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The Benefits of
Theres nothing funny about minerals
causing gastrointestinal problems.
Albion chelated minerals are up to 6 times easier to absorb.
No one likes feeling crampy and bloated after taking mineral
supplements. GI distress can be minimized with Albion chelated
minerals. Clinical studies have shown that Albions organic
chelates are more effective and absorbed up to 6 times more
than inorganic, non-chelated forms. For minerals that are gentle,
safe, and effective, look for Albion on the label. Building a Better Mineral

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Like us on Facebook
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Albion Minerals

Look for the Albion Gold Medallion on labels of these companies using Albion chelated minerals in their formulations:
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Joint health is a big issue for boomers. Keeping your
joints healthy will allow you to run, walk, swim, and
stay active. Learn more about joint health by visiting
the joint-health center on
You will find exercise tips, supplement options, and diet
tips to maintain your joints in optimal condition.

Condition Spotlight

Dont Fall for Flue

Fall marks the beginning of cold and flu season. This
issue we focus on tips to help boost your immune sys-
tem so you are ready when cold season hits. Find more
immunity-boosting tips by visiting our website and click on the cold and
flu icon.

Exercise Tips
As summer fades, we still need to stay active. This
issue features exercise tips from Leila Kirdani, MD,
who answers basic exercise questions. Learn what
kinds of exercise are best and how much you need.
You can find more detailed exercise information
at By maintaining an
exercise program you can live longer and feel bet- Staying active helps your whole body! Learn how a doctor who
robotically paid lip service to lifestyle considerations became a true
terwhy not start a program today?
believer in the importance of exercise on page 28.

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In every issue:
Stay up to date with the latest in alternative health infor-


How to teach your child to embrace the vegan life-

16 CONDITION SPOTLIGHT: Immune System Support

Everyday tips for avoiding colds and flu this fall.


Rewriting the Hippocratic Oath.

Indoor mold is commonly overlooked and frequently
underlies chronic illness.

A plethora of evidence suggests alternative therapies
can make you more responsive to mainstream cancer treat-
ments and make you more comfortable at the same time.

26 VERTIGODont let dizziness throw you off balance.

A doctor tells how she finally became a believer.

Choosing the perfect union of mainstream and alter-
native approaches to cancer.
Imagine your body working
as nature intended

Cellfood is used Cellfood has NO. 1 IN THE U.S.

and trusted around a 100% customer
the world in over
90 countries guarantee, with WORLD SINCE 1969
and is now in its no time limit.
fifth decade of
Manufactured by
Bring a bottle NuScience Corp.
home today! Lancaster, CA

Lumina Health
EDITOR Jenn Benson
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Christopher Calapai, DO; Barry Eaton; Bill Helm; Leila Kirdana, MD;
Kailin Jones; Peter Marincovich, PhD, CCC-A; Joseph Pizzorno, ND;
John Weeks

Bharat B. Aggarwal, PhD; Timothy Birdsall, ND; Andrew Campbell, MD; Alan M. Dattner,
MD; James Dillard, MD, DC; Mark Hyman, MD; David Katz, MD; Kathi Kemper, MD; Vasant
Lad; Susan Lark, MD; Marcus Laux, ND; Nancy Lonsdorf, MD; Holly Lucille, ND, RN; Victoria
Maizes, MD; Pamela Miles; Robert Newman, PhD; David Perlmutter, MD; Joseph Pizzorno,
ND; Beth Reardon, RD; Mary Saunders, LAc; David Scrimgeour, LAc; Bernie Siegel, MD; Ste-
phen Sinatra, MD; Jacob Teitelbaum, MD; Kathy Thorpe, CHom; Julian Whitaker, MD



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Essentials of Tai Chi
and Qigong
Taught by David-Dorian Ross

1. The Snake and the Crane


2. First Steps in a Journey

3. Harmony and Balance

R 1
4. The Ultimate Martial Art


BY N OV EM 5. The Five Families of Tai Chi Practice
6. Qigong and the Five Animal Frolics
7. Energy ExerciseA Branch of Chinese Medicine
8. The First Pillar of PracticeForms
9. The Second PillarPush Hands for Two
10. The Third PillarStanding Meditation
11. Benefits to the Heart and Immune System
12. A Healthy Weight and a Healthy Mind
13. Tai Chi LegendsStories of the Masters
14. Reading the Tai Chi Classics
15. A Superior WorkoutUse More of Your Muscles
16. Eight Pieces of Brocade and a Better Back
17. Tai Chi WeaponsWhen Hands Are Not Empty
18. Using the MindInner Organizing Principles
19. Mental and Physical Flow
20. Creating Space for Choices
21. Flow at WorkWhen Business Is in Balance

Master the Art of 22. Energy Flow in Your Surroundings

23. Taking Practice Deeper

Moving Meditation 24. The Evolution of Tai Chi

Say goodbye to high-intensity workouts that leave you feeling drained. Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong
Instead, learn a gentler way to exercise. Tai chi and its companion Course no. 1908 | 24 lectures (30 minutes/lecture)
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mentally fit. Their dance-like movements are enjoyable, easy to learn,
and accessible to people of all ages and all levels of physical fitness. SAVE UP TO $190
Moreover, medical studies show that tai chi and qigong improve health,
strength, balance, concentration, and mental well-being.
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fundamental moves, as well as the history and philosophy of tai chi Priority Code: 148815
and qigong. Each lesson covers a different pose in the 24-movement
Yang family short form, so that by the end of the course you will have For over 25 years, The Great Courses has brought
mastered the worlds most widely practiced tai chi routine. the worlds foremost educators to millions who want
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Secrets of
Turns out it takes more than
an apple a day to keep your little
ones out of the doctors office.
Heres what you need to make
this fall their healthiest yet.

esides homework and art

projects, whats your kid likely
to bring home during the first few
weeks of school? Thats right, a cold.
But its not just exposure to the germs of
hundreds of other children thatll keep her bed-bound.
Creeping stress levels and poor eating habits also are
to blame. Of course, apart from putting your kids in
a plastic bubble, theres no surefire way to keep them
healthy. Thats why experts recommend that you focus
on the tried-and-true, such as managing stress, eating
whole foods, and fending off germs. No big surprises
there, but for kids, an ounce of prevention matters even
more than it does for you. So whats a parent to do?
Help your kids follow these rules for stressing less, eating
better, and dealing with the inevitable germs that come
their way. Heres how.

Stress Less
Any transition provokes anxiety, but going back to
school, with its brand-new rules and social minefields,
can be a bona fide stress fest that not only affects your
childs behaviorclassic signs of stress include irrita-

6 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

bility, difficulty focusing, and trouble shifts into overdrive and attacks healthy
learningbut it also makes her more cells and tissue. The resulting chronic
likely to get sick. Think of stress as an inflammation can lead to a host of
attack on your kids body. If her body health woes, from the common cold to
is busy dealing with the stress, it wont more serious diseases.
have the bandwidth to manage any
foreign bodies that come into it, like resistance, says Kemper. In the fall, 15 Fight Germs
illness-causing germs. to 20 minutes outside four times a week For your kids, the best thing about
should supply enough of this nutrient. back-to-school time is seeing all their
Encourage some fun old friends againbut thats exactly
in the sun. Eat Well. what makes them prone to landing on
You know how great you feel after Unhealthy diets loaded with junk food the couch with a cold. When youre
you hit the gym or take a power walk? take their toll on our youth. In the short around a whole bunch of other kids and
A little exercise has the same mood- term, a nutrient-deficient diet makes somebody gets sick, its easier for it to
boosting, stress-busting effects for kids. it difficult for kids to stave off illness. spread around.
A study by the American College of One of the biggest immune-system Make hand washing a habit. Youve
Sports Medicine shows that playing offenders is inflammationand the heard it before: Simple hand washing
sports can even help your child excel biggest contributor to inflammation works wonders when it comes to
academically. Bonus: The more she is high-sugar and processed foods, staving off illness. But while antibac-
plays outside, the more much-needed says Norma Kayte ODell, a certified terial soap or gel is whats on hand at
vitamin D shell soak up from the sun. nutritional therapy practitioner in school, research from the Mayo Clinic
Its thought that one of the reasons Beaverton, Oregon. Normally, the body shows that antibacterials may actually
that viral infections are more common mobilizes its natural immune defenses contribute to the spread of superbugs
in winter months is that were spending to combat acute illnesses or injuries antibiotic-resistant bacteria that cause
less time in the sun, so our vitamin D such as a sore throat or a cut, but when longer-lasting, harder-to-treat illnesses.
levels go way down, reducing our germ youre overweight, your immune system

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As life expectancy lengthens
around the world, the incidence
of dementia and cognitive
decline is also increasing. The
number of people affected by
dementia is growing exponen-
tially, with an estimated 46.8
million people diagnosed
worldwide. By 2030, that
number is predicted to grow to
74.7 million. Nutrition-based
interventions are making a big
difference for patients with
cognitive decline, including
Alzheimers disease.
Source: IFM

Moscow Mule
Copper mugs are the traditional vessel for serving Moscow
mules. However, consuming more than trace amounts of
copper can be toxic, as pointed out by a recent series of
warnings about the cocktail. The Huffington Post got to the
bottom of the scare by talking to an assistant professor of
chemistry at UMass Amherst. While she confirmed that the BEWARE
acidic beverage would leach copper into the drink, the rate Copper has been shown
of contamination is so slow that you would be thoroughly to control the spread of
inebriated before reaching a level that would make you feel bacteria by contact. This
has captured the interest
at all uncomfortable. Cheers!
of those in the health-
club industry as a way
to prevent the spread of
Fatten Up Your Diet // New research from
infectious bacteria through
McMaster University suggests that current USDA dietary
guidelines have it backwards. When it comes to total contact with equipment.
mortality, higher fat intake (up to a moderate level of 35 One such product showing
percent) actually lowered mortality rates, while high carbo- up is Black Iron Strengths
hydrate consumption raised levels of all-cause mortality. CuLEAN line made with
The particular fat consumed was not a significant factor, EPA-registered CuVerro, a
and saturated fats were considered to be protective, along
copper alloy that continu-
with mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Source: McMasters
University and Hamilton Health Sciences ously kills 99.9% of infec-
tious bacteria it touches.

8 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

Another Reason Does Your Diabetes
to Control Your Cause Your Coronary
Blood Pressure Heart Disease
Clinicians have long observed a
Vascular dementia is one of
connection between type-2 diabetes
several causes of cognitive
and heart disease. A team of researchers
decline in aging adults. A
from the University of Pennsylvania have
particularly potent driver of
succeeded in finding a series of genes that
vascular dementia is high
are common to the two diseases. Of 16
blood pressure which affects
new diabetes risk factors, eight are impli-
about 1 in 3 U.S. adults. High
blood pressure interferes with cated in heart disease. While seven point
adequate supply of oxygen toward increased risk for both diseases,
and nutrients to the brain one actually shows an inverse relationship
by damaging and clogging between the two. Furthermore, it is more
blood vessels. One of the most likely that genes that increase risk for
potent ways to prevent damage diabetes also increase cardiovascular
from high blood pressure is to disease risk than the other way around.
maintain a healthy weight. Visit Visit for more for information. Source: Penn Medicine News
more information.
The single biggest reason consumers take Omega 3 supplements
is heart health. Source: Bioriginal

Start moving again.

Feel Better. Live Better.

Get results in 7-10 days from Redd Remedies

Joint Health products, featuring whole food
NEM - Natural Eggshell Membrane. NEM
supplies all the nutrient building blocks you
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cartilage and connective tissue, including
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other glycosaminoglycans. Enjoy comfortable
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Ay Ta Tc
Natural Eggshell Membrane delivers the whole food nutrients necessary
for healthy joint structure.* Joint Health Advanced includes whole fruit
antioxidants and extracts of Boswellia, used in the Ayurvedic and African
traditions, and Turmeric, one of the most respected herbs in the Ayurvedic
and Chinese traditions.
Nurturing Whole-Body Balance
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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Timely Tasting Keep junk food

Many of us struggle to keep extra weight off. Recent
research indicates that what we eat is not the
only thing that impacts weight gain. When we eat out of the house
(especially for night-shift workers, and during inter-
Jokes abound regarding the see-food diet. And
national travel) impacts our circadian rhythm. Eating
it is true that emotionally driven eating can be
in odd hours throw a persons 24-hour biological
inflamed by having junk food accessible and
clockand metabolismout of sync, resulting in
visible. Derail temptation simply by keeping it out
greater fat storage.
of the house. You cant eat what you dont have.
Source: National Institues of Health
Source: Harvard Medical Newsletter


For years, parents have specu-
lated that excessive screen
time was bad for kids eyes. It
turns out that this is true, but
not for the reasons we thought.
According to researchers at
the University of Sydney in
Australia, lack of exposure to
natural sunlight can affect the
development of childrens eyes,
leading to myopia, or near-
sightedness. Ample periods of
outdoor play help to regulate
growth of the eye, producing
the proper shape to focus the
image on the retina and create
sharp vision.

10 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

Achy joints and arthritis
flare with the weather? New
research connecting weather
conditions in 45 cities to
google searches for knee and
hip pain agrees with you.
Searches actually rose with
the thermometer, peaking
at 73 degrees for knee pain
and 83 degrees for hip pain.
Searches actually declined
during periods of rain.
Source: University of
Washington School of

PREVENTING SIDS? Accredited Online Certificates,

Diplomas, Degrees & CEUs
Blood samples from infants who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
(SIDS) had high levels of serotonin, a chemical that carries signals along New 2017 Courses
and between nerves, according to a study funded in part by the National
Institutes of Health. The finding raises the possibility that a test could be Sports Nutrition
developed to distinguish SIDS cases from other causes of sleep-related,
unexpected infant death. Source: National Institutes of Health Personal Fitness Training
Health & Wellness
Spa Management

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Data collected from thousands of people with autism-spectrum
disorders revealed a surprising cluster of mutations in a single
gene. An interdisciplinary team of USC researchers led by Bruce EDUCATING WELLNESS EXPERTS &
Herring focused on a gene called TRIO. The TRIO gene produces ENTHUSIASTS SINCE 1978.
a protein that influences the development and strength or
weaknessof the connections between brain cells. DEAC ACCREDITED
Consumer Disclosures:
On Our
Great Plains
Great Plains Bentonite provides strong
detoxification in the digestive tract. Made with
the most powerful detoxifying bentonite, known
technically as montmorillonite. It is a natural clay
mineral of volcanic origin, created from volcanic
ash deposits that are millions of years old.

jane iredale
jane iredale Skin Antioxidant is
formulated with seven super antioxidant
phytonutrients found in plants.
Antioxidants help to protect and repair
the skin, which keeps it looking younger
for longer. The phytonutrients in Skin
Antioxidant are especially effective since
they are enhanced with beta-carotene, a
form of vitamin A.

Ricola Terry Naturally Carlson Labs Blue Guard Coral LLC DOWN THERE
Formulated without Perfectly suited for Carlson Curcumin is Blue Light Defense Coral LLC Cinnamon These individually
genetically modified people who are looking produced with patented Formula A new daily 6 offers a proprietary wrapped wet wipes are
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combination of Ginseng EP90. Two powerful Each serving of to help support healthy
extract plus vitamins C, ingredients in one Carlson Curcumin blood sugar during the
B6 and B12. amazing formula. provides 100 mg of holiday season and
enhanced absorption beyond.

12 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

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Globe Life Has Been Serving
Families For Over 65 Years

Teaching children to eat

and stayvegan


14 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

habits, especially at school or at birthday
parties, where most treats offered wont
y mother always had a passion for healthy eating and tried to share those values be vegan. This can pose a problem, but
with me and my siblings. However, I was not interested in being the only kid you can prepare for it. If you dont bring
to eat whole-grain wheat bread when everyone else seemed to be living in a substitute treat for your children to
enjoy while the others are eating their
a Wonder Bread world. What persuaded me to eat healthier, and ultimately non-vegan treats or cheeses, you can
vegan, were some insights from my older sister who taught me about factory promise them a special treat after the
farmingthe practice of raising livestock in high-density confinement to party. They just need to be a little patient!
produce meat, milk, and eggs for human consumption. After discovering what
she had learned, I immediately became a vegetarian. It took another year before GIVING YOUR CHILD
my mother and I went completely vegan, having her full support made the A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING
We always tell our children why we dont
transition much easier. eat certain things, and they understand.
In most cases, I think children are
especially receptive to embracing a vegan
diet because they love animals. The first
While it hasnt been too difficult to kids dont seem excited about a food, try thing babies learn is to make animal
teach my own children to eat vegan new ways to serve it. For example, our noises and then to identify animals. We
because they generally eat what my children dont like onions (not a rare take them to zoos; they have pets; and
husband and I eatI was much older phenomenon), but if they are scrambled they pretend to be animals themselves.
when I became a vegan. Learning to with tofu and substitute cheese, theyll When they find out that animals die so
choose the right foods and change many even help us put them in! humans can eat them, most of them are
of my eating habits was much harder, Offering a variety of healthy foods to pretty shocked. Mine were.
especially without a lot of support from children at an early age will help ensure Still, we try to teach our children not
my peers. Today its much more likely they get all the nutrients they need and to judge others food choices, and it seems
your kids will have friends eating the allow them to get used to trying different to be working. When playing with her
same vegan or vegetarian diet, especially foods. It will then be easier for them to toys, our three-year-old will often make
with recent support from the Academy of learn to eat new vegan foods. a vegan cake for some of her stuffed
Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Teaching your children to differen- toys and an animal cake for the other
Academy of Pediatrics for well-planned tiate vegan from non vegan food can be ones. She doesnt mind either way if they
vegetarian and vegan eating patterns for difficult when you use a lot of substi- are vegan or not, and this attitude will
young children. tutes like soy cheese, almond milk, and help her stay committed when shes old
soy sausage, but the do provide more enough for school.
TEACHING KIDS TO CHOOSE choices. If your children are older when As our children grow, we plan on
THE RIGHT FOODS they make the commitment to go vegan, giving them the choice of what they want
Once your children are able to read, they they can learn to make vegan versions to eat, and for the most part, we already
can see on a foods ingredient list whether of their favorite foods. Every recipe has do. As a result, when they start school
it includes animal products. Until then, a vegan alternative, including favorites and have more options, we are confident
you need to be the one to tell them and like fettuccine alfredo, hamburgers, and they will still want to eat the same way.
choose the ingredients for them. Make lasagna. For those who are starting later in life,
sure you talk about the ingredients they Of course every recipe starts with youll likely need to be more creative. But
should stay away from, so they will gathering ingredients, and involving with your support, your children will,
recognize them when they can read. your children in shopping and food hopefully, see the health and compassion
Along with reading comes asking preparation makes the entire healthy a vegan lifestyle bringsand make every
questions. When were at the home of eating process more inviting. My kids effort to embrace it.
family or friends or dining at a restaurant, love to help grow sprouts and create new
my oldest two children (3 and 2 years green-smoothie recipes with their choice Kaitlin Jones is the president/CEO of
old) have already learned to ask: Does of fruits and veggies nearly every day Living Whole Foods (online at wheat-
this have animal in it? If it does, they with their dad. Let them pick out new, a vegan, and a mother of
know not to eat it. vegetables or fruits to try. three children
Its important to stay positive and A time will come when your young
validate their food choices. When your ones will begin to observe others eating SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 | 15


TIPS FOR 1. Exercise on a
daily basis. The
minimum should
be half an hour of
walking continu-
ously so as to
increase oxygen-
ation to tissues
as well as deliver
vitamins, minerals,
The immune system is a large collection of different cells with
and hormones to
the primary goal of protecting the body and attacking foreign these cells.
organisms or matter. Keeping these natural defenses strong
is very important for transitioning into the new season and
involves a variety of strategies. Here are 10 ways to keep you
strong for the transitioning season.

16 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

6. Watch exposure to alcohol. Alcohol consumption can have a
variety of effects that are harmful to the body if done in excess.

2. Get deep, restorative sleep.

Your goal should be at least six hours every night.
Sleep deprivation not only makes us tired but also 7.Maintain a clean home environment. 8. Wash your hands
decreases function in almost all organs In areas where you spend the most thoroughly. Wash a few
time, make sure to clean surfaces with times during the day and
products that can kill germs or viruses. avoid other people that have
Use HEPA filtration systems to capture a chronic infection, flu, or a
particulate matter, including dust, virus.
allergens, or organisms that can make
you ill.

3. Avoid chemicals and preservatives.

We should eat as organically as possible, with
the diet comprised of a variety of vegetables,
fruits, and good protein sources.

4. Test for vitamins, minerals, and hormones.

Thousands of studies over many years have
described that vitamin deficiency is correlated
with degenerative diseases and many health other
issues. Having your blood tested can show exactly 9. Minimize stress, anxiety, and irritability. Taking a break for
which nutrients you are deficient in and guide a few minutes during a stressful day can make the stress response
your choices in dietary changes and supplemental much less progressive.
fortification to address the deficiencies.

5. Do not smoke cigarettes. 10. Lastly, do routine testing and physical exams. Testing ensures
you are constantly aware of what is going on with your body.
A no-brainer for most, as they contain thousands
of dangerous chemicals, which can lead to an
Christopher Calapai, DO is a New York City osteopathic physician who
impaired immune system.
is board certified in family and anti-aging medicine. SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 | 17


A Hippocratic Oath
for Integrative Health


hat does integra-

tive medicine or
integrative health
mean when a prac-
titioner advertises
with such terms? Growing consumer
interest in healthcare strategies that
respect therapies from multiple fields
has led to a proliferation of these terms.
But what does it mean or should
it mean to consumers if a practitio-
ner announces such an affiliation?
In early May 2017, practitioners
and researchers from 13 separate
countries and continents attempted
to provide answers. They announced
a set of anchoring values in a docu-
ment called the The Berlin Agreement:
Self-Responsibility and Social Action
in Practicing and Fostering Integra-
tive Medicine and Health Globally.
The Berlin Agreement was devel-
oped over a 10-month, collaborative medicine, might it be time to rewrite or First, the group urged practitioners
process via the members of the or- update the Hippocratic Oath physi- are to model health-creating practices
ganizing committee of the World cians take on entering practice? Was in their own lives. The second segment
Congress on Integrative Medicine and the Berlin Agreement a template? of the Berlin Agreement finishes the
Health. I was privileged to team with The question is important to thought. Practitioners must engage with
one of the Congress co-presidents, consumers as these are potentially the patients. Patients are not passive recipi-
Berlin physician Benno Brinkhaus, values that you would see, or want ents of their doctors prescriptions.
MD, to help guide the process. to see, in your healthcare practitio- The goal is for all people to know that
After the document went public ner. What values of special interest they are, in the Berlin Agreements
in early May, a reader shared a com- to modern-day, selfcare-oriented language, the captains of their own
pelling perspective. With globaliza- medical consumers did this interna- healing processes.
tion and the dramatic changes in tional group choose to highlight? Success in getting patients engaged is

18 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

Finally, a natural
way to lower
thus connected to the practitioners own tiveness and cost of such approaches.
healthy choices. Is this your experience? Finally, a spirit of activism and "All natural Red Yeast Rice
Under this version of the practitio- leadership permeates the values. The
& Omega-3 (fish oil)
reduced total cholesterol 42%
ners Oath, the importance of collabora- closing call to practitioners is to get equal to a Statin drug..."
tion to a clinician extends beyond the out of their silos and actively seek out
practitioner-patient relationship. Care other stakeholders and practitioners
-Mayo Clinic Proceedings
is team-based. Doctor-knows-best may whose resources or care can comple-
not be so. An acupuncturist or chiro- ment their own contributions. Stimulate
practor or yoga therapist may have the collaboration. Be a change agent. d
best insight and be the best choice. The Berlin Agreement has been
Silos and boundaries come down. endorsed by key organizations in North

The family of potential clinical op-
tions extends to traditional medicine
America, Europe, and South America.
Those from North America include
practices from around the world. the leading integrative organizations:

The modern integrative practitioner Academic Collaborative for Integra-
is asked to support increased invest- tive Health with its 17 core member
ment in traditional medicine prod- organizations; the Integrative Health
ucts, practices and practitioners. Policy Consortium with its 19 Partners
In the Berlin Agreements value for Health; the Academy of Integrative
set, context for care also shifts.
Neither the integrative teams, nor
Health and Medicine with its interpro-
fessional fellowship; and the 70 medical

service delivery, are limited by clini- schools of the Academic Consortium &

cal walls. Practitioners are urged to for Integrative Medicine and Health.

elevate their awareness of how patients Documents like the Berlin Agree-
health is connected to nonclinical ment can become living documents or
factors. Community resources may
be the optimal services in address-
can merely gather dust on their virtual Lower
ing social determinants of health.
shelves. Maybe the best extension on
the half-life for this set of values in Cholesterol in
In the Berlin Agreement, science is health and medicine will come from 30 days
neither discarded nor deified. The docu-
ment acknowledges that a substantial
patients examining the two-page docu-
ment, copying it and sharing it with
portion of what is done in medicine their practitioners. Is your patient-
and healthcare lacks a quality evidence. practitioner relationship reflected in
Practitioners are asked to personally the Berlin Agreement? Can you make
seek ever more effective ways to end potential positive adjustments?
polarizing dialogue between con- To read or download the Berlin
ventional and integrative adherents. Agreement, and the list of pres-
The document uses a less polar- ent sponsors, go to the website of
izing term than evidence-based the Congress and
medicine. The value acknowl- fileadmin/ecim-iccmr/editors/docu-
edges the limits of science and ments/Berlin_Agreement_on_Self-
urges evidence-informed care. Responsibility_160417.pdf
The whole person, multi-modality

Order today:
and team-based orientation of inte- John Weeks is the editor of The Inte-

grative practitioners adds a research- grator Blog News and Reports, and a
related dimension to practitioners columnist for Integrative Medicine: A or
call 877.464.6607
responsibilities. If these complex, Clinicians Journal. // theintegrator-

individualized approaches are to be
understood and access to be enhanced BUY LOCAL!
when appropriate, practitioners must
champion research examining effec-
Could It be

20 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

Discussion regarding the adverse health
effects of molds and their resultant
mycotoxin production in damp buildings is
often relegated to those of the respiratory
system. However, more insidious effects
may actually occur in other systems of the

The problem in clinical recognition of the issue becomes one

of evidence. According to the World Health Organization
(WHO), Although mycotoxins can induce a wide range of
adverse health effects in both animals and human beings,
the evidence that they play a role in health problems related
to indoor air is extremely weak. The US Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a report in 2004
asserting that no conclusive evidence exists for nonrespi-
ratory conditions being caused by mold or damp buildings.
Review of the current recommendations according to its Web
site shows no apparent change in its position.

These statements appear highly conclusive but are, in fact,
based on a very limited body of published research and are
probably outdated. Research in this area has been limited,
because it has not been possible to assemble representative
Toxic effects of molds populations of individuals exposed to mycotoxins for study
extend well beyond and comparison to those who have not had such exposure.
This is due primarily to the serious limitations of the testing
respiratory ills. technology used to detect the presence of hidden indoor
Many different testing approaches exist; all with unique
limitations and all with many false negatives. In addition,
human testing for mold-toxin load via sampling tissue and
body fluids is very limited. At the time of this publication,
we can test for only 4 mycotoxin groups with 15 individual
toxins. It is likely that hundredspossibly even thousands
more mycotoxins exist. SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 | 21

Another challenge with standard
research is that statistical results in
population groups inherently muddles
the consideration of individual suscep-
tibility. This face, of course, is where our
medicine is so important for suffering
patients who are outside statistical
norms. Clearly, we know that toxins
affect individuals in different ways
depending on their genetics, nutritional
status and the presence of synergystic
toxins. Studies that evaluate the most
important variables of genetics, toxin
exposure, and nutritional status and
their complex effects on health need to
be conducted.

The research is clear that water-
damaged buildings expose their
occupants to a diverse range of toxins
with many physiologically damaging
effects. They are produced by chemical,
microbial, and physical processes that MYCOTOXINS more toxic than pesticides. In addition,
break down building materials. A tremendous amount of research has the products of fungal metabolism have
Studies have demonstrated been published on the clinical effects of synergistic genotoxic and other harmful
that a wide diversity of physi- mycotoxins: more than 40,000 studies effects.
ological dysfunction can be caused by are listed in the government database
mycotoxins released in water-damaged PubMed. That number is still a huge MICROBIAL VOLATILE
buildings and many have associated 10,000 when limited to human studies. ORGANIC COMPOUNDS
diseases. In addition, food-borne Although this is the area apparently of In addition to mycotoxins, active mold
mycotoxins have been shown to cause most interest in the integrative medicine produces microbial volatile organic
cancer, impaired growth in children, community, mycotoxin research outside compounds (mVOCs). This area of
neural tube defects, immunotoxicity, the realm of respiratory effects is disap- research is currently very active. Because
gastroenteritis, and renal disease. pointingly limited. mVOCs are small and volatile, they
Add biochemical individuality to Although damage from mold/damp can diffuse into the air and enter the
those issues, and these toxins can cause buildings can affect all systems of the body through the lungs and skin. Some
most any chronic clinical condition. body, the two nonrespiratory systems researchers have suggested that mVOCs
The challenge is that statistical, generic with the strongest research are neuro- be thought of as mycotoxins and have
research makes documenting such logical and immunological. Authors proposed the term volatoxin.
effects in specific patients very difficult comparing mycotoxins with pesticides Research is showing that mVOCs
to prove. have concluded that mycotoxins are are even more toxic than the chemicals
traditionally thought of as being
industrial toxins. For example, 1-Octen-
3-ol has been shown to be more toxic
to human embryonic stem cells than
Although damage from mold/damp buildings can toluene. Another study reported that
affect all systems of the body, the two nonrespiratory fungal VOCs had a greater toxic effect
systems with the strongest research are neurological than formaldehyde, xylene, benzene,
and immunological. Authors comparing mycotoxins or toluene. Such mVOCs increase
with pesticides have concluded that mycotoxins are several biomarkers of inflammation and
more toxic than pesticides. cause headache, nausea, and mucosal

22 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

NEUROTOXICITY damp buildings increases production recommendations follow for when clini-
Neurotoxicity is clearly associated of multiple inflammatory measures cians should consider investigating the
with mycotoxins and other chemicals and alters immune-function mediators. presence of mold toxins or hidden water
produced by mold. An interesting These effects are not small, with the damage in homes and/or workplaces:
study looked at neurobehavioral and immune systems of those working in
respiratory impairment in 105 adults damp buildings reacting to exposure 1. Every patient with a
with indoor exposure to molds and 100 with 2- to 1,000-fold increased chronic respiratory disease,
exposed to chemicals, comparing them production of a wide variety of these especially asthma.
with 202 unexposed people from the inflammatory/immune mediators.
community. A big challenge, of course, While digging through the mold- 2. Every patient with a
is that finding a control group without toxicity research, a fascinating article chronic disease, especially
toxin exposure is essentially impossible. surfaced, proposing that multiple neurological or immuno-
Looking at several respiratory sclerosis is primarily a mold-toxin logical, and chronic respi-
measures, they found a 6.1 percent rate disease. The basic thesis was that ratory symptoms.
of abnormalities in the mold-exposed gliotoxin, a heat-stable secondary
group and a rate of 7.1 percent in the metabolite produced by various species
chemical-exposed group compared with of Aspergillus and Candida, suppresses 3. Any patient with a
a 1.2 percent rate of abnormalities in immune function, increases blood- chronic disease, again
controls. This finding is consistent with brain-barrier permeability, and is especially neurological or
the clearly demonstrable respiratory highly neurotoxic. As is well known, immunological, who is not
effects reported in medical literature. the incidence of multiple sclerosis responding as expected and
Neurologically, they found statis- (MS) increases with distance from the all other causes have been
tically significant problems in both equator, which also correlates with mold ruled out.
exposed groups: decreased balance, exposure and decreased vitamin Da
longer reaction times, increased blink critical nutrient for immune-system Let me be clear: Not every patient
reflex latency, increased color discrimi- modulation. Could MS be primarily due in one of the 3 categories above is
nation errors, decreased visual field, to the combination of mold exposure affected by mold. However, I do believe
and reduced grip strength. They also and vitamin D deficiency? that potential mold exposure should
found several measures of cognitive and Another study of chronic fatigue be considered. With the solid advances
memory performance to be abnormal, syndrome (CFS) patients showed a in technology for both medical and
again in both exposed groups. It is inter- high correlation between the presence environmental testing during the last 10
esting that they found little difference of mycotoxins in the patients urine years, practitioners can actively begin
in virtually all measures between the and having a diagnosis of CFS. Of the to link medical symptoms with indoor
mold- and chemical-exposed popula- 102 CFS patients studied, 93 percent mold exposure.
tions. had one mycotoxin present. Almost 30
A study of 100 individuals exposed percent had two or more mycotoxins Joseph Pizzorno, ND, is a leading
to mold in their homes found multiple present. Further research is warranted authority on science-based natural
neurological deficits in 70 percent and to better understand this association. medicine, a term he coined in 1978. He is
abnormalities of white blood cells in founding president of Bastyr University
more than 80 percent of the patients. CONCLUSION and Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed
A study of 95 employees working in The research summarized here supports journal, Integrative Medicine, A
a well-documented, water-damaged the conclusion that indoor mold Clinicians Journal. He was appointed
school building compared with 110 metabolites have a harmful effect on by Presidents Clinton and Bush to
unexposed controls found statistically human health. The nonrespiratory commissions advising the US government
significant loss of visual-contrast sensi- mold evidence, although limited, is on the integration of natural medicine
tivity (VCS), an apparently sensitive quite compelling. We need further data/ into the healthcare system. His newest
measure of neurodysfunction, as well as research. It is somewhat shocking that book (his 13th), The Toxin Solution,
the usual respiratory problems. more research is not being done based was released in February 2017 by Harper-
on what is known about these environ- Collins.
IMMUNOTOXICITY mental toxins and their potential effects,
A number of animal studies have clearly especially given the common occurrence
shown mold-induced immunotox- of water damage in buildings. Because
icity. The research in humans is quite as many as 50 percent of buildings in
clear that chronic exposure to mold/ North America show water damage, my SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 | 23

cancer therapies
Complementary and alternative cancer-related
therapies that belong in the mainstream


24 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

that can scare away patients, and even that help support the immune system
some in the medical community spred and restore balance.
We as medical professionals can them, such as the one that massage and
and shouldbe doing more for other forms of touch therapy spread Mindfulness and
patients undergoing treatment for
cancer. To be clear, they dont! The meditation
reality is that many complementary These practices are psychological
cancer and experiencing pain as a treatments for cancer pain deserve more support tools that help people in
result. primetime attention. stressful situations, such as undergoing
A full third of cancer patients cancer treatment, deal with the various
experience pain related to their Massage therapy and challenges that they face. When people
condition, whether from the acupuncture become rigidly obsessed with death or
with what they or their loved ones are
cancer itself or from treatment, These forms of touch therapy can help
cancer patients achieve a longer range going to do when faced with difficult
and that proportion leaps to scenarios, they become worn-down
of survivability, find greater comfort
two-thirds when the individuals psychologically and depleted of the
as they go through the treatment
are terminally ill. Its time we process, and experience fewer extreme energy and resilience necessary to face
take more seriously the need to side effects than those who dont have the next treatment. A mindfulness or
alleviate this pain. Intrinsic to access to such therapies. (Again, these meditation practice can help cancer
findings are supported by research.) patients stay focused on the moment, in
that is our taking an integrative
The therapies should be made available the moment they can actually control.
approach to medical care seriously,
to patients in hospice as well as those
and making available comple-
just diagnosed. All of them stand to A full spectrum
mentary and alternative therapies benefit. Massages might be adminis- Other complementary and alternative
with a proven capacity to provide tered as patients are getting chemo- treatments for cancer patients include
relief. therapy infused into their bodies or chiropractic treatment, biofeedback,
even afterward. The initial contact aromatherapy, guided relaxation, herbal
with the side effects of chemotherapy remedies, and much more. The variety
can be overwhelming and painful, and is vast enough to allow cancer patients
A definition that I believe simply patients occasionally elect to stop their and their healthcare providers to select
and accurately describes integrative cancer treatment as a result. Massage the complement of holistic, integrated
medicine comes from Karen Washburn, can help a person tolerate the impact of treatments that works best for a
director of QLife/Palliative Care those side effects. Acupuncture, too, has particular individual.
at Lee Memorial Health System: demonstrated health benefits in patients What is common to these different
Integrative medicine is medical care dealing with cancer. methods is the fact that they exist to
that combines the very best scientific support the part of an individual thats
medicine with evidence-based comple-
mentary therapies. In other words, an
Exercise healthy. While Western medicine plays
a critical role in fighting cancer, the
Although it is hardly controversial
integrative approach to medicine is an to note that regular exercise helps side effects of these treatments on their
effort to treat the whole person. reduce pain and promote health- own can often require rest and recovery,
An array of complementary treat- fulness, doctors still too infrequently and we need to do more to ensure
ments are available that can, in their recommend exercise as part of a that patients are benefiting from other
various combinations, address cancer treatment plan for pain reduction in types of treatments, so that together
pain in an integrative way. They include cancer patients. But the fact is that we can help patients achieve a balanced
guided imagery, support groups, exercises ability to increase blood recovery.
acupuncture, massage, and other forms circulation, keep bones and muscles
of touch therapy. In contrast to their strong, decrease fatigue, and alleviate Bill Helm is an ordained Taoist
broad, unfair association with the world anxiety and depression ought to priest and is the Director of the Taoist
of dream catchers and pseudoscience, all make it near-indispensible for cancer Sanctuary in San Diego. He teaches
of these therapies are evidence-backed, patients. Indeed, the American Cancer Qi Gong, Tui Na, Tai Ji, and Taoist
and the body of research that supports Society promotes the benefits of philosophy at Pacific College of Oriental
their use is continuing to grow. exercise for those battling cancer. Good Medicine. He has recently worked with
One of the truly unfortunate exercise practices for cancer patients to the Chinese Olympic training center.
byproducts of the limited research on start with are qi gong, yoga and tai chi.
these topics is that myths have persisted All of these are low-impact activities SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 | 25



26 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

recover their balance. Patients learn to
AUDIOLOGY CAN PLAY A KEY ROLE IN reduce their dizziness and generally
improve their balance. A variety of
MANAGING VERTIGO. medications can help. In extreme cases,
surgery might be indicated.
Although you may feel helpless when they are not. People generally feel a Audiologists can play a significant
when youre hit with a dizzy spell, spinning or swaying sensation. role in helping patients overcome their
you can address balance problems Vertigo attacks may last for seconds balance disorders. Over the past few years,
in many ways. Diagnostic and or hours. The issue may come and go audiology has evolved into an interven-
treatment options have improved after several weeks or become an ongoing tional practice. We are now equipped
tremendously over the last decade, problem. In addition, people who suffer with more tools to evaluate and help
making dizziness a much easier from ongoing vertigo may be in danger manage balance disorders successfully.
problem to solve. of harming themselves or others, making Combined with a complete medical
treatment a necessity. history, these diagnostics can identify
Dizziness, also called vertigo, is the root cause of the dizziness and help
the second most common medical Keys to Balance determine next steps.
complaint. According to the National To maintain balance, the brain takes My first approach as the Director of
Institutes of Health, dizziness strikes input from the inner ear, eyes, and other Audiology Associates in Santa Rosa is to
70 percent of Americans at some point parts of the body. The goal is to fix where conduct a series of diagnostic tests, which
in their livesas many as 90 million the body is in relation to other objects. can help determine whether a patient
people. These conditions are particularly The brain interprets this information to can benefit from vestibular therapy or
prevalent in older Americans. determine what movements you should vestibular rehabilitation or other treat-
In addition to restricting peoples make based on your environment. Your ments. This suite of tests can help identify
ability to move about freely, balance and surroundings may be in flux, and the what is causing the problem; i.e., which
dizziness disorders can deeply affect their brain compensates. link in the chain is being affected. In
psychosocial wellbeing; 50 percent of Each piece of this process is like a link addition, because the biological systems
people who visit a doctor for dizziness in a chain. As long as all the links work controlling balance are complex, patients
have a psychological disorder, such as well, the chain maintains its integrity. may undergo a number of different
anxiety and depression, thats either However, if any single component in this medical tests.
caused or exacerbated by their balance complicated system malfunctions, it can A few examples of different balance-
issue. cause dizziness or other problems. related audiologic diagnostics follow.
Dizziness can be fleeting or chronic. As often happens, aging can affect Audiologic testing checks for hearing loss.
Acute attacks of dizziness, vertigo, or a some of these links. Sometimes the inner Auditory brainstem response looks at the
general loss of balance may last a few ear, which plays a crucial role in balance, nerve that takes signals from the inner
seconds or a few hours. However, some is the main culprit. Some patients can get ear to the brain. Tympanometry looks at
may feel a chronic, persistent sense a condition called BPPV, which occurs whether the ear might contain fluid and
of imbalance, unsteadiness, or loss of when calcium begins to deposit in the the integrity of the VII and VIII nerve.
sure-footedness. These conditions can inner ear. Another common balance Otoacoustic emissions or (OAEs) are
make people feel disoriented, experience disorder, Menieres disease, can be caused acoustic signals generated by the inner
blurred vision and/or nausea, and cause a by fluid buildup. Balance issues can also ear, or cochlea. Several others tests exist,
variety of other problems. be caused by blood pressure changes and each one designed to look at a specific
Although fairly common, these other vascular problems, infections, head part of our balance biology.
symptoms can be signs of an underlying injuries, medications, and even migraines. Balance disorders are complicated,
condition, which if left untreated can but with the right tools the diagnoses
impact quality of life and increase the risk There is Help and the causes of the balance disorder
of crippling falls. Vertigo and other balance issues may can be revealed and a comprehensive
require help from different specialists. treatment plan to manage them created.
Dizziness and Vertigo Audiologists, otolaryngologists, neurolo- The important thing is to get in to see
Dizziness, which is defined as impaired gists, physical therapists, ophthalmolo- your doctor so the process can begin.
spatial perception and stability, can refer gists, general practitioners, internists, and Remember, feeling dizzy and losing your
to vertigo, presyncope (mild lighthead- others are often part of the care team. balance can be quite dangerous.
edness; syncope means fainting), or Treatments can vary, depending on
disequilibrium. Vertigo is a medical whats causing the condition. Vestibular Peter Marincovich, PhD, CCC-4, is the
condition, during which people feel as if therapy uses different exercises to Director of Audiology Associates in Santa
they, or objects around them, are moving strengthen the inner ear and help patients Rosa, California. SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 | 27

One doctors story about
taking her own advice.

28 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

t has taken me years to become an avid
exerciser. I remember all the fits and starts of
new work-out routines, the numerous attempts
that went nowhere, and the gym memberships
that I wasted because I hadnt really bought into the
benefits of exercise. I remember feeling that exercise and inflammation, the body learns to
handle oxidative stress better and turn
just took too much time and effort, and I hated
down these pathways of inflammation.
getting sweaty. The end overall result is that exercise
actually reduces inflammation.
In addition, in response to the stress
caused by exercise, the body is stimu-
lated to release endorphins. Endorphins
As a physician, I have always been as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and are lovely little molecules in the body
well-aware of the importance of exercise heart disease. It improves cholesterol that both improve mood and help the
all of the ways that it improves panels by increasing good cholesterol immune system function better.
healthbut until I fully wrapped my and lowering both bad cholesterol The same thing is true with the
head around being a devoted exerciser and triglycerides. Exercise reduces metabolic capacity of our cells. Exercise
I never truly understood how it affects insulin resistance and increases how causes a marked increase in the demand
us on so many levels. It took me a good much sugar the cells take up, thereby for oxygen and other nutrients by the
two years of solid goal setting (and a lot reducing blood levels of sugar. Exercise cells of the body. This increased demand
of personal brainwashing) to become builds bone, reduces inflammation, and initially is a stress to the body, but after
an avid exerciser, and what put me over improves brain function. Thats right, continued exercise, the mitochondria
the edge was a specialized test that I not only does exercise help with mood, inside the cells become more efficient
often do for patients and did for myself it also improves memory. Finally (and at taking up oxygen and glucose and
(called a urine amino acid test) that I am certain that I have missed some turning them into molecules of energy.
showed I had very early insulin resis- positive benefit in this list), exercise In fact, to meet the increase in
tance on a cellular levelthe forerunner improves sleep. metabolic demand that exercise places
to diabeteseven before my blood on the body, exercise stimulates the
sugars were high. THE EFFECTS OF EXERCISE formation of new mitochondria so
Now that I am an exercise devote, I ON THE BODY that the cells of the body can handle
am experiencing first-hand how exercise The most fascinating part of all of this the increased metabolic demand that
is not just for the body but really does for me is that exercise does all of these regular exercise induces. This translates
help the mind and the soul. Now I wonderful things by stressing out the to the entire system becoming more
am witness to the fact that if I dont body. Thats right, exercise is a stress on efficient.The heart becomes better
exercise, my body actually aches more. the body, but one that makes the body at beating, the arteries become more
My body becomes stiff; my mood is work better. You know the song; If it dilated to improve circulation of blood
lower; and I feel old. Without exercise I doesnt kill you it makes you stronger. and nutrients; and the lungs become
can feel my metabolism slow down, and Well, lifting weights, for example, causes better at taking up oxygen and releasing
I feel sluggish and dull both mentally microscopic tears to the muscle fibers. It carbon dioxide. The bottom line is that
and physically. But when I do exercise, is in the repair of these tears that more exercise makes the entire body work
everything feels better. My body has muscle is built, thus leading to larger better.
more mobility and more energy, and I muscles. All of this change improves health
have more, well, sparkle. With regard to inflammation, outcomes. By reducing inflammation,
exercise is an oxidative stress, meaning exercise reduces the risk of all of our
T H E B E N E F I T S O F E X E R C I S E that exercise actually causes inflam- major diseases. By improving cardiac
The list of how exercise positively affects mation because it is damaging muscle. function, exercise reduces the risk of
the body is seemingly endless. Exercise However, by being repeatedly exposed heart disease. Causing the arteries to
reduces the risk of chronic diseases such to small bouts of increased damage dilate more reduces high blood pressure. SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 | 29

Of course, exercise reduces diabetes
through burning sugar, reducing fat
stores, increasing lean muscle, and
reducing inflammation.


Exercise helps with mood through a few
mechanisms. The increased production
of endorphins improves mood, but
exercise also increases the levels of
several neurotransmitters, including To gain the full benefits of
serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, exercise, one must regularly
and GABA. Serotonin is the neurotrans- engage in all four areas
mitter that helps us feel joy. Dopamine of exercise endurance,
helps us with focus, motivation, and strength, flexibility, and
drive. Norepinephrine helps us feel stretching. Perhaps not every
that we are on top of the world and can day, but within the course of
handle anything, and GABA helps us a week we should spend time
feel as if life is all okay. doing all four areas.
Because serotonin is the precursor
to melatonin, which is our hormone
of sleep and repair, exercise also helps
with sleep. Not only does exercise
improve mood and sleep, it improves
brain function as well by increasing the
amount of brain-derived neurotrophic
factor (BDNF). This is a major molecule
in brain function because it helps
and keeps exercise more interesting. Of chances of having an excellent quality of
support the function of both the central
course, there are crossovers between life until they die and live longer. From
(brain) and peripheral (body) nervous
the four areas. For example, building now on the first thing I am going to
systems, encourages the growth of
strength also helps with balance, and recommend, even before supplements,
new synapses, and improves long-term
cardiac endurance helps with strength, is exercise!
but it is important not to forgo any one
HOW MUCH EXERCISE As for me (and I think everyone else),
I used to barter with myself in the
IS ENOUGH? exercise is a work in progress. Currently
days before I was an avid exerciser. I
It depends on what you are looking I am exercising four days a week, with
would tell myself that I could just lift
for. Numerous studies show that any an eye toward five. The happy news is
weights and that would be enough.
exercise is better than none at all as far that my insulin resistance has reversed,
Or maybe just walking would do. In
as improving mood and reducing the and I am stronger than ever. While my
my heart-of-hearts, I knew I had to do
risk of disease. However, to improve weight has gone up quite a bit (because
more than that, but it just seemed too
lifespan, study participants who I have built so much new muscle in the
performed vigorous exercise were the past two years), my waistline is down.
Now I realize that to gain the full
ones who gained nine years of life. In And I am actively reducing my risk of so
benefits of exercise, one must regularly
the study, vigorous exercise was the many other diseases!
engage in all four areas of exercise
equivalent of jogging 30-40 minutes 5 If you have any questions about
endurance, strength, flexibility, and
days per week, or 150-200 minutes per exercise or functional medicine, I am
stretching. Perhaps not every day, but
week of vigorous exercise, or longer of happy to help! You can contact me at
within the course of a week, we should
less vigorous exercise. or send a message
spend time doing all four areas. This
I am routinely questioned by patients online.
not only keeps us healthier and more
who want to know how they can reduce
mobile, but it reduces the risk of injury
their risk of cancer, increase their

30 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

Call 1-855-933-1346
Use Offer Code when placing
your order for special offer.

the full range of holistic solutions and trust that my
footsteps would be led in the right direction. They

The were.
My family was surprised, fearing that I would
reject mainstream medicine, and end up as another
disastrous statistic.
Synchronistically, one-by-one, a variety of
therapeutic support options dropped into my lap. A
healer friend offered regular energy clearing to offset
the effects of radiotherapy; a very talented hypno-
therapist guest from my radio program, RadioOut-
There, prepared me for the thirty-five hospital treat-
Combining holistic and ments I was facing, and I was loaned a crystal bed
mainstream therapies BY BARRY EATON from John of Gods healing centre in Brazil, which I
had visited in 2008.
My life changed drastically the day my ear, nose, and Since being introduced to the rune stones over
throat doctor informed me that what I had naively 25 years ago, I have found them an invaluable way
of tapping into my inner wisdom. Each message I
thought was something caught in my throat, was received from the runes during the course of my
actually a cancerous throat tumor. Immediate surgery treatment proved uncannily accurate. They clarified
was the next step and hoping, Perhaps that may solve some of my inner turmoil and helped me under-
the problem. stand what was happening at the time.
My friends and family gave me widespread
support. My partner Anne who co-wrote The Joy of
Living from her perspective, was a vital and loving
he very word cancer is enough to send a chill up anyones part of my journey. My son, Matt, provided me with
spine, let alone when it comes in a medical diagnosis. the backup I needed most in the early stages. Matt
The burning question for me was, What next? Would has written his thoughts in The Joy of Living about
surgery solve the problem or was this the start of inter- the way events unfolded. I also appreciated a local
minable medical treatments? congregation praying for my wellbeing, even though
Surgery did not remove all the cancer cells, and to top they didnt know me.
it off, a biopsy of my thyroid also showed signs of cancer When I anxiously started radiotherapy, I was
and it would have to come out. Good grief, more surgery! Following that, I fortunately emotionally and spiritually prepared.
faced the daunting prospect of radiotherapy, or even chemotherapy, to kill The specialist radiation staff at Royal Brisbane
those recalcitrant cells. and Womens Hospital was caring and supportive
The big dilemmado I go mainstream or alternative? More lost sleep throughout the whole process.
over a decision that only I could make. One thing I knew intuitively was Yes, I did face challenging times, but combining
that I would survive the ordealsomehow. My ticket to the afterlife would mainstream and holistic practices worked excep-
not be stamped just yet. tionally well for me, and four years down the track
Over the years, I had chosen the holistic approach, preferring alternative I am still cancer-free. Looking back, my life has
procedures when health problems arose. Of course there are times when changed in ways I wouldnt have expected, and Im a
we all need to visit a doctor and take prescription medicines. Now, with my better person for the whole experience.
thyroid gone, I faced a lifetime of taking thyroxine tablets to provide the I believe its important to take some personal
hormone not being naturally generated by my body. responsibility in challenging times like this. To
As a general rule, I prefer treatments like acupuncture, osteopathy, Bach collapse into fear is not the answer, nor is it always
flower essences, natural medicine, and spiritual healing. So, I was faced enough to simply expect one form of therapy to
with the biggest health decision of my life. provide all the answers.
During deep meditation, I received explicit instructions from my
master guide, whose wisdom has played an invaluable role in my life. Spirit Barry Eaton is a well-known radio and TV person-
wanted me to combine mainstream and alternative therapy and afterwards ality, author and journalist. He is also an astrologer,
write a book about my experience. The story would help alleviate fear and medium, and psychic intuitive whose guests share
inspire people to take a positive role in their healing. their metaphysical knowledge through his interactive
My decision made, I agreed to radiotherapy, following my guides internet radio program Radio Out There. He is the
recommendation. I refused chemotherapy. I could then open myself up to author of No Goodbyes (2015 Allen & Unwin) and

32 | SEPTEMER/OCTOBER 2017 Alternative Medicine

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