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Why should we hire you?

I started my career as an Intern at while I was still at college and quickly learnt
the entire PD flow on the job, proving that I am a quick learner and a multi
Learnt Tcl on the job.
Written scripts for various purposes namely,
a. DRC cleaning.
b. involved in writing a part of the cloning script which locates cells closest to
a particular type of cell and giving the direction of the ports
c. automating MAPS flow
d. automating release of various files for the Ifo team in bash, as they had too
many releases at one time
All of these has stemmed from my drive to learn, take initiatives and help the team
in achieving the results faster within the specified timeline.

Working with since August 2015, I was a part of a team where I was appreciated for
my presentation on STA.

As part of my first real project a, I was part of various small teams where I
handled the following.
--> handled 2 macros at the beginning in ADM.
--> Handled 2 macros in BUF
--> Worked on Serdes for a short period of time where I pointed out the high
negative slack in the zic timing report.
--> Finally, I handled macro until tapeoff, closing timing and DRCs at macro level
and also DRCs and timing at macro to block interface.

Provided support in DRC cleaning to tm_egr, proving once again that I am

comfortable with the MTK flow, a team player and results oriented.

Resolutions to problems faced.

-->Investigated the reason behind standard cells not falling on track faced by the
entire team and provided the solution.
-->Identified the error in cs file and suggested the syntax correction.

For all these reasons I feel confident that my candidature would be successful in
being hired by .

Roles and
Responsibilities Performing complete PNR and PV.
Delivering timing, logical DRC, LEC and PV closure block to top. Provided
script to fix grid violations and design related requirement.