one
leaves aside even the wife, children, family members, and friends. Further,
when one is extremely sleepy, he leaves allattachments for whichhe is willing
to lie, cheat, trick, be dishonest, steal, commit fraud etc. Heleaves everything
O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !

When one becomes old, the attachment to family, grandchildren

If one becomes detached ora recluse, one leaves even wealth, house,women,
son, family, etc. and becomes an Ascetic he becomes an estranged recluse,
but then too he sleeps. In sleep there is separation even from the sense of
being a (an Ascetic).In this way,in everysituation sleep appears to be
most important, valuable and gratifying. Never does he wish to miss his sleep.

Man prepares himself fully for going to bed. He spreads a nice bedding,
picks the best pillow, the best mattress, turns on the fan or an airconditioner,
looks for an atmosphere with no loud noises around he does all this to get a
good nights sleep. On feeling sleepy, various types of sense enjoyments,
pleasurable sights, entertainment, films etc. are no longer appealing. At that
time, oneonly says, Iamsleepy,let me go tosleep.Inowwanttosleep.From
this it is proved that sleep is the most pleasurable, more than any object or

However when one develops enjoyment in and love for worship and
devotionforGod,thenevensleepalsoisnolongerappealing. Saintshavesaid
this sleep has become an enemy,in otherwords,it wouldbe goodifIdidnot
go off to sleep. From this it is proved that he is willing to give up the most
pleasurable of all sleep fortheBelovedOne,fortheOnewithWhomhehas
aninnaterelationship .

Our relationship with the world is false. Erroneously we believe it tobe a
O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !

firm relationship. Therefore we can live without union with the world, but we
cannot live without separation fromit. We get pleasurefromseparationfromthe
world this is everyones experience. What an extraordinary point this is,that
allhave experienced separation from this world ! Human beings,animals,birds,

Whenit comes tobeing with worldly things,onecanmanagewithlessjust
as some get good food toeat, and othersdo not,some get agood house, and
others do not, in this there are many disparities.No two people have the same
things for their comfort, rest and relaxation. However, sleep is the same forall.
Here one point is worth thinking about when it comes to sleep,the propensity
we have towards it is such that we do nothave tomake an effort, work, think

The pointis that by doingnothingwhatsoever,sleepnaturallytakesover.It
is not thatonehasto put acertainamount ofeffort/workbeforesleepcomes.In

However, when one goes to sleep holding on to the relations with the
world he again gets engaged with it, on waking up. Even so, the assumed
relationship with the world does not remain steady. The forms, individuals,
countries, time all ofthese changecontinuously, but thefactthatrelationships
are beingsevered never changes.It is because the relationship withtheworld
is merely assumed, it is unreal and the separation of the relationship with the
world is not merely assumed, rather it is real. Therefore, relationship with the
world is constantly breaking away. Therelationship with childhood brokeaway,
O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !

the relationship withyouth was cutoff, the relationshipwith old age split up,the
relationship with several aspects was dissolved the relationship with
beingfreeofdisease, with sickness, with riches, with poverty, has been
disbanded as well. The union with people, has turned into separation later. In
this manner, the relationship with the worldly life continues to be dismissed,

We have made a grave mistake, in assuming relationships to be real we
are paying noattention towardstherelationshipwiththetransitoryworldthatare
dissolving, which too has been our experience. The extent of happiness
obtainedfrom disunitingfrom the world,is not obtainedfrom things. If we were

When one develops enjoyment in and love for worship and devotion
(through ) for God, then sleep, hunger, thirst are forgotten, there is no
thought to these things. Sleep, hunger and thirst are the main things for the
sustenance of this body, but in worship and remembrance of God (through
), these too are forgotten. This means that our real relationship is with
God. If the real relationship is awakened, then who will want to have false
relationships? Let us then leave the assumed false relationship with the body

We do not have to go anywhere after disuniting with the world, neither to
the forest, nor do we need to become an ascetic. Only we have to accept that
O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !

The relationship that we see with people is only to serve them. The
relationship that we see withthings,is only to use the thingsfor servingothers.
Neither any person, nor anything is there forus.Thosewhomweconsideredas
ours mother, father, wife, son, brother, etc., we have to simply serve them.
Things are there only for serving the father, mother etc., as they deserve
service. This body belongs to them, therefore use this body to serve them.We
do notwant totake anything from them at all.Use their things forservingthem.
Thisiscalled (selflessservice)


Meaning : Your right is to perform your duty, never to claim its fruit.
Therefore, do not be the cause of thefruit of action, nor let your attachmentbe

Actions must therefore be performed with great zeal, promptness,
readiness and properly, because this human body has been received only to
this body,notfor clingingto this body. Our relationship withthe worldisonlyto
serve. Besides serving, we have no other purpose with this world. We must
serve our mother and father. We must take care of our children and wife. We
must only serve them, remembering that the real peace shall not come by our
assuming a relationship with them. Peace comes by serving them and after
O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !

Thereis nosuchrelationshipintheworldforwhichmaniswillingtogiveup
sleep, hunger andthirst.However,onestablishingarelationshipwithGod,sleep
appears to lose its attraction, eatinganddrinking becomes nolongerenjoyable.
These sensepleasurescease to bepleasant totheextent thatthebody seems
to be unattached to the self and it becomes clear that our real and genuine

In description of
Naradajis previous birth, it is said when his mother died,
he went away towards the forest. He had no thoughts orconcerns whatsoever
asto whathewilleatanddrinkintheforest?Wherewillhestay?Hesatundera
tree. His mindbecame engagedin God andhe attained (deeptrance
state). Hesaw the form ofGod in his heart.Aftersometime,hecameoutofthat
state of natural
Samadhi, and became intensely restless. Then there was a
thundering sound where heheard that on leaving this body,hewillbebornasa
son of
Brahmaji, and then will he behold Him (the Lord). On hearing this, he
began to anticipate when the body would die, and when hewould be released
from it. The worlddesiresto live forever, whereas
Naradaji wantedthat hemay

The extent towhich one wants tostay alive inthisworld, hedoesnotwish
even his family members to live. A cow deeply loveshercalf. She does not go
offinto the forest to grazeleaving hercalf.Howeverifsheisbeatenwithastick,
then she runsoff to the forest. Whilegrazingintheforest,whensheremembers
the calf, she calls out with a sound and the grass that she was eating
spills out of her mouth. In the evening when she returnshome, she runs faster
O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !

than all theothercows,andcallsouttohercalf( )andgoestowardsit
caresses it and feeds it milk. She has immense love for her calf and also has
love for grass, but she loves herself the most. When someone hits her with a
stick, she forgets and leaves everything, even the calf and also the grass that
she was grazing on. When trauma comes to her own body, she does not care
aboutanything. Thepoint is thatherfirstlove is for her own body, secondisfor
the calf andthirdforthegrass.Therefore,evenanimalshaveattachmenttotheir
body, however, only man is able to leave the infatuation for his body and love
God. The body is changing every moment, therefore it does not remain the

We are Gods when we understand this point, then we can leave the
bodily infatuationpassion and engagein Godonly. Our relationship withGod is
genuine. It is real ! And our relationship with this body is false. Upon




A Note to the Reader

The special quality of the original is difficult to capture in a translation. Readers are
O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !

earnestly requested, that if they have the knowledge of the Hindi language, to read the
original book entitled Bhagwat Praapti Sahaj Hai in Hindi.
O Lord ! O My Lord ! May I never forget You !