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Starting PhD at MU :

1. Clear UGC NET else Clear PET

2. Download PhD application form from your college (Mine was Fill the form &
submit along with Rs 100 DD to LLIM. You will get Rxpt after 2-3 days.

3. LLIM will send you an email & also call you on your telephone no intimating the date &
time for PhD interview

4. Post interview, Successful candidates will be again intimated telephonically & by email

5. Once Successful, Go to LLIM and collect Hard copy of Interview letter & PhD offer letter.

6. Meet your guide & finalize the topic. Prepare the proposal of about 40 pages & once
guide approves it, submit to Univ.

Get used to MU Kalina and Fort Campuses :

7. If Your Graduation & Post Graduation degrees are not from Mumbai Univ, you need to
apply for Provisional eligibility at LLIM. Fill up the form, attach all attested copies of your
mark sheets & Degrees from Class X onwards. Pay Rs 220 Eligibility fee if your degrees are
from within Maharashtra but not Mumbai Univ. Fee is diff if your degree is not from
Maharashtra. Chk with LLIM ^& they will guide you.

8. Provisional enrolment will happen within one week & will directly come to LLIM. Then
you have to apply for Enrollment for which again pay Rs 220. Another form is to be filled at
LLIM. Suggest that you will both the forms at one go & Pay Rs 220+220 = 440 to LLIm. This
will avoid you a second visit when your Provisional certificate comes.

9. If you are not from Mumbai Univ, you need to procure Migration certificate from your
Master Degree Univ. This is your own baby.

At Mumbai Univ Fort:

1. Goto Room no 12 on Ground floor & collect the Topic approval form by Paying Rs
2. Fill-up this form as suggested by LLIM, get it signed by the Guide & Director of LLIM.
Attached orig Interview & Offer Letter along with 15 copies of PhD proposal. Attach
Attested True copiers of all your Masters & Graduation certificates to this form.
3. Now go to First Floor Room no 129 with all the docs in Sl no 2 above. The Clerk will
check your documents. Once all id OK, he will write on the Form Pl accept with fee
of Rs 200.
4. Now go back to room No 12 on GF with Form only & Pay the Fee of Rs 200. You will
get Two copies of Rcpt. Orig is for you. Take the 2nd copy along with Form back to
Room No 129 & hand it to the dealing clerk. Now your Topic approval submission is
5. Pl collect from Room 129 Registration form & Fee Challan from Room no 9. Try &
collect extra copies of Form else you may have to visit them again for any error in
form. Photo copy is NOT allowed.
6. Go back to GF Room No 9. Meet the Lady there & collect the Challan for payment of
Enrollment Fee post Topic approval. Also check with the Lady the Fee to be paid for
your Faculty. Fee is different for Arts, Commerce etc. Fee is to be paid by DD only of
Nationalized bank. Pvt Sector bank DD is not accepted. Fee for PhD in Management
Studies (Arts Faculty) is Rs 3025 (Rs 1000 Regn Fee + 25 Form Fee + 2000 Tuition
Fee). You need to Get DD for Rs 3025. It is good idea to collect extra challans.
7. Now go back to your college. Fill up the Provisional eligibility form & attach all
attested Mark sheets & Degree of Bachelors & Masters (based on which you are
seeking PhD admission. Fee is Rs 200. Pl Fill White color form (PhD in Arts faculty).
8. College will send this Prov Eligibility form to Kalina Campus (Mrs. Shringarpure).
She will verify & approve your eligibility request & issue Prov Eligibility Certificate
which will be sent to your college. (Pl note if your Masters & PhD is in different
subjects eg, ME (Engg) and PhD (Mgt), you also need to appear in Aptitude Test
conducted by College. The result of the test is to be attached to eligibility request
else it will be declined.
9. Now fill up the Registration form & Fee Challan. All pages of Challan & Regn form
are to be signed by your Guide & College Principal. Attached Your DD of Rs 3025.
Also read the attachments reqt mentioned in Regn form and get all those attested
from college.
10. It will be good idea to have one More DD for Rs 2000 (Same as Rs 3025 DD). This is
annual Tuition Fee which is due every Year in Oct. But can be paid earlier also if u
want to avoid another visit to Fort campus. Fill the extra Challan with you & get it
signed by Director of College. ( I wonder why annual fee Challan is to be signed by
college !!!)
11. Now go back to Fort campus Room 129. Same guy whom you gave Topic approval
app. He will check your regn form & if all is OK, will write accepted & send u to
Room 9.
12. Room 9 guy will enter your details in his register & stamp the Challan for Rs 3025 &
send u to Bank of Baroda (Across the road).
13. Just go to BOB & submit the Challan & DD to first counter. They will stamp the
Challan & send u back.
14. Goto nearby Xerox shop & take Xerox of your Regn form & All copies of challan.
15. Now goto Room 9, Guy will take Univ copy of challan.
16. Goto room 129. Guy will now accept your Regn form & his copy of challan. Once
your Regn form is accepted here, YOUR PhD REGISTRATION is DONE. Note this date.
You can submit PhD thesis after 22 months of this date. Your college will get your
Regn Letter after 30 days. So pl keep a tab for it.
17. Now u can go back to Room 9 and pay the Tuition Fee of Rs 2000 for next year in
18. You are left with College copy of Challan. Go & submit it to college
19. Now you need to pay Rs 220 to college who will now send your application for
20. If your Master is from another Univ, you need to also collect a document verification
form for your Orig Univ. It will mention the fee to be paid per document for
verification. So Get a DD for that amount & submit the Master degree & mark sheet
etc. for verification to college. College will send it to your Parent Univ.
21. You may need to follow-up with your parent Univ to get the degree verification
certificate (DVC) at the earliest. Normally, Parent Univ will send the DVC directly to
your college.
22. Once DVC is received by your college, you need to obtain Final Eligibility (FE) from
MU. For this, you need to fill Final eligibility form at College and submit Orig Prov
Eligibility, all your original degree and mark sheets. Pl ensure that you have attested
Xerox copies as it may take quite a few months for get the original docs back from
23. Now college will send your FE application to MU Kalina Campus (Jawahar Bhawan).
Make sure that you take a copy of ack of submission for FE duly stamped by MU
Kalina for your records and follow-up.
24. At MU Kalina, Ms Jadhav (022-2265 3215) is the custodian of your FE application.
You may meet her after a couple of months to get status. Request her to check your
file and if it is processed, she will send it back to college.
25. Now that you have Rxd the FE, you are good to submit your synopsis & Thesis.

Synopsis and Thesis

26. MU takes Synopsis in 22 copies. Make sure that copies are only stapled. No spiral
binding or any binding is allowed. Please carry atleast 20x3 = 60 Bond papers with
you as Xerox or Print shops doesnt keep it. You will need this to get signature from
your Guide for 3 pages of Univ declaration which is reqd for synopsis submission.
Synopsis is reqd to be on Bond paper A4 size.
27. Once your synopsis is ready for submission, get the Univ Challan (White color-
Titled Dr of Philosophy), fill itm get it signed by your Guide and college Director.
Then goto Thesis section (by 11am). The dealing clerk will initial the Form, check
your synopsis and will ask you to go to Ground floor (GF) Fee section Room No 9.
Guy will check if you have paid all the Fees. If any Fee is due, then he will write that
in the Fee challan. You also need to pay Rs 5000 as Synopsis Fee. All the fee is to be
paid at BoB branch by DD and hence you should reach by 11am else Bank may close.
28. Pay Fee at BoB and take Xerox of Bank challan. Then go back to Room 9 and that Guy
will take Orig Bank challan copy and give you stamped Synopsis form. Now you can
go to Thesis section and submit your synopsis
29. Post synopsis, You can submit your Thesis after 2 months of submission date of
Synopsis. So if you submit Synopsis on 1 Sep, then you can submit Thesis only after
1 Nov. MU will take 2 copies of your Thesis. One copy for your guide, One for college
Library and some for yourself. So atleast 5 copies are reqd. You can decide on more
number of copies, if reqd.
30. If you submit your PhD Thesis before the end of Semester, then you dont have to
Pay any fee else you have to Pay Sem Fee and Thesis Submission Fee of Rs 5000.
When you pay Synopsis Fee at Room 9, ask that guy as to the cut-off date for Thesis
submission wout paying the Extra RS 5000 and Sem Fee.

Waiting for Viva :

31. Once you submit your synopsis, the same is put forward to a committee chaired by
VC. In that, the VC decides the examiner for your thesis. But the committee has no
fixed meeting dates. So you need to keep checking from Thesis section. Your guide
will also know when the examiners are appointed.
32. One examiners are appointed; you are now for some more anxious moments. Thesis
section will now send Synopsis copies to examiners and await their confirmation to
examine you. This is a time bound period but then MU gives a ling rope to examiners
and you need to keep checking of examiners has agreed for accepting Thesis.
33. Once examiners agree, thesis section will send Thesis to examiner. Post that
examiner will send their confidential reports to Univ and guide.
34. Next Thesis section in consultation with guide will interact with examiner and fix a
Viva date. Once you are communicated the viva date, pl keep this intimation letter
safely as you will be reqd to submit its copies for Convocation.
35. Now the waiting period for Viva starts. Discuss with your guide, make a ppt in
consultation with guide. Once finalized, pl take 2-3 copies for use during Viva. Pl
carry your own laptop, fully charged, synopsis, thesis etc for Viva. Examiner can ask
for any document during your viva to support your submission. Make sure that you
also have all your PhD work data, reports etc on Laptop.
36. At end of viva, you will be verbally informed the outcome by Examiner and guide.

Congrats on PhD!!! Not yet.

37. Post Viva, MU Thesis section will take at least 6 weeks to issue you a letter
confirming that you have completed your PhD. Copy of this will also be sent to your
Guide and Other MU depts. Lets call this letter as X1
38. Once you have this letter, Pl take 3 copies. Go to Kalina Campus Mahatma Phule
Bhavan (also known as Exam bhawan). Pl reach by 11am. Goto Counter No 2 and
Apply for Certification of Passing. The form is for Free. Pl fill the form and submit at
Same counter 2 along with 2 copies of X1. The clerk will give you Ack by stamping
one of the X1. Assume that this is date D1
39. Now after 2 weeks of D1, go to same Bhavan 1st floor. Room No 24. Goto your
Faculty Table and ask for Cert of Passing (CoP). You need to now submit the Ack
stamped copy of X1 to prove that you are the student.
40. Make 3 copies of Cert of Passing (CoP) and also 3 copies of your Viva letter (VL).
Now go to Room 24A. Goto your Faculty table, and ask for PhD Degree Convocation
form (CF).
41. You will get the CF form only after you show the clerk your CoP and VL. Now fill this
CF and attached 2 copies of CoP and VL. Now go to 2nd Floor and Pay the Fee of Rs
250. Pl note that this is paid in cash and only between 11am-1300pm.
42. Take xerox of Rxpts etc.
43. Goback to Room 24A. Show the clerk your rxpts. She will tell you by when your
Degree will be ready for collection, in case you dont want to attend convocation.
44. Cut-off date for submission of CF is 30 Nov every year. So if you submit CF by 30
Nov, you will get your PhD degree in Next Jan.

Hope the above was useful. Please keep refining it so

others can also benefit.
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