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Address: 11 Luren St., Simeona Village, Concepcion, Marikina City

Respondent's name: Richard B. Soriano
Position: General Manager
Contact information (e-mail/phone number): 782-4636/09175210699
Date and time of interview: October 17, 2017

1. How far in advance do you typically plan activities for yourself and your employees?
Ans: A week before any activities are to be done.

1.1. What factors do you consider in assessing the amount of time you need for planning?
Ans: First, anticipation that everything planned will not be implemented fully,
that there will always be changes that might arise along the way and chances are
only 70% of what has been planned will be implemented. And also I will have
ample time to have contingency plans. Secondly, that all planned activities will
benefit both the company and my employees.

2. What major projects does your company usually undertake and what are the major
factors you consider to ensure the projects success?
Ans: Government Projects: Fit-out of government offices. Time to time supervision
is always important for the success of a project for me to monitor the works done
and also good communication with the technical personnel involve in each project.

2.1.Give a specific example of a major project you're undertaking right now?

Ans: Relocation of Emergency Ward of the Veterans Memorial Medical Center.
2.2.What is it about?
Ans: Construction of Emergency Ward of the said hospital.
2.3 What are your plans in order for it to be a success? (Details)
Ans: A. Planning / Scheduling of Works, and
B. Monitoring and assessment of daily work accomplishment.

3. What is your strategy in management and planning of a technical activity?

Ans: I always see to it that I have all the needed data pertaining to any activity. Then
it will assess everything base on the gathered data.

4. How do you deal with barriers that might be a major risk for the success of your project?
Ans: I always look on the brighter side of everything. But it is always a case to case
basis depending on the problems that arise. I always evaluate the problems first
then from there I think of the possible solutions.

4.1.Give a specific situation that actually happened and what did you do to overcome
this barrier?
Ans: Non releasing of progress payments due to punch lists and other
concerns/complaints by the end users. I talked to the head of the procuring entity
and explained my side regarding the works made and why it is like that as they
have seen. Even sometimes it is hard to explain especially when you are talking
to non-technical personnel.

5. How do you determine whether or not to venture in a specific project? What are
the factors that you consider? (Ex. finances, human resources, etc.)
Ans: First, I always see to it that the funds/budget for the project will be sufficient to
accomplish the project as per scope of works and specifications. Secondly, location of
a project is always a factor.

6. After deciding to venture in a project, what are the strategies and the factors you
consider in choosing the people that will accomplish the project? \
Ans: Capabilities of the person to work under pressure is always important. I see to
it that he/she can handle any problem that may arise during the implementation of
the project.

7. What policies do you implement to achieve project goals? (such as deadlines etc.)
Ans: A. Effective leadership.
B. Enough manpower for the project.
C. Enough capital to fund the project.

General Manager