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Some love it.

Others hate it.
I guess it depends when one was born.
Or is it when the darn thing decides to work or not.
Do you know where to put it on?

Some think the DVD/CD player is a coffee cup holder when opened.
Or it takes your disk and refuses to give it back.
They were supposed to make us a paperless society.
We now use more paper than ever.

But try and do your work with out it.

The work load would be insane.
Do you know a good mental institution?

They teach us and frustrate us.

Games are educational too, even if it doesn't say it on the box.
They keep our children occupied.
Even us 'oldies'.

Some Jobs would be impossible to do without them.

Others would take days, weeks, if not more to complete them, instead of just a few minutes.
We can communicate across the world in mere seconds.
It helps to save lives by eliminating 'human error'.

Getting information that would be impossible to get from your local library.
It makes looking for something so much easier.

True we love to hate our 'thinking boxes' when they go wrong, but just think of how life would be
without them. Would you be able to? This includes your cellphone. They are computers too you