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Bridger Valley, my home Bridger Valley Pioneer spotlights Valley events

Pioneer Editor

The Bridger Valley Pioneer has chronicled

the lives of Bridger Valley residents since its
inception in May 1977. Week after week, the
paper has been on the stands bringing area
news to residents. Many of the surnames
featured today are the same as when the pa-
per first started, but as the Valley has grown,
new names have graced the area.
The paper also serves as a catalyst and
a forum for residents to vent, praise or just
let others know what they think with let-
ters to the editor. Sometimes the page is a
PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgiss
cornucopia of ideas, good and bad.
The Bridger Valley Pioneer has focused
By VIRGINIA GIORGIS the horizon south of the Bridg- and green during the hot, on covering the Valley, its residents, the
Pioneer Editor er Valley. The southwestern summer months providing growth of the communities, celebrations, Wyoming valley, on the north a perfect opportunity for tragedies and all of the other events the
slope of the Uinta Mountain the areas ranchers to raise flow through the sands of time and the lives
Bridger Valley, a lush green Range, sits at the crossroads and fine-tune their livestock of the residents. Events such as weddings,
valley with rivers running of Interstate 80 and Wyoming its about blood lines, births, military service, schools, deaths and who live here, the Pioneer hopes to help the
through it, has three main Highways 410 and 414. It conformation, bulls that much more serves as the historical record area grow and become more prosperous.
townsLyman, Mountain serves as one of the primary throw good calves, cows of the area. The newspaper also provides an outlet for
View and Fort Bridger. Other entrances to the High Uinta that mother their calves and The Pioneer promotes Keep it Local to area businesses and residents to advertise
communities and the ranching Mountains and the Wasatch more. The sheep industry is help build and make the Bridger Valley a locally. The local connection and people work-
industry make up the rest of Cache National Forest where not as prevalent in the Val- stronger, more vital place to live and do busi- ing together help to make the area strong.
the Valley. there is unlimited hunting, ley, but there are still some ness. Success in one area helps build success Accolades for the Pioneer occur almost
The Valley takes its name fishing, camping and hun- major producers who are in another area. Dollars spent in the area yearly as the paper goes head-to-head with
from an early mountain man dreds of miles of trails for just as concerned with the turn over eight times before being exhausted. the small weeklies at the Wyoming Press As-
who left his home in the East hiking, mountain biking, cross same types of factors, which By believing in Bridger Valley and the people sociation convention.
as a young man, donned a hat country skiing and ATV and affect their animals.
of adventure and travelled to snowmobile riding. The Valley serves as a
the far unsettled west. the Fort Amenities include a gro- bedroom community for the
Bridger State Historic Site sits cery store, gas stations, bowl- Trona Industry in Sweetwa-
adjacent to the town of Fort ing alley, banks, restaurants, ter County. Many families
Bridger and draws world-wide appliance store, fast food know what it is for shift
visitors off of I-80. places, general merchandise work and the long ride to go
In addition to the three stores, medical clinics, a the- underground at the mines.
main towns, the communi- ater, hair salons and much Many times graduates
ties calling the Valley home more to serve the needs of the from the Valley schools
include McKinnon and Burnt locals and travelers. Names return home to raise their
Fork, Robertson, Carter, Urie, such as Shopko and Family families and to build their
Lone Tree and Milburne. Dollar, Wells Fargo, Pizza Hut lives after experiencing the
These sites form a nucleus and Taco Time dot the Valley outside world. They return
for the surrounding ranching and testify to the growth of to the area to stake their
areas. the Valley. claims, raise their families
The Uinta Mountains line Much of the Valley is lush and call the Valley home. PIONEER PHOTOS/Virginia Giorgis

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