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Redesigned in 2014


Ministry of Labour and Employment

Directorate General of Employment and Training

New Delhi




2. N.C.O. Code No. : 4112.20, 3121.20

3. Duration of Craftsmen Training : 1 year (Two Semesters)

4. Power norms : 3.45 KW

5. Space norms : 70 Sq. m.

6. Entry Qualification : Passed 10th class examination

7. Unit strength : 20 Trainees

8. Instructors Qualifications :

(i) Graduate in Engineering/Technology in Computer Science/IT from Recognized university OR
(ii) Post Graduate in Computer Science/Computer Application/IT or NIELIT B Level OR
(iii) Bachelor in Computer Science/Computer Application/IT OR PGDCA from UGC recognized
University OR NIELIT A Level OR
(iv) Three year Diploma from recognized Board/Institute in Computer Science/ IT OR
(v) National Apprenticeship Certificate or National Trade Certificate in the Trade of COPA and
National Craft Instructor Training Certificate in the trade if available
Experience in relevant field after eligible qualification-
For (i) & (ii) One Year
For (iii) & (iv) Two Years
For (v) Three Years after NTC/NAC

Job Roles:

After completion of the course the trainees shall be qualified for one or more of the
following job roles:
1. Office Automation.
2. Smart Accounting.
3. Web design and maintenance.
4. Computer maintenance.
5. Computer Training in schools and institutes.
6. Cyber Cafe setup and management.
7. IT online support

Craftsmen Training Scheme.

First Semester: Code no. COPA 01

Duration:6 months ( 26 weeks)

Week No. Trade Practical Trade Theory

Introduction to Computers and

Windows Operating System
Computer components and Windows
History,Generations, Types,
Operating System
Advantages and Applications of
Disassembling,Identification of
components and Reassembling a
Concepts of Hardware and
Desktop computer.
Software. Computer Hardware
Familiarization with Windows O.S
desktop, using icons,buttons and
1-2 Introduction to various processors.
customizing the desktop.
Introduction to the functions of an
Managing files and folders, using
Operating System, Popular
removable drives.
Operating Systems in Use.
Viewing system properties and
Main features of Windows O.S
control panel details.Viewing and
Various Input/ Output devices in
setting environmental variables.
use and their features.
Working with MS Paint.
Using Scanner, Printer and

Computer Hardware basics and Software

Installation Computer Hardware basics and
Viewing the BIOS and changing the Software Installation
Boot order. Introduction to the booting
Identify and rectify common process, BIOS settings and their
hardware and software issues. modification.
Formatting the hard disk and loading Introduction to various types of
O.S and necessary application memories and their features.
software. Basic Hardware and software
Installation of DVD, using different issues and their solutions.
types of hard disks. Formatting and Loading O.S and
Bluetooth Configuration, DVD writing Application software and Antivirus.

Introduction to DOS Command Line
Familiarization with DOS CLI & Linux
Interface & Linux Operating System.
Operating Systems.
Introduction to basic DOS Internal
Using basic DOS commands for
and External Commands.
directory listing, file and folder
Introduction to Open Source
management etc.
4-5 Using Basic Linux commands for
Introduction to Linux Operating
directory listing, file and folder
System features, structure, files
management, password etc.
and processes.
Using the Linux graphical user
Introduction to various Linux
interface for file and folder
management, exploring the system
Basic Linux commands.

Using Word Processing Software

Word Processing
Familiarization with the Word
Introduction to the various
window components.
applications in office.
Creating, saving and
Introduction to Word features,
editingdocuments using Word.
Office button, toolbars.
Inserting and formatting tables and
Creating, saving and formatting
other objects.
6-8 and printing documentsusing
Using templates,autocorrect tools,
macrosand the mail merge tool.
Working with inserting objects,
Working with Page layout settings
macro, mail merge, templates and
and printing documents.
other tools in Word.
Typing practice using open source
Page setup and Printing
typing tutor tools.
Documents using word.
Practice of using shortcut keys.

Spread Sheet Application

Using Spread Sheet Application
Introduction to Excel features and
Creating, Saving and Formatting Data Types.
Excel Spreadsheets. Cell referencing. Use of functions
Using Absolute and Relative of various categories, linking
9-11 referencing, linking sheets, Sheets.
Conditional formatting etc. Introduction to various functions
Using Excel functions of all major in all categories of Excel.
categories. Concepts of Sorting, Filtering and
Using various data types in Excel, Validating Data.
Sorting, filtering and validating Analyzing data using charts, data
data. tables, pivot tables, goal seek and
Creating and formatting charts. scenarios.
Importing &Exporting Excel Data. Introduction to Reporting.
Performing data analysis using
what if tools.
Modifying Excel Page setup and
Simple projects using Excel &

Image editing, Creating presentations &

Using Open Office
Image editing, Creating presentations
Use of windows and open source
& Using Open Office
image editing software like Open
Office Draw, GIMP, Irfan View or a
Introduction to Open Office.
similar tool.
Introduction to the properties and
Creating Slide shows, Inserting
12 editing of images.
Introduction to Power Point and its
Animating Slide transitions and
Creating Slide Shows.
Creating a simple presentation
Fine tuning the presentation and
project using Open Office.
good presentation techniques.
Working with Open Office for word
processing and spreadsheet

Database Management Systems

Database Management Concepts of Data, Information and
Creating database and designing a Databases. Overview of popular
simple tables in Access. databases, RDBMS, OODB and
Enforcing Integrity Constraints NOSQL.
and modifying the properties of Rules for designing good tables.
tables and fields. Integrity rules and constraints in a
13-15 Creating Relationships and joining table.
tables. Relationships in tables.
Creating Forms. Introduction to various types of
Creating simple select queries Queries and their uses.
with various criteria and Designing Access Reports and
calculations. Forms.
Creating Simple update, append, Introduction to macros, designer
make table, delete and crosstab objects controls, their properties

queries. and behavior.
Modifying form design with
controls, macros and events.
Importing and exporting data to
and from Access.
Compressing and Encrypting

Networking Concepts
Introduction to Computer
Networks, Necessity and
Configuring and Using Networks
Viewing Network connections.
Client Server and peer to Peer
Connecting a computer to a
networking concepts.
network and sharing of Devices,
Concept of Proxy Server and proxy
files and Folders.
firewall server.
Familiarization with various
Network topologies. Introduction
Network devices, Connectors and
to LAN, WAN and MAN.
Network components, viz.
IP Addressing and Subnetfor IPV4 /
Modem, Hub, Switch, Router,
16-17 IPV6,Masking, pinging to test
Bridge, Gateway etc.
Network Cables,Wireless networks
Configuring Hub and Switch.
and Blue Tooth technology.
Setting up and configuring LAN in a
Concept of ISO - OSI 7 Layer
Computer Lab as peer to peer
Overview of various Network
Setting up a proxy server/ DHCP
protocols Viz. TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet
Server with firewall.
Setting up video conferencing.
Logical and Physical Addresses,
Using various tools for computer
Classes of Networks.
maintenance, Network security.
Network Security &firewall
Concept of DHCP Server.

Internet Concepts Internet Concepts

Browsing the Internet for information. Introduction to WWW, Concept of
Creating and using e mail for Internet, Web Browsers, internet
18 communication. servers and search engines.
Communication using text, video Concepts of Domain naming
chatting and social networking sites. Systems and E mail
Identifying various threats to the communication.
system connected to the net. Introduction to video chatting
Protecting the computer against tools, VOIP and Social Networking
various internet threats. concepts.
Configure Outlook, mail service in Concept of Cloud storage and
mobile phones. Using tools like Skype, Open Web Server.
Google+ etc. Introduction to Internet Security,
Threats and attacks, Malicious
Software types, Internet security
products and their advantages.

Designing Static Web Pages Web Design Concepts

Designing simple web pages with Concepts of Static and Dynamic
text, pictures, tables,lists, Web pages.
hyperlinks, frames, marquees etc. Introduction to HTML and various
using HTML tags. tags in HTML.
Designing Web Pages with Forms Creating Forms with controls using
19-21 and Form Controls using HTML HTML.
tags. Concepts of CSS and applying CSS
Creating Web Pages using CSS. to HTML
Using WYSIWYG web design tools Introduction to open source CMS
to design and edit web pages with viz,. Joomla, Wordpress etc. and
various styles. Web authoring tools viz.

22-23 Project Work

24-25 Examinations

26 Admissions for the next session

SecondSemester : Code no. COPA 02

Duration:6 months ( 26 weeks)

Trade Practical Trade Theory

Java Script Java Script

Familiarization with JavaScript Algorithms and flowcharts.

elements. Introduction to Web Servers and their
Embedding JavaScript in HTML to features.
display information in web pages. Introduction to Programming and
Documentation and Formatting. Scripting Languages.
Using JavaScript Variables, Data Introduction to JavaScript and its
types, Constantsand Operators. application for the web.
Working with Arrays, Control JavaScript Basics Data types,
statements and Loops in Variables, Constants.Conversion
JavaScript. between data types.
Writing functions in JavaScript. The Arithmetic,Comparison, Logical
1-7 Working with String, Math and and String Operators in JavaScript.
Date functions in JavaScript. Operator precedence.
Switch, Loops, Breaks and Errors. Arrays in JavaScript concepts, types
Using Java Script Objects. and usage.
Working with JavaScript Libraries. Program Control Statements and loops
Using simple Open source web in JavaScript.
server (like XAMPP) and FTP Introduction to Functions in JavaScript.
software (For ex. Filezilla). Built in JavaScript functions overview.
A simple project using JavaScript. The String data type in JavaScript.
Introduction to String, Math and Date
Concepts of Pop Up boxes in JavaScript.
Introduction to the Document Object

Programming with VBA Introduction to VBA, Features and

Familiarization with the VBA Applications.
Editor. Introduction to VBA features and
8 15 Writing simple programs involving applications.
VBA Data types,Variables, VBA Data types,Variables and
Operators andConstants. Constants.
Working with string variables in Operators in VBA and operator
VBA. precedence.
Creating and Manipulating Arrays Mathematical Expressions in VBA.
in VBA. Introduction to Strings in VBA.
Writing programs involving Introduction to Arrays in VBA.
Mathematical,Conversion, Date Conditional processing in VBA, using
andString Functions in VBA. the IF, Elseif, Select Case
Working with conditional Statements.
statements like If. Elseif, Select Loops in VBA Introduction to VBA.
Case statements in VBA. VBA message boxes and input boxes.
Writing programs in involving Introduction to Creating functions and
Loops. Procedures in VBA.
Creating Message boxes and Input Using the built in functions.
boxes in VBA. Creating and editing macros.
Creating Functions and Introduction to Object Oriented
Procedures. Passing Parameters Programming Concepts. Concepts of
and Using Returned Data. Classes, Objects, Properties and
Using VBA built in functions in Methods.
programs. Events and Event driven programming
Creating and editing macros. concepts.
Writing code to work with Excel The user forms and control in Excel
VBA forms and form controls like VBA.
buttons, Checkboxes, Labels, Properties,events and methods
ComboBox, GroupBox, ListBox, associated with the Button, Check
Option Button, Scroll Bar and Spin Box, Label, ComboBox, Group Box,
button. Modification of object Option Button, List Box, Scroll Bar and
properties. Spin button controls.
Using ActiveX controls. Overview of ActiveX Data objects.
Programming with methods and Debugging Techniques.
Debugging, Stepping Through
Code, Breakpoints, Finding and
Fixing Errors.
A simple project involving MS
excel and VBA.

Using Accounting Software Smart Accounting

Basic accounting practice. Basics of Accounting, Golden Rules of
Familiarization with the Tally Accounting, Voucher Entry, Ledger
interface. Posting, Final Accounts Preparation.
Company creation,Account Cash Book. Ratio Analysis,
Creation, Voucher Entry in Tally. Depreciation, Stock Management.
Report Generation (Creating Analysis of VAT,Cash Flow, Fund
statements like Invoice, Bill, Profit FlowAccounting.
& Loss account etc.). Introduction to Tally, features and
Performing Cost Centre & Cost Advantages.
Category management. Implementing accounts in Tally.
Managing Budgeting Systems. Double entry system of bookkeeping.
Scenario management and Budgeting Systems, Scenario
Variance Analysis. management and Variance Analysis.
Using Tally for Costing, Ratio Costing Systems, Concepts of Ratios,
Analysis,Cash Flow, Funds Flow Analysis of financial
Statements. statements,Inventory Basics, POS
Analyzing and Managing Invoicing, TDS, TCS, FBT, VAT &
Inventory. Service Tax Processing in Tally.
Performing Point of Sales and Tally Interface in Different Languages.
Taxation. Performing Systems
Administration and using other
Utilities, User creation, Backup
&Restore of Company.
Using the Multilingual

E Commerce E Commerce
Familiarization with latest E Definition of E commerce, Types,
commerce websites viz. E bay, scope and benefits of E commerce.
Amazon, FlipKart, OLX, Quikr Difference between E commerce
etc. and comparative study of and traditional commerce.
the main features of these Capabilities requirements and
sites. Technology issues for E commerce.
20 Using E Commerce Simulator Types of E commerce web sites.
Software for Marketplace Building business on the net.
Business Simulation. Concepts of on line Catalogues,
Identifying and solving security Shopping carts, Checkout pages.
issues inE- commerce and Payment and Order Processing,
payment operations. Authorization, Chargeback and
other payment methods.
Security issues and payment
Typing practice
Cyber Security:
21 Typing Practice in Regional
Language Overview of Information Security,
Security threats, information Security
vulnerability and Risk management
Introduction to Directory Services,
Access Control, Software
Development Security, Privacy
protection, Audit and Security.
Introduction to I.T Act and penalties
for cybercrimes.

22-23 Project Work

24-25 Examinations

26 Admissions for CITS

Note: Syllabus for the subject of Employability Skills is common for all the trades




SL.No Name of the items Quantity

Desktop Computers of the latest configuration prevalent at

the time of procurement or with the following minimum
features: CPU: 32/64 Bit Core 2 Duo/Quad Core/i3/i5,
Speed: 3 GHz or Higher. Cache Memory: - Minimum 3 MB or
1 better. RAM:-8 GB DDR-III or Higher. Hard Disk Drive: 500GB 10 Nos.
or Higher, 7200 rpm(minimum) or Higher, Wi-Fi Enabled.
Network Card: Integrated Gigabit Ethernet(10/100/1000) -
Wi-Fi, USB Mouse, USB Keyboard and Monitor (Min. 22 Inch),
Standard Ports and connectors. DVD Writer, Speakers And
Mic. Licensed Windows Operating System / OEM
Pack(Preloaded), Antivirus / Total Security

Laptop 4th Gen Ci5 Processor, 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard Disk, Win8
2 01 No
Preloaded Licensed OS, 2GB Graphics Card, DVD Writer,
Standard Ports And Connectors.

3 WiFi Router / 24 Port Switch With Wireless Connectivity 01 No

4 Lab should have Structured cabling (to enable working with As required
Wired Networks too for Practical)
5 Internet or Intranet Connectivity As required

6 Laser Printer Monochrome A4 Size 1 No.

7 Network Monochrome Laser Printer A4 Size 1 No.

8 Optical Scanner (Flatbed A4) 1 No.

9 Digital Web Cam (High Resolution) 4 Nos.

10 DVD or Blu-Ray Writer 2 Nos.

11 LCD Projector with matte(antiglare) screen 1 No.

12 2KVA online UPS 2 Nos.

13 Cable crimping tool 1 No.

14 Standalone Hard Disks 500 GB or Higher 4 Nos.

15 Network Rack 1 No.

16 Barcode Scanner 1 No.

17 Digital Multimeters, 3.5 digit handheld type. 8 Nos.

18 Standard Screw Driver Set 10 Sets

19 USB Mini Dongle for Bluetooth devices Connection 6 Nos.

20 Bluetooth headphone &mic set 6 Nos

21 External Solid State Hard Disk 1 TB 2 Nos.

22 LAN Setup As required

B. Software per Unit

1 MS Office 2010 (professional) or the latest version available 11 Licenses

at the time of procurement

2 Antivirus for clients / workstations in profile with validity of 11 Licenses

an year or more which should be renewed upon expiry

3 Open source
Open Office or equivalent.

4 Open source
GIMP / Irfan View Image editor or equivalent

5 Open source

WYSIWYG Web Authoring tool- Dreamweaver or Open Proprietary /Open

Source tools likeKompozer, FrontPageor similar tools along source software
with FTP tools for ex.Filezillaetc.
7. Tally ERP 9 or Latest 11 Licenses

Open source
8. E Commerce Simulation Software

9. Web Server : Any HTTP Web server / XAMPP or any other Open source
similar server software


1 Hand Held Vacuum cleaner 01 No

2 Pigeon hole cabinet : 20 compartments 01 No

01 each (for class

3 Chair and table for the instructor room &
4 Dual Desk or Chair and Tables for Trainees 10 / 20 Nos

5 Computer table laminated top 150X650X750 mm with sliding 10 Nos

tray for key board and one shelf of storage
6 Operators chair (without arms mounted on castor wheels, 20 Nos
adjustable height)
7 Printer table 650X500X750mm can be varied as per local 03Nos
8 Split type Air conditioners 1.5 tons 03Nos

9 Storage cabinet 60X700X450mm 01Nos

10 White Board. 01 No.

11 Steel Almirah 01 No.

Raw materials for a batch of 20 trainees for two semesters

1 White Board Marker As required

2 Duster Cloth(2 by 2) As required

3 Cleaning Liquid 500 ml As required

4 Photo Copy Paper (A4) As required

5 Full Scape Paper (White) 2 reams

6 Cartridges for printer As required

7 RJ 45 Jack 200 Pcs

8 Optical Mouse (USB/PS2) As required

9 Key Board (USB/PS2) As required

10 SMPS As required

11 CMOS Batteries As required

12 3 Pin Power Chord As required

13 Cat 5/5e cable 100 meter

14 Stapler Small 2 pcs

15 Stapler Big 1 pcs

16 AAA battery for remote As required

17 AA battery for clock As required

18 8 GB pen drives 2 Nos

19 CDs 50 Nos

20 DVDs 50 Nos.

21 Wall Clock 1 pcs

Provision must bemadefor domain name registration and renewal from time to time for hosting
the web sites created by the trainees as part of the syllabus.