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Alma Cosimo

B1 Final Exam

Read the short essay below and complete the following activities.

High school students and university students

1.Education is very important for society. It is very important in the development of the individual, too.
However, there are many kinds of learning and educational development, so its very difficult to work out
which are the best paths to educational success. Nothing demonstrates this more than the differences
between the lifestyles of high school students and university students.

2. First of all, university students have more responsibilities than high school students. They have to be more
independent and make decisions by themselves. For example, they have to manage their schedules and do
assignments. In contrast, high school students just have to follow the rules and obey their teachers.

3.Second, high school students usually have more fun than university students. Their lives are not so serious.
They are more carefree and they do more fun activities. University students, however, often dont have much
free time. And they are more stressed because their exams are more serious.
4.Finally, university students mix with more people. They meet different kinds of people. They have to start to
learn to live in the real world. As a consequence, most university students become more open minded. High
school students, on the other hand, live in a smaller, narrower world. They usually go to school with people
similar to themselves. They live similar lives and think alike. No-one challenges their ideas.

5.In conclusion, it seems clear that different educational situations and environments suit different age
groups. Is this really true ? Or do we just rely on ideas handed down from earlier generations? Perhaps, we
need to try and pick the best features of the lifestyles of high school students and university students. Then
we might be able to create better systems for the 21st century.

1. Choose the best heading for each paragraph.

a.University is better than school.

b.Leisure time.

c.To sum up.

d.Weak education

e.Social groups.

f. Is Education important?

g. What students must do.

2) Decide if the statements are T (true) or F (false)

1. There are not many kinds of Language and Educational development.

2. University students are more self-sufficient.

3. School students have more free time.

4. University exams are easy to pass.

5. Being at University opens your mind.

3) Complete the chart with information from exercise 1.

students learn
at University.
students learn
at University.
Benefits of
being a High
2 weaknesses
of the high

4) Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first using the word given.

A. If you dont study, you wont pass the exam.

You wont pass the exam ..
B. It was a really difficult exam so I didnt pass.
It _____________________ exam that I didnt pass.
C. Anna started studying for the exam this morning and shes still reading now.
Anna _______________________ all morning
D. We got there too late to get into the class.
We didnt ________________________to get into the cinema.
E. I bought a new computer to study this morning.
I _______________________________ a new computer to study.
2) Choose the correct option A-B-C to complete the entry blog.

1) A- I was B- I ve been C I am

2) A- For B Since C Ever

3) A- Was B- s been C Been

4) A- When B- For C Since

5) A- ve got along B- Get along C Got along

6) A-Already B- For C Since

7) A-For B- Many C Since

8) A- ve decided B- Decided C- Were deciding

9) A- Havent seen B-Havent done C Havent heard

10) A- Were B- Have been C Has been