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Dr. Yvonne Reineke/Dr.

Belinda Ramos
PSY101/ENG101 LC
Spring 2017


PURPOSE: To explore current research in psychology on expressive writing, based on scholarly articles,
textbook, articles in class, and lecture.
AUDIENCE: A general audience beyond our classroom interested in psychological research on current
research in expressive writing. You will not be using the first or second-person in this essay. The purpose
is to describe research objectively and to synthesize the research being done.
LENGTH: 4 to 4.5 double-spaced pages.

We will be working at the library for two sessions next week to help you learn to search the databases
effectively, as well as how to read/assess your scholarly article choices. These library visits are crucial to
your success on this assignment.

OUTCOMES: In order to maintain a B range per the ENG101 grading contract, your final essay
and your class work must meet the following checklist of criteria. If you do not participate in the
process of the essay, your essay will be graded accordingly, and this may be a C or D or F (F for
sure for plagiarism). You will get a D or F for sure if you do not use the specified sources in your
essay and demonstrate proper attention to APA format requirements, along with source analysis,
because this is the point of doing this essay). If your essay superficially demonstrates some
attention to the criteria below, but you did not participate in any significant way in the processes
for a B, (attending library visits for database research instruction, writing drafts, using feedback to
revise drafts, or visiting Writing Center if requested) your essay will be a C. The grading contract
grade of B depends on writing process habits and behaviors. The A will depend on quality.
Plagiarism or major lack of attention to criteria and purpose of essay and essay process will result
in an F.

1) Demonstrate good attention and work on PIE paragraph structure for body paragraphs (POINT,
2) Demonstrate integration of required sources (you must use Siri Carpenters APA article on
expressive writing research (2001), the Pennebaker article on social relations, and one of your own
choosing of two sources).
3) Demonstrate thoughtful and analytic integration of those three sources in your essay through
summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting (attention to paraphrasing and summarizing in your own
words to demonstrate understanding as well as to maintain academic integrity)
4) Use proper APA format for essay, including title that clearly indicates topic and approach
(margins, headers, double-spacing, etc.)
5) Demonstrate effective organization, including transitions between paragraphs
6) Demonstrate correct APA in-text citations, headers, title, and APA References page.
7) Demonstrate attention to appropriate voice/tone (objective)
8) Clear evidence of participation in drafting and revision process applying peer and instructor
feedback for revision (Writing Center feedback if required).

DRAFT #1 due: Wed., March 22. Draft #2 to be determined. Final version due March 31 (all are to be
submitted to Canvas in appropriate Assignment category).