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Misamis University

Ozamiz City
College of Engineering and Technology


February 4-7, 2015
Cebu City

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Site no: 1 Date: February 4, 2015
Name of Project: North Park
Location: Plaridel, Alang-Alang, Mandaue City
Project Representative: Engr. Victoriano C. Sia Jr.

The north park is a commercial building located in Plaridel, Alang-Alang, Mandaue City.
The project is constructed by Primary Structure Corporation, a triple A construction company
that has competent workers in different areas of construction job. The designer used isolated
footing and combined footing for the foundation; they also drive a pile using static pile driving
method which is good compare to diesel hamming. The advantages of static pile driving is that
there is no noise and it just be done by just pushing the piles, it is also economical and has a
clean result. The pile is 18m in length, 450mm x 450mm in size and a weight of 8 tons.
The Primary Structure Corporation used latest technology for their project like a
bentonite which is intended for waterproofing. They also have more equipment like a backhoe
for excavation, and a mobile crane which has a capacity of 55 tons used for lifting heavy
materials especially piles. The Primary Structure Corporation uses latest technique in
constructing the north park project. They have a precast slab which make the construction fast
and can be economical in terms of man power.
During the visit of one of the latest construction project of Primary Structure
Corporation, I learned some important thing in the site; I saw different equipment used in
constructing the project and witness the construction of combined and isolated footing. I also
learned that while driving piles it must be a non-stop driving to avoid some problem since it can
affect the movement of soil and if driving may stop then it is very difficult to drive again.
Visiting a foundation project is very suitable for our subject today since it make us
realized the actual construction of different footing especially that we also design isolated and
combined footing in our plates.
Site no: 2 Date: February 4, 2015
Name of Project: Concrete Solutions Inc. (CSI)
Location: Canduman, Mandaue City
Owner: William U. Liu Jr., CEO of Primary Group of Builders
Project Representative:
Brigette Marie M. Angcon (HR-recruitment CSI)

Concrete Solutions Inc. (CSI) is one of the most dynamic companies in Cebu today, with
office located inside CSI plant in Canduman, Mandaue City. CSI is engaged in ready mixed
concrete, flatworks services, heavy equipment rentals, and precast concrete production. The
Concrete Solutions Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of ready mix concrete in Cebu.
The Concrete Solutions Inc. have 3 batching plant that can produce 140 cubic per hour.
They have sample place in a curing pond and have a chiller to maintain the 24C of
temperature. This sample will remain in the curing pond based on the needs of the client. The
form of a sample can be detached in 3 days up to 7 days. The size of the sample is vary in
strength, like a 4X8 is usually for high strength, and a 6x6x12 is usually use for road
construction. The different sample in their curing pond is owned by different clients and maybe
test in their laboratory to determine its strength however testing of sample can be made
outside if their clients want to.
The Concrete Solutions Inc. has much equipment to meet the needs of their clients like a
mobile pump which is use for high rise building specifically 32m in height. They have 60 mobile
mixers which are available anytime and the most important with them is that they can produce
concrete as much as possible since their system is computerized.
Having our educational tour in Concrete Solutions Inc. is very knowledgeable because
we learned more things about quality control especially that the CSI follow the Quality Control
Standard. They have different slump test like slump 6 which used pump Crete, slump 8 mostly
used in high rise building and slump 4 for roadways. I also learned that the yielding strength will
depends in the trial mix. In Concrete Solutions Inc. they have a truck scale to determine the
yield strength. The knowledge that we get in Concrete Solutions Inc. is very important because
it give us idea about quality control and it can be apply in our future job.

Site no: 3 Date: February 5, 2015

Name of Project: City Soho
Location: B. Rodriguez St., near Fuente Osmena, Cebu City
Owner: Mr. Edmund Gaisano Jr., President of Goldpeach Properties Inc.
Project Representative: Engr. Jin Sajulga (C&F/W engr.)
Engr. John Philip Sabitsana (Rebar engr.)
Engr. Remberto Quinzon (Project Superintendent)
Arch. Cito Proceso Sr. (Project Architect)
Mr. Neri Pascual (Safety Officer)

City Soho is a new addition to Cebus ever growing Skyline. The City Soho is a 29 storey
commercial building with plenty of car parkings, supermarket, condominium units, law firms,
medical laboratories, BPO offices and other amenities like swimming pool, fitness gym and
multi-purpose hall. The City Soho is constructed by ASEC Development and Construction
Corporation, a recognized leader in residential, industrial, and commercial development.
The type of footing in foundation that been used during construction are isolated
footing, combined footing and a pile cap. Each pile cap is 1.8m in thick and has a bored pile
which is 26m to 27m in height. This bored pile is another type of reinforced concrete pile, which
is used to support high building producing heavy vertical loads.
During the visit I got some important information that shall be used in building
construction. I encountered new techniques and strategies especially in high rise building like
City Soho. I discovered new technology which is the EFCO forms, a wide range of formwork and
shoring products to meet contractor's needs in all concrete construction applications. Another
advantage of EFCO is that it can be economical and can be re-using for the next floors of the
project. The construction of the project is very fast that make them have 3 floors per month or
even 1 floor per week. In constructing a high-rise building like City Soho, problems cannot be
avoided especially that it is located in B. Rodriguez St. which has a very busy surrounding. Some
problems that they encountered are about soil nailing since the site is near the gasoline station,
so the contractor decided to use sheet pile which is earth retention and excavation support
technique that retains soil. Another problem that they encountered is that the sidewalk
destroyed due to vibrations so as a remedy they apply shot Crete.
Visiting a construction project like City Soho is very helpful especially that the person in-
charged are willing to share their knowledge and the contractor used latest technology for

Site no: 4 Date: February 5, 2015

Name of Project: AV Academy
Location: Talamban, Mandaue City
Owner: Wayne Lao
Project Representative: Jolly Aton (Architect apprentice)

AV Academy is an international school located in Talamban, Mandaue City. The project

is usually for Korean students which is an 8 story building comprises of dormitory, canteen,
library and such facilities.
The type of footing that been used for foundation was spread footing and it is 2m below
the ground. According to the Engr. of the project they encountered such problem like the
damage of property of nearest project, so what they did is to renovate the damage to avoid
Site no: 5 Date: February 6, 2015
Name of Project: Techno-Stress System Corporation
Location: Sitio Bacay, Brgy. Tulay, Minglanilla, Cebu
Owner: Jason C. Uy
Project Representative: Engr. Kenith (Plant Manager)
Engr. Claire (Office Engineer)

Techno-Stress System Corporation is one of the biggest precast prestressed concrete

piles plantations in the Philippines with its Main Office at Cagayan de Oro City. They are the
pioneer provider of pile driving services using static pile driver, the eco-friendly foundation
piling machinery with the good features like no vibration, no noise, high construction speed and
reliable quality. It has a minimum speed of 1.4 m/min and a maximum of 3.7 m/min.
Techno-Stress System Corporation also has a mold sheet pile which is usually used in
pier, the stresses of piles depend on struts and their product is approved by DPWH. The Pouring
of piles can be done in 3 to 5 days and shall deliver to the site. The production in their
plantation depends on their clients and the cost is per linear meter but no fixed price. The
casting is by 100 linear meters with initial pull of 1000 for tendons. Additives will be added
during curing process to improve concrete quality and after 18 hours of curing it can already
remove. Aside of prestressing product Techno-Stress has its own batching plant, and has
different equipment in the plantation that makes the production fast.
During our visit in Techno-Stress we witnessed the making of piles, like it has tendons
with initial pull of 1000, it also have cage bar located at its head and tip. The piles also
composed of round stirrups, the allowable strength of concrete usually 5000 psi however
strength of concrete may be change depending on their clients.
The educational tour is a big help for the reason that we visit different areas of our
future job. Like visiting prestressing plantation that give us background about the work of such
Site no: 6 Date: February 6, 2015
Name of Project: Second Mandaue Bridge
Location: Connecting Mandaue City to Mactan Island
Owner: Government Property
Project Representative: Engr. Rosario Abadies

Mactan is a processing zone, tourist spot due to lapu-lapu shrine, location of

international airport was there and more people going there for work. Thats why the Second
Mandaue Bridge was established to cater the traffic. The Second Mandaue Bridge carries 4
lanes of vehicular traffic, pedestrian sidewalks and design as cable stayed bridge. The designers
of the bridge choose the location for the reason that the water is not too high. The bridge has a
2.3 Km approach road, the piers was 40m start from the viaduct, and a box prestressed girder.
It is design as a cantilever type, designers use a bored pile which is 38m in length, its diameter
vary from 2.2m up to 3m with continuous pouring. Tremie pipe was used in pouring concrete in
the ground and only good concrete remain in bored pile. Every lift has shear bars between old
and new concrete, this shear bars used to prevent shearing. The bridge also has a pile cap
which is 27m x 25m, it also have a bearing pad made up of rubber and steel. The cable in the
bridge has 48 strands, reinforcement was drip, girders are post tensioned with multiple jacks
and each end is stretch simultaneously.
Part of the designers project was the landscape that makes the view wonderful. The
Second Mandaue Bridge was opened in August 1999 and until today the bridge was still
function and become a big help to less the traffic in the city.
Site no: 7 Date: February 7, 2015
Name of Project: GT Time Square
Location: J. Llorente corner Don Mariano Cui St. Capitol Site, Cebu City
Owner: Benjamin Gothong; CEO of Bowen & Lili Holdings Co. Inc.
Project Representative: Engr. Alde Caritos

GT TIME SQUARE is a 32-storey commercial building located at J. Llorente, Cor. Don

Mariano Cui St., Capitol Site, Cebu City. The building is a project of Benjamin D. Gothong; CEO
of Bowen & Lili Holdings Co. Inc., Benjamin Y Hermanos Holdings Co. Inc; and Siddharta
holdings Co. Inc., and constructed by D.R Valle Builders headed by its CEO Engr. Dominador R.
GT TIME SQUARE will be one of the most exclusive building in the island that offer
numbers of well-appointed guest rooms and suites, World-class Spas right at your fingertips,
wide function space and meeting room, business process outsourcing offices, stunning views of
Cebu and a few steps away from the top hospital in Cebu like Chong Hua, Cebu Doctors, Velez,
St. Vincent and Community Hospital.
Aside from its wonderful services, GT TIME SQUARE also have its own swimming pool to
satisfy the needs of their clients. They also have a 3-storey basement that serves as a groceries
and a wide parking area start from first to eight floors just to accommodate their customers
and clients.
The type of footing used during construction was mat foundation and has a retaining
wall every basement and also a shear wall to resist earthquake. For their hotel rooms, cement
board was used for walling with concrete inside for soundproofing. The walling also has a metal
furring and bars spaced 0.4m in both ways. For the ceiling they used gypsum board. The design
strength of concrete is 6000 psi and their concrete provider is the Concrete Solutions Inc. Since
it is a high rise construction they used a pumpcrete to uplift concrete and it is also from CSI.
They also have a tower crane for lifting materials like bars, cement and even water for curing
purposes. Since the project was high and almost end then they already have an elevator to
uplift workers, in that way they can go to their designated area as much as possible. Like other
construction project problems are always present. In GT Time Square the most common
problem that they encountered was the delivery of materials and due to this circumstances
work may be affected.
Visiting different construction site is a big help since we collect more information from
different engineers and different construction company, each of them has unique method that
been introduced to us.