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ntrebri de orientare pentru realizarea unei scrisori de recomandare

Pentru a scrie o scrisoare valoroas pentru candidatul ce va aplica la un program din

cadrul unei universiti internaionale v putei orienta dup aceste ntrebri, ncercnd s
rspundei la ct mai multe dintre ele. Cele care sunt absolut obligatoriu de introdus n
cadrul scrisorii de recomandare, sunt semnalizate mai jos prin paranteza de la sfrit.

1. De cnd cunoatei candidatul i care a fost relaia dumneavoastr cu acesta.

2. Care este impresia dumneavoastr general asupra candidatului. (obligatoriu)
3. Cum ai evalua candidatul n comparaie cu ceilali studeni? V rugm descriei
grupul de persoane cu care l comparai. (obligatoriu)
4. Descriei integritatea personal a candidatului. (obligatoriu)
5. Descriei observatiile pe care le-ai avea de fcut cu privire la abilitile de
leadership ale candidatului, lucrul n echip etc.
6. Descriei care ar fi, n opinia dumneavoastr, punctele cele mai puternice sau
talentele unice ale candidatului. (obligatoriu)
7. Descriei care ar fi, n opinia dumneavoastr, punctele slabe ale candidatului sau
ariile unde candidatul ar avea nevoie de dezvoltare. Care au fost eforturile
candidatului de a mbunti aceste puncte?
8. Care ar fi un domeniu potrivit pentru candidat? Care ar fi previziunea dumneavoastr
n ceea ce privete domeniul n care va lucra candidatul peste 10 ani i de ce?
9. Descriei impactul pe care l-a avut candidatul asupra unei organizaii, unei persoane
sau asupra unui grup de persoane.
10. Ce credei c l motiveaz pe candidat s aplice pentru un program de studii n
11. Cum s-ar descurca ntr-un mediu multicultural?
Introduction Describing qualifications Ending
am honored to support him as a a creative problem-solver every confidence in her ability to
candidate always cheerful and dependable give my unqualified recommendation
am pleased to provide a reference for always behaves professionally has always proved satisfactory
am delighted to be called upon broad range of skills has my highest recommendation
am happy to recommend can attest to his integrity have admiration and respect for
am pleased to comment on careful attention to detail have no reservations in
can offer only the highest comments are well thought out and clearly hope this information proves helpful
recommendation for articulated if I can further assist
first became acquainted with communicates her ideas clearly if you have further questions
first came to my attention when communicates effectively in writing if you need additional information
has worked directly under my completely loyal and trustworthy if you would like more information
supervision demonstrated particular strengths in recommend without reservation
has been a pleasure to supervise follows tasks through to completion recommend her very highly
have known Ms. Doe for gets along well with others request your favorable consideration of
have no hesitation in recommending handles responsibility well should be given serious consideration
have been his supervisor since has a take-charge personality should you have any questions
her performance as a has a flair for organization will meet your expectations
his qualifications and performance her sensitivity and concern for others will be successful in any enterprise he undertakes
have had the opportunity to is innovative and creative will be a credit to your
in the past two years is a tireless worker will measure up to your high standards
is a pleasure to recommend is mature beyond her years will be a great addition to
was a student in two of my classes is intelligent and ambitious would be an asset to your program
is personable and easy to work with would be a valuable addition to
keeps calm under pressure
meticulous attention to detail
one of our finest, most well-rounded undergraduates
outstanding leadership abilities
punctual and hard-working
self-motivated individual
wide-range knowledge of
willing to go beyond what is required
willing to take on new responsibilities
works efficiently and effectively
works independently and effectively