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Republic of the Philippines


Caraga Administrative Region (R-XIII)
2nd Floor, R.C. Intino Bldg., J.C. Aquino Avenue cor. Pareja St., Butuan City
Tel. fax (085) 341-6785/342-4458

February 17, 2017

Office of Manobo Lapaknon Tribal Community
Purok-4, Sitio tawilon, Brgy. Ambago
Butuan City

Dear Mr. Asaytona,

This office has received complaints that you issued Certificate of Height Waiver
to non-Indigenous People (IP) members who did not qualify the height requirements set
by National Police Commissions (NAPOLCOM). As part of such membership, each
applicant is made to pay Six Hundred Thirty pesos (P630) for ID pictures and IP
registration. One of those persons you issued with certification came to this office and
verified the authority of Asaytona Clan to perform such act. When he is informed that only
NCIP can issue Certificate of Confirmation for purposes of height waiver, he was
dismayed and executed an affidavit with your transactions (Affidavit and Certificates is
herein attached). Making them believe to possess an authority in order for you to collect
a sum of money is a fraudulent act which constitute a criminal case of Estafa.

If you can recall, you had been advised by this office to refrain from using NCIP
logo and give impressions that your clan is a government office but you did not comply.
While Manobo Lapaknon Asaytona Clan is recognized by NCIP as bonafide tribal
organization of Manobo Indigenous Cultural Community (ICC), it does not follow that you
can also perform the NCIP functions such as issuing Certificate of Confirmation (COC) of
Manobo IP membership.

We would like to emphasize that only NCIP has the authority to issue COC after
validation process and such privilege is exclusive to members of indigenous people.

By reason of the forgoing, you are directed to explain within fifteen (15) days why
the NCIP Region XIII should not cancel the Certificate of Recognition issued to
MANOBO LAPAKNON ASAYTONA CLAN for unauthorized use of NCIP official logo,
unauthorized issuance of Certificate of Height Waiver, and for collection of money for IP
membership. Failure to explain within the given period will be deemed a waiver on your
part to defend your position and cause us to immediately initiate the cancellation process.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


Director IV