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NBME 17/18/19

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1. 300K Hcg levels shouldnt go above this number. 17. Fabry Disease Associated with renal failure. Ceramide build
If they do, indicative of hydatidiform mole up, a-galactosidase deficiency.
2. Acanthosis Thickened skin indicative of Type 2 DM, 18. Hemophilus B Capsule Polysaccharide Vaccine for this is
Nigricans associated with hyperinsulinemia due to conjugated with Diptheria toxoid vaccine for
insulin resistance increased immunogenicity
3. Achalasia Loss of myenteric neurons in esophagus. 19. Histone Makes histones they repel DNA
Can be secondary to Chagas disease (T. Acetylase and allow for opening and tran
20. Hypokalemia Insulin causes this electrolyte shift
4. Alcoholic
21. Inhaled Glue 14 year old boy
22. Kidney and Organs that do gluconeogenesis
23. Laryngeal Caused by HPV 6. Finger shaped lesions
Papillomatosis occluding the larynx, often seen in kids.
24. Left Renal Drainage of ovaries is like testicles, so left
Vein, IVC ovarian vein drains to BLANK and right
Swollen and necrotic hepatocytes. AST drains to BLANK
double ALT. Mallory bodies (damaged 25. Left Ventricle Receives most blood from Circumflex artery
keratin filaments, eosinophilic)
26. Leishmaniasis Cutaneous form has skin ulcers. Visceral
5. Anabolic Given for strength but they can also inhibit form has pancytopenia with spiking fevers.
Steroids Gonadotropins. Amastigotes are in the macrophages.
6. Angiodysplasia GI bleeding otherwise unexplained. 27. Liver This organ is responsible for degrading
Diagnosis of exclusion. Spilling contrast is estrogen
normal btw.
28. Metastatic 2nd most common cause of osteolytic
7. Babesia and Both transferred by the Ixodes deer tick Breast vertebral lesions in adult women
Borrelia vector Carcinoma
8. Breast First objective sign of female puberty 29. Non- Turner Syndrome mosaicism, a result of this
Development disjunctive event
9. Cachexia In HIV or cancer, inflammatory cytokines mitosis
are responsible for this physical finding 30. Paracrine 48 yo woman fatigue, weakness, loss of
10. C. Difficile Expose this bug to saturated 121 deg steam stimulation of appetite, and weight loss. Serum PTH
for 15 minutes to kill it osteoclasts by increased. Xray of skeletal system shows
osteoblasts generalized osteopenia with subperiosteal
11. Chagas Brazil/Argentinian pt with cardiomegaly,
resorption of bone within the phalanges.
disease megacolon, megaesophagus. Causes
individual myofiber necrosis.
31. Pineal Tumor Pediatric neoplasm, causes hydrocephalus
12. C-myc Translocation 8;14 is this protein to Ig-H
along with impaired oculomotor function
13. Early Septic Consider this in older patients with low BP and shuffling gait.
Shock and increased heart
32. Prothrombin This has the longest half life of the
rate...immunosuppression means fever wont
(Factor 2) coags...keeps INR relatively normal during
show up
initial dose of Warfarin
14. EBV Virus associated with nasopharngyeal
33. Right Inspiration increases physiologic splitting
carcinoma in Asians. Also primary CNS
Ventricle, heart beat, because BLANK fills more and
lymphoma and Burkitt. Latency in B-cells.
Pulmonic BLANK closes later
Avoid contact sports. Posterior cervical LA.
15. Enveloped Type of virus Alcohol is most likely to kill
34. RNA Aminata Phylloides mushroom inhibits this
Polymerase 2 enzyme involved in transcription
16. Erythrogenic Another word for SPE in strep pyrogenes
35. Rotavirus The only dsRNA virus. Naked and 50. Zellweger Peroxisomal disorder. Inability to break down
(reovirus) segmented. Toxin is NSP4, causes chloride Syndrome VLCFAs. Hepatomegaly and Neuro deficits i.e.
secretion and watery diarrhea (most hypotonia, seizures.
common in infants) Oral vaccine is live
attenuated, but increases risk of
36. Sarcoidosis Granulomas in this disease can cause
increased hydroxylation of Vit D precursors
37. Secondary

Can be caused by atherosclerosis or

fibromuscular dysplasia of renal artery.
FMD associated with string of beads
38. Serum After being given immunoglobulin, can
Sickness result in fever, lymphadenopathy, arthralgia,
(Arthus erythema on palms and soles. Type 3 HS.
39. Subacute Along with Graves, presents with transient
Granulomatous hyperthyroidism. Unlike graves, eventually
Thyroiditis drops to hypo.
40. Th2 cells, IL4 Atopic Dermatitis commonly involves this
leukocyte, and this cytokine
41. Thymoma Tumor associated with Myasthenia Gravis
42. tubocurarine Nondepolarizing muscular relaxant. Will
not change neural activity, just muscle
43. Ventricular Old man just collapses while playing golf.
Fibrillation Most likely cause of death?
44. Vibrio Among other things cellulitis. Walked
Vulnificus barefoot on a beach.
45. Virus Unless secondary, the most common cause
(coxsackie or of of pericarditis is
46. Vitamin C Cofactor for prolyl hydroxylase
47. Vitamin E Deficiency causes neurologic presentation
similar to B12
48. Waterhouse Acute adrenal hemorrhage associated with
Friderichsen septicemia, DIC, shock. Assoc with N.
Syndrome meningitidis
49. West Nile Associated with a morbiliform rash, flaccid
Virus paralysis, encephalitis