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In English grammar, sentence structure is the arrangement of words, phrases, and clauses in
a sentence. The grammatical meaning of a sentence is dependent on this structural organization,
which is also called syntax or syntactic structure. The word as part of the language has an important
rule in shaping the language. People always use it to build a sentence, but they do not know where it
actually comes from. People as language users sometimes do not think about how language is formed.
There are millions of words now used by people. Everyone gets more and more new words unless
they know how that happens. The meaning of the new word is influenced by the process of forming a
word. This process is usually called the process of word formation. but in the formation of this word
there is a word and word structure of two or more words combined - and, each of these words is not
subject as Subject or Verb - which has a particular meaning, or better known phrase that can be
divided into 4 compounds such as compound pharases compound verb, compound nouns and
compound adjectives into two or more different morphemes words. in Compounds Versus Phrases
is a compound is a word which consists of two or more words. which distinguishes between
compounds and phrases is Compounds are often said to have naming functions, to represent
categories. And Phrases are often debated to have a particularly descriptive function. Compound
(greenhouse) Rumahkaca pharase (green house) Rumah hijau. Because the compounds are have
similarity to phrase in meaning. Compound verb isVerbs formed by compounding are much less
common than verbs derived by affixation. A variety of types exist which may be distinguished
according to their structure: Verb-verb (VV) : freeze-dry Noun-verb (NV) : air-condition Adjective-
verb (AV) : dry-clean Preposition-verb (PV) : under estimate Compound adjective is two or more
words are combined to describe a noun. it is the type with the preposition of the noun-adjective (NA):
sky-high .adjective-adjective (AA): gray-green preposition-adjective (PA): over-active. Compound
noun is noun formed from two or more words that can be a combination of nouns to one another with
other parts of speech where the result of the combination produces a new meaning. example: verb-
noun (VN): dance-floor (dancefloor) noun-noun (NN): news-paper (newspaper) adjective-noun (AN):
black-board (blackboard) .preposition-noun (PN): in-group (ingroup), off-line (offline).
Word formation is the creation of a new word. Word formation is sometimes contrasted with semantic
changes, which is a change in the meaning of a single word. Change or create a new word. Of course
there are many word-forming processes that are not controversial and very similar in most languages.