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MLT I Training & Certification Course

LE Brings Together Expert Instructor & State-of-the-Art Facility
To Help You Build Foundation of Knowledge at Your Plant
Overview & Benefits
Advance the lubrication knowledge and
expertise of your reliability team
Gain control over the lubrication process and
over your daily equipment reliability routine
Increase profits by increasing efficiency
and reducing labor and downtime, all while
protecting machinery

In this course, managers, engineers and

technicians alike will learn the impact that
best-in-class lubrication practices can have on
machine health and reliability. They will see why
LEs training facility features tiered seating, two large video screens, Wi-Fi
machine lubrication activities should be moved capability and other amenities. Real-world demos take place right next door in
from modest and reactive to thorough, accurate LEs state-of-the-art, ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant.
and proactive. If your facility has any of the
following equipment, you will benefit from this
Who should attend?
course: blowers/fans, compressors, gas turbines,
Equipment operators
gearboxes, hydraulic systems, motor bearings,
Lubrication technicians & engineers
paper machines, process pumps, rolling mills
Machine reliability technicians
and steam turbines.
Maintenance managers & supervisors
Reliability engineers
In a competitive manufacturing environment,
Operations managers
even highly efficient organizations must figure
out how to do more work in less time. With
labor shortages, the struggle will intensify. One Expert Instructor
option is to limit the size and scope of machine LE has partnered with Ken Kizer, who has
care, but accomplishing this without sacrificing extensive experience in the lubricant industry.
reliability requires both advanced knowledge Kens certifications include CLS, OMA I & II,
and practical expertise. By advancing the MLT I & II and MLA II. His qualifications include
lubrication reliability knowledge and expertise 20 plus years working with national lubricant
of your team, you can reap the labor savings and manufacturers, and eight plus years training
other hidden profits that are directly related to major manufacturers maintenance personnel.
an improved reliability program. He has an interactive training style that makes
the information easy to understand.

Asset Reliability Solutions 800-537-7683

MLT I Training

Course Details
Location: Lubrication EngineersTraining Facility,
1919 E. Tulsa, Wichita, KS 67216

Lubrication Fundamentals Schedule: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. days 1-2, withoptional ICML

Friction & Wear Modes exam from8 a.m. noon on day 3
Lubrication Regimes
Lubricant Composition Cost: $999 for 2-day seminar in Wichita (includes continental
Key Lubricant Properties breakfast,beverage & lunch). Optional ICML exam on
Vegetable Lubricants morningafter class is not included in thisclass fee.
Food Grade Lubricants
Synthetic Lubricants Private groups can be scheduled in Wichita or at your
Grease facility upon request; contact us for a quote.
Solid Lubricants
Register: Online -
Lubrication of Key Equipment Components training-mlt1.html
Gearboxes Optional ICML Exam Registration
Mobile Equipment ICML requires a minimum of two years post secondary
Internal Combustion Engines education or on-the-job-training, plus at least 16 hours of
Hydraulics formal training in machinery lubrication in order to test
Compressors and Turbines for MLT I.
Centrifugal Pumps
Qualified candidates should contact ICML, in advance of
Contamination Control & Storage and Handling the training, at 918-259-2950 or go to
Particulate Contamination to register for testing. The testing fee must be paid directly
Water Contamination to ICML ($206.25 for ICML sustaining members, $275 for
Best Practices for Storage & Handling everyone else).

Oil Analysis for Enhanced Equipment Reliability Test Preparation

Maintenance Strategies This course provides pre- and post-class comprehensive
Sampling Techniques preparation exams that are similar in length and structure
Oil Condition Tests to ICMLs examination. Quizzes will be distributed to help
Wear Debris Evaluation attendees verify and improve material comprehension.
Selection of Optimal Program Based on Equipment Type
Report Interpretation Hotel Accommodations
Please make reservations at the hotel of your choice.
Lubricant Programs & Application of Lubricants Although accommodations are not included in the course
Five Rights of Lubrication fee, LE recommends Hotel at Old Town (316-267-4800
Best Practices in a World Class Lubrication Program |, which offers free shuttle
Developing a Lubricant Conservation Program service to and from our facility. For a list of additional
Lubricant Delivery Systems hotels in the Wichita area, visit

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1919 E. Tulsa Wichita, KS 67218 Fax: 800-228-1142 800-537-7683

LE operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.