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Model Test AM Rev Fall 2010 (2 hours)

1. A B C D 31. A B C D
2. A B C D 32. A B C D
3. A B C D 33. A B C D
4. A B C D 34. A B C D
5. A B C D 35. A B C D
6. A B C D 36. A B C D
7. A B C D 37. A B C D
8. A B C D 38. A B C D
9. A B C D 39. A B C D
10. A B C D 40. A B C D
11. A B C D 41. A B C D
12. A B C D 42. A B C D
13. A B C D 43. A B C D
14. A B C D 44. A B C D
15. A B C D 45. A B C D
16. A B C D 46. A B C D
17. A B C D 47. A B C D
18. A B C D 48. A B C D
19. A B C D 49. A B C D
20. A B C D 50. A B C D
21. A B C D 51. A B C D
22. A B C D 52. A B C D
23. A B C D 53. A B C D
24. A B C D 54. A B C D
25. A B C D 55. A B C D
26. A B C D 56. A B C D
27. A B C D 57. A B C D
28. A B C D 58. A B C D
29. A B C D 59. A B C D
30. A B C D 60. A B C D
Model Test AM

1. The equation of the line passing through the 8. The inverse Laplace transform of
points (-1, 1) and (0, 3) is: 2s
(A) y = -2x + 3 (B) y = 2x + 2 s 1

(C) y = 2x + 3 (D) 2y = -3x + 2

(A) et + e-t (B) et - e-t
2. The center of the circle whose equation is: (C) 2et (D) e-t

y2 + x2 8(x+y) = 4 3x
9. x 2
dx =
(A) (0,0) (B) (1,4)
(C) (4,1) (D) (4,4) (A) 3ln(x2-1) (B) (3/2)ln(x2-1)
(C) 1/x (D) x2 1
3. The determinant of the matrix:
10. The conic section with the equation is:
1 1 2
0 1 0 is x2 y2 +4xy + 2 = 0

3 4 5 (A) a circle (B) an ellipse
(C) a parabola (D) a hyperbola
(A) 2 (B) 1
(C) 1 (D) 2 11. In a spreadsheet the value in cell C2 is set to 3.
C3 is set to 2*C2-5. This formula is copied into
4. Find the general solution to the equation cells C4 and C5. The number shown in cell C5
y + 3y = 0 given y(0)=1
(A) 2 (B) 11
(A)e-t (B) 2e-2t (C) 16 (D) 14
(C) 3e-3t (D) e-3t
12. Determine the output:
3x 5 x + 6
3 2
lim I=1
5. Calculate the 6 x 3 + 8x 9 Z=1
x DO WHILE I < 5
Z = Z*I
(A) 0 (B) 1/2 I=I+1
(C) 3/2 (D) END DO
6. Which of the following trigonometric
relations is valid? (A) 0 (B) 24
(C) 12 (D) 48
(A) sin(x)2 cos(x)2 = 1
(B) cos(2x)= sin(x)2 cos(x)2 13. What flowchart element would be used to
(C) sin(2x) = 2sin(x)cos(x) represent an IFTHEN statement?
(D) tan(x)2 = sec(x)2 +1
(A) Oval (B) Diamond
2 (C) Trapezoid (D) Rectangle
7. The area bounded by y = x and x = y/3

(A) 2.5 (B) 3

(C) 3.5 (D) 4.5

Model Test AM

14. The values assigned to certain cells in a 20. The relationship between the concentrations of
spreadsheet are as follows: products and reactants in a reversible chemical
reaction is given:

a. the ionization constant

b. the equilibrium constant
c. the solubility product
d. Le Chateliers principle

21. A given sample of radioactive material has 80%

If B3=E3-2*C4+6 and the content of cell B3 is of the original substance remaining after 10
copied into cell B4, the value assigned to this years. How much will remain after 90
cell will be? additional years?

(A) 3 (B) 3 (A) 0.10%

(C) 0 (D) 6 (B) 11%
(C) 80%
15. $10,000 is borrowed at 10% interest. The first (D) 90%
payment of $2,000 is made two years from now.
The balance of the debt immediately after the 22. What is the electronic configuration of
payment is: aluminum (Al, Z=13)?

(A) $10,000 (B) $10,100 (A) 1s22s22p63s23p6

(C) $11,200 (D) $12,000 (B) 1s22s22p63s23p1
(C) 1s22s22p63s24s1
16. If an amount invested 4 years ago doubled , the (D) 1s22s22p43s23p2
interest rate is:

(A) 8.9% (B) 13.5% 23. The total capacitance in the circuit is:
(C) 18.9% (D) 12.2%
17. An investment has an infinite life and an annual
cost of $4,000.00 for the first 5 years and
$1,500.00 per year thereafter. Using 8% interest
rate, what is the present cost of the investment?
(A) $28,731 (B) $50,000
(C) $81,600 (D) $42,215

18. A machine is purchased for $22,000, it has a life 25F

of 10 years, a salvage value of $6,000 and
annual maintenance of $1,200. If funds equal to (A) 50 F (B) 100 F
the present worth of purchasing and using the (C) 15 F (D) 25 F
machine were placed in a bank at 12% annual
interest, how much would the funds total in 20

(A) $33,056 (B) $119,879

(C) $258,814 (D) $56,743

19. What is the percentage by mass of carbon in the

hydrocarbon propane C3H8?

(A) 36 (B) 44
(C) 18 (D) 82

Model Test AM

24. The current in amps through the 50 resistor, 2 28. At t=0 switch A is closed, at t= 0.02 s switch A
seconds after the switch is closed is: is opened and switch B is closed. What is the
current through the resistor at t= 0.04 s

100V 50H B 500 F


(A) 1 (B) 0.025 50

(C) 2.1 (D) 1.73
(A) 0.0012A (B) 2.1A
25. For the AC circuit shown, the maximum steady (C) 49.2A (D) 0.197A
state current is:
29. The heat transfer during an isentropic process is:

10 (A) irreversible (B) reversible

(C) dependent on temp. (D) reversible &
V= 50sin(100t) 100F adiabatic

30. During an isothermal process the pressure of an

ideal gas is doubled, the volume is:
(A) 1.2A (B) 0.5 A
(C) 6.8 A (D) 2.75 A (A) doubled (B) halved
(C) constant (D) quadrupled
26. If the distance between two point charges is
halved, the force between the charges will be: 31. Steam at 1 MPa has a specific volume of 0.05
m3/kg, the quality of the steam is:
(A) doubled (B) halved
(C) remain the same (D) quadrupled (A) 25% (B) 87.32%
(C) 50% (D) 32.9%
27. The rms value of the wave shown is:
32. The enthalpy, in kJ/kg, of refrigerant HFC-
6 134a at 70 C with a specific volume of 0.02
m3/kg is:
(A) 450 (B) 550
(C) 600 (D) 500
1 2
33. The thermal efficiency of a Carnot cycle
(A) 4.74 (B) 2.15 operating between 50 C and 200 C is:
(C) 7.87 (D) 0.653
(A) 50% (B) 100%
(C) 31.76% (D) 42.89%

34. Air in a rigid vessel undergoes a process from

T1= 30 C to T2= 90 C, the heat process in
kJ/kg, for the process is:

(A) 30 (B) 30
(C) 43.03 (D) 43.08

Model Test AM

35. Which of the following statements applies to a 41. A water jet with a cross sectional area of 0.1 m2
Rankine cycle: and a velocity of 10 m/s strikes the vane shown.
The magnitude of the force on the vane is:
(A) heat transfer is at constant pressure.
(B) the net heat transfer is zero.
(C) it consists of two isothermal and two 450
constant pressure processes.
(D) the net power is zero.

36. A 1 m long rod floats vertically in water. The

rod has a cross sectional area of 0.1 m2 and a
specific gravity of 0.7. What length of the rod (A) 1,530 N (B) 7,653 N
is submerged? (C) 1,913 N (D) 3,826 N

(A) 1 m (B) 0.5 m 42. The magnitude of the force acting on the
(C) 0.7 m (D) 0.8 m member AB of the truss pinned at A and a roller
at D is (dimensions in meters):
37. Which of the following dimensionless numbers
represents the ratio of inertia and viscous

(A) Froude (B) Reynolds

(C) Weber (D) Mach

38. What is the force F required to open the 0.5 m

wide and 1m long gate? Force F acts at the end
of the gate. The gate is at 60 degrees.

(A) 300 N (B) 450 N

(C) 167 N (D) 133 N

43. Determine the magnitude of the resultant force?

(A) 1,000 N (B) 1,418 N

(C) 1,543.3 N (D) 707.9 N

39. Which of the following statements is true for

laminar flow in a pipe?
(A) 250 (B) 212
(C) 50 (D) 180
(A) The friction head loss is proportional
(B) The friction head loss is proportional to
44. The moment of inertia of any plane figure is
the inverse of the velocity.
expressed in units of length to the:
(C) The friction head loss is proportional to
the square of the velocity.
(A) first power (B) second power
(D) The Reynolds number is greater than
(C) third power (D) fourth power

40. The flow over a 30 meter high dam is to be

studied in a lab with a 3 meter high model. If
the river flow rate has a flow rate of 100 m3/s.
What should the model flow rate, in m3/s, be?

(A) 20 (B) 0.316

(C) 9 (D) 0.9
Model Test AM

45. The coefficient of friction between the 30 kg

block and the plane is 0.3. If the block is to
remain in equilibrium, what is the maximum
allowable magnitude of the force P?

(A) mLg (B) 2.5 mLg

(C) 5 mL2 (D) 2/5 mLg

50. Given the components vx and vy, what is the

resulting speed in m/s at time equals 4 seconds?
(A) 60 N (B) 73.5 N
vx= t3 2t, vy = 2 t2
(C) 88.3 N (D) 102 N
(A) 65.66 (B) 102.34
46. Which of the following is not a vector quantity? (C) 13.25 (D) 57.72
(A) velocity (B) speed
51. The muzzle velocity for a certain rifle is 600
(C) acceleration (D) displacement
m/s. If the rifle is pointed vertically upward and
fired from an automobile moving horizontally at
47. A 3 m beam is supporting a linearly distributed a speed of 20 m/s, what is the radius of
load. The magnitude of the vertical reaction at
curvature, , of the path of the bullet at its
support A is:
maximum altitude? Neglect air resistance.

(A) 12.24 m (B) 40.77 m

(C) 38.40 m (D) 19.81 m

52. A ball strikes a wall as shown. The coefficient

of restitution is 0.8. What is the angle ?

(A) 4 kN (B) 18 kN
(C) 2 kN (D) 0 kN
48. The centroid of the area shown is located at
(A) 250 (B) 25.50
(C) 30.230 (D) 19.70

53. A projectile is launched at 450 from the

horizontal with a velocity of 1,000 m/s. If the
projectile has a mass of 20 kg, what is the total
kinetic and potential energy possessed by the
projectile at t = 10 s. Neglect friction.

(A) 5 kJ (B) 50 kJ
(C) 1 MJ (D) 10 MJ

(A) x = 2, y = 3 (B) x = 4, y = 2
(C) x= 2, y = 4 (D) x= 3, y = 2

49. A disk of mass 2m and radius r is attached to a

rod of mass m and length L. The system is
released from rest. What is the kinetic energy
of the system when point B passes through its
lowest position, i.e. rod AB is vertical (assume
the disk is welded to the rod)?
Model Test AM

54. A 90 kg object moving at 50 m/s strikes an 58. A rectangular beam 10 cm wide and 18 cm high
unstreched spring with a spring constant of K = is subjected to a shear of 31,000 N at a
25 kN/m. The maximum spring deflection is: particular location. What is the maximum shear
stress at that location?
V= 50 m/s
(A) 1 MPa (B) 2.58 MPa
(C) 3.5 MPa (D) 5.5 MPa

59. The number of atoms in a face centered cubic

cell is:
(A) 1 m (B) 2 m
(C) 3 m (D) 4 m (A) 1 (B) 2
(C) 3 (D) 4

55. Which is a chemical bond that involves sharing 60. The cable shown below has an effective cross
one or more electrons between atoms in a sectional area of 10 cm2 and a modulus of
molecule? elasticity of 10x109 Pa. What is the elongation
in the cable?
(A) ionic (B) covalent
(C) neutron (D) metallic

56. All of the following are properties of a material


(A) yield point (B) modulus of elasticity

(C) Poissons ratio (D) flexural rigidity

57. Four gears are attached to a solid shaft and

transmit the torques shown. If the
allowable shear is 69 MPa, the required
diameter of section AB is: (A) 1 mm (B) 2 mm
(C) 3.5 mm (D) 4.5 mm
8441 N 20046N 4220N 7385N


(A) 2.87 cm (B) 3.68 cm

(C) 4.52 cm (D) 8.54 cm