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Executive Directors Report, FY2018, Q1

July 1- Sept 30, 2017

The following report highlights activities undertaken by PRAA during the first quarter of


a. Program Lessons : (Cuatro, Spanish Guitar, and Violin) [JOSE AND
In October we started the fall program in which we were able to recruit
___ students for our classes. We added Celeste Park a new violin teacher
to our program and Clementina Moreira who teaches the Little Genius
program here at LMP. Violin, guitar & cuatro lessons are being held in our
new space on the 2nd floor of the U.S. Bank in 2 different rooms that we
prepared for classes. We started teaching at various CPS schools that we
already partnered with and partnered with a new school. Currently we
partner with Azuela, Belmont Cragin, Edwards, Madero, Columbia
Explorer, Stowe and start in January at Mary Lyon.

b. Latin Music Project Parent Committee [JOSE AND ZABDIEL]

PRAA continues to have regular scheduled meetings with parents to
inform of upcoming events and help make their bond with PRAA and our
music program stronger. They bought new outfits for the youth which we
used for the National Cuatro Festival Promo and will use for upcoming
performances. Also they worked on getting a different outfit for the
National Cuatro Festival which will be used for the first time at said event.
As a thank you for their compromise with PRAA they were gifted with
tickets to get on the Centennial Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.

c. Latin Music Project Ensemble [JOSE AND ZABDIEL]

The LMPE has been working hard on updating repertoire to include Latin
American music from different countries and perform at the NCF. They
performed at Brookfield Zoo, 90 miles restaurant and NCF Kickoff where
they had the opportunity to perform with renown cuatrsita Quique
Domenech. With these performances they gave a glimpse into the new
repertoire and helped promote and enroll students for fall classes.
d. Fall Latin Music Program [JOSE AND ZABDIEL]
During this summer program, we had a total of 31 interns who did their
apprenticeship program with us. Through this program we taught youth
different skills they can use in future work experiences like how to
properly do research, collaborate with other members on assignments
and how to project themselves in public speaking. We also worked on
getting to know ones roots and do cultural research. During this time we
also worked on musical skills, learning how to read pitches and rhythm as
well as playing different instruments (cuatro, guitar and percussion
instruments). We received surprise visit from renown classical guitarist
Hermelindo Ruiz and also where visited by NBC news for a coverage on
the work we do at LMP. We also collaborated with the Studio Arts
program for a Youth event on August 4 at Humboldt Park beach and had
over 60 youth attend and share music and art alongside various members
of the CPD. At the end we held a concert on August 17 at our LMC where
the children presented a broad repertoire of different Latin American
musical genres. We had an audience of close to 100 people, including
important members from the US Bank and directors of various CPS


We are currently working on updating the Pre-test and Post-test which are
given at CPS schools and at the LMC to learn how much students advance
while enrolled in our various programs throughout the school year. Also
during this time we had our rehearsal/theatre space painted black to give it
a more professional look and had the carpet shampooed to keep it looking
as clean as possible. One other thing we are working on is transitioning
everything we need for a class to our new space on the 2nd floor of the US
Bank and be ready to start our fall program in our new space.