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Unsatisfactory Emergent Good Outstanding

Ideas are completely Some ideas are realistic Most ideas are realistic, with All ideas are very realistic,
unrealistic, cost and while many are not. some consideration of cost with excellent consideration
logistic factors have not Cost and logistic factors and logistics. of cost and logistics
been considered. are barely considered. involved.
Ideas are not based on There is some evidence Ideas are fairly well Ideas are very well
research. No sources are of research behind researched, shows a good researched and shows a
Quality used. ideas, but there are general understanding of deep understanding of
of gaps in understanding. relevant knowledge. Most relevant knowledge.
ideas Some sources are used, sources are credible, but there Sources used are credible
but cited improperly. are some mistakes in citing. and properly cited.
There is no apparent Ideas proposed mostly Ideas proposed show good Ideas proposed are very
reason for proposed show reasoning, but reasoning, and are backed up logical, and backed up
Reasoning ideas, no supporting evidence is sometimes with some evidence. using lots of evidence.
evidence to back up unclear.
Ideas are presented in a Some ideas are Ideas are mostly presented Ideas are presented in a
way that does not make presented clearly, but clearly and concisely. very clear, concise, and
sense. Presentation some are unclear or Presentation shows good easy to follow way.
shows little to no effort. hard to follow. effort. Technology, if any, is Presentation shows high
Presentation of Technology, if any, is only Presentation shows used to improve the project. level of care and
ideas used to make the project some effort. consideration. Technology,
look flashy, with no real Technology, if any, is if any, is used to take the
benefit. not always used project to another level.
effectively to improve
the project.
The group was not able to The group worked The group generally worked The group worked together
work together, one or a together with some well together, group members extremely well, used each
few group members did disputes. Not all group all contributed to the project, others strengths to benefit
Teamwork &
most of the work, group members contributed to and most listened to each the project, and listened to
members did not listen to the project, some group other. each others input.
each other. members listened to
each other.