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Bauhaus Industrial Design Painting and Paintings (art) +3 Related Questions

What are the defining characteristics of Bauhaus design? Where can I learn Bauhaus online?
I want to be able to look at something and say "Oh, that's Bauhaus."
What are the best examples of Bauhaus design and
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What are the defining aesthetic characteristics of
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software design and development?
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Who are the best bauhaus designers?
Dorian ermanovi, Multimedia Designer at Mediacor
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James Reitano, Creative Director of TFU Studios What was a Bauhaus education like?
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How do the Bauhaus principles translate into
Fernando Casas, Design history/theory/philosophy teacher UX/interaction design?
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Why did the Bauhaus close?
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What books can I read to learn more about Bauhaus

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Last Asked Nov 26, 2015

Martin Duys, I have designed buildings, objects, and websites
Updated Jan 22, 2012 1 Merged Question

In order to be able to say that and be telling the truth, you would need to spend some time Edits

getting to know the output of the many different practitioners who taught and studied
there. Their output is surprisingly varied and yet there is something that binds them all
together too.

If I had to describe 'Bauhaus Style' I would say that it is:



hand crafted (but looks like it is mass produced)


I have just coincidentally been in New York and went to the Guggenheim while I was
there. There was an exhibition on of Wassily Kandinski's work in one of the side galleries. I
struck by one particular sentence about the Bauhaus in the introduction to the exhibition:

"The schools curriculum was based on the principle that the crafts were equal to the
traditional arts and was organized according to a medieval-style guild system of
training under the tutelage of masters"

So, I think the school had a quite clearly stated vision.

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Casey Hoogstraten, i design

Written Jan 10, 2012
Generally, Bauhas design attempts to solve functional issues with a minimum of
decorative embellishment. This is not to be confused with a minimalist aesthetic which
may actually impinge on functionality for the sake of appearance.

If what you see fits the idiom "less is more" it could very well be of the Bauhaus aesthetic. .

The Massimo Vigneli designed calendar is a good example,

Philip Johnson's Glass House is another,

and one more:

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Havis Tatum, LSU-Art History, 20+ years as a sculptor, gallery owner and instructor
Written May 3
Very clean and what we would call "ultra contemporary" even tho the Bauhaus
movement was in the 19th century, it still holds an ultra modern and minimalist


According to an article on Bauhaus:

The motivations behind the creation of the Bauhaus lay in the 19th century, in anxieties
about the soullessness of manufacturing and its products, and in fears about art's loss of
purpose in society. Creativity and manufacturing were drifting apart, and the Bauhaus
aimed to unite them once again, rejuvenating design for everyday life.

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Sarah Folger, Industrial Design Student, studying the future of our digital legacies
Written Sep 28, 2015

As several other answers have mentioned, Bauhaus is a teaching method where a design
philosophy is learned. One of their pivotal tenets is that you learn a way of design that can
be applied to many fields such as graphics, textiles, products. Many designers thought
through Bauhaus are multi-faceted designers that have learned a set of design skills rather
than mastering in one specific field of design.
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Julien Vach
Updated Jan 22, 2012
Let me try to give you a visual answer, each of these pictures represents something
designed by an original designer of the Bauhaus movement:

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Angel Ceballos, Head of UX & Product Design at Modsy

Written Jan 10, 2012

To understand what Bauhaus stands for, and it's significant importance to design and the
movement that has reshape the modern design landscape.

Bauhaus was an art school in Germany that combined craftsman, fine arts, and design
during its operation from 1919 to 1933. Bauhaus is commonly referred to the "house of
construction" (translation of the German term: Bauhaus). The Bauhaus name is an
inversion of the term "Hausbau," which was coined by Walter Gropius after combining 2
art schools to form Bauhaus.

The Bauhaus movement is highly recognized in fields of design (interior design, graphic
design, typography etc.) and architecture, but it's influence exists in many areas beyond
art and design. The Bauhaus movement was influential in modernist architecture and
modern design with geometric designs (important influence on Bauhaus was modernism),
minimalism, respect for materials, hand-crafted to the extent it had mass marketing in
mind (looks mass produced).

This is a brief history of Bauhaus, the movement, and it's influence on art and design until
Bauhaus got shut down by the Nazis in 1933 at its last home in Berlin. (Bauhaus was
moved several times to different locations in Germany)

Hope you find this information useful, and I've attached an example of work produced by
Bauhaus during this time period. (located above this answer)

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Neil Kandalgaonkar, has a posse

Written Jan 10, 2012
Bauhaus was more of a collection of people than a design philosophy. It's very difficult to
identify any hallmark of Bauhaus design without swallowing the whole thing up into

It's perhaps better to think of what they were reacting to. They wanted arts, design, and
architecture which rejected the past, which they saw as both outmoded and politically
suspect, and embraced a new era of mass production and a dignified life for the working
class. So while they were interested in mechanized products (indeed, even fetishized them)
they also believed in arts and crafts (but often produced spectacularly expensive items
which the working class could never afford).

I'm not sure that one would ever say "that's Bauhaus" of any item, unless it betrayed some
of that early confusion as people figured out what being modern was supposed to be.

Instead, you might say "that's minimalist", "that's modernist", "that's from the arts and
crafts movement", etc.

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