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Inquiry and reply of inquiry letter

Rabu, 28 Januari 2015

Hello guys,

First time i will introduce my personal data,

Name :Ahmad fahri

Birth of date : 20 August 1995
Address :Jln.Pembangunan Gg.rukun No 5 Medan
Religion : Islam
Hobby :Badminton and Swimming
Country :Indonesia

hai guys, i want to intoduce little about inquiry and reply inqury letter.

Inquiry letter is a kind of letter of request or a request for information about a product,
service, jobs or other business information.

In general, the general function of this letter is to respond to an advertisement of

information sources such as newspapers, magazines or electronic media about a product /
service when we are interested in the informasih obtained.

Usually suart is a first step in building a business or cooperation of the two parties,
namely the provider of products / services and buyers of products / services.

In this letter, there are some things that are discussed by the provider of the service /
product which is the question of the buyer in order to help the buyer itself to find out
information about the products / services. These things include:

a. Name and type of product

b. Product specifications, namely; type, size, quality, capacity and others;
c. Unit price.
d. Discounts;
e. Method of payment from the buyer to the seller;
f. How to delivery of the product from the seller to the buyer, and
g. Ease of which may be obtained by the buyer, such as warranty and others.


& CO
Jln.Kapten Muslim No.20

15 february 2013
Distro cloud Corporation
Pasundan Raya Street, No. 15
Jakarta 1240

Dear Sirs,

We are a boutique located in Bekasi , and we were interested in your

distro cloud shirt medium size product.
Therefore, we will appreciate it if you can send us a very detailed explanation of the product
complete with your catalogues, price list, term, sample of design, and payment.
We would also to know if you are offering any trade discounts.
If you can quote us your favorable prices, we would like to place our order
as soon as possible.
We are looking foward to hearing from you.soon.

Yours faithfully,

Ahmad Fahri

Purchase Manager

Reply of inquiry letter

Distro cloud Corporation

Pasundan Raya Street, No. 15
Jakarta 1240

16 january 2013
Jln.Kapten Muslim No.20

Dear Mr Ahmad Fahri

We thanks you for your inquiry about our Distro cloud shirts product.
We are enclosing our catalogue together with prices and terms, for your review and are
confident that this catalogue will provide many of
the answers you have inquired.
We are also pleased to inform you that we will allow you a 10% discount on order of 60
We hope you will find our prices and terms satisfactory and expecting your order as soon as
If there is additional information you would like to know regarding our products, please do
not hesitate to contact us. We will be most happy to be of assistance.

Yours faithfully,
For Distro cloud Corporation

Ismail Marzuki
Sales Manager

From the example above letter, it can be seen that parts of the inquiry letter is:

Masthead (header)

Listed address, if an agency / company, at the head of the letter can also use the letterhead of
the company / institution where you work and simply write the destination address of the

Letter dated (date); Examples of the above letter: 15 february 2013

Opener (openning)

Opener always begins with a greeting. In a letter opening depends formal / formal.
Examples for non-formal: Dear Rara

Example for formal: To Whom It May Concern

Reference (reference)

The first paragraph is always preceded by a reference that you meet about the company in
question. Reference can be advertisements in print and electronic media or any other business
information you get from business colleagues who work in the company. The expression
commonly used are as follows:

With reference to your advertisement (ad) in ... Or

Regarding your advertisement (ad) in ...

Request information

After the reference, you can continue to write the application you want to get information.
The expression commonly used are as follows:

Would you please send me ... Or Could you please send me ...

If there is any other information you want to know, you can write the following expression:

I would also like to know ... Or Could you tell me Whether ...
Cover and signature (signature)

The expression commonly used on the cover are:

Sincerely Or formal expression which is also commonly used are: Yours faithfully
After writing the cover, include the name and position (if you are a staff member in a