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Organizational Culture Questionnaire

Purpose: We are the students of Islamia College, we are conducting research on organizational culture and we
assure you that your information will be kept personal. This survey is conducted to obtain information that will
help my report on organizational culture and I also wanted to identify the wants and needs of organizations

Instructions: Each statement is followed by a choice of responses. Please check the response that how you feel
about each statement. Please tick any option. Now on to the survey:

Please fill in the following details:

Name of the respondent: ______________
Department: ______________
Date of filling the questionnaire: ______________

i. Demographics of post occupied:

a. Department manager
b. Agents
c. Lower manager\ Executive
d. Lower staff\ Clerks

ii. Length of service with the current organization:

a. Less than 6 months
b. 6 12 months
c. 1 3 years
d. More than 3 years

iii. Age:
a. Less than 25 years
b. 25 40 years
c. More than 40 years

iv. Gender:
a. Male
b. Female

v. Educational qualifications:
a. Secondary school
b. Degree\ Diploma
c. Post-graduation
Two options provided for the next questions bellow will count as:
(1) Yes (2) No

Questionnaire on the Organizational Culture

A. Organizational Decisions\ Communication (Manager) \ Employees engagement:

(1) (2)
1 My manager is willing to share decision making power with employees
2 I have input into organizational decisions
3 I have freedom to take important decisions regarding my work
4 My organization communicates effectively with employees
5 My organization shares information with others who should know it
6 There is a two way communication between employer and employee
7 My manager\ supervisor give me regular feedback
8 I feel free to ask advice from my manager\ supervisor
9 I feel that my organization values my opinion
10 Everyones contribution is noted and respected by the organization
11 Management uses the employees feedback to continues growth and
12 My personal job performance is important to the success of my organization

B. Teamwork\ Colleagues\ Peer communication:

(1) (2)
13 There is a good team work and cooperation in my organization
14 Employees in my team cooperate with each other to get the task done
15 Sufficient encouragement is provided by teammates at work
16 Team meetings are conducted regularly
17 Team success is celebrated as a group achievement
18 I am happy to be working in team than alone
19 Everyone is encouraged to participate in teams\ groups
20 All the information is shared equally in the department

C. Job Factors\ Control\ Demands\ Role Clarity:

(1) (2)
21 I have clear understanding of the goals and objectives
22 I have no doubt on what I am expected to do on my job
23 I am encouraged to develop new and more efficient ways to do my work
24 The level of work responsibility given to me is appropriate
25 The responsibility is to perform multi tasks in my department
26 I know what is expected of me during my job\ work done
27 I understands day to day objectives of my department
D. Recognition\ Compensation:
(1) (2)
28 I think my performance is evaluated fairly
29 Employee recognition plans regularly followed
30 If I feel underpaid, I can discuss my feelings with my supervisor\ manager
31 My organization will promote within before looking for employees
32 My job at current position is permanent and secure
33 There is regular supervision from my supervisor regarding my work
34 There is competition among team members regarding credit and promotion
35 There is great opportunity to learn from my work at
36 There is an opportunity to career growth at
37 My job gives me professional growth and advancement in my future
38 As a whole, I am satisfied with my organizations culture

E. Change and Myth:

(1) (2)
39 Is change is necessary in the organization?
40 Do we prepare a road map for the change?
41 Can we communicate why change is happening?
42 Is there are some barriers and implications to a successful implementation
of the change?
43 We should incorporated new values and attitudes to weave into our culture
so they are embedded
44 Do people trust their new leadership if change is happening?
45 Can we involve some of the people affected by the change?
46 Can we remove obstacles and amplify wins?
47 Can we motivate and support people during this change?
48 Can we arrange for people to be coached and supported during the change?
49 Are we reinforcing positive behavior?
50 Do we review the change?