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Assalamualaikom Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu..

To our compassionate and very supportive campus head and MSUS Executive Vice President, Dr.
Macabangkit P. Ati, to our active and beautiful administrative officer, Mrs. Sandra M. Minaga, to our
considerate and gentle dean of instruction, Dr. Jessica Buhia, Dr. Joan B. Caneda, our honorable guest
speaker, to our different department chairpersons, faculty and staff of the Secondary Department,
students.. Ladies and Gentlemen.. It is a great pleasure to welcome you all to the Anti-Bullying
Symposium.. organized by the Guidance and Counseling office.. with the full support of the

Todays event is in line with the celebration of the Bullying Prevention Month of the campus, with
the overall objective educating the students about bullying and how to address this concern.

This activity aims to raise awareness on the prevalence and impact of bullying and its different forms,
to educate the faculty and staffs on their roles and how they can prevent when they see one, and to
encourage the campus to work together to stop bullying especially cyberbullying.
No doubt about it; bullying has become rampant in schools today. Statistics show that there has been
an increase of bullying cases every year. According to the data gathered by the Department of
Education (DepEd), 80% of child abuses reported for the School Year 2012-2013 were in the form of
This indicates a very serious problem since bullying may adversely affect a childs physical, emotional,
social and psychological health.
Here in MSU-MSAT, I had encountered many bullying cases since I started working here last January
2017. Most cases are in the Junior High School. And I know there are many incidents of bullying around
the campus that students dont report to the Guidance Office or even in their teachers.
Republic Act 10627, also known as the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013, is requiring ALL elementary and
secondary schools to deal with the acts of bullying in their institutions. In its implementing Rules and
Regulations, schools, are mandated to form a Child Protection Committee that will carry out awareness-
raising programs to prevent and address bullying.

Because this institution values welfare of the students and wanted to create a safe community, that
is why this activity is realized.

My dear students, bullying is bad. It can seriously affect the psychological being of a child, even in
teenagers. And I am thankful that there are senior high school students and college students here
so that you will also be educated especially in Cyberbullying which is very rampant in our school

I know that some of you here are a bully, victim or a by stander. This activity is the proper avenue
to know what will you do if you see incident of bullying. So I hope that you will all listen actively and
ask questions to our guest speaker. She is my professor in Masteral class and I believe that she
can all answer your queries as she is expert in this field.

Thank you maam for accepting my invitation.

May I conclude my remarks by wishing you all a fruitful and productive symposium. Be a buddy, not
a bully. Good afternoon once again. Enjoy the symposium