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Background on Geopathic stress: Hartman grids, Under ground water streams &

its impact on our health:

The present scientific evidence of effects of Geopathic zones on

humans has been mainly found using complementary medical

Research work in this area was initiated by Baron Gustav von Pohl
of Germany, in 1930s did research on relation of Geopathic stress
on cancer. He also determined that 95% of all cancer cases had
connections to geostress.

Geopathic stress (GS) After that many Research Papers were published, which pointed
represents a distortion of towards the seriousness of the Universal problem of the Geopathic
natural frequency of Earths stress Following are few notable ones.
Vibration by weak
electromagnetic fields created Ernst Hartmann. Germany (1940s-60)
by streams of water flowing Hartmann was the first to describe the global geomagnetic grids and
underground, geological fault their influence on Geostress. After extensive testing that spanned
lines, underground caverns, over 30 years of research, he concluded that cancer is a disease of
and certain mineral deposits location.
(coal, oil, and iron). For
example, where the inner Manfred Curry. Germany (1950s-70)
Earth's vibration of 7.83 Hz Curry continued on Hartmanns work, describing other global grids
crosses a water vein 200 and their influences.
500 feet below ground, stress
lines vibrating at up to 250 Hz Ralf Gordon. England (1980s-90)
can be created. Gordon correlated cancers of the lung, breast, and cervix with
Biological rhythms, physical geostress in 90% of all cases.
wellbeing and mental states
are dependent on our Otto Bergmann. Austria (1987-89)
electrical brainwave system In a two year trial which included over 462,000 measurements in
interacting with the extremely 6,942 tests, Bergmannfound geopathic stress effects on blood
weak electromagnetic fields sedimentation, blood pressure, blood circulation,Heart beat,
generated by the Earth's breathing, skin resistance, and electrical conductivity of muscle
telluric and cosmic points.
radiationsAny distortion of this
7.83 Hz level creates a stress Kathe Bacheler. Austria (1989)
with the potential to weaken In a survey that included 3,000 apartments and over 11,000 people,
the immune system of any Bacheler discovered100% correlations between geopathic stress and
mammal living above the 500 cases of cancer she studied. She also
distortion, leading to greater found 95% correlation with problem children.
susceptibility to viruses,
bacteria, parasites, Eugene Pallegard. Denmark (1990)
environmental pollution, , and In a much publicized study, Pallegard correlated geostress in 14 out
a wide range of health of 18 crib deaths.
problems both Physical and
Psychological. Roger Rose. England (1990s)
In a sample of 50 patients with myalic encephalomyelitis, Rose found
100 % correlation to Geostress.


Sick Building Syndrome (World Health Organization Report)

Jobs become more stressful due to stressful environment.

For a long time the problem of S.B.S. (sick building syndrome) has
puzzled scientists and worried managers all over the world, but at
long last you can do something positive about it by ensuring staff sit
and work in Geopathic Stress free places. This will save thousands of
money in reduced absenteeism and gain efficiency at the same time.
NOT ONLY HUMANS, These The World Health Organization has recognized S.B.S (Sick Building
Electromagnetic radiations syndrome). For over 10 years and they estimate 30% of offices,
adversely effects Vegetation hotels, institutions and industrial premises have S.B.S. causing:
and Machinery as well .
Detail from the stem of a tree,
Headaches, tension between staff, lethargy, respiratory infection, dry
growing in the garden of
skin and throat, eye symptoms, loss of concentration, depression,
Schnbrunn Castle in Vienna,
stress and fatigue. Ultimately this can cause a high rate of
Austria. The Austrian
absenteeism, increase staff turnover, lowers morale and wastes
journalist expert, Prof.
industries most important assets people.
Gerhard KUNZE in his book
Tiergarten Schnbrunn: Zoo
der glcklichenTiere A former council officer was awarded 67,000 compensation
sterreichs magischer for mental stress caused by having moved to a stressful job.
Kraftort (in German The main reason the new place was stressful was because it
language; described the was very Geopathic Stressed.
results of his research on
geomantic features of this References(Excerpts are mentioned in the above paragraphs)
world famous place. Power
zones might lead to wanted
short-term eustress, but
longer lasting on such places
can induce die adverse
condition of distress. The
abnormal growth shown in the
stem of this tree could
represent a tumor. Such Book:
disorders can be frequently Electromagnetic Environments and health in Buildings by Clements-
found when plants grow at Croome, Published in 2004 by Spon Press, London
zones judged by dowsers as Author:
being places of geopathy. Derek Clements- Croome is a professor of construction
Disturbed zones can, no Engineering at the University of reading, UK. He researches and
matter if in plants, animals or lectures on Intelligent Buildings and how the environment affects
humans, weaken the immune human performance- with a particular focus on thermal comfort,
system by causing stress. If indoor quality, sound, ions & electromagnetic fields.
this can also lead to the About the book:
development of malignant This book, of which most of the chapters derive from presentations
tumors, has not yet been given at major international conferences, aims to present sound
verified but appears to be a technical information across the whole range of key issues
(rare?) possibility. Apparently, surrounding healthy buildings.
in trees it is a frequent Excerpts:
phenomenon, although also The effects of Electromagnetic fields are less understood hence the
not yet studied by means of reason for this bookIt is important to increase our understanding of
scientifically acceptable the interaction between the bodys internal electromagnetic fields and
measures. those around the outside of the body.


Excerpts: Research has shown Geopathic Stress is mainly caused by narrow paths of running water
about 200 to 300 ft below ground. This creates an electromagnetic field, which disturbs the earths
natural vibrations in particular, the beneficially 7.83 Hz (cycle per second) Alpha vibrations (confirmed by
NASA). The Alpha vibrations can be as high as 250 Hz in very Geopathic Stressed people. The USA
scientist George Lakowsky confirmed in the 30;s that humans (and animals) have less chance of fighting
bacteria and viruses at higher than normal vibrations.

The effect GS has on the human body has most convincingly proved by a major research project
undertaken by the University of Vienna direct by Professor Dr Otto Berman.

In order to eliminate any placebo effect the tests were organized in a double-blind fashion. Neither
examining doctors not the people tested knew weather they had been sitting in a GS place or neutral
place. 985 people were tested and subjected to a very thorough medical examination before and after
tests. Tests included blood sedimentation, electric condulance of certain muscle points, blood pressure,
heart beat breathing, skin resistance and blood circulation. The people tested only sat in a GS or neutral
place for 15 minutes. The harmful effect could be registered in most of the people who sat in a GS place.
One can imagine the consequences which exposure to Geopathic Stress over many years could have
wrote Natural Medicine. We have hardly come across anybody who has died of meningitis, EColi food
poisoning, BSE, Legionnaires Disease and SARS without being affected by Geopathic stress.

Excerpts: Dr. Hager, President of the Scientific Association of Medical Doctors with the help of a
professional dowser Privy Councillor C. Williams checked the houses of 5,438 people in the town of
Stettin, who had died of cancer and found in all cases that strong GS lines had crossed their homes.
.Dr. H. Nieper MD states: '92% of all my cancer patients and 75% of my MS patients are
Geopathically Stressed'. Dr. Nieper is a world renowned cancer specialist and operates one of the
largest MS practices in the world.

Dr. E. Hartman MD is convinced after treating thousands of cancer patients over 30 years in practice that
CANCER IS A DISEASE OF LOCATION caused by Geopathic Stress.

During a scientific test Dr. Manfred Curry a medical doctor and biochemist searched several houses
where cancer patients had previously lived. Dr. Curry did not know the patients nor the details of their
illness. None of the patients were in the houses during the search. Four medical doctors were invited as
observers. In other words all subjective influences on the test had bee excluded. In the first house Dr.
Curry found by dowsing two GS lines under a bed and he said that if anyone had slept there for any
length of time they would have been affected in the region of the pelvis. One of the doctors had to admit
with astonishment that the bed had first been occupied by a mother and later by her daughter-in-law. The
mother had died 15 years ago and the daughter-in-law 5 years ago. Both died of cancer of the uterus.

Excerpts: Professor Hans Dieter Betz (Professor of Physics, Munich University) headed a team of
scientists that investigated the ability of dowsers to find underground drinkable supplies, taking them
to 10 different countries and, on the advice of dowsers, sank some 2,000 wells with a very high success
rate. In Sri Lanka, where the geological conditions are said to be difficult, some 691 wells were drilled,
based on the advice of dowsers, with a 96% success rate. Geohydrologists given the same task took
two months to evaluate a site where a dowser would compete his survey in minutes. The geohydrologists
had a 21% success rate, as a result of which the German government have sponsored 100 dowsers to
work in the arid zones of Southern India to find drinkable water.


In 1989, a group of researchers in Austria completed a two-year study on the short -term consequences
of human association with detrimental earth radiation sites. Some 985 people were tested with 462,421
measurements recorded from 6,943 tests. The working party was headed by Dr. Otto Bergsmann
(Internal Medicine), a professor at the University of Vienna. A 158 page report gave details of changes in
the serum values of serotonin, zinc and calcium after being exposed to these noxious fields for a period
of ten minutes. There were many other altered states to biological functions noted as a result of short-
term exposure to these forces. This group has now linked with two universities in Austria studying the
effects of disturbed zones on the immune system. Indications thus far support the findings of Dr. Ernst
Hartmann who claimed that the protective role of the immune system was undermined when
immersed in emissions of detrimental earth radiation.

Dr. Paul G. Seeger, Former Chief of Cancer Research, Charite` Hospital, Berlin, Germany said
No serious-minded criticism, be it ever so prejudiced, can afford to ignore proofs of the existence of
pathogenic telluric influences