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The objective of this project is to measure the range of the target using
ultrasonic wave. This project is a simple ultrasonic distance
meter. The only components required are the PSoC device,
two 40 kHz ultrasonic transducers, two resistors and two
capacitors. Similar circuits are very complicated and
expensive. Using this microcontroller family, all the digital
and analog devices are supplied by Programmable System
on Chip Typical applications include positioning for robotics,
generic distance measurement and contactless liquid level
This project is very useful for to the industrial companies to find the
range of the objects.
Brief Methodology:
This project is designed with
Ultrasonic transmitter
Ultrasonic receiver
Analog to Digital Converter
LCD display
In this project the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver is placed in the
machine whose has to measure the distance of the target. The oscillator is
used to generate the 40KHZ frequency signal. Then the generated frequency
signal is given to ultrasonic transmitter.
The ultrasonic transmitter is constructed with two inverted buffer is
connected in parallel. Depending on the frequency the buffer on and off time
is varied due to this process 40KHZ ultrasonic wave is generated and
Then the ultrasonic wave hits the nearest target and reflected from the
target. The ultrasonic receiver is used to receive the reflected wave. Depends
upon the distance of the object, the received wave strength is varied. Then
the received signal is given to signal conditioning unit. The signal
conditioning unit consists of precision rectifier and comparator. The
precision rectifier is constructed with operational amplifier in which the
negative signals are rectified. Then the rectified signal is given to
Here the microcontroller is the flash type reprogrammable
microcontroller in which we have already programmed height formula. The
microcontroller received the signal from SCU and process the signal. Then
the corresponding result is displayed in the LCD display which is equal to
height of the target.

1. Low power consumption.
2. Accuracy.

1. This project is very useful to the automobile industries to height the
distance of the objects.
2. Typical applications include positioning for robotics,
generic distance measurement and contactless liquid
level measurement

Block diagram: