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Estimating Plumbing Checklist

Coordination with Exterior Site Utilities

Building sewer connection (l/s)

Building water connection (l/s)

Roof drain connection (l/s)

Irrigation system coordination (l/s)

Pipe demolition (lf)

Grease/oil/lint interceptor (ea)

Sump pump (ea)

Septic tank (ea)

Water meter (ea)

Domestic water backflow preventer (ea)

Foundation drain tile (lf) including filter cloth and drain rock

Plumbing Fixtures

Drinking fountains (ea)

Wash fountains (ea)

Bubblers (ea)

Water closets (ea)

Bidets (ea)

Urinal (ea)

Bath tubs (ea)

Showers (ea)

Laundry tubs (ea)

Lavatories (ea)

Sinks (ea)

Garbage can wash (ea)

Garbage disposer (ea)

Connections for dishwashers (ea)

Connections for clothes washers (ea)

Connections for ice maker (ea)

Wall hydrants (ea)

Hose bibs (ea)

Fixture trims and carrier(ea)

Fixture cleaning (l/s)


Testing and adjustment (l/s)

Plumbing Equipment


Sewage pump (ea)

Sump pump (ea)

Circulating pump (ea)

Pressure booster pump (ea)

Backflow preventer (ea)

Water heater (ea)

Storage tank (ea)

Expansion tank (ea)

Shutoff valve (ea)

Pressure reducing valve (ea)

Thermostatic mixing valve (ea)

Siphon breaker (ea)

Air compressor (ea)

Sand/oil interceptor (ea)

Grease trap (ea)

Water softener (ea)

Testing and adjustment (l/s)

Interior Plumbing Piping


Excavation and backfill (cy)

Drainage, waste, and vent pipe (lf)

Indirect waste pipe (lf)

Rainwater leader (lf)

Hot water pipe (lf)

Cold water pipe (lf)

Sanitary waste pipe (lf)

Sanitary vent pipe (lf)

Sleeve (lf)

Fitting (ea)

Valve and control device (ea)

Trench drain (lf)

Floor drain (ea)


Roof drain (ea)

Deck drain (ea)

Planter drain (ea)

Floor sink (ea)

Clean-out (ea)

Insulation (lf or sf)

Hangers and support (l/s)

Special Piping Systems

Natural gas piping (l/s)

Chilled water piping (l/s)

High temperature water piping (l/s)

Tempered water piping (l/s)

Distilled water piping (l/s)

Carbon dioxide piping (l/s)

Compressed air piping (l/s)

Medical oxygen piping (l/s)

Medical vacuum piping (l/s)

Medical air piping (l/s)

Nitrous oxide piping (l/s)

Nitrogen piping (l/s)

Process piping (l/s)

Chemical piping (l/s)

Laboratory waste and vent piping (l/s)

Kitchen equipment piping (l/s)

Liquid soap piping (l/s)