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The Greatest Pop Songs That Will Help You Learn Greek

Fell in love with the Greek language during your holidays? Or are you simply


trying to woo a Greek? Whatever the reason is, learning Greek may be a tough


decision, but don’t worry we are here to help you out. For many students,


learning a foreign language is easier with music. Indeed, the melody, rhythm and

sometimes even rhymes help the memorization process. Here are some


classics of Greek pop music to help you learn the language.


Helena Paparizou – “Porta Gia Ton Ourano

This song was a 2008 hit for the Greek-Swedish singer. Porta gia ton ouranou (Door to the Sky) was one of the top hits of Paparizou’s fourth album, which marked more of a ‘rock’ vibe than her previous typical pop songs. It obviously struck a chord with the public as the album was certified Gold the first week of its release. The song is upbeat and is a typical impossible love song.

Haris & Panos Katsimihas – “Rita, Ritaki

Sung by brother Haris and Panos Katsimihas, Rita, Ritaki (Rita, Little Rita) is a 1980s hit with an old-time rock and roll feel. An instant feelgood piece, the song starts with a little poem, before moving onto the musical part. It is about a 45-year-old guy looking for trouble who found it by falling in love with an elusive 18-year-old girl named Rita.

Tamta – “Ela ston rythmo

Georgian-Greek singer Tamta is a popular pop singer in Greece. The song Ela Sto Rhythmo (Come in rhythm with me) has an inviting tempo which will certainly make you stand up and dance. The song is the main theme tune of the popular Greek TV series Letremeni Mou Gitones. Simple and easy, the lyrics of the song will show you that Greek can be learned in a playful way.

Sakis Rouvas

Aima, dakrya ki idrotas

Heartthrob Sakis Rouvas has been around for decades, and this is one of its oldest ballads. Aima, dacrya ki idrotas means Blood, tears and sweat, and is also the name of the singer’s fourth opus, released in 1994. The song depicts the end of a relationship in a poetic way.

The song depicts the end of a relationship in a poetic way. Vegas – “ Pio

Vegas – “Pio Psila

Sometimes dubbed the “Greek Black Eyed Peas”, Vegas is a band influenced by several music genres such as rock, jazz, soul, funk and hip-hop. Known around Greece, the band has also toured in the USA as well as Australia. The song Pio Psila (Higher) from their third album was the most played song on Greek radio in 2012 and even reached 20 million views on Youtube, making it the second most viewed Greek video on the platform.

Michalis Hatzigiannis – “To kalokairi mou

The 2010 summer hit by Greek-Cypriot artist Mihalis Hatzigiannis is still a favorite among Greeks. Considered as one of the most successful artists of the decade, Hatzigiannis gave Greece this refreshing summer ballad which might waken some serious Greece envy when you hear it.

Anna Vissi – “Pes to ksana

Active in the music world since 1973, Anna Vissi hardly needs an introduction. But to all neophytes out there, this woman packs some serious vocal skills and has successfully managed to remain relevant even today. Pes to Ksana (Say it Again) is the story of a lover asking her partner to tell her over and over again how much he loves her.

to Ksana (Say it Again) is the story of a lover asking her partner to tell