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Is capitalism dying and should it be replaced by Marxist beliefs? (3 examples)

Do you think the US should adopt Marxism in lieu of capitalism?


43% view socialism positively

23% view capitalism positively

Carl Marx Is sometimes called them most influential philosopher

"Working men of all countries unite" Communism

Marxism acts to go to the route of economic problems. "System is the problem" "Reorganize the
system" "Small quick fix will not work" "systemic problem"

Real world is the product of ideas

If you want to understand the real world you need to go back to the ideas (CARL MARX thinks it runs
both ways)

Historical materialismlooks at what the internal contradictionswhat did they do to 'solve' them
what problems did it face that eventually killed it

Capitalists are ALWAYS trying to save on labor costs

"Credit" was come up so you could borrow money you dont have that kept racking up.

They decided to move from the us to lower poorer countries where wages were lower so that the
company could be profitable

The workers could not buy backmoney no longer flowed

Capitalism has reached a "shaking point" in the US

Socalism-Society owns the workplace

Where people live and work-democratize the enterprise.

Profit is equal


Capitalistic ideals all around the world are reaching a shaking point that will no longer allow the
capitalist ideas to carry out in society without a breaking point. However, Marxist ideas will revert the
capitalist system into that of a socialist society, which as we can see today, is capturing the ideals of
many young voters.

Capitalism is dying, as we can see with hard evidence from the real world, and should we replace it with
Marxism problems will dissipate as the system will be in the hands of the whole. As mentioned in the
video, 43% people view socialism in a positive light whereas only 23% view capitalism in a positive light.
This showcases that many ordinary people may want change, but because of the way capitalism is
structured, they have no power. Capitalists, as mentioned in the video, are always trying to cut labor
costs, weather that means replacing human labor with machinery or finding cheaper labor. This reveals
the selfish nature of capitalism; owners of companies take large yields of the profit and the owners yield
grows; workers get paid less of the profit and their share becomes less. Capitalism also pays workers, as
mentioned, less that what they produce, meaning workers are being exploited. This exploitation has and
only will continue to magnified greatly if we dont make a system change. Socialism/Marxist ideas will
create change and put power in the people and will create a level playing field where workers actually
do earn money they make.

I believe that the US should adopt Marxism in lieu of capitalism because of the detrimental effects we
have already seen capitalism capable of, a change in the system giving the people what they chose
fitting for their system of economics. I believe that the change will come about only if we target the
problem at its source and put the power where it matters and in the hands of the people it will affect.