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Phone Type Settings

1. Go to Menu Tools Settings Connection Accesspoints options
New Access points Use default setting. Enter details forthe following

1. Connection name: Airtelwap

2. Data Bearer: Pocket data
3. Access point name: wap
4. User name:<none>
5. Password:<none>
6. Authentication: Normal
7. Homepage:

Press Options then select Advantage settings. Enterdetails for the following

1. Network type: Ipv4

2. Proxy serv. Address :
3. Proxy Port number: 9201

2. Go back to the main menu, select Web, andpress Options then Settings.
Choose Airtelwap as the default access point.


Go to Menu Tools Settings Connection Access points Options New Access point

1. Use default settings. Enter detailsfor the following parameters.

2. Connection name: Airtel Internet
3. Data Bearer: Packet data
4. Access point name: internet
5. Username:<none>
6. Password: <none>

Authentication : Normal


Go back to the mainmenu, select web, press options then settings

Choose Airtel Internet as the default access point

Internet & Wap
1. Go to Menu>Choose Settings >Connectivity

2. Go to Data Account

3. Create New Account. GPRS/ PS Data

Account Name: Airtel Wap

APN: Wap

4. Save Account

5. Go to internet settings

6. Create New Profile

7. Save Profile

8. Select the profile Airtel WAP in InternetProfile

9. Click Right Soft Key to Choose More andSelect Settings

10. Save Settings and repeat Step 9, but this time choose Advance settings

11.Change Homepage

Title: Airtel


12.Save changes

Phones 1
1. Select: " Entertainment"

2. Select: 'Service"

3. Select: "Data Account"

4. Select: GPRS data

5. Select: "Select a profile"

6. Select: " Edit Profile"

7. Name: Airtel Wap

8. APN : wap

9. Username: none

10. Password: none

11.Authentication: Normal /Save Account


1. Select "Entertainment"

2. Select:" Service"

3. Select: ' WAP" then select " Setting"

Phones 2
4. Select: " Edit Profile"

5. Select any of the profile

6. Select " Edit Profile"

7. GPRS Setting:

I.Rename profile: AirtelWap

II.Homepage Setting:

III.Data Account : Airtelwap

IV.Select " Connection Type" then select "HTTP" select "Ok"

Proxy Address :

Proxy Port: 9401


8. Save & activate the profile


1.Go to Menu Browser Profile Settings (Select any profile infor)

Enter details for the following parameters

Profile Name: Airtel Wap

Home URL:

Bearer: GPRS only

Proxy: Enable

GPRS Settings

IP Address:

Port: 80

APN: wap

Login ID:<blank>


2. To activate Wap over GPRS go to Home


1. Goto Menu WebAccess Web Session [New Entry]

Enter details for the following parameters

Name: Airtel Wap

Service Type 1 : WAP

GatewayIP 1:

Port 1: 9201

Speed (Bps) 1: 9600

Line type 1: ISDN

2. Select Airtel Wap, press then select SetDefault

1. Go to Phone Menu> Settings> Network

2. Go to Access Points

3. Create New Access Point. Enter thefollowing in the field.

Connection Title: Airtel Wap

LG Bearer: GPRS

Authentication:No authentication


4. Save Account. Go to Phone Menu, select browser>Settings>Profile

5. Add new Profile. Enter the following in thefield.

Service Name: Airtel Wap


Connection Mode: TCP with Proxy

IP Address:

Proxy Server Port: 9401

6. Set Access Point to Airtel Wap

7. Save Profile
Internet Connection Setup

Go to Menu Settings General NetworkCelular data network

I PHONE Input these setting:

APN: internet

Ignore Username & Password

Close to main menu

Launch your browser (Safari)