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Walk by Faith (New Era) We'll Bring the World His Truth

(Army of Helaman)
1. I will prepare to make and keep
sacred covenants, Seek promised Lyrics
blessings of the priesthood thru (Young MEN Only first 2 lyrics, Dont
obedience, Live my life to claim the go to chorus after each lyrics
blessing sweet of exaltation, My
1. We have been born, as Nephi of
testimony growing each new day.
old, To goodly parents who love the
2. I walk by faith, a daughter of Lord. We have been taught, and we
heavnly parents. Divine am I in understand, That we must do as the
nature by inheritance. The Spirit Lord commands.
whispers of my mission, my individual
2. We have been saved for these
worth, So I seek for precious
latter days To build the kingdom in
knowledge, for learning, and for
righteous ways. We hear the words
growth. I understand the meaning of
our prophet declares: "Let each
who's worthy go forth and share."
Evry choice for good or ill is my
(ALL will SING)
responsibility. I want to build the
kingdom and good works is the key. 3. We know his plan, and we will
By doing what I know is right I show prepare, Increase our knowledge
integrity. through study and prayer. Daily we'll
learn until we are called To take the
3. I walk by faith, a daughter of
gospel to all the world.
heavnly parents. Divine am I in
nature by inheritance. And someday Chorus
when God has proven me Ill see Him
We are as the army of Helaman. We
face to face. But just for here and
have been taught in our youth. And
now I walk by faith. Yes, just for here
we will be the Lord's missionaries To
and now I walk by faith.
bring the world his truth