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Subject: poetry

Lecture: NO 6
IST year GENERAL English

Technical devices:
1- Caesura:
Caesura is a stop within the line of verse, it makes the line very slow.

2- End stop line:

A stop at the end of the line of verse it makes the ides stopped.

3- Run on line:
No stops at the end of the line of verse. It makes the idea continuous.

Kinds of poetry:

1- Epic:
Long narrative poem deals with adventures.

2- Lyric:
Usually short poem express personal feelings and thoughts, written to be sung
and full of emotions, imaginations and music.

3- Dramatic:
It is divided into four kinds:
a- Tragedy:
Tragedy poetry ends with sadness like Shakespeare's Hamlet.
b- Comedy:
Comedy poetry ends with happiness like "twelfth night"
c- Historic:
Historic poetry expresses historical events like "Julius Caesar"
d- Rustic:
Rustic poetry deals with rich life, fall of beautiful scenery and fine clothes.
Like "As you like it".

4- Pastoral:
Pastoral poem deals with the rural life and love affairs. The characters in the
pastoral poetry are shepherds. As ( Life in the country side).

5- Descriptive:
Descriptive poem describes nature scenes, places or nature phenomenon.

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Subject: poetry
Lecture: NO 6
IST year GENERAL English

6- Reflective:
Deals with thoughts description, reflects certain thought of the poet and in a
clear or implied conclusion.

7- Romance:
Fanciful story, deals with public heroes and love adventures.

8- Monologue:
Monologue has a single speaker expressing his personal feelings and thoughts
all the time.
That aren't necessary to represent the poet.

9- Ballad:
It is a narrative and lyric poem which tells a story it has a particular stanza
pattern 4 lines abcb with alternate iambic tetrameter pattern.

10- Elegy:
Laments or mourns the death of some one.

11- Allegory:
Allegory teaches a moral lesson indirectly.

12- Didactic:
Didactic teaches a moral lesson directly.

13- Satire:
Satire aims at reforming some defects in society whether religious, political or

14- Humorous:
Humorous deals with amusing side of things, it makes fun at something or

15- Parody:
Parody imitates the style of a poet to make fun at it.

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Subject: poetry
Lecture: NO 6
IST year GENERAL English

16- Sonnet:
Sonnet is a short poem of 14 lines with a direct conclusion. It reflects an idea
of the poet and written in iambic pentameter.
Sonnet consists of 4 kinds:

a- Shakespearean sonnet
It is named after great English poet "Shakespeare". It consists of three
quatrains and a couplet. It's rhyme is abab cdcd efef gg.

b- Petrarchan sonnet:
It is named after the famous Italian poet "Petrarch". It divided into an
octave and a sestet. Its rhyme is abba abba cde cde or abba abba cdc cdc

c- Miltonic sonnet:
It's named after Milton. It's to the Petrarchan sonnet with one exception
that there is a comma at the end of the octave and a full stop at the end of
the sestet.

d- Spenserian Sonnet:
It's named after the English poet spencer. It consists of three quatrain and a
couplet. It's rhyme is abab bcbc cdcd ee.

( The Title) -1
) The subject ) -2
( The Theme) -3
.....) The tone) -4
(Figures of speech) -5
)Elements of prosody ) -6
6 ) Kind) -7
( form) -8
Kind of foot and number of feet
Rhyme Scheme
6 5

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