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This writing is my reflective journal which would reflect what I felt and thought about

during my six weeks' elective posting attachment in Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim, Sungai Commented [G3]: Deleted:6

Petani, Kedah. Commented [G1]: Inserted: six

Commented [G2]: Inserted: writing
My first chosen posting was Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department. I was initially

very nervous as I thought I was alone as a student in the department. Luckily, I met few

students from Mansoura University, Egypt, also coming for attachment, even though for only

a week compared to my three weeks' attachment. After introducing ourselves to the Head of

Department, Dr Kunasegaran Kannaiah, we divided ourselves into small groups and went to Commented [G4]: Inserted: three
Commented [G11]: Deleted:3
our respective locations. In this hospital, there are four wards for O&G, one ward for
Commented [G5]: Inserted: d

gynaecology patients, one ward for antenatal patients, one ward for post-caesarean patients

and one ward for post-spontaneous vaginal delivery patients and placenta praevia patients.

There is also a Labour Ward comprising of 12 labour rooms, and an O&G clinic. Commented [G6]: Inserted: one
Commented [G7]: Inserted: one
I mainly attached myself in the Labour Ward and the O&G clinic. During my
Commented [G8]: Inserted: one

attachment in Labour Ward, I was elated as I was given chances to assist the delivery process Commented [G9]: Inserted: one
Commented [G10]: Inserted: four
besides helping the doctors and nurses completing their jobs such as weighing the placenta
Commented [G12]: Deleted:4

and preparing blood samples. My unforgettable experience was when I witnessed a patient Commented [G13]: Deleted:a
Commented [G14]: Deleted:a
fitting in front of me, 1-hour post-delivery. I observed the process and workflow when a red Commented [G15]: Deleted:a
Commented [G16]: Deleted:a
alert was initiated. The teamwork between the O&G team and Anaesthesiology team was

very smooth and helped the patient to be resuscitated and survive. I learnt that I should

always be alert to my patients as unexpected events may happen, such as what happened to
Commented [G17]: Inserted: the
this patient who never had any pregnancy induced hypertension or epilepsy. I should never
Commented [G18]: Inserted: -

panic in an emergency, as it is vital for the doctor to remain level-headed in determining the Commented [G19]: Inserted: an
Commented [G20]: Inserted: ed
best decision for the patient in the nick of time. Commented [G21]: Inserted: s
Commented [G22]: Deleted:a
Besides that, I also spent my time in the O&G clinic, attaching myself to a MO

doctor, Dr Saniah Yaacob who was very kind, dedicated and knowledgeable. She shared her Commented [G31]: Deleted:n

experiences of being more than 20 years in the field, some of them made me rethink about the

reasons I decided to become a doctor and aiming to pursue a speciality in O&G. In the clinic,

I observed that the population differs from Terengganu population surrounding our teaching

hospital, Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ). In HSAH, the patients were multicultural Commented [G23]: Inserted: i
Commented [G24]: Inserted: a
and multi-ethnic, some even from Rohingya clan as UNHCR refugees, leading to some
Commented [G25]: Inserted: d

difficult information relay due to the language barrier. Therefore, it is up to the doctor to Commented [G26]: Inserted: the

learn a few new words and being able to talk in the language the patient understand, so that Commented [G27]: Inserted: word
Commented [G28]: Inserted: ew
proper information transfer would be possible and efficient.
Commented [G32]: Deleted:bit o

After three weeks in O&G Department, I continued my attachment in Emergency & Commented [G33]: Deleted:language
Commented [G29]: Inserted: nt
Trauma Department (ETD). I joined a few students from UCSI, USM-KLE and Universiti
Commented [G30]: Inserted: i

Malaysia Sarawak. We were briefed by Dr Azah, who was the specialist in charge of the Commented [G34]: Deleted:e
Commented [G35]: Deleted:t
students. We were given log book as a guide and given an orientation of the department. We Commented [G36]: Deleted:v
Commented [G37]: Inserted: three
first placed ourselves in the primary and secondary triage to observe the triaging process,
Commented [G43]: Deleted:3
assisting in every way we could get such as applying ECGs for the patients and help to triage Commented [G44]: Deleted:was
Commented [G45]: Deleted: by
some of the patients, under the guidance of the medical assistants. Later, we attached to

Green Zone, Asthma Bay, Yellow Zone, Red Zone and Observation Ward respectively. Commented [G38]: Inserted: e
Commented [G39]: Inserted: o t
During my attachment in ETD, we had teaching classes with Dr Noor Hafiza, an
Commented [G40]: Inserted: apply

Emergency Physician, who was very dedicated and spirited in guiding and teaching us. We Commented [G41]: Inserted: get
Commented [G42]: Inserted: n a
presented cases and learned various procedures done in ETD. My unforgettable moment in
Commented [G46]: Deleted:-

ETD was when I was given a chance to perform CPR on a patient in Red Zone. Even though Commented [G47]: Deleted:anc
Commented [G48]: Deleted:fix
the resuscitation failed, I was able to reassess my skills, as applying CPR to a mannequin is Commented [G49]: Deleted:ing
Commented [G50]: Inserted: a
very different to a human being. Besides that, I observed that there were multiple simple
Commented [G52]: Deleted:the
notes of the emergency standard of procedures put on large displays around the ETD. It may
help the doctors from forgetting and committing mistakes, as doctors are also human beings.

However, errors must be minimised and eliminated, as each error may risk the patients' life. Commented [G51]: Inserted: the

I also learned a lot from the nurses and medical assistants. Besides sharing their

experiences, they also allowed us to join their CMEs and do minor procedures such as simple

suturing, wound cleaning and IV cannulation. I was given a chance to accompany patients for

x-ray and CT-scan, allowing me to have more in-depth clerking of the patient, thus helping to

understand the patient more, besides building better rapport with them. I was also taught on

how to handle difficult patients, by being calm, not judgemental and not losing my temper to

them. Commented [G53]: Inserted: a

Commented [G54]: Deleted:the
In conclusion, I learned and experienced a lot during my elective posting attachment.
Commented [G55]: Deleted:s

I hope that all the knowledge and skills I acquired will be able to help me to become a good

and safe doctor, more understanding, more knowledgeable and more skilful for the benefits

of the humanity. Commented [G56]: Inserted: ty

Commented [G57]: Inserted: hu
Commented [G58]: Deleted:k
Commented [G59]: Deleted:nd