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System Properties
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Attribute Value/Format Additional Info

Network Element <1-20 chars> User-specified name of the network element.


Network Element Type of 1830 network element.


Description <0-255 chars> User-specified description of the network element.

Software Release <0-20 chars> Network element software release number.

Loopback IP <IP address> IP address for the network element.

Loopback Subnet <IP address> IP address mask for the network element.
Mask For nodes that are in the same subnetwork, each node must have
Loopback Subnet Mask set to

OCS IP <IP address>

OSPF Area Index {0-3} OSPF area index for all GCC and OSC ports on the network element.

OSPF Area ID <IP address> OSPF area for all GCC and OSC ports on the network element.

SNMP Source Any IP interface The source of SNMP traps and reply messages.
Loopback IP Any IP interfaceindicates that SNMP requests can be made using any of
only the NEs interface IP addresses or Loopback IP address. The source IP
address in SNMP trap/reply messages shall be the interface IP address on
which the packet leaves the NE. It is the SNMP clients responsibility to be
able to associate an NE with multiple IP addresses.
Loopback IP Only indicates that SNMP requests can be made using
ONLY the NEs Loopback IP address. The source IP address in SNMP
trap/reply messages shall be fixed as the Loopback IP. SNMP clients need
only have a single association to the NEs Loopback IP address.

ETR Validation (checkbox) Specifies if the network element should validate that all hardware is
Enabled temperature hardened. 1830 PSS-4 only.

UI Mode Normal Indicates the security setting for the network element.
(default) NOTE: UI Mode cannot be changed at the same time as Loopback IP,
Encrypted Loopback Subnet Mask and/or SNMP Source fields.

FIPS Squelch FIPS Indicates whether the NE will operate with FIPs enabled. Selecting FIPS
Mode Non-FIPS reduces the transmission impact on the WebUI because fewer functions
are allowed in FIPS mode.

TL1 Autonomous (checkbox) Enables and disables TL1 autonomous messages. When disabled
Messages (unchecked), only request/response commands are supported on the TL1
Enabled interface. 07/11/2017
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Attribute Value/Format Additional Info

AINS Timer <Hours- Default timer value used on all ports that support automatic in-service
Minutes, mode (AINS). Specifies the amount of time that a valid signal must be
max value = detected on a port before that port becomes automatically in service.

Temperature Celsius Specifies the units when displaying temperatures.

Units Fahrenheit

EC Programmed Unknown The expected capacity (in Gigabytes) of the flash-memory associated with
Capacity a controller card.

Mode SDH

April 2014 Copyright 2014 Alcatel-Lucent. All rights reserved. 07/11/2017