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Developmental Lesson Plan

Teacher Candidate: Kayle Brobst & Karlie Coppola Date: 10/5/17

Group Size: 20 Allotted Time 45 min Grade Level 2nd

Subject or Topic: Climate Change

Common Core/PA Standard(s):

12.3.1.S4.D- Use the target language to synthesize topics and events from other subject areas.

Learning Targets/Objectives:
Students will identify the cause and effects of climate change
Students will brainstorm solutions for climate change
Students will create a group poster showcasing their knowledge of climate change

Assessment Approaches: Evidence:

1. Thumbs up thumbs down 1. # of thumbs up
2. Exit Slip 2.number of answers correct
Assessment Scale:
Assessment 2- exit slip
2.5-3 correct- proficient
1.5-2.5 correct- basic
0-1.5 correct below basic

Subject Matter/Content:
Knowledge that global warming does exist
Importance of reduce reuse recycle
Key Vocabulary:
Adapt- become adjusted to new conditions
Amplify- become more marked or intense
Climate- weather condition in a general area overall
Conserve- protect, keep something in place
Drought- an extended long time of low rainfall
Extinct- no longer in existence
Fossil fuels- natural fuel such as coal or gas
Glacier- slowly moving mass or river of ice formed by accumulation
Greenhouse effect- warming of earths surface and the air above it. Caused by gases in
the air that trap energy from the sun.

Global warming has been increasing since the 1700s
There have been 15 record breaking years as the hottest on earth
When the earth warms up, multiple things suffer in the world
The greenhouse effect is one of the biggest contributors to global warming
Burning fossil fuels effects global warming due to the greenhouse gasses
Deforestation is a huge contributor to global warming
Green energy is a huge help with global warming

Introduction/Activating/Launch Strategies:
Play BrainPop Video- Climate Change
Development/Teaching Approaches
Write climate change on whiteboard
Have students work with their science partner to brainstorm a cause of climate change
Students will come write their thought of climate change and what causes it on board
Explain the differences of climate change compared to weather
Climate change- the globe is being affected by temperature differences resulting in
things around suffering
Weather- Seasons, time of year.
Give students cause and effect paper of global warming (see attached)
Put copy of worksheet under document camera this allows students to follow along
and write down same thing
Inform students that they are to write down what you write down
Work together as a class to fill this out. Ask students what they think a cause of global
warming is and then have another student give the effect
If students are having difficulty coming up with causes, remind them of the previous
lessons throughout the week
If they are still unable to brainstorm enough causes, replay brain pop video to allow
them to remember more causes
Once the chart is full of cause and effects, have the paper passer now hand out the
problem/solutions t chart (see attached)
Have students work on this individually
Remind them that this is a similar paper to the one the filed out before, except now
they are brainstorming solutions
As students are working on their t chart, walk around to ensure students are
At this point do a thumbs up assessment to see the students progress
If there are any sideways or down thumbs, review what was just taught
Now assign the students into groups of four
Once students are in their groups, hand out big poster paper
Tell students that on this poster you want them to agree on one problem and one
Have students write down one problem with one solution and draw a picture on it
As students are doing this walk around to ensure all students are working together
If certain students arent working, pull them aside and remind them that it is important
for them to assist and they need to know this information
Give students 10-15 minutes to complete their poster
Once students have finished, go around the room and have the groups share
Once all groups have shared, collect the posters to hang up around the room

Closure/Summarizing Strategies:
Hand out an exit slip to each student (see attached)
Give students a few minutes to finish slip and turn it in
Tell them tomorrow we will be discussing Earth Day which sums up everything they
have learned the whole week

Pair student that is struggling with a student that is able to assist them and push them to
their fullest ability

Brain POP Video
Whiteboard markers
Cause and effect worksheet
T chart worksheet
Blank white poster paper
Exit slip

Reflective Response:
Report of Student Learning Target/Objectives Proficiency Levels

Remediation Plan (if applicable)

Personal Reflection Questions

Additional reflection/thoughts
Exit Slip

1. What are two pieces of evidence on how global warming is in


2. Why should we care about climate change?

3. List a problem and a solution about global warming. (cant use the

one that was on your poster!)